How to Create A Website In Singapore

How to Create A Website In Singapore

Looking for accurate tips on how to create a website in Singapore? In the global market today, building a powerful online presence isn’t an option for a business that battles to stand out in a cut-throat competition.

And if you are serious about establishing a superior digital presence, you should consider learning how to create a website alongside your business social media accounts. Building a site helps you reach out to new markets or enable clients to reach out to you.

More importantly, creating a website is easier today than ever before. This is true even if you are not tech-savvy, you cannot code, or you don’t know anything about web designing. With a little bit of guidance and a few essential resources, you can start a personal or business website and have it running within a few hours.

But How Do You Create a Website?

Depending on the business type, you can start:

All these types of sites have similarities at the creation stage. However, what should you consider if you’re wondering how to create a website without spending a fortune and getting good results? Let’s dig a little deeper into it.

Decide on Who’ll Host You

Starting and maintaining an average blog costs almost nothing. Meaning, you can start a free website on many different platforms, such as,,, etc

However, before smashing the signup button for these free platforms, note that they aren’t appropriate for business. They are only useful when testing the waters. If you are serious about starting a successful website, you’ll avoid the free platform at all cost.

The main reason is that these platforms take some space on the website you have created to advertise their products, taking control of your site. Therefore, for business purpose, you need a dedicated server.

how to create a website

Why Should You Have a Self-Hosted Website?

The success of a website centres around the level of control you have on your site. With self-hosting, you decide the look of your site, you select what will appear on each page, and you have unlimited control of the content on your site. Moreover, with access to premium website templates and plugins, you can ensure that your site looks like something created by a pro. And so,

How do You Choose Web hosting Services

A web host is a server that stores website and its related files and keeps them available for the world to browse all day.

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Your selection of a web host will depend on the kind of Content Managing Software (CMS) you will use, the site speed you desire to have and expected traffic.

However, it is a world of web hosts out there, and only a few are worth your consideration. Of those few, only a number offer exceptional services. So, it is essential you research before deciding on which hosting you’ll go for. But let’s check some consideration.

7 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Webhost

Loading Speed

Nobody enjoys waiting for more than 4 seconds for a site to load. Consider a server with fast loading speed so as not to annoy your online visitors.

Mobile ready

In these modern times, Smartphone appears to rule the world—almost every person uses it daily. Therefore, a site that’s mobile-friendly will found more favour in the public’s eye. Your host should, thus, allow website optimisation in a way that favours the majority of the market.

Tracking enabled

Analytics matters a ton—It is the surest way to tell if your website is correctly doing its job. The key pointers like site traffic, conversations, and monthly achievements are essential in analysing business performance. Your host should allow your final web design entails these functionality metrics.

SEO Authenticity

3.5 billion Searches are done daily on Google alone. If you’re a marketer, you cannot assume all that traffic. You would consider a web hosting company that makes it easy to optimise your site for your audience and browsers.

Server Uptime

Server uptime determines when your site will be available online for the world to view. An apt serve should ensure your website is online 24/7. It would annoy your audience finding your site offline when they need it most

Customer Support Service

You’ll face some difficulty while building your website, at least when you’re starting. And to your rescue should be reliable customer support. Most likely, you would choose a host with 24hrs live support services to address your problem whenever they arise.

Security services

In spite of other factors being important, on-site security the one that you should never compromise. If the web host cannot include the necessary security check-ups in every design, don’t waste your money and time on it. You must have the assurance of data protection and the security of information clients share with you on your site.

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Now that you know how to choose a web host, here is the next thing on how to create a website.

Choosing Site Domain

You are almost ready to take your site online. But first, you have to choose a domain name– your website address (e.g.

And if you are aiming at creating an outstanding online presence, and get visitors globally, you’ll want to consider a domain name with a .com, .net, or .org extension.

In case you have problems coming up with the apt domain name, a few hours of interacting with friend and family can help you think loud and come up with words variations to find the most branded domain name. Once you’ve selected the right domain, finish your registration, and you’ll be ready to go online.

Add Life to Your Site With Template and Plugins

Once online, you start thinking of the features of your site. The first is the theme. Depending on your content management system, in particular with WordPress and Joomla you can pick from hundreds or even thousands of different themes available. These templates give your site the appeal you desire.

Besides themes, you’ll require additional add-ons to boost website functionality and make it more comfortable to use. Even though there are many free plugins, the one you pay for sometimes delivers better results.

Grab Visitors Attention by Organising Your Site

At the creation stage, the look of your site and its user interphase matters a lot. Create the logo of your website, decide on the menu visuals and the kind of information you want to appear on each page.

In Summary

The above tips will guide you on how to create a website for your Singapore business. Unlike in the past, it is easier today than ever before to create and run a website. All you have to know is why you are building your site, then choose the right web host. Go ahead and select an appropriate domain before taking your website online.

Save time by contracting our Singapore website design team to work on your site. We will create a custom template and also help you choose the ideal web hosting package. More importantly, our digital marketing team will create robust marketing strategies that will increase the visibility of your brand online.

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