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Email marketing is the lifeblood of any growing business. It’s cheap and a very personalised way to connect with your audience and convert them into loyal customers – and at only a fraction of what you could have used with any other marketing channel.

It’s one of the few ways to stay in constant touch with your customers. You can also use it to inform them about a new product or send post-purchase emails that show that your brand also cares about customer satisfaction.

In the end, you want to collect feedback, improve your services, build trust, and grow your audience.

MediaOne is a proven leader in this space, having delivered game-changing email marketing results for a diverse range of clients in the past.

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Managed Email Lists

Email marketing has come a long way. Most of the botnets that hijacked computers to send out spam emails have been taken out. Consequently, faith has been restored, and more and more marketers are beginning to see the value of investing in email marketing.

As a premier email marketing agency in Singapore, we offer outsourced email marketing services to clients that want to stay in touch with their customers and prospects, sharing useful information about their products and companies, and trying to win them over with enticing offers.

We understand that an effective email marketing campaign must include impactful design, great branding, established tracking metrics, and focused content.

Well, we do it all at MediaOne.

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The first step to running an effective email marketing campaign is choosing the right email marketing software. This software hosts your email campaigns, creates subscriber lists, personalises dynamic content, provides analytics, sends emails, designs email templates, and so on.

We’ll help you hit the ground with the right email marketing software. We can also run the campaign on the email marketing platform of your choosing.

We’ll keep all your emails on-brand by saving your company’s font stylings and colour themes. Better yet, we’ll create a stunning email newsletter template that matches your brand on the nose, besides catching the eye of the reader.

The Plan is to send out professionally done HTML newsletters that stand the greatest possibility of being delivered – and most crucially, read.

The bulk of the emails that marketers send are read on mobile phones and tablets – even more than those on desktop computers.

We’ll help you create and tweak your email newsletters to ensure they’re fluid enough to load on any device without throwing your readers off.

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Like To DIY?

Self Manage!

Where you do not wish to outsource your email marketing service to an agency, you can contact us for training or expert advice. 

Be guided on how to create beautiful email marketing templates and set up an email marketing platform. No contracts.

Our friendly email marketing experts will make your campaign unbelievably easy. They’ll also supply you with top-notch email marketing templates and tools to help you worry less about your campaign and more on connecting with your customers.

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Easy Like Never Before

Test Test And Test Again!

A/B Split Testing

Are you torn between two or more email options? Not so sure which one of the email options packs the most punch?

With A/B Testing, you can experiment with different email designs and subject lines to find out which one among them generates the best results. 

Tell us what you want to test, and we’ll go through with it and compile the results for you. Effective, trouble-free, and eye-opening – this technique will reveal something new about your clients. 

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Email Social Share

You can gain more exposure using this social-sharing feature. Add a “tweet” or “like” button to your emails and let your subscribers help you to spread your campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform.

Integrating your email with social share buttons offers you a chance to reach an even bigger audience with your marketing message. You also get to grow your email list in the process. 

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Contact List Management

Your email marketing platform should help you out with this. 

It should help you import, organise, segment, and send emails to your contact list. Also, while importing, it should remove duplicate and wrong-format email addresses. 

Get Rid of Invalid email addresses (aka hard-bounces). Since these emails cannot open under any circumstance, they have absolutely no value to your business. 

It includes all emails that existed at some point but have since been deleted or the email addresses that were simply mistyped or misspelled by the user.

Sharpen your axe

Work With Verified Emails

To improve email dispatches, we can help you detect and clean up these emails for a chance to target verified email addresses only. 

Get expert help

Email Marketing Audit

As dreadful as this word sounds, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Have an expert review your email marketing campaign and provide a report on how to make it more effective. 

Your campaign needs a full email marketing audit. It doesn’t matter if you have a properly coded newsletter template, engaging email copies, or a properly built list, there’s always room for improvement.

We’ll go over the entire campaign with a fine comb and provide a detailed account of everything, and more importantly, how to make it better. 

Engage Your Visitors Using

Thats how long before someone decides to read on – or not.

We lose our peaceful sleep for your peace of mind. 

We’re always thinking about how we’ll enhance your email marketing campaign and increase your subscriber engagement. We bring you a dedicated team of email marketing professionals that look into your email creative and strive to give you their best. 

You don’t have to worry about anti-spam laws or the subscribers that opt-out of your email list. Some things are inevitable, but we try to minimise the chances and counterbalance everything by ensuring the opt-ins are significantly higher.


After you approve your email design, we’ll code it and schedule everything for deployment.

We try to strike a balance between customer preferences and brand reputation. We also understand the significant role that timely deployment plays in your email marketing campaign, which is why we’re strict on deadlines.

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Reports That Tell The Story

Email is the communication channel that 59% of consumers prefer. Recent stats also reveal that it offers an outstanding 4100% Return on Investment.

Benefits abound, and one way to ensure that you never miss out on any of these benefits is being keen on monitoring results.

