Corporate Website Designs In Singapore: A Complete Guide

corporate website designs

The best corporate website designs in Singapore will help you get a firm footing in the competitive yet lucrative digital marketing space. 

It’s a digitally-driven world. It’s almost impossible to run a successful business without an online presence. As we hurtle through the year, ready to usher in a new one, there still exists a great divide between two types of businesses – those with corporate websites, and those without.

It’s no news that your website is the first place that prospective consumers, investors, and other stakeholders go to when they want to learn more about your business. It’s, therefore, a general rule of thumb that the website should convey your company’s value and clearly state what it does.

Design, navigation, and functionality all have an important role to play in determining how a company should be portrayed online. On this ground, a badly functioning site or a poorly designed one can cast your business in a negative view.

There’s no way around this – a good website has to be more persuasive and engaging in the manner at which it tells your company’s story. And of course, there are a few companies that have perfected this art and are doing it more effectively than others.

Here is a video that offers valuable tips on how to create a corporate website for your company.

YouTube video

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Why is Having Great Corporate Website Designs Important in Singapore?

Good news: small businesses are beginning to come to terms with the idea of setting up a corporate website for their business. According to Clutch, nearly two-third (about 64%) of businesses in Singapore now have a professional website for their business – of which 81% are mobile-friendly.

Now on the other side of the spectrum, about 36% have yet to create a website for their business. How is this even possible at this time and age?

It’s simple – if you are yet to create a website for your business or company, then there are so many ways you’re missing out. Choose one from the many corporate website designs available in Singapore to avoid the following hurdles. 

1# Your Email Marketing Campaign is Less Effective than it Should be

This one is a no-brainer – how can you run an effective email campaign without a website?

How, when half of the people who receive your marketing email will first want to visit your website and find out more about your company and what it is that you do?

By not having a website, that means you’ll be directing them to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page. But can they really purchase anything from there?

The answer is NO.

2# You’ll be Getting Less Traction from Search Engines

You need a website to work on SEO and gain online visibility and position yourself in a better place to drive traction.

website design banner

You don’t need a website to work on local SEO. You can optimise your address and company name, and allow online users to come to your brick and mortar store to make a purchase. But what if they want to learn more about your business, find out more about the kind of products or services you offer, where will they go?

With no website to check and learn more about your business, they’ll be rolling the dice when they decide to come to your physical store. So its better to get a great looking corporate website designed if you are serious about being profitable.

3# You Look Less Legitimate

About 27% of companies and businesses that have yet to set up a website think it’s irrelevant. But come to think about it, it’s really hard to think of an industry that doesn’t need a website.

Again, many customers have reported to being leery of doing businesses with companies that don’t have a web portal. Whether you’re planning to sell to customers or other businesses, customers nowadays will want to gather as much detail as possible about your business before making the final decision to buy.

Without a website, that means you’re shrouded in mystery, and which makes it hard for potential customers to trust you with their hard-earned cash.

Most likely, you’ll appear outdated, less professional, and not without something to hide.

4# You’re More Vulnerable

1 out of 5 businesses that are operating without a website feels they do not need one because they have social media to direct their customers. While this may work, don’t forget the fact that social media is unpredictable. They’re always changing their algorithm and updating their policies.

One simple change could mean your business loses all the visibility it’s been enjoying in the users’ newsfeed.

For instance, at the beginning of the year, Facebook decided to make some minor changes to their algorithm and which saw to it that they were able to prioritise on posts made by family and friends over those made by businesses.

Worst yet, the social media network could lose its lustre (Think MySpace). With your website, you have total control over it. However, with social media, you’re operating on someone else’s turf, with no guarantee on whether the platform will always be there to serve you.

So yes, having your own website offers a sense of security. Plus, you can be sure the time, money, and energy you’re pumping in isn’t going to waste, as it will be building your online presence and placing you in a position where you’ll be able to enjoy free traffic.

5# The Truth is, you don’t need a reason to Set up a Website for Your Business

You have absolutely no reason not to build a website for your business. Or what’s there to lose when you build one?

