SEM Company In Singapore: What To Look Out For

what you can expect from an sem company in singapore

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is designed to promote business websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages. This is done through paid advertising whereby ads with a link to the website are displayed at the top of the search engine page results whenever a users uses the target keyword to search for information in the search engine.

Search Engine Marketing is the most practical, cost-effective and efficient way to reach your target audience. Traditional methods had businesses invest in an ad spot. In SEM or paid search, you basically pay nothing for your ad to appear on the search engine for potential customers to see. You are charged only once a user clicks on your ads.

Over 90% of people world over have gotten used to the habit of ‘googling’ or using search engines to find just about anything. Given the enormous audience and exceptional targeting capability of Google, dramatic results can be achieved in a very short time. Whether you’re a startup or a brick and mortar shop that launched a new website, the right SEM company can tailor their SEM services according to your needs, and provide them well.

Search engine marketing is the mastery art of acquiring the website’s traffic from purchasing paid ads from search engines. The paid ads give your site exposure, and you easily get recognized on Google. SEM advertisements incorporate PPC to help you reach out to potential clients who may convert. However, for a successful search engine marketing venture, you must purchase contextually relevant ads which resonate with the user’s searches. By doing so, your company will appear on search engines result pages to enhance the visibility of your content. Are you wondering how to advertise your content for enormous leads? Worry not since SEM company in Singapore has come to your rescue. Here, you will you can expect an exceptionally high audience turn out.

Here’s what to expect from the ideal SEM company and a good insight of how each aspect can help your business.

1. Competitive Research

Competition lurks around every corner of today’s industry. The market appears to be crowded not just by businesses, but blogs, social media, wiki sites, and more. No wonder the best sites with the best services out there can become non-existent in the online world. A comprehensive analysis can gauge how strong competition is, asses the situation, and aid in formulating an effective marketing strategy to stay on top of your game. While Google is the market leader, a good SEM company never overlooks Bing and Yahoo! Search, and other channels which manages to maintain a large audience.

2. Seamless SEM Integration

Initial research gives the SEM company a better understanding and enables them to follow through with appropriate strategies, including:

Pay-Per-Click. One of the main objectives of SEM is to ensure your business is marketed to the right customers. PPC advertising increases visibility as ads are shown to people who are already searching for the kind of products or services you are offering. They are more likely to click on it to learn more, buy from you or avail your service, thereby traffic substantially increases.

Content Optimisation. A website audit may be conducted to check for technicalities such as page speed and links that need to be added or cleaned up. Expert SEM consultants have a broad understanding of how different pages are ranked by search engines. Content quality, accuracy, keyword quantity, and webpage traffic patterns are some areas that may have to be addressed.

Reputation management. SEM consultants can setup Google Alerts to notify you whenever your company is mentioned anywhere on the web, especially when it comes to complaints. Quick resolution of customer service issues is crucial in maintaining your online reputation.

3. Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

For a successful search engine marketing campaign, it is essential that you identify a pillar keyword phrase that is going to represent your business. Selecting an outgoing and mostly searched keyword builds exposure for your products and services. Conducting keyword research helps you outweigh the pressure that comes with SEM campaigns. Hence you must identify the unique keywords that rank for relevancy and demand in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is essential that you consider your audience’s opinion while choosing the keyword to represent your brand. Mostly, for your business to generate exceptionally high converting leads, SEM recommends that you use long tail keyword phrases. By this, you eliminate the chances of other misguiding keywords that the users might mistake for your product. You can also brainstorm your audience for ideas to use as keywords. After, you can compare the audience’s list with the search demand on the phrases.

Keyword research tools such as Moz, SEMrush and Google AdWords will serve to direct you to the proper keyword phrases to use. Depending on the search volume of the keywords you attain, prioritize on the most relevant keyword and that which has low competition. Providing contextually relevant content to your users is essential. Hence keyword analysis will help you settle on the most searched phrases. If your subject keyword addresses the users needs, they get more absorbed in your site. Hence more customers who are converting and you get to stand out from the competition.