Our beautiful, intuitive reporting will help you understand the performance of your email marketing campaign with just a simple glance over it.

Every time we launch an email marketing campaign, we provide access to a range of real-time reports. For example, we allow you to see which one of your subscribers opened the email, which ones shared it, what exactly got them interested, and so on. 

When you become our client, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who’ll be committed to your campaign and work closely with you to ensure the campaign is conducted to your satisfaction.

The manager will first try to understand your business, how it works, what you hope to achieve, and what you dislike. It’s their job to oversee your project and ensure everyone involved is working towards your email marketing goal.

You’ll be provided with access to reporting and be granted the opportunity to suggest the changes to be made.


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Get Email Marketing Done Right Done Profitably


Email marketing costs vary greatly.

If you DIY your own email marketing via Mailchimp and easily accessible tools, it can be free for up to 300 emails per day or 9000 emails per month. This goes up to $74.97 for premium plans.

You can hire a freelance email marketer for $35 to setup your email marketing campaign which is important especially if you are starting from scratch.

Highly qualified professionals and agencies charge anywhere between $200 to $10,000 per month to setup and manage your campaigns.



  1. Set your goals, timeframe and budget.
  2. Identify your target audience, who they are and what they will find interesting that you can offer.
  3. Acquire your email database (either by purchasing lists or enticing with offers).
  4. Choose the correct email type which may be informative or promotional. It may be text based, image or even video based. Also decide if you want to create something intriguing to pull readers into a landing page or close the deal on the spot.
  5. Headers are hyper important – craft great hooks and intriguing lines.
  6. Design speaks volumes about the quality of your offerings. Be sure to offer browser-responsive designs.
  7. Select the correct email platform. Some are simple but enterprise versions offer segmentation, A/B split testing and analytics.
  8. Include opt-in’s and offers that are hard to resist.
  9. Strategise follow-up actions and learning points.

According to Digital Agency Network and McKinsey & Company, email marketing campaigns can be more than 40x more effective than social media.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of creating and sending emails to potential customers in a bid to establish a cordial working relationship with them, promote products and services. It is one of the strategies used in digital marketing, which consists of promoting brands using websites, blogs, social media, influencers, and so forth. With an ROI exceeding 3700%, it is the most productive of the tactics employed in internet marketing.

So Why Email Marketing

Email marketing is the fastest, flexible, and most effective way to address new customers and retain old ones. It’s what you use to encourage repeat purchases and get new customers to soften up and take action.

Through email marketing, you can target both your prospects and customers using personalised messages that speak directly to them. In so doing, you’ll be able to establish meaningful connections with them.

Best of all, email marketing is among the few marketing channels that don’t hurt your budget. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the biggest sources of ROI, with recent study findings revealing that one dollar spent in email marketing is likely to earn about $44 in returns.

In brief, you have all the compelling reasons in this world to consider investing in email marketing. Plus, everything can be automated, where the system runs itself and continues to generate results even way after you’ve pulled off the plug.

Advantage of Email Marketing in Singapore

  • Cost-Effective: The cost of running an effective email marketing campaign is cheaper than any other form of online marketing channel out there. There’s absolutely zero advertising cost, zero media space cost, and zero cost for printing or anything else.

    Where you can’t afford to pay for a premium email marketing platform, there are free options that you can use to achieve pretty much the same.

  • Permission-based: Email marketing doesn’t spam your customers’ inbox or bombard them with messages they didn’t expect. It’s a well-structured system that begins by first getting your prospects and customers to sign up for your emails. This is like receiving the green light to start sending them your marketing messages.

    Plus, your contacts have the option to opt out of your campaign any time they feel like by clicking through the ‘unsubscribe’ button provided at the end of every email sent.

  • Flexible Design: There’s no limit as to what type of messages you can send via email. It’s your choice to make, on whether you want to send plain text, attached files, or graphics. This gives you a much wider scope to convey your business messages in the most effective way possible.

  • Scalable: Email marketing works for both small and high profile audiences. That means, you can use it to target both small and large audiences.

  • Personalized messages: With email marketing, it’s possible to personalise your messages to make it appear like you’re sending every single one of them customised messages that respond specifically to their needs.

    Email marketing also allows you to segment your contacts, where you’ll be sending different messages to each group depending on what they’re interested in and their level of interest.

  • Shareable: The messages you send through email marketing can be shared around through a simple click of a button. Your recipients can either share it with the contacts on their email list or on the various social networks.

  • Better at Converting Your Lead: The emails you send will feature links and CTA buttons that your contacts can click through and take action. It doesn’t matter what stage of sales funnel they’re in; it’s always good to include a CTA button with every email you send just in case any of them decides to take action.

  • Measurable: You can evaluate your email marketing campaign every step of the way using different web analytics tools. You can test almost every single aspect of your email marketing campaign – from the email copy to the subject line to the email design – and weigh their effectiveness.

    This will help you optimise your email marketing campaign for even better marketing results in the future.

