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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) subsidises the costs of pre-approved digital solutions by up to 80%.

So, as one of the pre-approved vendors of this grant, that means you can enjoy our digital marketing solutions at a significant discount.

The PSG supports companies that want to scale up or improve their business processes by adopting IT solutions.

With up to 80% funding support, the scheme serves as an avenue for Singapore-based companies to adopt more cost-efficient and productive business methods.

MediaOne as One of the Pre-approved Vendors for the PSG

MediaOne is a premier Singapore-based digital solutions provider with a growing international footprint.

We offer a wide range of digital solutions, including web design, e-commerce platforms, online marketing services, SEO, social media marketing, web development, mobile solutions, and content development.

What Our Clients Can Expect from Us

So, what should our clients expect from us now that we’ve been named as one of Singapore’s pre-approved vendors for the PSG?

Well, clients eligible for the PSG digital marketing grant can defray up to 80% of our current prices.

That means that Singapore-based companies can take advantage of our suite of digital solutions without breaking the bank.

Those wishing to expand their business processes can now adopt our cost-efficient digital marketing services without spending too much.

The Productivity Solutions Grant is one of several Singapore government schemes designed to encourage digitalisation in Singapore companies.

Eligibility Criteria for the PSG Digital

To qualify for the Productivity Solutions Grant, companies must first meet the following criteria:

If your business meets these eligibility requirements, you can follow our step-by-step guide to apply for the grant via the Business Grant Portal (BGP). Once the board approves it, you’ll receive a Letter of Offer (LOF).

Just log into your BGP account and click the “My Grant” tab to check the status of this letter.

Go ahead and accept the letter, and you’re free to take full advantage of our digital marketing solutions.

How to Apply for the PSG

The Singapore government has set up an online portal where interested Singapore companies can apply for the grant.

So, how do you apply for this grant:

Step 1:

Get in touch with us and describe your business requirements and need. Disclose which digital marketing service you’d like to hire us for, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

We’ll also assign you a designated contact person.

Step 2:

Head over to the Business Grants Portal and sign up for a CorpPass account if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve applied for the CorpPass account, you can head over to the Business Grants Portal and click on “Apply for a Grant Now.”

Step 3:

You can log in before clicking on “Get New Grant.”

You’ll be asked to answer three quick questions about your business. Be sure to answer these questions before completing the application form provided. Submit the form once done and then wait.

You want to keep track of the application form by checking under the “My Grant” tab.

Once approved, you’ll receive a Letter of Offer. Go ahead and accept this letter, and that’s pretty much like it.

Step 4:

Get in touch with the designated contact person.

Once your grant has been approved, and you have accepted the Letter of Offer, the next thing you want to do is contact the designated contact person. They should guide you on what to do next.

How the PSG Grant is Calculated

Each applying company is subjected to an annual grant cap of S$30,000, supported by the ESG, starting on 1st April and ending on 31st March the following year.

To calculate how much Singapore grant funding you’ll receive, take the service charge quoted by MediaOne and multiply it by 80%. That’s the maximum amount you can claim from Singapore’s digital productivity solutions grant.

(the cost of ecommerce or digital marketing s0lutions as Quoted by MediaOne) S$15,000
funding provided by the PSG (up to 80$ of the quoted Price 80% of S$15, 000 = S$12,000
Your out-of-pocket Expenses 20% of S$15, 000 = S$3,000

Note that this is not the only grant you can tap into. If your company also qualifies for the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), you can defray up to 90% of the out-of-pocket expenses, capped at S$10,000.

Note that this grant can only be applied one time.

So, you end up paying:

10% of S3,000

= S$300

Eligibility Criteria for the SFEC:

Why Work with MediaOne, a Trusted Pre-approved PSG Vendor?

To become a pre-approved PSG vendor means we have undergone a rigorous review process. We’ve had to meet all the Singapore government requirements in terms of technology, workforce, and so on.

Having MediaOne as a partner means you get the full support of Singapore government grants and incentives — while still getting access to top talent, work products, technology, and marketing know-how.

