How To Make A Living As An Influencer In Singapore

How To Make A Living As An Influencer In Singapore

As traditional influencers transform into dynamic, multi-skilled wizards of content, we’re ready to dish out some top-notch tips on diversifying your business products—even when the going gets tough.

But hold up! Before we look into how you can make a living out of influencing or content creation in Singapore, let’s clear up a common confusion: what’s the difference between a content creator and an influencer?

Let’s break it down together:

What’s the Difference Between an Influencer and a Content Creator?

What’s the Difference Between an Influencer and a Content Creator?

Who’s a Content Creator?

A content creator is like a modern-day storyteller, whether they are an individual or a big company. Their mission? To craft engaging, educational, and enticing content that pulls in their audience.

Their work is splashed across digital landscapes—like blogs, websites, newsletters, YouTube channels, and every corner of social media. Some creators have a massive following already, while others are just starting.

But here’s the thing: they all focus on specific topics that resonate with their target audience. And that’s why they’re pure gold in the digital marketing world! Content creators can connect with people in ways brands can’t, swaying opinions and influencing buying decisions far better than traditional paid ads.

Who’s an Influencer?

According to, “An Influencer is a person who has the power to influence many people, whether through social media or traditional media: Companies look for Facebook influencers who could promote their products and services.”

So, in other words, an influencer is like your cool friend who always knows the latest trends and somehow convinces you to try new things. They have this knack for changing how we think, act, or even shop.

And here’s a fun twist: while a content creator can be an influencer and an influencer can be a content creator, they’re not always the same thing. Confusing? Maybe a bit, but that’s what makes it all interesting.

Here are the Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Singapore (Updated in June 2024)

Here are the Top 10 Instagram Influencer in Singapore

Influencers Instagram Username Followers
1)    Naomi Neo @naomineo_ 923K
2)    JianHao Tan @thejianhaotan 676K
3)    Xiaxue @xiaxue 580.4K
4)    Kim Lim @limrebecca 446.8K
5)    Mongchin Yeoh @mongabong 306K
6)    Fiona Xie @xplacidacidx 390K
7)    Jamie Chua @ec24m 1.3M
8)    Jaylee Woo, @jiaqiwoo 427K
9)    Yik Keat @yk 1M
10) Soh Pei Shi @speishi 339K

How Much Do Influencer In Singapore Make?

Are you curious about how much cash influencers are pocketing these days? HypeAuditor did a deep dive and found some fascinating numbers. If you’re an Instagram influencer with a modest following of 1,000 to 10,000 fans, you’ll likely pull in around $1,420 monthly.

But if you hit superstar status, boasting over a million followers, get ready to rake in a whopping $15,356. It’s a wild world where the more followers you have, the more zeros you see in your paycheck.

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Nano Influencers

Nano influencers might not boast millions of followers, but their charm lies in their tight-knit communities. With follower counts ranging from 1,000 to 10,000, they are the go-to buddies in a particular interest group. People trust their opinions and adore their content. Because of this, when a nano influencer recommends something, their followers listen and often take action.

It’s like having a friendly chat with a knowledgeable pal who always has the best tips. Talk about influence with a personal touch.

Nano influencers earn between $10-$100 per post, depending on their niche and engagement rate. That may not sound like much compared to mega influencers who can earn millions per post, but nano influencers often have higher engagement rates due to their smaller following.


Micro-influencers are a step up from nano-influencers, boasting fan bases that range from 10,000 to 100,000 followers.

Despite having more followers, they keep the personal touch alive, engaging closely with their audience. These influencers usually zero in on a particular niche or area of expertise, which makes them even more relatable and trusted by their fans.

In Singapore, micro-influencers can make a cool S$50 to S$500 for each sponsored post. Not too shabby for sharing what you love.


Macro influencers are the rockstars of social media.

These folks have serious clout in their niches, with a fan base ranging from 100,000 to 1 million followers.