  • Test everything before sending: With email marketing, it’s possible to test the various elements of the campaign, starting with the subject line, email copy, Call to Action, images, the design, and everything else before implementing it.

  • Relatively Less Intrusive: Compared to telemarketing and other forms of marketing where you contact your prospects directly, email marketing allows you to send the marketing emails to your recipients only with their permission.

    Plus, customers don’t have to read your email immediately, but at their time and place of convenience. Your prospects can also update their preferences based on the type of messages they’d like to receive or the frequency at which they’d like the emails to be sent. That’s without mentioning that they have the option to hit the unsubscribe button and hop out of your email marketing campaign.

  • Time-Saving: It’s possible to automate the entire email marketing campaign process, where different emails are sent to different customers depending on the action they have taken. For instance, whenever a user signs up to your mailing list, you can send them a welcome email thanking them for taking this action.

    The same goes for a user who abandons a cart or opts out of your sales funnel; just send them an email offering some discount incentives that would entice them well enough to reconsider their actions.

The Cost of Email Marketing in Singapore

Email marketing is every marketer’s or web owner’s darling child. And that’s because it’s relatively cheap compared to other marketing channels out there.

Granted, email marketing has been on a sharp decline of late. Marketers are no longer paying any attention to it, and that’s where they go wrong.

From a casual look of things, it’s safe to say that email marketing is the most underrated lead generation medium out there.

To understand the scope of email marketing in Singapore, here are some crucial facts summing everything up:

  • Singapore’s population isn’t that big compared to that of other countries. That means that the cost per lead is too costly than other places, and it’s all due to the stiff competition.
  • Email marketing is an effective marketing channel in the country. That explains why many marketers have adopted it as their primary lead generation medium.
  • Tracking your email marketing ROI is much easier compared to other forms of digital marketing.
  • Email marketing allows you to time your messages. Plus, you have an option to still reach out to prospects that failed to respond to you, unlike other marketing channels.
  • Email marketing works for every imaginable type of business. You can use it as a blogger, musician, or service provider.

The cost of Email Marketing in Singapore as follows:

Email Marketing


Cost per lead


The cost of outsourcing the services

$200 to $5000 per month depending on the agency and size of your business.

Cost Per Hour

When you hire the services of an agency that is charging an hourly rate, then the cost of email marketing can range anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on the agency and the work involved.

While self-managing your email marketing campaign, the amount you spend per month can range anywhere from $9 to $1,000 (depending on the platform you choose and the number of subscribers that you have).

A well designed and executed email marketing message will be reminding your prospective customers to consider checking out your site. It’s even better when the offer to visit your site is backed up by some incentives.

The driving force of any email marketing campaign should be the desire to build a relationship and a higher customer retention rate. Be sure to keep this in mind whenever you’re configuring your email marketing campaign.

Factors That Impact Your Email Marketing Spend

The amount that you’re likely to spend in your email marketing campaign will always vary depending on several factors such as these:

The Quality of Your Current Email List

Assuming you were already involved with email marketing and now you’re looking for someone to outsource the service to, the first thing they’ll look at is the quality of your current email list.

Where your email list is full of inactive subscribers, you must clean it up first before you can go ahead and do anything with it. The good thing is that you have plenty of tools to help you out with this, and they include BriteVerify, KickBox, and NeverBounce.

These tools should help you identify all the faulty email addresses so you can avoid wasting your effort on the dead leads.

The Complexity of the Email Design

The more complex your email design, the more you’ll be expected to pay for it. That’s especially true where you’re planning to use a custom design. For most agencies, you’ll be charged on an hourly rate based on the work involved, whereas some will have a fixed rate for it.

The Frequency of Sending Out the Emails

How often do you plan to send the emails? It’s logical sense, the higher the frequency of sending the emails, the higher the cost of running the campaign.

Another way to look at is that the higher the frequency of sending the emails, the more emails you’ll be sending, and which translates to heightened costs.

The Platform you use

Not all email marketing platforms charge the same. If anything, there are platforms that cost as low as free to those that go for up to $1000 per month for beginners.

Here’re your options:

  • Mail Chimp costs from free to $199 per month.
  • Constant contact starts at $20 per month
  • Campaign Monitor goes from $9 per month to $759 per month
  • GetResponse goes for $15 per month to $999 per month
  • HubSpot has a free basic option that you can take advantage of today.
  • Active Campaign goes at $9 per month for their starter package
  • Infusion goes at $199 per month for their starter package
  • Sales Pardot, which goes at $1, 000 for their starter package, is the most expensive option on the list.

Ways of Getting More Clients via Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the top direct ways to get in touch with your clients and offer them your products. A good mail marketing strategy can double a business’s engagement and results. Email marketing is also a challenging digital marketing strategy to do right.

It can be hard to make your email marketing content stand out from other promotional and spam emails that many people receive in their inboxes. However, according to Marketing Sherpa’s research, 91% of consumers would like to get promotional messages from brands they do business with. Therefore, there is no better way for a brand to build an ongoing and personal relationship with its target market than email marketing content.