Our more than decades-old experience working with different companies, from startups to SMBs and Singapore enterprises, means we understand your digital needs to the core.

And with Singapore’s burgeoning digital economy, having a reliable partner company is crucial to your digital success. Our years of experience put us at the forefront of Singapore’s digital transformation.

Why Work with a Pre-approved PSG Vendor?

It bears repeating that pre-approved PSG vendors like MediaOne must first undergo a stringent review process by a Singapore government body. That guarantees the agency’s technical and organisational readiness to deliver quality services to companies looking for productivity solutions.

What we can offer:

All these are befitting of MediaOne’s status as a pre-approved PSG vendor. Having obtained this distinction means that we have ably met all the Singapore government requirements for delivering digital productivity solutions.

So, why work with a pre-approved PSG Vendor?

Up to 80% Support from the Singapore Government

When an SME works with a pre-approved PSG vendor, that means they’re eligible for up to 80% of project costs subsidised by the Singapore government, including the cost of hiring foreign talent.

That represents a significant saving compared to what you would pay if hired directly, through your own recruitment efforts, or even with a traditional recruitment agency that has no connection with PSG-approved vendors.

Access to Top Talent, Work Product, and Technology

There are a lot of pre-approved PSG vendors in Singapore. But only MediaOne offers the experience and expertise your company needs to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Our know-how comes from working with different companies over the past decades — delivering digital marketing services for both traditional and digital media.

That’s why working with us guarantees your project will be completed within the shortest time possible. You can be sure that our team is familiar with all the latest technology platforms, applications, and digital services.

The Best Value for Your Money

We offer competitive rates because we understand that tight budgets are a reality for startups and SMBs.

In fact, 80% of our clients are SMEs.

That’s why our clients get the best value for their money. And with our process of selecting projects, we put every project through a rigorous evaluation before agreeing to take it on.

What you get is speed, responsiveness, and flexibility — without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What’s the PSG Grant?

The PSG is a government grant that supports local SMEs that want to utilise IT solutions to improve their business operations. Enlisting the digital services of a pre-approved PSG vendor allows local businesses to have their project costs subsidised by up to 80%.

2.   Who’s Eligible for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Subsidy?

SME’s looking to take advantage of the PSG must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. a) The SME must be registered and operating in Singapore.
  2. b) The company must have at least 30% local shareholding
  3. c) Must be looking to hire a Singapore-based IT solutions provider

If you’re an SME registered and operating in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding and are looking to hire a Singapore-based IT or digital services provider such as MediaOne, then you’re eligible for the PSG.

Newly incorporated startups with less than six months are also eligible for the grant.

3.   What Documents Do I Need to Sign up for a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

The documents you’ll be required to produce while applying for the grant include:

  1. A signed quotation of acceptance/contract/purchase order
  2. Invoice
  3. Certificate of incorporation as proof of local shareholding
  4. License number with a minimum of one-month usage
  5. Your company’s bank statement for the past six months
  6. Identification numbers such as NRIC, ID, or passport

4.   What Entities Do No Qualify for the Grant?

  1. Religious entities
  2. Charity organisations
  3. Government agencies and subsidiaries
  4. Voluntary Welfare organisations

5.   Can a Company Still apply for the PSG if they had already Tapped into an Existing Grant for a Similar Purpose?

Companies are not allowed to apply for more than one government grant for the same purpose. Companies that apply for the PSG will be required to declare whether they have previously applied for the PSG or a similar grant for the same digital solution or equipment.

Suppose the company had fully utilised the funds for the same purpose. In that case, they can still apply for the PSG, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and adopt a solution from the supportable list of equipment and digital solutions.

6.   Can Companies Apply for More than One Supportable Digital Solutions/equipment under the Grant?

Yes. Companies can apply for more than one supportable digital solution or equipment under the PSG. However, they will only be able to claim up to 80% of the purchase price of each approved solution/equipment.

7.   Is the PSG Grant Taxable?

No. Any PSG grant awarded to a company in a financial year will not be taxed.

