How Small Companies Can Compete In Market With SEO

Small Companies

Search marketing has become the number one priority for businesses all over the globe and the strategies have been evolving since. Unfortunately, big companies and corporations have the advantage here as they can allocate more budget and resources. Additionally, regardless of your industry, products, services or business operations, there will always be competitors.

However, there are some SEO Singapore companies can follow to compete in the market.

Focus on a Niche

Of course it seems a good idea to target every niche and cover as many relevant areas as possible but when competing with bigger players or in a relatively competitive industry, focusing on a single area is the best possible strategy. The concept here is quite simple; if you target multiple areas, you might be able to show search engines your relevancy to those keywords but the level of that relevancy would be lower for each of the target keyword.

Now here is the tricky part; when you decide to focus on a particular area that means you are willing to sacrifice others. This approach might seem counter-intuitive but actually the long term impact would be positively surprising.

Publish Contents

Companies all over the globe are following this particular tip to engage with their target customers on a much deeper level and more engagement leads to more sales. However, the benefit of publishing contents is not only customer engagement but it can also help business in brand awareness, customer trust, loyalty and media attention. Based on your industry and target audience, you can decide what type of contents you should publish. Additionally, the frequency and regularity of your publishing routine also matters a lot. Building quality content also helps in your overall website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) health which in return improve your website organic traffic from Google Search Engine.


Localization has become more important than ever now; being “the best auto repair shop in a particular neighborhood” is a much better option than being a “above average auto repair shop in the whole country”. This particular example could be used as a reference for all kind of businesses whether they are doing business on local level or international level.

You need to choose your target audience and focus on that area. It is way easier to build strong reputation in a small area and then expand it as compared to trying to develop reputation on a much larger scale. As mention earlier, you would be competing with lots of big players too that would be difficult.

Not to forget, Google are naturally localized in Search Engine Results, therefore it’s important to note that the SEO service rendered by your SEO agency to be localized in the targeted country in Google Webmaster Tool.

Social Media

Social Media has penetrated our lives (personal and professional both) and it is almost impossible for businesses to stay in the race without having a social profile or portfolio. Social media presence is not only important for learning what kind of products or services your customers like or dislike but you can also use it to do competitor research. For example, you can see the performance and people’s reaction of your competitors’ products and that information can help you make better strategies.


June 11, 2016

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