4. Tracking and Reporting Transparency

A successful campaign is not all about seeing an improvement in rankings, but is also founded on traffic increase, quality leads and boosting sales. Tracking all impressions and conversions will help you measure the value of your ROI and campaign performance. Clients should be able to see for themselves, track, edit and manage their own ad campaigns.

Data analysis and statistics monitoring offers a reliable way to determine which SEM strategies are working and those that are ineffective. SEM specialists may look at your current ranking, the amount of traffic, and which products or services racked up the most revenue. Numbers on graphs or tables are not enough though. Find a company that will take the time to give you feedback and explain the figures and key metrics.

Reputable companies take pride in their previous campaigns often supported by real-time reporting, credible ROI estimation, and stellar communication. So don’t hesitate to ask about what they did, how the campaigns were executed, and what the return on investment was.

When using your PPC advertisements, you must integrate a redirecting link to your main page, which is the landing page. It serves to determine whether your audience are converting or they are potential leads that will generate more leads. Thus, the architecture of your landing page should feature;

  • Lead generation- From this page, you can get contact information about your visitors. You can contact them for a subscription to your services or offer them an eBook. Within the lead generation page, there is the sales page link.
  • Sales Generation- Here, it is a call to action message. You can request your audience to enroll or purchase from your company

5. Flexible and Adapts to Change

It’s imperative to choose a firm that fully understands the changing algorithms and keeps abreast of the latest updates. You’ve found a good SEM company when they are constantly innovating to create unique solutions for you. SEM experts that they are, expert consultants remain open to collaborate with other web experts with only your best interest in mind. They usually work with web designers to build an incredible website that compels visitors to respond to CTAs. SEM backed by SEO specialists to drive traffic and increase sales, web developers to give you the technological advantage, as well as digital content managers to increase customer engagement will undoubtedly attain great outcomes.

6. ROI-Driven

Not only do the most reputable companies track your ROI, but they’re dedicated to increasing it. Sure, the whole point of your campaign is to get as much visibility as possible. You want to ensure that loads of people see your ad and then click through to view your website or offer. And you’re probably willing to invest whatever amount is necessary in order to achieve this goal. However, even if you attract a lot of new visitors, it is only beneficial if you actually see a return on your investment.

The most reputable companies understand the importance of making your ROI a top priority. No matter the size of your budget, SEM Singapore experts are focused on getting way more out of it than it is worth. This means that they do more than choose the most popular keywords, they instead find those that are most relevant to your business. Instead of thinking in terms of cost-per-click, they think in terms of cost-per-sale.

7. Crafts Enticing and Engaging Ad Copy

There is nothing more captivating than a well-crafted ad. In fact, if done well just one ad can lead to thousands of new customers. A great ad is usually the result of great ad copy. This is why it’s so important that you search for a company that is skilled in creating ad copy that is both enticing and engaging. The best ad copy can outdo even the highest bidders and search engine rankings. And this is a great way to stand out from your competition.

Your ad copy serves as the spearhead of your search engine marketing strategy. For an effective ad copy, your message must be an eye catcher for the audience. Thus, it must be precise and carefully planned. Attracting the audience’s attention is not an easy task. Knowing that many people view ads as irritating and blocs them, you must then provide a compelling ad copy that integrates a call to action statement.

8. Use Google Services

One of the best ways to secure the top spots in Google’s search engine is to make use of Google’s services. This company offers several services which can give your business a significant boost and a lot of exposure. For instance, if you own a brick and mortar business, a reputable SEM agency will suggest that you sign up for the Google My Business page. This is an ideal way to display your phone number, hours of operation and location. It also aggregates your customer reviews and allows you to engage with them. This has a significant impact on the way people view your business on all Google properties.

9. Committed to A/B Testing

The most credible companies will put a huge emphasis on A/B testing. You see, A/B testing requires you to simultaneous experiments two or more pages. This gives you the ability find out which pages convert or perform the best. Once you have an idea of what works consistently, you can develop strategies that are more consistent and predictable. There are several benefits to A/B testing. It increases your conversion value, lowers your ad spend, and helps to reveal other optimisation opportunities.

The most credible SEM firms understand this and that’s why many are led by their A/B testing. They don’t want to just stumble across a winning strategy, they want to record the steps that it took to get there so that you can continue to win. This especially comes in handy when testing your landing page. Many firms will do their best to identify a winning formula for your call to action, headline, images, and much more.