Although it has a promising ROI, it is not a guarantee to succeed at email marketing if you decided to adopt the strategy. You need to be smart and adaptive to ensure that your message reaches the right audience and gets the desired open rate and generates leads in Singapore.

According to another recent study, email is forty times more effective compared to social media at attracting new clients. This reveals that email marketing is alive. There is a lot that goes into the development of an effective email strategy. Here are some ways that you can get more clients using email marketing.

Review Your Existing Strategy

Before you think of improving, it is essential to evaluate your current methods to see whether they are working. Your email marketing strategy should focus on achieving your objectives, be it increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, or boosting engagement, and so forth.  

Some of the areas that need assessing include the formatting of the messages, the frequency of sending emails, automation tools, and so on. This process takes time, but its benefits are worth the effort.

Gathering Organic Leads

Before you see a rise in your sales, you must first build a list of subscribers interested in what you are selling. You can grow your email list by creating client personas according to your target audience and then marketing to these people.

You must be aware of certain pieces of information if you want to build a valuable image of the ideal client. To start with, consider your audience’s pain points and goals and begin finding ways of solving their problems.

Next, consider the personalities of the consumers you would like to reach. For instance, as a marketer, you will get away with sending funny messages to the audience, but anyone in a medical niche will need a more formal approach. With this information, you will be able to build a brand voice and style.

You will be more successful across all campaigns if you have more information about the people you want to influence with the marketing campaign. The internet has numerous places to look for data on your ideal clients. Adding Google Analytics to WordPress and monitoring relevant social media groups to track objective data will help you. You will also learn more about how your audience thinks.

Email Personalisation Without Using the Name of The Recipient

For a long time, many marketers have been starting an email with “Dear, [name].” However, this practice of personalized email greetings is not as effective as most people think. According to recent studies by Temple’s Fox School of Business, using this kind of personalization may harm your marketing strategy.

With the increase of cyber security issues regarding phishing, identity theft, and credit card fraud, most consumers are particularly wary of such emails, especially those with personal greetings. Email marketing should have an element of a relationship. You must ask yourself whether your recipients trust you or know who you are.

Marketers who force familiarity too soon make the personalization look repulsive. Trying to fake familiarity with a subscriber will turn the wary email readers off. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should not try all forms of personalization. Specific brand of personalization can be helpful, for instance, sending emails that acknowledge the subscriber’s individuality. This may include their purchase history and demographics.

The study also reveals that product personalization, where you direct clients to items that their past buying patterns suggest they may like, triggers a positive response in 98% of consumers. This means that marketers who intend to use personalization as an email strategy should do so in a meaningful way.

Context Counts

Dropping an email with a catchy and compelling subject to the inbox of your readers is not enough. Your recipients must have a context that lets them know why they are receiving the email in the first place. An effective mail marketing content shouldn’t be a one-off message but must include a comprehensive marketing strategy.

This strategy is known as lifecycle email marketing, which effectively reaches out to your audience. Your relationship stage can classify an email to give a proper context.

Onboarding. This is an email that helps your readers acquaint themselves with your brand. The email welcomes the readers, encourages them to complete their profile, informs them when they have exhausted the free trial, and nudges them to the next step of your relationship.

Subscriptions. There are newsletters, courses, and blog post announcements

Promotions. Promotion emails provide special offers and discounts. They may also involve invitations to your readers.

Transactions. A transaction involves shipping notice recipient, password update, etc. An email related to sales also adds a marketing component and invites readers to connect deeper with your brand.

Behaviour response. These are personal emails that respond to your readers’ behaviour. The emails include a request for delivery of items, abandoned shopping carts, a browsing history response, a request for feedback, etc.

As long as your recipients have a context that clues them why they are receiving your email campaigns, they will likely read and take action. The context provides a reason to open the email and act on it. Marketers who pay attention to the lifecycle can enhance the effectiveness of email marketing content.

Branding Your Emails The Same Way You Brand Your Site

Most companies forget that email marketing should be part of their other marketing channels, including their website and social network profiles. For marketers to build a feel of solid branding that’s effective in more than one of their marketing channels, they must consider creating emails with the same look and feel and their websites.

If a website consists of bright pastels and floral patterns, the emails should also have similar elements for cohesive branding. People who visit the website often will know the brand’s identity, and you want them to be aware that email is from your brand the minute they click on it.

Share New Product Arrivals with Customers

If you have a new shipment of products, they will serve as a great reason to contact your customers. Telling your customers about the latest arrivals can help generate more traffic to the website. If you receive a shipment regularly or on a specific day of the week, you can send a weekly email to showcase your new wares.

This email marketing strategy will give your subscribers something to expect and look forward to on that specific day.

As a marketing strategy for the new merchandise, create a theme for every new product email. Also, use photos that show your products being in use to help your customers envision the product you are selling in their lives. Your new product email should not be overwhelming; don’t go beyond seven items in one email.