8.   What are Some of the Top Digital Solutions/equipment That Qualifies under the PSG Grant?

Some of the digital solutions and equipment that qualify under the PSG grant include:

  1. Hardware (e.g., computers, servers)
  2. Software (e.g., antivirus, Microsoft Office, e-commerce)
  3. Cloud computing (e.g., storage, video conferencing)
  4. Network equipment (e.g., servers, routers, and switches)
  5. Digital marketing services (e.g., web development, SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc.)
  6. Mobile solutions (e.g., software and hardware for smartphones and tablets)

PSG also covers industry-specific solutions such as retail, logistics, food, wholesale, financial services, building and construction, and landscaping industries. It also supports businesses’ adoption of broad-based digital solutions such as Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management.

You can find a more comprehensive list of the top digital solutions/equipment that qualify under the PSG grant here:

9.   What If the Company Terminates Its Contract with the Service Buyer or Fails to Deliver as Agreed? Should the Disbursed Grant Be Forfeited?

The PSG-approved company will be held liable for the eligibility and performance of the service.

If a company breaches its contractual obligation or terminates its contract with the service buyer before completion, any funds disbursed will have to be repaid immediately onto PSG’s bank account.

The board reviews such requests on a case-to-case basis.

10.                 How Do I Apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

The application procedure for the grant is as straightforward as they come.

Step 1: Register a CorpPass Account

Go to BGP and register for a CorpPass account. Next, log into your BGP account via your Singpass.

Step 2: Quotation from MediaOne in PDF format (from MediaOne to PSG)

The application process is simple. Start your application by contacting the service provider of the digital solution/equipment you plan to purchase. Ask for an official quotation from them or their authorised representative (PDF document preferred). Please note that quotations must be dated, signed, and stamped by the service provider. No handwritten quotations are accepted.

Step 3: Log into Your BGP Account and Click on “New Grant”

You can log in to your BGP account using your Company’s CorpPass.

Step 4: Click on “Get New Grant.”

On the “My Grant” page, go ahead and select “Application” before clicking on “Get New Grant.”

Step 5: Select Your “Business” Sector

Select a business sector that best describes your business from the options provided. If your business sector is not on the list, then select “others.”

Step 6: I Need this Grant to

You’ll be provided with two options:

  1. To bring your business overseas and establish an international presence
  2. To upgrade your business by adopting the right technology and improving your business processes.

Go with the second option and click “Next.”

Step 7: Select the Areas You’ll Develop with this Grant

Go with the first option, “Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions.”

Click “Apply.”

Step 8: Application

The next page that opens up will feature an application form.

Click “Proceed,” and a new page will appear.

Step 9: Check to See if You’re Eligible for the Grant

Check to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for this grant. If you do, click “Next” to proceed with the application process.

You can also click “Save” to complete the application at some other time.

Step 10: Fill in Your Contact Details

Fill in your contact detail or that of your company’s primary contact person.

You’ll be prompted to enter the contact’s name, job title, phone number, email, and alternative email (optional).

Step 11: Enter Your Mailing Address

You can manually enter your mailing address.

Or, if it’s similar to that registered in the company’s profile, check the box provided.

Step 12: Fill in the Letter of Offer (LOF) Address

If it’s the same as the primary contact person, check the box provided.

Otherwise, you’ll have to fill it manually.

Note that the contact information you enter must be of the company’s CEO or Managing Director, registered with ACRA).

Step 13: Proposal

First, you’ll have to specify what type of solution you’re purchasing.

In this case, go with the first option, “IT Solutions.

In the search fields, enter MediaOne, and choose from the pre-scoped solutions or services provided.

Step 14: Fill the Rest of the Requested Information

Proceed to fill out the rest of the requested information.

When do you intend to start using this solution?

Select the next day after the date of applying.

Why do you need the solution?

Write anything along the lines of, “to increase the efficiency of…”

Vendor details

For Vendor details, enter “MediaOne MARKETING LLP (T12LL0520G).”

Step 15: Upload a Signed Quotation (PDF)

Upload the signed quotation from MediaOne by clicking on “Select Files.”