10. Landing Page Expertise

When using your PPC advertisements, you must integrate a redirecting link to your main page, which is the landing page. It serves to determine whether your audience are converting or they are potential leads that will generate more leads. Thus, the architecture of your landing page should feature;

  • Lead generation- From this page, you can get contact information about your visitors. You can contact them for a subscription to your services or offer them an eBook. Within the lead generation page, there is the sales page link.
  • Sales Generation- Here, it is a call to action message. You can request your audience to enroll or purchase from your company.

11. Industry Experience

If you want to ensure that you are working with the right company for you, then you find out if they have experience with your particular industry. While there are many companies that can provide quality SEM marketing services, not all will have knowledge about your particular niche. One of the best ways to tell if the company has limited experience is by taking a look at their list of clients. If you notice that they tend to work with the same industry over and over again, then they may not be the right choice for you. However, if you notice that their list of clients is diverse, then it’s a good sign. A big part of SEM is knowing what resonates most with your target audience and this comes with experience.

14. Budgeting

Not every business is able to invest in a multi-million dollar SEM campaign. In fact, some are just starting out and need a little guidance. If you are launching a startup and are working on a limited budget, then it’s important that you work with a company that will cater to it. Specifically, you should be on the lookout for companies who do not compromise their quality based on how much of an investment you make.

Setting an ad budget is crucial for an effective SEM campaign. Depending on the SEM company you are using, you get entitled to a daily or monthly budget that gets your ads campaigns running. For daily budgeting, are subject to a daily fee that makes your content go viral each day. Similarly, to the monthly ad budgeting. Thus, until that time your budget gets exhausted, your ads remains to qualify for different auctions that target potential clients for your site.

15. Innovative Approach To Each Campaign

Due to the constant changes in technology and how they affect the day to day activities of SEM campaigns, you can expect the top companies in the SEM industry to provide you with the tools and resources that you need to be successful. From hiring the most creative technical staff members to implementing marketing channels that work, these SEM firms are familiar and well versed in numerous aspects of search engine marketing but are willing to try new things. For instance, these teams of SEM marketers are open to change including launching new betas and testing creative solutions to improve processes that need to be updated.

16. Competitive Research

You must know the position your business has secured in the marketplace. Know your top competitors and what strategies they employ. Compare the results against your business and see what SEM strategies you can take advantage of to achieve your goals. With good research information about your competitors, you can build a solid foundation for your success. It is not about copying what your competitors do but rather, manipulating the information to stay differentiated from them. SEM integrates the information garnered from research to enable you to sustain a long-lived customer relationship.

You can benchmark, monitor your competitor’s progress by pausing as their client. At that time, you will get acquainted with their customer care service and compare against your business to see what you are not doing right.

17. Strong Verbal Communication

When you decide to hire these professional consultants for SEM, you should pay special attention to the way each representative communicates with you. Because industry-specific terms and phrases may be confusing if you are just starting out, a clear interpretation of what is being said is critical. Therefore, when you are making your decision to hire an SEM company, you need to consider how well the company explains the work that they do.

Also, when you are trying to hire the best match for your organisation, you need an SEM company that will not give you complex answers to straightforward questions. You should also watch out for ramblers that go and on without saying anything that makes any sense. For instance, if you want to make sure that you have the best fit for your company, you need someone that will give you a thorough point by point analysis.

18. Ambitious

The best SEM companies are usually very ambitious when they are working on your SEM campaigns. This is the quality that makes these companies better than others in the industry. Not only are they devoted to hitting the goals that you have jointly established, you can look for them to be committed to achieving the highest standards possible.

Going above and beyond is simply what they do since they have a track record of success for anyone that they service. So, you want these professionals on your team to ensure your site is appropriately optimised for your content, an effective pay-per-click strategy is created and your online reputation is managed properly.

Importance of SEM In Singapore

According to a survey conducted by Singapore Business Review, about 4.83 million Singaporeans or about 87 percent of the population of Singapore used the internet in 2018. These figures are expected to jump by 8 percent by the end of 2019. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is, therefore, essential for any Singapore company that is keen on tapping into this ever-increasing web penetration in Singapore.