About 26% of businesses that don’t have websites cite the cost as the reason they can’t have one. But what they’re forgetting is that it’s possible to have a professionally done website for as little as S$200.

Among the businesses that are operating without websites, 58% (more than half) have made a mental note to build it by the end of this year.

That’s because many of them have realised that building a website is a lot easier and more affordable than they were made to believe.

If you’re tight on budget, then all you have to do is find a web host you can trust and then choose a template to create the website on your own.

Plus, there are free tools such as Yoast to help you with SEO if you’re completely green. So, cost shouldn’t be an excuse in this, unless you’re not serious with your business.

6# You Don’t Have to Complicate Your Website

If, say, you’re operating a dry cleaner. All you need are a couple of pages with basic information (phone number, address, hours), a link to a review page or social media page, and a contact us page – that’s all.

You may choose to expand your website by adding more functionalities to it. But while you’re starting, a basic one should be enough to give you a headstart.

The Current State of Digital Marketing in Singapore

About 64% of businesses in Singapore have websites. Only 36% have yet to make up their mind, but it’s been projected that about 58% (more than half) of them would have created the online extension within the next one year (12 months).

So yes, if you ‘re still hesitant about making a move, then it’s just a matter of time before you’re left out in the cold, alone.

Singapore is among the few countries that have been performing really well in the digital sector. Things have been on an upswing, growing at a threatening rate. At the time of writing this, more than 4.92 million people (out of the total population of 5.83 million) in Singapore are active on social media. Quick math indicates that that’s a cool 84% of the population.

Or to put it quite simply, about 84% of the customers you’re targeting can be found on social media.

Stats also show that by the end of 2020, all companies in Singapore will have adapted to the changing times and established an online presence. And as companies advance on that front, so will be digital marketing in itself.

Take a look around, and one thing you’ll notice is digital marketing expanding really fast all across Singapore and other parts of the world. Digital marketing services are on high demand, making it one of the most sought-after and high paying careers around.

The demand for digital marketing services is at an all-time high, with lots of local agencies and digital marketing consultants competing for more presence among companies and business owners.

Lots of international agencies are also making an entry in Singapore for a slice of the digital pie. There’s no denying that the competition is fierce, which leaves you with no option but to up your digital game if you’re looking for a way to stand out and remain afloat.

While having a basic website is better than having no website at all, it’s worth noting that your business could do so much better with good web design.

A good web design translates to good business. And successful business people in Singapore know this pretty well.

Why is Good Corporate Website Designs Good for Business?

Adobe released some really interesting stats around this (LINK: It turns out, companies with great designs outperform those with weak designs by a good 219% over a span of 10 years.

Backing this up is a survey conducted by Tyton Media. From which, 48% of those who took the survey were quick to suggest that website design was the number one factor they use to determine the credibility of a website.

That just confirms what we already knew – not only is a website one of the recipes for online success, it’s also a tool for inspiring trust among customers.

Here are a few reasons good design is good for business in Singapore:

A Good Design is Good for the First Impression

Good web design is about using content, colours, shapes, space, forms, icons, and images in a more harmonious and balanced way.

At the start of a good design is strong branding.

You need to start by designing a good logo, which serves to represent your company’s brand in the best way possible.

Good logo design also serves to strike a balance between blending and standing tall over your competition. While there’s so much value in having a great logo for your business, it’s not a priority.

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars creating a logo. With platforms such as Fiverr or Freelancer, it’s possible to get a good logo design for as little as $5.

A Good Design Will Help Your Business to Stand Out

Ever taken a minute to think about the competition that you have – and which, when given an opportunity, will never hesitate to snag every single one of your customers?

It’s a zero-sum game – when you lose, that means your competitors are winning. No matter the industry you’re in, if there’s one thing you can be sure of is that there’ll always be competition, baiting for a bigger share of the market cake.

Only the person with the best marketing strategy, part of which involves designing a great web portal for your business, wins.

Your focus should be on making your website current, impressive, and modern. While this is not a be-all-end-all solution for winning it big online, it’s a sure-fire way to make your customers gravitate towards your brand or products.