Ensure Email Deliverability

Undelivered emails can make your marketing campaign unsuccessful. If your emails don’t get to the users, your email provider may not notify you that they failed, leading to skewed sales numbers.

There are plenty of reasons why your messages are failing to reach your subscribers. If you are a WordPress user, the default PHP protocol for sending messages can be the reason for failed emails. PHP delivers emails directly to a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) through Sendmail. If the email does not come through SMTP, it indicates a conflict between your servers and email providers that causes your emails to get lost in limbo.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can use WP Mail SMTP to send your emails using SMTP rather than PHP, which will lead to increased email deliverability. Marketers who ensure that their emails reach their destination report a drastic increase in sales, depending on the number of emails that failed.

Subject Lines Matter A Lot In Email Marketing - What To Note

The quality of the subject lines used on emails correlates with their open rates. Nobody is going to open your messages if you persist with annoying subject lines. Some of the ways of making the subject interesting include asking questions, highlighting key stats, and using trending topics, and so on. Keep in mind that a reader is more likely to open an email if they know what it contains.

An ideal subject line should be short and concise.

Crafting a perfect subject line can be tricky. Nonetheless, marketers must avoid a subject line of 60-70 characters. According to most marketers, this is the “dead zone” of the subject length.

Studies by Adestra that tracked nearly 900 million emails for a report show that the open rate and clickthrough do not increase at the 60-to-70 characters in a subject line.

A subject line with over 70 characters is more beneficial in engaging readers in clicking through to your content. Moreover, a subject line with less than 49 characters also tests well with an open rate. The studies by Adestra also reveal that a subject line with only ten characters has a 58% open rate.

If you want to boost clicks and opens, you should go long for clickthrough and keep it relatively short for opens. Either way, for an effective email strategy, you should add in extra words or cut the words a little bit to prevent yourself from getting to the 60 to 70 characters which is a dead zone.

Make Use of Humour - Where Appropriate

An impressive subject line will motivate subscribers to open an email, but you need to use other means to ensure they read the message it contains. Using a bit of humour in your content keeps the user engaged and encourages them to read on to the end.

By integrating some fun in your emails, you make your brand unique from others who send regular messages to subscribers. People will always look forward to receiving your emails, provide you to avoid controversial subjects like politics and religion.


One aspect of email writing that marketers tend to ignore is proofreading. It is worth noting that repeated errors in your work will encourage users to unsubscribe from your mailing list. On the other hand, an error-free email could increase your sales significantly.

The best way of crafting an error-free message is by printing a hardcopy version, as people usually fail to notice mistakes while reading on screens. Keep in mind that the spellchecking tool in your word processor is not perfect at spotting errors.

Test Across Several Platforms

Nowadays, most people in Singapore access the internet using handheld devices. Since your target audience is likely to be using a range of devices, it is crucial to test your emails for compatibility on different platforms. You also need to confirm that functionalities such as links and buttons are working correctly on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. If your messages cannot render correctly on all platforms, readers will disengage, and your conversion rates will drop significantly.

Emphasise Consistency

It is challenging to implement email marketing as a sole strategy for growing your business; instead, it should be a component of your digital marketing campaign. This means that the design, layout, and content of your emails should be similar to what you are using in other strategies.

For instance, if you always feature your logo in your newsletters and brochures, your email should have the same. Consistency is critical in making your brand more recognisable to your target audience.


Besides using your emails for increasing brand awareness and sales, you can also use them to promote other aspects of your internet marketing efforts.

For example, if you have an exclusive offer for your Twitter followers, you can share the information with your email subscribers. This way, you will get more participants in the offer while increasing the number of followers on social media.

Making use of all channels available to you is a smart way of increasing leads, and more importantly, boosting sales and improving revenue.

One way to get more clients through email marketing and increase sales is by using what you know about your subscribers to make a personalized recommendation. If a customer recently bought a product from your store, you can mention popular products in that category in your follow-up mail.

Additionally, to increasing sales, the customer will feel you are well aware of their needs after providing information about relevant items. The items you suggest should also be appropriate and make sense to the customer to avoid losing trust.

Think Beyond Open Rates

Only a few of the marketers in Singapore pay attention to other metrics besides email open rates. You should know that the open rate is a measure of the number of emails opened against the number of emails sent. It does not consider the actions taken by a user once they open the email, and these are usually more vital than merely opening the email.

Instead of focusing on open rates, you should look at the metrics that impact your business goals.  Such objectives include increasing web traffic, improving revenue, and generating leads, and so on.

Take Note of The Time You Send Out Emails

Emails with the best open rates get sent from 9 to 5. One top email strategy is sending them out at night. According to Experian Marketing Services, 8.00 pm to midnight is the perfect time frame for receiving the best open rate. The block also performs better for clickthrough and sales.

The best mailing time depends on your clients’ behaviour, inbox crowding, and the time that other marketers deploy their emails. If you send an email when few other marketers send theirs, you stand a greater chance of getting noticed. Therefore, marketers should send their emails between 8.00 and midnight before others catch on.