When done correctly, SEM can be a valuable tool in enhancing brand awareness which in turn leads to increased sales in products and services, generation of online leads, and reinforcing name recognition across the country. SEM allows you to focus on your target clients and avoid the expensive traditional marketing routes.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

It is easy to mistake SEM with SEO but they aren’t the same, just related. SEO is the process used to maximise the number of users or visitors to your website by ensuring that your website appears high up on the results returned by the search engines. SEO strategies keep changing due to periodical changes made on the search engine’s algorithm. SEM, on another hand, entails the promotion of sites by boosting their visibility in the SERPs (search engine result pages) through advertising and optimisation.

SEM can employ SEO tactics and other search marketing techniques for its strategies to be successful.

So what’s the difference between SEM and SEO? First, think of SEO as a component of SEM. This can be confusing but you need to understand that SEM is a large field that encapsulates every promotion you could do using a search engine.

This means that, besides SEO, even SMM (social media marketing) and PPC (pay per click) strategies are part of the larger SEM family. So both SEM and SEO work hand in hand but SEO is a component of SEM.

Secondly, SEM is paid for while SEO relies on unpaid or “organic” results. You should never use them interchangeably because although both tend to be sometimes implemented in tandem, they’re two really different things.

When Do I Use SEM And When Do I Use SEO In Singapore?

Have you just launched your website and you desperately want to create your first online footprint as quickly as possible? If that’s the case then SEM would be the appropriate tool for you to achieve immediate visibility before you build your online credibility.

You should use SEO when you want to boost the rankings of your site in the search engine’s results over a long period. As you can see, SEM is for those who don’t have time to wait; they want to achieve visibility faster but at a significant monetary cost. SEO, on the other hand, is great if you have all the time in the world to increase the rankings of your site free of charge.

What Are The Benefits Of SEM?

SEM can bring enormous benefits to any business.

1# SEM provides instant brand awareness

As said earlier, SEO, SMM and other unpaid strategies take a long time to work. In Google’s own words, it can take as long as one year to increase the rankings of a site through SEO. Furthermore, just because you tried doesn’t mean it will work, you must employ the right strategies to get it right. What your competitors are doing could also affect the success or failure of your efforts.

In contrast, SEM instantly position your site on the top or, in some cases, the bottom of the first page. Therefore, a business with no current brand recognition or visibility can instantly achieve attention.

2# SEM is capable of generating revenues quickly

If you employ correct Ad copy (the main text on a clickable advert) and other strategies, a lot of sales can be made on the same day you establish your SEM. It doesn’t require a long time to start working.

And it’s much easier to establish compared to SEO. However, to get the correct SEM ROI, you’ll have to keep a sustained maintenance plan.

3# It reaches people at the right time in the right places

It is estimated that roughly half of the population of the globe is now online. Most people’s first experience on the internet begins with searching for something using a search engine.

No other web infrastructure drives more traffic like search engines. Being visible in the returned search results means you are present where your potential customers are located.

4# SEO reinforces a brand or name recognition

When a new client transacts with you, you may easily think that a person merely found you while on random activities and ended up purchasing from you.

But there is a strong chance that the person’s journey began months, weeks, or a few days ago. It is the manner you’ve repeatedly and consistently presented your brand in the meantime that has helped the customer reach your products to make a purchase.

What Are The Typical SEM Charges In Singapore?

Several models can be used in a typical agency-client dealing where the client entrusts the SEM company to promote the brand on Adwords on the organization’s behalf. Any deal may entail the following:

1: Percentage of the brand’s Ad-Spends

In most cases, the SEM vendor would agree with the client to link this charge to the overall performance of Sale/Lead volume and thus measure along Cost of Sale of Cost per Lead. Roughly the fee percentage of Ad-Spends lies between 7 percent and 14 percent and can vary a little depending on the total capital spent – the higher the spending the lower the percentage fees.

2: Fixed hourly or monthly flat fee based on the model

This model entails the SEM vendor charging a fixed monthly or hourly spending

3: Hybrid Model

The hybrid model combines the above schemes

What Are The List Of Deliverables For An SEM Company In Singapore?