This is one fact of life that you shouldn’t take lightly. Ever gone to a grocery store and browsed through a random isle? You found yourself staring at a shelf, torn between several items, not knowing which one to throw into your shopping basket.

I can guess, with utmost surety that you chose the item with a phenomenal design, modern package, and branding. And that’s no hard guess considering it’s something that anyone would do.

It’s the same case with the website that you create. You want to make it great and work on getting more eyeballs to it. When the design of your website is good enough, that means that your customers will be naturally attracted to it.

So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or break the bank to woe customers your way.

A Good Design is also Good for Building Customer Relationship

Relationships are mostly built on emotions and less about logic. Your customers have to be emotionally connected to your company to establish a relationship with it.

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You can start by designing a website that you’re sure your customers will love. User layout, colour, and font choices also have to connect to your customers or any random site visitor in a meaningful and emotionally driven way.

Find a way to incorporate memorable, impactful, and emotional connection into the visual display of your brand, and the world will have an easy time identifying your brand and the values that you stand for.

Remember, a good design offers a lot more than a reason for your customers to come and check you out – it offers them a reason to stay.

Best and Worst Social Media Platforms for Growing a Business

A Good Design means Your Website Will be easy to Use

A good design offers more than aesthetics. It’s about making your website as effective as it’s humanly possible.

It demands that you equip your site with enough capabilities to perform specific functions.

In essence, a good design looks far beyond the looks of a website, to how it works. If the designers did a commendable job to it, that means you’ll have an easy time converting a majority of its visitors into customers.

Remember, some of your visitors have shorter attention spans than that of a goldfish. Try making anything harder for them, and they wouldn’t second-guess skipping it for the next available website.

In a report released by Microsoft Corp, the average attention span of human beings has been declining since 2000, from then 12 seconds to the current 8 seconds.

This difference may appear small, but its impact is big enough to make all the difference. When your website design is good, users will have an easy time navigating through the site, thus reducing your bounce rate.

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A Good Design Will be Promoting Brand Consistency

You should learn from Google or a big brand such as McDonald’s. If they woke up one day and decided to change their logo or font, just looking at it would feel a little strange. That’s because their design and everything else is ingrained deep into your mind. You can intuitively feel them and relate.

Everything about Google or any other established brand you know was planned for in advance. Their layout was rushed through, but it was planned to be part of their brand, and everything has been pretty consistent ever since.

That’s the direction you should be thinking of taking if your goal is to grow a brand that customers will intuitively start relating to.

By being consistent that means you’ll be working towards creating a cohesive brand. This is something you need to keep on working on. Otherwise, you’ll be risking getting thrown out of business.

And the reason for this is a rather obvious one – with a brand, you’ll be connecting directly to your customers’ emotions. When your brand is inconsistent, then that’s a recipe for disorganisation and chaos.

Customers don’t like engaging chaotic brands, and that’s because they find it hard to trust them.

A Good Design is a Key to Your Social Media Successful

You need a well-designed website not just to succeed but to tie together all your online marketing effort.

Social media is among the few platforms where you’ll be directing much of your marketing effort. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, social media offers you a platform to connect with your customers and make your posts reach a wider audience.

But at this age where aesthetics influence customers decision in a big way, marketing on social media can prove to be much of a bigger hurdle when your site is poorly designed.

Backing this claim up is a recent study performed by Buffer. Their goal was to investigate the effects of graphics or design on social media engagement. They decided to use Twitter as the platform for conducting their research.

They’d then come to find out that tweets with images and good graphics managed to garner 150% more retweets compared to those without. A closer look at these images would also reveal that companies took more time to edit photos and add some nice graphics to them instead of relying on stock photos.

Top Corporate Web Designs to Draw inspiration from


Corporate web designs Singapore


If you’re looking to design a website that embodies a minimalist yet iconic slant, then Singtel makes a good design to follow. Singtel, one of the leading providers of Telkom services in Singapore, has one of the simplest but original designs

A casual glance over their homepage will give you a clear image of what the company is all about. You don’t have to keep scrolling and click on any link to develop an understanding of what the company does.