Whether it’s fashion, fitness, or tech, their fans hang onto every word. Brands love teaming up with them because they can work wonders in getting the word out.

And guess what? They can pocket anywhere from S$500 to a jaw-dropping S$10,000 per post. Imagine that.

Mega Influencers

Mega influencers are social media rockstars, flaunting followings that tip over the million mark. These A-listers, often celebrities or household names, have effortlessly gathered vast legions of fans.

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Their posts? Pure gold for brand visibility. But be ready to dig deep into your pockets because their shout-outs can cost a pretty penny—think S$30,000 or more for just one post.

So, How Do Content Creators and Influencers Make a Living in Singapore?

So, How Do Content Creators and Influencers Make a Living in Singapore

Content creators and influencers know that juggling multiple roles is just part of the gig. One minute, you’re a photographer capturing the perfect shot. The next, you’re a videographer editing a new vlog. You’re hosting webinars, designing eye-catching graphics, and even whipping up your own merchandise.

It’s a whirlwind of creativity and skills. But when it comes to turning all that hard work into dollars, especially beyond the usual merch and sponsored posts, it can feel pretty overwhelming.

Hey, don’t sweat it! It’s time to breathe a little and think outside the box. You’ve already built an amazing brand, and that’s half the battle. Now, let’s explore some fresh and fun ways to boost your income and take your efforts to the next level:

#1. Tutoring Online

Online learning is where it’s at. Thanks to platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, education is more accessible than ever before. Teaching online isn’t just about sharing knowledge; it’s about becoming a thought leader.

Imagine having a community of lifelong learners who follow your every move. It’s an amazing way to build a dedicated, active audience.

Whether you’re sharing your passion or expertise, the rewards are endless.

Examples of influencers who also make money tutoring:

  • Joe Natoli
  • Daniel Walter

Top tutors on platforms like Skillshare are raking in up to $100,000 a year.

Whether your passion lies in photography, fashion design, or digital marketing, there’s a space just for you to share your knowledge through online courses. What’s even better? These courses are often bite-sized, making them super easy to digest and understand.

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Stepping into the role of an online tutor doesn’t just fill your wallet and boosts your reputation as a thought leader. Think of all the lifelong followers you’ll gain, eagerly tuning into your channel for every nugget of wisdom you have to offer.

#2. Consulting Services

Becoming a content creator doesn’t always mean you have to churn out new videos or blog posts to earn money.

Picture this: you’re an expert in your field, but making a full-blown Skillshare or Udemy course isn’t quite your style. Great news—you can offer consulting services instead! Your followers would love the chance to learn directly from you.

You could kick things off with a simple portfolio review through email. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, how about one-on-one Zoom consultations?

Imagine turning those friendly chats into profitable, long-term consulting gigs with new entrepreneurs or brands eager to fine-tune their content strategies.

#3. Sell Your Merchandise

Do you have some awesome products or cool merch to sell? Dive into the world of Instagram shops and start making some serious cash.

Setting up your shop is easy, though you’ll need a business or creator account first. Then, watch shoppers explore your catalog, check out prices, learn about your goodies, and make purchases on Instagram or by hopping over to your website.

Want to boost your shop’s visibility? Tag your products in your reels, add those nifty shopping stickers to your stories, and even let other creators tag your products to reach fresh audiences. Get creative and have fun with it.

#4. Promote Affiliate Offers

Why not get paid for sharing your favorite products? You can earn a commission as an affiliate whenever someone purchases through your tagged posts, stories, or reels. It’s a step up from brand collaborations, where you create buzz around a product.

With affiliate marketing, you pocket cash whenever a follower uses your special links or promo codes to buy something great.

Brands might contact you directly, asking if you’d like to be their affiliate. Or, you can take the initiative and find companies with awesome affiliate programs. Many online marketplaces are overflowing with opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Let’s be real: mega-influencers like Kylie Jenner rake in the big bucks this way. But don’t let that discourage you—smaller influencers with dedicated audiences can still make modest returns.