More often than not, the SEM agency would employ some SEO strategies to establish your SEM. As mentioned earlier, SEO is part of SEM although the two aren’t necessarily the same. Here are the deliverables of a typical SEM agency:

  • Site crawl and analysis

One of the first things the SEM vendor ensures is the “crawlability” of your site, or how crawable your site is so that it can rank high in the SERPs. The reason is, pages that cannot be indexed and crawled will never rank higher, and that could mean you’re missing the chance to attract hundreds and thousands of new clients organically.

Besides that, web crawling is essential in identifying issues that could hold back SEM efforts. Furthermore, site crawling is important in identifying the website’s total number of pages and ensuring that the site is healthy.

  • CRO Analysis

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the priority digital marketing strategies designed to boost conversion rates among site visitors through continuous optimization and testing.

During this analysis, the SEM team tracks how visitors engage with your site pages, provide data for your A/B testing environments, and identify areas of new opportunity. CRO is the best strategy to opt for if you’re planning to boost conversion rates on a given page.

Top 20 SEM Agencies In Singapore


top seo agencies in Singapore

MediaOne is the leading SEM and SEO agency as evident from the excellent reputation we have built and maintained since our inception 2008. We take pride in helping brands get ahead of the competition by providing holistic SEM services that are in line with their goals and budget. 

To ensure quality consistency, we have hired a team of SEM experts who have years of experience and are committed to providing nothing but the best services to each client. 

Our clientele includes MayBank, Phillip Capital, Direct Asia Insurance, Singtel, ST Electronics and the list is endless. Speak to us today at +65 6789 9852 for custom SEM services on your budget. We look forward to seeing you at the top of the food chain. 


SINGSEO was founded in 2012 by an ex-Googler and has grown remarkably to provide industry-standard SEO, SEM/PPC, web design, and social media marketing services. Among their teams are experienced experts knowledgeable in bing Ads, semrush, Google Analytics, Google Ads, WORDPRESS, and ScreamingFrog.

Night Owl

Approach Night Owl if you need a search engine optimization, Google Analytics and issues relating to display. Night Crawl is currently working on projects of some of the most recognizable brands in Singapore including ALDO, ZUELLIG PHARMA, EZZBBQ, OMRON, AMBIENT, SIRS Singapore, Shinagawa Eye Centre, Singapore Productivity Centre and the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Ice Cube Marketing

This agency consists of hybrid marketers who combine the science of marketing and art in establishing SEO, SEM, and SMM for their clients. They provide free no-obligation digital strategy consultation to clients. In the free consultation, you’ll find out the best channel among Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram; if a digital paid acquisition is great for your business; and how to maximize your online sales potential among other things.


SMMILE was founded in 2012 and has been empowering businesses across Singapore in matters relating to creative marketing strategies, cybersecurity, and digital solutions optimised to drive sales.

Carbon Interactive

This is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Their services include SEO, branding, SEM, SMM, content planning and strategy, social listening, crisis management, consultancy, and analytics. Carbon Interactive’s clientele includes Sentosa, One Faber Group, Changi Airport, National environment Agency, and Disney Interactive.

Clickr Media

Clickr Media was founded in 2009 as a strategic digital marketing agency dealing with web development, management, and integration, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web analytics, and Social media marketing; online display advertising, online market research, etc. Their clientele list includes TALK MED Group, Home Shoppe, Tangs, and Universal Music Singapore.

Clickworkz Solutions

Clickworkz Solutions began in 2009 and has been offering laser-focused SMM, SEO, SEM, and advanced web analytic services. They also deal with blog marketing, email marketing, and web development. Their clientele list includes Ademo, CTC Travelers, Hairdreams, Divano, and CityGas.


Established in 2001, Convertium is one of the oldest digital marketing companies in Singapore. Besides SEO, SEM, and SMM services, they also provide web development and user experience design services. They’ve worked on projects of Bank of Singapore, Lexus Asia Pacific, Marina Bay Sands, NTUC income, and Shangri-La Hotels.