It would be best to track the optimal mailing for your customers by testing to find out how the clients tick and when they open emails.

Split-test Your Email Campaigns

Similar to other strategies, the key to a successful email marketing campaign is research and testing. The best way of testing the effectiveness of your emails is by conducting an A/B split test. In this case, you create two samples and send each to 50% of your audience to see the version that performs better. When doing these tests, it is advisable to change one element of the email at a time. For instance, you could start with the subject line, followed by the CTA button, then the images, and so forth.

Setting Expectations

An effective email marketing content should set expectations for the future. In your email, you should mention to your readers about paying attention to upcoming offers and deals in the subsequent emails. This sets the expectation to look forward to future communication with your brand.

Be consistent with your emails and let your readers know when to expect emails, i.e., daily, weekly, or monthly. Ensure that you are also delivering on promises. When you promise your readers something, you must deliver to build trust with them.

Also, keep your readers on their toes by throwing occasional special offers to keep them paying attention. Ultimately, the email marketing content should provide the audience with an excellent experience of the brand. The contents should include things that delight the readers and make them happy.

Some of the unique rewards marketers should offer their audiences include hot tips, great deals, eBooks, and tools that add value. The more a marketer delights his readers, the more they look forward to getting your emails.

Testing Your Emails Before Sending Them Out

Never forget to test your email campaign before you send it out. You can test by previewing what it looks like on the desktop and mobile phone. Every email campaign that is sent out must be mobile-responsive.

If you have key actions for your readers to take, ensure that they appear on top of the scroll line. Your link and action button should not be buried at the bottom of the emails. Moreover, pay attention to the layout, font size, and colour of the emails to keep your readers engaged, and this will increase subscriptions and lead to more sales.

Unsubscribe Non-readers

Email marketing is all about nurturing people who are interested in your brand into regular customers. If somebody does not open your emails, chances are that they do not find your products or services appealing. This is why all of your messages should include an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list. You do not want uninterested people to take up space in your subscriber list that would otherwise have been occupied by a qualified lead.

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There is a widespread misconception that email marketing is no longer an effective means of growing your business. This is wrong; if you are one of the people who say this, there is a massive chance that you are making mistakes. That, however, should not discourage you – if you identify and correct the wrong tactics you are employing, you can take your email strategy to a higher level.

The following are some of the most prevalent mistakes made by email marketers in Singapore.

Failing to Welcome Subscribers

When a person subscribes to your mailing lists, it shows that they are interested in your brand or website. As a marketer, you should send welcome emails immediately after they complete the sign-up process. The reason for this is that emails with a welcoming message have the highest open rates as compared to other types of emails.

email open rate Singapore

mage source:

Another reason for sending welcome emails is that they generate 320% more revenue than other promotional messages. This is because most subscribers are usually online when they receive such emails and are likely to click on them. Welcome emails are also an excellent starting point if you want to run a drip campaign.

Overlooking a Call-to-Action

All of your emails should add value or have a clear purpose that encourages the user to complete a specific desired action. Nobody is going to read a message that does not provide a solution to the challenges they are facing. Even if you are sending an informational message, you should include a CTA, the reader to share it on social media, or forward it to friends.

The content of the message should prepare the reader for the call-to-action. For instance, if you are launching a new product, the CTA should encourage them to purchase it. Similarly, if you are organising an event, you should convince the reader to sign up for it.

While it is essential to include a CTA in your emails, using too many can be counterproductive. Too many CTAs often overwhelm the reader and hurt conversion rates.

Sending Too Many Emails

Another mistake made by many marketers is sending too many emails to their subscribers. It is not a coincidence that 46.4% of people who unsubscribe from mailing lists cite bombardment with messages as the primary reason.

The table below shows the top reasons why people unsubscribe from mailing lists.


Reason for Unsubscribing


Too many emails


Looks like spam


Irrelevant content


Mistaken subscription


Not customised to preferences


Too little or too much content


Source: GetApp Lab

You might think that sending many emails will make readers attached to your brand, but the reality is that it distances them. Keep in mind that people have other tasks to attend to other than reading your messages. You should send a maximum of one promotional email weekly to avoid disengaging your subscribers.

Ideally, you should ask subscribers to set up their preferences when joining your mailing list. They should indicate the frequency at which they wish to get emails, as well as the type of message they like. You can then segment our audience according to their interests.

Failing to Segment Subscribers

If you have experience in marketing, you know that different people in your target audience have unique preferences. For instance, a product that appeals to the youth might not appeal to the older people; the same way a female product will not appeal to the male population. Failing to segment your subscribers according to their interests is an enormous mistake.

As mentioned earlier, irrelevant content is one of the top reasons why people unsubscribe from mailing lists. By segmenting your audience, you reduce the chances of your content being seen as irrelevant. Some of the commonly used segments include location, age, gender, browsing behaviour, and previous purchases, and so on.

