How to Setup a Facebook Advertising Campaign in Singapore

how to setup facebook ads singapore

Are you considering Facebook ads?

Facebook digital marketing is on a tremendous rise worldwide. Facebook users have hit more than two billion with the numbers maintaining as high in Singapore. It is the top social media platform regarding the number of visitors each day. This is an indication of the higher likelihood to find your target audience on Facebook. You hence need to set up a Facebook advertising campaign in Singapore to target this audience. Understanding the important concepts of Facebook advertising is essential to avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Among different social media platforms, Facebook is the dominant network where the audience passionately get involved in acknowledging and reacting upon advertisements. It might be the design of the website or the optimisation strategies used by the marketers that cause the variation.

Using Facebook ads is an approach that has been proven to be a turning point for various businesses that approach the market using online marketing. The most excellent advertising strategies have acquired a substantial contribution from their Facebook advertisement approaches. You can get the most sales by getting your message right and attracting the audience to click on your ad.

How do you set up an effective Facebook ad campaign? This article goes through ways of setting up an effective Facebook advertising campaign in Singapore.

Choose Where Facebook Ads Fit Are Suitable in Your Marketing

The first step that you should take before spending extra money on Facebook advertising is to put in place an action plan. This is to avoid investing blindly without having a clear idea of what you want. You need to identify where to leverage Facebook ads in your sales funnel to get consistent results. What is your Facebook advertising goal? To generate more leads, increase your e-commerce store sales or get followers to your blogs? Do you possess an appropriate level of website traffic? Do you have an email listing? Can you generate valuable content about your company? These questions can help you define your Facebook advertising strategy.

Creating Ads

The entire burden lies primarily on the designing your ad. If everything is set, but your ad does not appeal to the audience, they might ignore it. So, utilise every available feature that you see can make the ad attractive.

Gifts, texts, taglines, hashtags, and emoticons are all useful in attracting customers. Just ensure that you don’t overuse them.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

#1. Give free content to your audience

Among the best strategies to brighten up a cold audience is content marketing. This makes your business to stand out from other competitors. Give your audience valuable free content that inspires, educates and entertains them. You can achieve this kind of content marketing through blog posts, videos and lead magnets such as checklists, coupons, and guides.

#2. Engage people on your email listing

Communicating with your potential customers through email marketing and Facebook ads email marketing is two times more operative. The prospects will view your mail on their email inbox and in Facebook browsing giving a higher probability of engagement.

#3. Retarget your web visitors

You should focus on online users who have recently visited your website by installing Facebook pixel on your site. Retargeting campaigns involves directing response campaign and promoting your business products to the audience that have engaged with your Facebook page in the past.

After you have clearly defined your Facebook advertising strategy, this is how to build a Facebook ads campaign successfully.

  1. Select Your Campaign Objective Depending on Your Business Goal

The Facebook advertising campaign has three levels. These levels include a campaign, an ad, and an ad set. The campaign is a foundation for your advertisement. This level requires you to choose your campaign objective from the three categories, i.e., awareness, consideration, and conversion. The objective needs you to select the act that people should take when they view your adverts. Your Facebook advertising strategy determines the objective that you select. If you use the content strategy, use videos with an objective of video views. If you use campaign retargeting to get the audience to your site from Facebook, conversions objective would be the best. Working backward from your business goal to determine your campaign objective is the best way. You can give a ten percent discount if your objective is sales generation for you to entice them into buying. Get people to go to your landing page from Facebook to access the discount code. The landing page should have an opt-in for people to take specific action before they receive the discount code. The most appropriate campaign objective is conversions.

  1. Develop an Ideal Custom Audience

Ad set is the campaign structure second stage and gives specifications on how your ads will run. This is regarding audience targeting, placement, and schedule. Audience targeting is a significant element that can either make or break your campaign performance even before going live. Here are three ways in which you can define your audience.