Happy Marketer

Happy Marketer started operations in 2009 and has been offering SEO and SEM services as well as conversion consultation, and Google Analytics and Social Analytics services. Their clientele list includes CitiBank, Star Hub, Bloomberg, Great Eastern, Cigna, Standard Chartered, and Phillip Capital.


Hamsheta has been around since 2012, offering social CRM services as well as SEO, influencer marketing, SEM, SMM, social analytics, and social campaign services. They’ve worked for Fujitsu, NTU Ventures, Zii VueBox, Parkway Cancer Center, Swatchies, The Waffle, and StemCord.


If you want an agency that would help you build effective digital marketing campaigns as well as perform SEM for you, this ClickTrue would be the best choice. They’ve been in the industry since 2008 and now provide such services as lead web analytics, SMM, and SEM. Their clientele list includes Accenture, ACRA, MES Group, 3M, Efficient Systems, etc.

Construct Digital

Construction Digital was established in 2010 to provide an array of digital marketing services including, inbound marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, as well as mobile application development and web development. Their clientele list includes Riverbed, Coast Cycles, Giant, StarBucks, Coast Cycles, and Tupperware.

De mellows

De Mellows is said to make use of human psychology, web automation, and best practices to build your SEM in less than 24 hours and SEO in a matter of months.

Brew Interactive

Very much like brewing a nice drink, a great inbound strategy needs a mix of correct ingredients and processes for it to work and Brew Interactive does exactly that; they combine the right strategies, which have been working for them for the last 10 years, to establish your SEM in less than a day. Their clientele list includes Hitachi, JLL, Prudential, and Qatar Airways.

RIFF Digital

RIFF is one of Singapore’s top digital marketing companies with an international presence – they have offices in Jakarta, Amsterdam, and Singapore. They’ve been helping companies discover their own online marketing rhythm since 2009. The global team of RIFF Digital consists of over digital marketing experts with specialisation in such areas as SEM, SEO, and SMM.

Asian Trade Press

This is perhaps the oldest SEM service provider in Singapore. Asian TP, as it is often stylised, has been operating in Singapore since 1974, of course doing other things unrelated to search engine marketing. They’ve diversified over the years to provide a variety of online marketing services. Some of their previous clients include UBS, Williams, Fagan Company, Xerox, and Post Oak Capital.

Ate Ideas

Ate Ideas was founded in 2006 and has one of the best experienced digital marketing staff in Singapore. They’ve worked for Luis Vuitton, TWG Tea, and Unilever.


If you are looking for PPC SEM experts, you’d definitely want to hire Foretec. They’ve been previously contracted by PropNex, and Huttons Group.


They provide excellent lead generation services, mobile marketing, SMM, SEM, and content marketing.

Ideaverse Network

Ideaverse Network blends well with both new and old media. The provides most of the digital marketing services including SEM and SMM. They’ve previously worked with Street Deal, Billabong, and American Express.


Finally, your business vision must coincide with the digital marketing company. Not only do dedicated companies listen such that they understand your vision, but work equally hard to get you there. SEM strategies like PPC can almost instantly get you conversions, but only if the SEM campaign is done right in the first place. Without a committed and experienced SEM services company to do it, you might only find yourself faced with unnecessary expenditures and disappointing results on top of valuable time wasted.

SEM marketing can have a huge impact on the success of your business. However, it’s important that you are careful about what firm you choose to work with. While each Singapore SEM agency tries to distinguish itself in some way, there are a few things that the best companies will have in common. And if you want to get the most out of your next campaign, you should keep the above list in mind.

Many businesses can benefit from the search engine marketing strategies that have remained untapped for decades. It is the high time businesses acquaint themselves with these SEM methods to connect their brands to the targeted buyers. By using our SEM Singapore company, you will get the opinion of your clients, hence strategize accordingly to keep them satisfied. Thus, for a maintained influx of leads that convert for your business, you must keep abreast with the evolving SEM advertisement campaigns.

In your search for the right Search Engine Marketing agency, streamline your choices to the trusted names. MediaOne is a renowned digital marketing group serving the industry since 2009. There’s one to meet your need out of their award winning suite of digital services. You can rest assured that 100% time-tested proven methods will be implemented towards your sustainable success.

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