Among the things you’re likely to see when you open their homepage are the tabs, listed as mobile, home, services, apps, and so on. Below each tab is a short description giving more information on the tab.

Plus, there are clear links for individual users and business users that shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.


corporate website designs


Broadcom used to be an American company, until in 2015 when it was acquired by Avago technology, a Singapore-based Technology firm. It’s a leading semiconductor manufacturing company, flaunting one of the best corporate websites you’ll ever come across in Singapore.

Built on JavaScript, the website is as basic as you’d want it to be. It has a fast-loading slider, a list of relevant links, and news story section, covering reviews and other relevant pieces of information.

DBS Bank

corporate website designs


DBS Bank, Singapore’s largest bank, is a fantastic example of a clutter-free website. It’s slick and straight-forward and at the same time, incredibly catchy and elegant. As you enter the site, the first thing you’re confronted is the menu, located at the bottom of the page where you can easily view it.

It’s a simple website, but with all the information you need to know about the company. And then there’s the conspicuous search button, visible to anyone who lands on the site just in case you want to find something and you’re not sure how to go about it.

Toshiba Tec

corporate website designs


Among the things you see when you navigate through the webpages of Toshiba Tec is a great sense of creativity. It’s surprising how the company was able to pack all that information in just a single screen. You don’t need to scroll or click on anything.

At the middle of the screen are a list of their products and services, listed vertically in the most visible manner. And it gets even more interesting when you realise that just hovering on any of the items makes it expand automatically, revealing more information about it.


corporate website designs


Hypergrand is a clean, clutter-free website that adjusts itself automatically to fit into any screen size. It’s a classic example of how you do not need to over-burden an ecommerce store with unnecessary features and code.

The site is both lightweight and compact, with clean typography and clean lines to help you communicate intuitively and professionally to customers — nothing like quirky styling or obtrusive photos. The company tries to stick with what’s relevant and clean.

It’s an excellent choice of website design for a business that sells watches. And it goes without mentioning the clean grid of the on-sale watches, and which makes it easy for customers to find an item that matches their taste.

A Collective

corporate website designs


A collective architecture combines art and science. They were able to echo this into their design by grafting a series of elements that tie well together to form a bigger canvas.

Their website covers everything that’s needed, smoothly and playfully – blends well for a website of this kind.

The slider at the header section of the homepage looks damn well interesting too.


corporate website designs


Luxasia opted for a website that thrives on simplicity. It’s a minimal site yet chic, designed to showcase a comprehensive list of Luxasia’s fragrance and beauty products, including the world’s famous Chloe, Issey Miyake, and Balenciaga.

The site is designed in an eclectic style, with a map that clearly shows all the countries that the brand has set up an online store.

Unlisted Collection

corporate website designs


Unlisted Collection was updated recently, and it’s everything you could have wished to see for a website of its kind – simplicity at its best.

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Beneath the plain, unembellished interface, is a unique booking engine. The website also features a new gallery section and brand showcase.

And as simple as this site looks, make no mistake – it’s a fully functional booking app for high-quality hotel properties and restaurants in Singapore, Dublin, London, Sydney, Country Kerry, and Shanghai.

Zensorium Tinke

corporate website designs


Zensorium is a product website for an iPhone accessory that scans your fingertips to offer valuable insights on your wellness.

Naturally, any web owners prefer an eye-catching website, and this site passes as a classic example of how you can easily achieve that while keeping everything simple enough for the users that check you out.

The Zensorium website is incredibly unique and artistic. The homepage features the name of the company and that of the two products they’re offering, accompanied by high-quality images of the product.

At the centre is another image of the product, but with its short description juxtaposed next to it. It’s that simple. It makes you think the company hired an artistic UI designer to put everything to paper before hiring an experienced coder to give it life.

Now scrolling down to the bottom of the page should reveal a list of links that you can use to contact the company or to find out more about the company and its products.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class

corporate website designs

When’s the flight?