#1. Target Demographics and Interests

Using demographics and interests is one of the easiest ways of targeting your audience. You want to focus on the audience who are yet to interact with your business in the past. At the ad set level, you will set the basic demographic ad interest based on your target audience. You will choose the various demographic options including age, gender, location, and language. The targeting specific section allows you to finesse down your target people by selecting from hundreds of behaviours, demographics, and interests. There is no rule limiting the size of your target audience. A basic targeting using a layered approach should give you the best results. The mixture of behaviour and interest that you choose creates a package of your ideal customer. The audience who are likely to be ideal customers are further narrowed down using AND condition. This is by selecting the lifetime occurrence of customers who are lately involved using the feature of the narrow audience. Finally, you can use the finance variable and purchase behaviour to refine your target audience including the affluence, income level, and brand premium buyers.

#2. Target A Business Familiar Custom Audience

Custom audiences are those that have previously interacted with your business on your business website, email or Facebook marketing. Custom audiences give the best retargeting campaigns results. This is because your target audience already trusts, know and like your business. Press on the tab of creating new and choose custom audience option You can choose an audience by picking from four groups that are website traffic, customer file, engagement on Facebook and app activity.

Customer File Custom Audience

Customer file custom audience is also referred to as custom email audiences. This option allows uploading a data list on Facebook that will be cross-matched to find the people on your list on Facebook. Your uploaded customer file will be used to match people on Facebook who will be your target audience. This tactic can be perfect if you already have present customers or subscribers as you can explicitly target them using your Facebook advertising campaign. The data is first hashed before upload. Click on add customer list and then upload your file on the section of adding anew file. You can either copy and paste your customer listing or upload it to build your Facebook custom audience.

Website traffic custom audiences

Website traffic custom audiences depend on the activity of people on your site. Conversion tracking and Facebook pixel are useful in tracking visitors and their actions on the website. This custom audience is efficient in targeting your previous website customers. You can use the site pages attended, amount of time spent and the activities are taken to create different website custom audiences. A good example is if you want to increase your products sales through campaign retargeting to prompt audiences to finish the purchase orders. You will develop a web custom audience of visitors who finished the actions standard event but did not complete purchasing the products or services.

App Activity Custom Audience

App activity custom audience enables inclusion of people who are through with a particular act on your game or app. The difference with app activity customer audience as compared to website customer audience is that the action takes place in an application instead of a website.

Custom Engagement Audience

When creating a Facebook ad, you will come across the “custom audience” option – the feature allows you to specify the audience you wish the ad to reach. You can also upload an email list of your current clients and target them on Facebook.

Targeting the right audience will assist you to get the maximum ROI. For instance, if you are an advertising agency in Singapore, then you should specify your ad to Singapore. Also, include the keyword of the advertising service you offer like “Facebook” or “Facebook advertising” in your customisation. The keywords will assist in placing your ad to only the people who are interested in Facebook Advertising and reside in Singapore. Because it is a particular service, only the individuals looking for Facebook marketing will click on the ad and make a purchase.

So, defining your target audience is the initial steps towards optimising your Facebook ads.

Engagement custom audiences consist of customers who previously engaged with your Facebook content. There are four types of engagement custom audiences for you to choose from including Video, lead Ad, Canvas and Page. What kind of engagement do you want to use to create this audience? Video engagement custom audience enables you to cluster audiences according to the amount of video they have viewed. This makes it the quickest method to develop a retargeting audience. Lead Ad custom audience focuses on customers who have engaged with the lead’s ads previously. Similarly, page engagement custom audiences’ targets Facebook audience that previously engaged with your page. Building audiences depending on their engagement with your Facebook page enables you to focus on only those that have most interactions and are super responsive to your ad campaign.

It is noteworthy to know the various custom audiences results to diverse match rates. The customer listing custom audience ranges at about seventy-five percent matching rate as not everybody signs up in your mail listing or use the same email associated with their Facebook accounts to purchase your products. On the other hand, video custom audiences have a hundred percent matching rate as the videos are found within Facebook. Similarly, it applies to other custom audiences’ engagement.