On the contrary, segmenting your audience can help you achieve your business goals. Take a look at the following graph to see the metrics that benefit significantly from audience segmentation.

email list segmentation

Source: quicksprout

Bad Timing and Frequency

Most marketers in Singapore do not know the right time to launch their email marketing campaigns. In most cases, they end up delaying too much that subscribers lose interest in their message and offerings.

Waiting to get more subscribers is the excuse given by marketers who delay their campaigns. As long as the frequency is right, you can launch new campaigns to your existing audience. It is worth noting that the probability of selling to an existing customer ranges between and 60% and 70%, while the chances of selling to a new client fall between 5% and 20%. These stats should provide enough motivation to keep on sending messages even if you are not gaining new members to your mailing list.

Sending Non-responsive (to Browser) Emails

Most people access the internet using mobile phones, meaning that you need to optimise your messages to ensure they display correctly on smaller screens. The easiest way of confirming if your email is responsive is by sending a test message to your address and opening it on multiple devices,

Other methods of making your emails mobile-friendly include avoiding large blocks of texts and limiting the amount of visual content. This is because some email apps do not load images, and large paragraphs are an eyesore on smaller screens.

email open rate by device


Sending Unprofessional Messages

Although delaying emails is a mistake, it does not mean that you should rush your campaign. Your email marketing strategy should follow an approach similar to creating a blog post or a social media marketing campaign.

You should start with planning, create an outline, draft the copy, and, more importantly, proofread the message. The use of slang, improper formatting, and spelling and grammatical errors does not portray the right image to your readers. If you send a message with errors, it is highly likely that nobody will buy from you. Also, make sure that you conduct A/B tests so that the formatting on your emails is professional.

Overlooking Sign-ups

The number of subscribers on your mailing list has a significant impact on the success of your email marketing campaign. Even if you avoid all of the other mistakes in this list, you cannot grow your business if you have ten subscribers on your list.

As challenging as it is to build a mailing list, you should always be looking to increase your subscribers. Your sign up CTA button should be easy to find so that interested parties can join your list. That said, you also need to give people a reason to subscribe. A smart way of doing this is by offering a lead magnet, such as free downloads, video tutorials, and so forth.

How to Create a Mailing List

According to several studies, emails are the most effective online marketing strategy. This underlines the importance of knowing how to build an email subscriber list if you are a marketer in Singapore.

The following is a step-by-step guide to help you create a mailing list from scratch.

Understand Your Audience

Before you start building a list, you need to define the people you will be targeting.  The best way of doing this is by creating a marketing persona, which is a representation of your ideal customer. Some of the elements of a basic persona include demographics (age, gender, income, and so on), goals and challenges, and how you can help solve those challenges.

After creating the persona, you need to identify where to find your audience. Social media platforms are an excellent place to start when looking for people to join your mailing list.

Create a Website or Landing Page

A website is useful for grouping potential subscribers together. That said, you do not need a massive site to do this; a single landing page that has an email opt-in form is enough. The internet has an abundance of resources that offer landing page templates proven to generate high conversion rates.

Invest in an Email Marketing Tool

You need an email marketing platform to communicate effectively with the people on your mailing list. The internet has plenty of such tools, both free and paid.

The primary purpose of email platforms is to help with list organisation and sending emails. As the list grows, the tool will assist you with sequencing, running drip campaigns, and so forth.

Create an Exciting Offer

Regardless of your overall objective, you need to give people a convincing reason to subscribe to your list.  Many internet users are usually reluctant to offer their email addresses unless they are getting something valuable in exchange. Some of the resources you can provide include free eBooks, software trials, insightful reports, and so forth.

The biggest mistake you can make when creating an email subscriber list is buying one. If you are struggling to get numbers using organic methods, you should try using paid ad platforms.  The best resources in this regard include Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, and AdWords, as they allow you to target specific audiences that are likely to subscribe to your list.

Once you have a solid list of subscribers, you need to generate valuable content to keep them subscribed. This explains why you should always complement email with a well-thought-out content marketing campaign.

Here is a video about ecommerce email marketing hacks from Neil Patel that you can apply to scale up your Singapore business

Top 10 Email Marketing Tools

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the ideal email marketing tool for small and upcoming business enterprises. Its standout benefits include ease of use and compatibility with third-party marketing software.


The tool offers a 60-day free trial, after which you can choose between the Email or the Email Plus plans, the cheaper package goes for $20 monthly, while the Email Plus costs $45. If you pay for a six-month subscription in one payment, you get a 10% discount.

How it Works

When you open Constant Contact, you will see the drag-and-drop editing tool that allows you to create and customise email templates to your liking. Once you create an email template, you can activate the automation feature that helps in audience segmentation, target people who do not open emails, and so forth. The tool also has a feature that enables you to track the actions taken by readers on your emails.


If your business has a limited budget, SendInBlue can help you run a successful email marketing campaign. Although it is still new to the market, it offers a rich set of features like SMS integration at pocket-friendly prices.


SendInBlue has four plans; Free, Lite, Essential, and Premium, which costs $0, $25, $39, and $49, respectively. The more expensive the plan, the more emails you can send monthly.