That’s the first thing that comes to mind the first time you open Singapore Airline’s premium class website.

You can clearly picture everything.

The website takes you through the journey of flying with them. It starts by showcasing the food they serve on the plane. That’s followed by clear images of the seats they use in the plane.

The site features a minimal amount of information, but is heavy on well-optimised images that load super-fast, clearly revealing all the crucial details of the airlines and what to expect. It’s a fantastic example of how good pictures and minimal information can successfully sell a brand and connect with customers’ emotions.

Someone sends you to this site, and the next thing you know is that you’re booking a flight with this airline.

SOTA (School of the Art Singapore)

corporate website designs


Singapore schools don’t put so much thought into the website they create. It’s the same tired, stilt look that you can tell were fashioned from the same template, with just enough tweaks to make them appear unique.

But SOTA goes on a limb here by pouring just enough creativity to come up with an unexpected design that’s completely off the wall. It’s an art school, so it helps.

Suffice it to say that they have one of the best website designs in Singapore. And they have been able to achieve this by playing around with an eclectic palette of colour hues — and which some people may be quick to suggest it’s too much, but not exactly when you consider the fact that it blends with every single one of the site’s elements and is in no way distracting, at least not in a way that doesn’t communicate art.

One of the most notable features is the slider, which features stunning photos that blend perfectly with the colour scheme of the site.

Or we could just say it’s a fun site to navigate through, with nothing to bore you or get you distracted.

The White Rabbit

corporate website designs


The White Rabbit was recently revamped, and it’ s everything you’d have wished to see.

On the first look, everything should point out that it’s a site about food.

And White Rabbit is the restaurant’s name.

I couldn’t guess why the restaurant picked that name, but it sure did catch my attention. So, they win, as it’s easy to guess that’s the intention they had in mind while conceptualising on the whole idea.

Everything about the site is neat and tidy. It’s a minimal design whose aesthetics are still hard to beat. Simple but elegant.

Scroll down, and there’re pictures of food. Yay!

Go Bear

corporate website designs


I Love this design. Everything is designed playfully, and that’s what makes it fun to interact with.

It’s definitely the only one of its kind and one that its close rivals would certainly have a hard time competing with.

It’s an easy guess – the bear is the first thing that captured your attention.

Or isn’t it colourful and cute enough?

It’s then that you notice that it’s standing in the middle of a busy city, poised and calm, not distracted by the immediate environment.

They killed it in terms of branding. It’s almost impossible to outdo this.

Everything is cute, and their interface is easy and very straightforward if you must ask.

Boldr Supply

corporate website designs


You must have noticed that we’re strong advocates for minimalist designs. The concept of less is more still carries a lot of weight with us.

Why bulk up things when you can achieve pretty much the same with so little?

Here’s another site that shows you how much you can achieve without doing much or cluttering your site with unnecessary stuff.

Everything about the site is neat and very clear. They’re using big pictures. Their CTAs are also clear and neat, while everything else is neatly arranged.

The Cat Cafe

corporate website designs


It couldn’t have gotten more creative than this. Not the website, but the whole business idea.

This should have just gone as a coffee restaurant that also sells tea and pastries, but they had to make is about cats as well – an unlikely combination that turned out to be really great.

Best Website Design Services In Singapore To Elevate Your Online Presence

Their primary target as it appears are cat lovers – and it’s no coincidence that Singapore has so many cat lovers. It’s a calculated move that’s paying off.

And just as creative as the idea behind this business model is the company’s website for the restaurant.

The first thing you’ll notice is the animated cat video on the homepage. The video is set such that it can autoplay — in a gif-like manner though, and so as not to bulk up everything and slow the site down.

No sliders – and aren’t they just overused?

It makes sense that someone would want to steer clear of them and opt for videos instead.

If videos can’t grab your attention right off the bat, then nothing will, and cat-café understands exactly that.

And doubly as good as the videos, and everything else is the website’s layout.

It’s safe to say that the company paid attention to every detail – from choosing pictures to deciding on the CTA to use. Everything had to be clearly thought-out and planned ahead of time and even tested to ensure that it serves its intended purpose to the best standard there is.