#3. Targeting A Lookalike Audience Comparable to A Prevailing Audience

Lookalike audiences allow you to create new audiences using established audience source such as people who have previously bought from you or viewed your video. Lookalike audiences enable you to target new cold audiences at the top of your sales funnel to warm them up into engaging your business ads. Facebook lookalike audiences give consistent best results in Facebook advertising. “Create lookalike audience” window has different sections for you to fill in, i.e., source, country, and audience size. You are supposed to use an existing audience to build your Facebook lookalike audience. The Facebook algorithm uses the point data taken on the existing audience you have specified and utilizes them to get a comparable audience.

The Facebook algorithm uses your specified percentage sample of the population in your country of choice. It simply clones your existing audience. This results in a better-quality audience as you are in control of creating your desired audience.

Create A Stage for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are different from Google ads. Because Google is a direct search engine, the majority of the potential customers searching for a specific product or service click on an ad to generate a sale.

Facebook ads, on the other hand, involves converting a user into a potential customer using a valuable ad campaign. Thus, build a stage, develop a story to attract your audience to click on the ad and motivate them to make a purchase – without making it long and common. Creating a successful Facebook ad requires a lot of creativity – and that is the motto for success.

Your Ad Creative Building and Testing

Ad level is the final Facebook campaign stage. This stage is also known as your ad creative. Your customers and online audience will see your Ad. That is why you should ensure that your ad format and creative are perfect and engaging. Creative includes videos, images, URLs, call-to-action button, news feed text, and display link text. Creating multiple ads as you run your campaigns is one of the best strategies of Facebook ad creative. Don’t create a single image ad and stop. You should develop multiple ads to monitor the differences in imagery, copy, and overall ad format. This way you will be able to improve your Facebook ad campaign over time.

Social media ad marketing advances as fast as the world. So, you need to be innovative through experimenting with various formats for you to attract new followers with each of your ads.

Each time you craft an ad, define the goal and then select from the various formats like panel ads, click through ads, carousel ads, and video ads.

Your ad should integrate with the method you choose for your marketing. For instance, if you wish to establish the awareness on why people should choose your brand, you might need to use a video ad. However, if you are marketing an environment-friendly shirt, you may opt to create a carousel ad rather than a video-based ad. It is more cost-effective and client-specific. As you may note, your aim changes with the ad layout.

Facebook Ad Split Test

Multiple Facebook ads are essential in setting up a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Running a split test to your multiple Facebook ads enables you to know the significance and impact of each ad. Ensure that you present new ads when the relevance score of the recent ads start to decrease. The decrease is as a result of increased ad frequency in which the audience sees the same advert now and then. New ads act as a great method of generating high outcomes from your campaign. For instance, you can begin a retargeting campaign to increase your purchases using an elementary single image ad. After some time, the relevance score begins to decrease as the ad frequency increases. At this stage, you have three options to make. In the first option; you can do an image split test to get a different single image. The second option is to copy split test which involves duplicating the advert but changing the copy image. The last option is ad format split test by introducing a new ad with a dissimilar plan such as a video advertising or carousel ad. Do not make an error of killing your Facebook campaign to start a new one. If it was giving results, introduce new ads instead of stopping it.

Create More Than One Ad to Track the Performance

Because Facebook is a social media platform where you find individuals from various sections of the global society, you cannot depend on one ad to monitor your performance. We recommend that you create 2-3 ads with various layouts and styles, strategically place them, and track their performance frequently.

Also, don’t forget to determine the cost of each ad in comparison to the returns. This will assist you to establish the ads that perform best. Thus, you can stop the ads that are not performing well from running.

It will save you a lot of money and help in creating and positioning your future ads.


It is not difficult to learn how to optimise your social media ads, but it, of course, requires the creativity, monitoring, and dedication to succeed. Develop your strategies and follow the steps indicated above. You will undoubtedly acquire acknowledgement from a massive audience that is available on Facebook.

Social media advertising campaigns are at a higher level in Singapore. Facebook is a great social media platform to promote your business audience reach through setting up Facebook ad campaigns. The above methods will ensure you target customers conveniently and create an effective Facebook advertising campaign. Before you create Facebook campaigns, always remember to spend time in defining the campaign advertising and establishing a sales funnel for your Facebook advertising. Get into Facebook advertising today and get an edge.

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