#5. Enable Badges

Want to turn your Instagram hobby into a moneymaker? You’re in luck if you’ve got at least 10,000 followers and a business or creator account.

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By enabling badges, you let your followers give you virtual tips during your live videos—they get to show the love, and you get to earn some extra cash. Think of badges as little heart-shaped tokens of appreciation that pop up next to usernames when viewers make a purchase.

Activating badges is simple: hop over to your Instagram profile and turn them on. Once you do, they’ll be available during all your live streams. Viewers can buy these badges in increments of $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99. So, when you see those hearts next to their names, give them a shout-out during your live video and follow up with a “thank you” sticker in your stories. It’s a win-win!

Instagram sweetens the deal by allowing creators to keep 100% of the revenue from badges, minus taxes and fees, and the 30% cut from Google and Apple for in-app purchases.

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#6. Collaborate with Brands

One of the coolest ways for smaller influencers to earn money is through sponsored content—seriously, it’s a game-changer! Imagine getting paid to share products and services you genuinely love with your followers.

And here’s a little secret: brands aren’t just hunting for influencers with millions of followers. Sometimes, they prefer working with those who have smaller but highly engaged audiences, and that means you!

The best part? These deals are super flexible. The options are endless, whether it’s a single shout-out post, an epic series of stories, or engaging reels. Plus, what you get in return is pretty sweet. We’re talking about free products, cool gifts, a boost in your follower counts from the brand’s audience or straight-up cash. Sometimes, it’s a mix of all these perks.

#7. Make Money Through Various Online Platforms

Instagram is awesome, but guess what? It’s not the only golden ticket to making money online. If you’re on the hunt for fresh, exciting business ideas, you can also:

Make money on Twitch in various ways: Opportunities are everywhere, from snagging brand sponsorships and raking in ad revenue to building a loyal subscriber base. You can even sell your own merchandise, accept donations from generous fans, and earn Twitch Bits.

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Turn your YouTube passion into a paycheck: It’s not just a dream. You can earn cash through ads on your videos, offer exclusive perks to channel members, or even sell your own products. Plus, your fans can support you directly.

Turn your TikTok passion into profit? There are plenty of ways to cash in on your creativity. Team up with brands for sponsorships and watch your feed fill with cool collaborations.

Don’t forget influencer partnerships—they’re a fantastic way to amplify your reach and earnings.

Do you have some awesome merch? Sell it directly to your followers. Plus, join the TikTok Rewards referral program and start earning extra just by spreading the word. The opportunities are endless.

Make money on Amazon by diving into a world of opportunities: Whether you’re into selling unique merchandise, publishing that book you’ve always dreamed of, or sharing product reviews and recommendations you’re passionate about, Amazon has something for everyone. Get creative, make some cash, and have fun while doing it.

#8. Public Speaking Engagements

Stepping onto the virtual stage for summits or webinars is like opening a treasure chest of opportunities. Speakers can share their golden nuggets of wisdom, swap stories from their adventures, and sprinkle valuable tips that can make a real difference.

Adding your unique spin not only jazzes up the event but also brings in some extra cash through speaking fees or revenue shares. It’s a win-win situation—listeners gain priceless insights, and speakers walk away with satisfaction and financial perks.

#9. Travel Sponsorships

Teaming up with brands can open up a world of sponsored travel adventures. Imagine getting paid to explore exciting destinations, showcase beautiful hotels, or dive into thrilling activities.

It’s not just about the free trips—though those are pretty awesome—but also about creating engaging content and forming meaningful partnerships. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to earn extra cash while doing what you love. It’s a win-win!

#10. Licensing Deals

Brands are always looking for amazing photos and videos to boost their marketing campaigns. That’s where you step in.

By selling the rights to your creative masterpieces, you earn some cash and strike exciting partnerships with those brands.

It’s a win-win—brands get stunning content to jazz up their promotions, and you can see your work shine on a bigger stage.

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