Top Corporate Website Design Agencies in Singapore



Company Name




















MediaOne has been designing corporate websites and enhancing the digital experience of business owners in Singapore since 2008.


It’s one of the leading digital marketing firms in the country, best known for promoting SEO-friendly web design concepts.


One of their notable projects is when they helped Fuji Xerox regain their rightful authority in the marketplace in 2016.



*** Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


*** Search Engine Marketing


*** Social Media Marketing


*** Online Reputation Management


*** Web Design


*** Web Development







4B Craig Rd,


Singapore 089664



Website URL:





(65) 6789 9852







Novage Communications



Novage is a well-known, digitally focused agency in Singapore. They’re fond of referring to themselves as a boutique firm, despite grossing over $1million in revenue.


They also have one of the slickest and most contemporary websites you’ll ever come across in Singapore.


But that aside, they’re one of the most reliable agencies when it comes to digital marketing, as well as mobile and web development.



*** Social Media Marketing


*** Web Design


*** Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


*** Digital Marketing










The Commerze @Irving 1 Irving Place




Singapore 369546



Website URL:





(65) 6744 4064













Web Puppies



Web Puppies was started in 2010 and has grown to be one of the most skilled web design and web development firms in Singapore.


But that’s not where their expertise end. The agency is also competent in providing a series of other value-added digital solutions, including ERP and CRM.


They’re also the masters of cutting-edge marketing tools such as Augmented Reality Marketing and Virtual Reality Marketing, to name a few.



*** Web Design


*** Digital Marketing


*** E-Commerce Web Development


*** Lead Generation


*** Inbound Marketing







138 Robbinson Rd




068906 Singapore



Website URL:






(65) 6741 1708










Utomedia Technologies Pte Ltd



Utomedia can be better classified as an IT firm. They’re experienced on a broad range of IT stuffs, and which explains why they’re so creative with their designs.


Their deep understanding of IT concept places them in a better position to develop custom systems that address the specific needs of the companies or firms that they’re involved with.


They’re a great choice of an agency if you’re looking for a solution that’s both productive and effective enough to propel your business to the next level of success.



*** Website Development


*** Mobile App Development


*** Digital Marketing


*** Content Creation


*** Real Estate Agency Solutions







10 ubi cresent




Ubi Techpark


Singapore 408564



Website URL:





(65) 6741 3435












iFoundaries was started in 2005. It’s headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Vietnam, Minh City, and Ho Chi.


Stability is a staple in every single one of the websites they create. But that’s not where their expertise end.


The company doesn’t take chances with branding or shy off from playing around with colours for a visually stunning design.


They’re also known for having a strong preference for minimalistic designs with fewer interactive functionalities. That means their websites load much faster.



*** web Design


*** Digital Marketing


*** web Development


*** Value-Added Product







10 Ubi Cres




Ubi Techpark


408564 Singapore





Website URL:






(65) 6297 7751








efusion Technology



eFusion is an allrounded digital solution specialising in web development, Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing.


Their designs tend to be more practical, featuring lots of icons, and designed with the end-user in mind.



*** Digital Marketing


*** Web Design


*** Consultation


*** Social Media Marketing


*** Search Engine Optimization







Beach Rd 321A


Singapore 199557




Website URL:






(65) 6292 3086








Verz Design



Verz Design was started in 2009 and grown to be many web owners’ preferred choice of marketing and web design agency.


Their designs tend to be trendy and modern, designed to the best of industry standards.


Other than that, the company also offers a long list of other digital solutions, including SEO, SMM, and mobile app development, to name a few.



*** Marketing Services


*** Web Development


*** Multimedia Design


*** Consultation Services


**** Mobile App Development







Kallang Pudding Rd


#07-05/06 HH@Kallang


Singapore 349328



Website URL:





(65) 6841 1680



















Lemonade is another well-known IT solution, founded in 2012. The company specialises in offering an array of innovative digital solutions targeting business owners in Singapore and other parts of the world.


