How To Make Customers Your Marketing Evangelists


Every business needs an aggressive and well-thought-out marketing campaign to help grow its brand and drive up sales. While most companies pay to execute their marketing strategies, organic growth is also effective in improving business.  

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Most companies do not involve their clients directly in their marketing campaigns. Instead, these activities usually target both existing and prospective customers.

That said, it seems that this trend is changing steadily. Many businesses in Singapore are now introducing customer-centric models into their marketing campaigns. As a result, more marketing activities are basing their strategies on input from customers.

One strategy that is gaining traction among marketers is the use of customers as advocates for their businesses. Emotions largely influence buying, and your customers can be useful in convincing their friends and family to purchase your product or services through word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some proven methods of turning your customers into brand advocates that actively contribute to growing your business and increasing sales.

Encourage Customers to Give Testimonials

Testimonials are an excellent way to showcase your customers and add a voice to your voice. Besides, when your clients give reviews about your products, it offers unparalleled validation. People are more likely to purchase a product once they see another person using it, as well as when they get a review from a person who had the first-hand experience with the said product.

Also, your clients get the opportunity to advertise their brands and showcase their products and services.

Dedicate Pages and Case Studies For Your Clients

Another way of on-boarding your clients into your marketing strategy is by featuring them in case studies or publishing their stories on your pages. This shows your loyalty to customers and allows them to use your platform for marketing their products.

Moreover, both parties will enjoy mutual benefits from working together. This is especially strong when your company and clients share stories on their respective social network platforms to boost social proof.

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Before you post any case study, it is vital to make sure that you have the authority from the company your client is working for.

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Establish a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are growing unpopular significantly in the B2B space. The emergence of startups and other business across various sectors of the economy is threatening the future of loyalty programs.

Market share retention is critical if a company wants to grow to greater heights. You cannot start plans on getting new customers if you are struggling to keep the existing ones. This explains why companies are incentivizing their customers to become advocates for their brands, as this helps with retaining the market share and offers a chance to improve it further.

Creating a loyalty program shows your clients that you care about them. It also allows them to feel connected to the company, which is crucial to improving their level of engagement with your brand. According to studies, customers who are members of loyalty programs generate up to 18% more revenue than regular customers, which shows the importance of such initiatives.

New startups are trying to retain their early adopters by introducing early bonuses and benefits. Established businesses, on the other hand, are offering substantial discounts on products and services, as well as other benefits.

A business that has a loyalty program is likely to gain popularity among its customers, who will then promote it to friends and family.

Create Brand Advocates and Drive Word of Mouth

Brand advocates are essential to all businesses. Startups can benefit significantly from such individuals, as they increase brand awareness without charging any fees, making them ideal for companies operating on a limited budget. Advocates are particularly useful in delivering word-of-mouth referrals, an entirely organic strategy.

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Positive word-of-mouth referrals provide a massive boost to your marketing campaign. When pleased clients share positive experience about your business, brand, events, products and services, they are risking their reputation while promoting your company.

A significant percentage of sales made by companies in Singapore is driven by word-of-mouth. This startling statistic underlines the importance of knowing your company’s advocates, engaging them and showing that you value their contribution to your development.

Adaptive marketers should capitalize on the popularity of social networks to reach out to consumers to create brand awareness and built trust between them and their brand. 

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If you are looking to create brand advocates, start by engaging in social media marketing in Singapore. You should follow this up by creating and joining special groups relate to your businesses. Later on, you should organize and attend events that link you to the members of the groups, as mentioned above.

Assess the Impact

If your customers are actively promoting your business and they are happy about it, you should be satisfied as well. If you prefer a formal approach, you can always use the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a management tool that is useful in gauging the loyalty of a company’s relationship with its clientele. It is an alternative to traditional customer research that apparently correlates with revenue growth. A high NPS shows that your customers are incredibly loyal to your brand. 

Companies with a high NPS often this metric to showcase their value to their clients. Having excellent support from your customers can have a substantial positive impact on the success of your products.

By offering quality products and services, an exceptional customer support service and an exciting experience to users, people will post positive reviews about your company without needing compensation from you.

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The marketing industry is under constant evolution. One of the popular trends is the adoption of customer-centric digital marketing approaches to improve sales and grow businesses. As days go by, companies are devising new methods of incorporating clients into marketing campaigns and using their opinions to formulate forward-thinking strategies.

If you are yet to adopt this strategy, you are missing out, and you risk losing the competitive edge to your rivals. There is no excuse for failing to give incentives to your customers and convert them into your brand advocates.

Get in touch with us for the custom digital marketing services in Singapore. Our team will help improve your relationship with clients and drive your sales up. 


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