How it Works

The tool allows you to choose between creating a custom template and selecting a readymade option from their vast library. You can customise the templates further if you wish to. Once you create the copy, SendInBlue allows you to segment your audience by demographics and performs A/B tests automatically to ensure that you send emails at the right time.


Benchmark stands out from other email marketing software due to its ease of use. Its simplistic interface makes it friendly to people without experience in using automation platforms.


Benchmark has two plans – Free and Pro, which costs $13.99 monthly and $11.99 monthly if you opt for annual billing.

How it Works

Similar to other tools on this list, Benchmark allows you to customise templates using its robust drag-and-drop editing feature. However, it also supports live editing, meaning you can see how the adjustments you make take effect as you create the email message.


With over one billion emails sent daily, MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing software in the world. Its unique combination of a simple interface and powerful features make it suited for both beginners and advanced users.


MailChimp has three plans, Free, Grow, and Pro. The free plan allows you to send a maximum of 12,000 emails monthly, provided your mailing list does not exceed 2,000 members. The other two have higher limits and costs $10 and $199 respectively.

How it Works

The platform has a vast collection of predesigned templates that allow you to create emails instantly. Alternatively, you can make yours using the drag-and-drop builder. The integrated content studio will enable you to store your favourite images, where you can quickly access them in case of need.

If you need to monitor the progress of your email marketing strategy, you can make use of the inbuilt real-time analytics tracker.


SendX already has a substantial number of users despite being a new entrant to the email marketing industry. The platform has an innovative feature called Opti-Send that automatically resend emails to subscribers who did not open the first message.


The cheapest SendX plan goes for $29.99 monthly. The platform is also unique from others because it accepts payment made in virtual currency like Bitcoin.

How it Works

SendX simplifies the creation of email lists by allowing you to create inline and popup forms, as well as effective landing pages. You can also improve your campaigns using the automation features such as audience segmentation, drip sequence messaging, and user-based automation, and so on.

The most outstanding feature, however, is the click heat map unction, which shows the sections in your emails that received the most clicks.

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that consists of an email marketing automation tool, a landing page builder, a content management system, and CRM.


The cost of HubSpot plans depends on the number of features you want; the cheapest plan goes for $50, while the most expensive costs $2,000.

How it Works

When a user signs up to your mailing list, HubSpot adds their data to the CRM. You can then use the email marketing software to create and design templates and the landing page builder to develop catchy landing pages.


ActiveCampaign is similar to HubSpot in that it combines CRM, email marketing software, and machine learning, and so forth.  Its primary objective is to allow marketers to send a few but effective email messages.


The tool has four plans, namely Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, which go for $15, $70, $159, and $279, respectively. You can also try it out for fourteen days, during which you can send a maximum of 100 emails.

How it Works

ActiveCampaign has multiple useful email marketing features, such as multi-user editing, compatibility with third-party platforms, analytics, and managed deliverability. Since it is an advanced tool, ActiveCampaign is ideal for experienced users.


Sendlane is a new email marketing software that came into existence in 2013. It has unique and exciting features such as predictions based on machine learning and advanced audience segmentation.


The tool has three packages; Growth, Marketing Automation Pro, and Enterprise. The first two cost $79 and $125 monthly while the Enterprise package requires you to contact the company for custom billing.

How it Works

Sendlane has an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to create optimised email messages. If you are good at HTML, you can also build custom email templates from scratch. The most exciting aspect is the open predictability feature that monitors the behaviour of your subscribers and sends emails at the right time.


GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps with email marketing, landing pages, and marketing automation. It prides itself as an easy to use and effective platform for creating email messages.  


The tool has four plans – Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, which cost $15, $49, $99, and $1,199, respectively.

How it Works

GetResponse allows you to define the type of email you want to send before you start creating the copy. Some of the templates available include newsletters, autoresponders, and automated blog digests. You can increase your open and engagement rates by using subscriber data to display custom and dynamic content in your emails. Dynamic content allows you to show different images, wording and CTAs depending on the preferences and behaviour of your audience.


AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing tools in the industry, having existed since the early 2000s. It was also one of the first platforms to include autoresponder emails.


The basic plan costs $19 monthly and allows you to have a mailing list with 500 members if you have more than 25,000 subscribers, you have to get a custom quote from the company.

How it Works

The autoresponder feature simplifies email marketing by sending follow-up messages and pre-set intervals. You can send an unlimited number of follow-up messages, create web forms, and track user behaviour and other vital metrics.


Email marketing is very popular and has been around for a long time. However, this strategy has not yet outlived its usefulness, and most marketers still use it as part of their digital marketing strategies. If carefully done, effective email marketing is an excellent way of getting more clients and growing your brand.

As a marketer, you should take advantage of email marketing and pay attention to some critical areas so that your audience will take action on the emails you send them. Remember that with email marketing, you only have two seconds to grab the attention of your readers. Make those seconds count.

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