The services offered by the agency include web design, content development, graphic design, web marketing, and website maintenance.



*** Web Design


*** Web Maintenance








Woodlands Close 31


Woodlands Horizon




737855 Singapore




Website URL:





(65) 3158 3831







Design Workz



Design Workz is a design and web development agency that was first launched in March 2005. The company focuses on providing value-added digital solutions that strive to address the different needs of clients.


The company prides itself in having one of the most experienced and personable teams of designers, developers, and content creators, and which work harmoniously in helping clients realise their dreams.


The company also deals with logo design, graphic design, and event organisation, to name a few.



*** Graphic Design


*** Web Design


*** Publish


*** Logo Design


*** Event







No Address



Website URL:





(65) 6459 6747









Awebstar Techologies



Awebstar is a professional digital marketing and web development company that was established more than 12 years ago, in 2007.


Since its start, the company has been so focused on helping businesses in Singapore and other parts of the world establish a full-bodied online presence and find a solution for the common problems they encounter in the digital space.



*** Digital Marketing


*** Web Development


*** Mobile App Development


*** Software Solution


*** Graphic Design


*** Shopify Development







Raffles Place 03


#08-01B Bharat Building


Singapore 048617




Website URL:





(65) 6909 9163



Where to Find the Best Corporate Website Template

Before you rush to buy any corporate template for your business, you might first want to ask yourself if it’s best suited for the needs you have.

ThemeForest, which boasts hundreds of themes, should be among the first few places that you check. You can’t, however, slog through the entire list of themes. Instead, try looking for a theme with a higher user rating, significant sales, and a larger number of reviews.

Don’t forget to check through the reviews and see what current users of the theme have to say about it.

A better approach would be to go with a theme with upwards of 1000 sales and a rating of 4.5 and above out of the possible 5-star.

The good thing with ThemeForest is that it allows you to apply all these filters, and speed up the search process.

ThemeForest has so many business themes, with each one of them featuring a demo that you can view for a feel of how your site will look like.

Recommended themes for a Corporate Website

If you wish to set up a WordPress website, and you do not have the time to go through the entire catalogue, we have a few suggestions that we recommend you consider checking out:

The four themes meet the criteria we specified – they’re responsive, lightweight to load faster, purchased thousands of times, highly-rated, and SEO-friendly.

Here goes the list:



BeTheme is a multipurpose theme designed with web developers in mind. It packs so many customisation options, with which you can use to design hundreds of unique sites, after playing around with dozens of visual styles.

The theme comes with hundreds of demos, bundled up with some of the top-of-the-shelves plugins you know. With this option, it should take you just a few minutes to set up a fully functioning website that you’ll be customising to match your brand and taste.

Price for this theme: $59



Enfold was specifically designed for businesses. It’s one of the most downloaded corporate themes and the highest-rated on ThemeForest.

The theme features numerous demos, quality code, and outstanding support.

Price for this theme: $59

Divi theme


This is another popular multi-purpose theme for WordPress, and apparently the most successful one in the digital quarters.

As it stands, more than half a million people are using the theme for their websites. And that’s because it’s highly customisable, flexible, powerful, besides featuring a drag and drop page builder that you can use to achieve pretty much anything provided your creativity allows you.



Ultimatum is a flexible WordPress theme that also features a drag-and-drop builder that you can use to set up a unique website in a matter of minutes.

The theme was built on Bootstrap, and operates as a full suite design tool that you can use to make changes to almost any imaginable aspect of your website.

Final Thoughts

This is your ultimate guide to creating a corporate website in Singapore. Also listed are some of the coolest corporate websites in Singapore. Of course, none of them is perfect, but they’re worth checking out for inspiration.

Here’s the thing: with a corporate website, your website is part of your business. You have to think of it as a reflection of your brand or business online.

Learn to love and care for it. Also, make sure that you’re constantly updating and improving it. In short, designing a corporate website is not a one-time activity, but an on-going one, and which can only be perfected with time.

So, what next?

Talk to us about your Singapore corporate website design project, and let’s help you set it up to the best standards the digital market has to offer.


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