Step 16: Tag the Document

After you upload the signed quotation, the next thing you want to do is tag it as “Selected Vendor’s Quotations.”

Step 17: Deployment Locations

Deployment location is the location in which you intend to use the solution. You should at least select one location.

Choose a location from the dropdown list provided.

Next, fill in the address of your deployment location.

There’ll be a popup asking you if your business operates from this location.

Choose “Yes.”

Tick the “acknowledgment” box provided and click on “Next.”

Step 18: How Do You Intent to Make the Purchase?

Here you’re to select “Direct Purchase.”

Step 19: Fill Out the Cost

Fill out the cost as per the MediaOne quotation.

Click “Next” once done.

Step 20: How the Solution Will Impact Your Business

You’ll also be requested to describe how the solution will impact how your business does things.

Fill out all the requested details, including the productivity gains, before clicking “Next.”

Step 21: Declare & Review

Tick the three boxes accordingly.

In most cases, you’ll be clicking on “No.”

The following two pages will also have similar questions. Go through each one of them, ticking the boxes accordingly.

Be sure to check the consent application box as shown below:

Step 22: Review and Submit Your Application

Once done, click on Review to submit your application.

Upon grant approval, you’ll receive a “Letter of Offer.” You can view this letter or the status of your grant by logging into your BGP account.


Understanding the Productivity Solutions Grant: Complete Guide

Singapore is touted as one the most business-friendly countries globally (ranked #8 by Forbes). The government’s philosophy is simple: we all prosper if we grow the economy. It has, as such, introduced various schemes to aid local businesses in expanding and gaining financial independence. One of these tools is the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

What’s Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is an incentive program created by the Singapore government and delivered via its Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to help local companies adopt internet technology solutions and improve their business processes.

The program covers only a few specific industries, including:

The PSG grant combines three existing grants:

It provides local companies with significant financial aid towards purchasing digital solutions and equipment to improve their business processes.

Businesses can generally apply for i) Pre-scoped IT solutions, ii) pre-scoped equipment, or iii) pre-scoped consultancy services.

The PSG then offers sector-specific IT solutions within these three areas, including retail, logistics, food, and construction.

The program also covers IT solutions such as data analytics, inventory tracking, and financial management.

Important Update: the PSG SkillsFuture Training Subsidy (SFTS) was replaced by the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) from 1st March 2020.

The S$10,000 grant program can be used alongside the PSG, and it seeks to offset 90% of your out-of-pocket business expenses.

When Was the Productivity Solutions Grant Launched?

The grant was launched in April 2018. The primary goal was to assist SMEs in the digital transformation journey by offering them the necessary financial support.

On 1st April 2021, the support level was raised from 70% to 80% to encourage SMEs to continue their productivity upgrading and digitalisation efforts.

Also, due to the pandemic, the government expanded the scope of solutions covered by the grant.

The expanded solutions include:

How Does the PSG Work?

The PSG offers a single platform that brings together three existing digital technology grants: Landscape Grant, Innovation Voucher, and SMEs Digital Program.

The PSG program works like this:

You apply for the PSG and receive a quotation from an approved PSG vendor (MediaOne is one such vendor).

If you decide to move forward with the purchase, you’ll receive a grant of up to 80% on your investment

Meaning, you only have to pay 20% of the total cost, with the PSG picking up the rest.

What Are the Benefits of Using Productivity Solutions Grants?

With this grant, your business will receive up to 80% in funding support, provided they adopt pre-approved software solutions and equipment from one of their pre-approved PSG vendors.

The government has approved specific digital solutions and equipment that support a strong economy and business growth.

What Help is the Singapore Government Offering with the PSG Grant?

The Singapore government allocated an initial $110 million investment to the PSG program, earmarked for financing digital solutions and equipment.

Established in April 2018, the amount was to be used over the next three years for the PSG, which was extended from 30th September 2021 to 31st March 2022.

This program offers ample opportunity for businesses looking to adopt digital solutions and equipment that can help them reduce costs, improve productivity, increase turnover, and gain new customers.

Who’s Eligible for this Grant?

Any business entity that meets the following eligibility criteria is free to apply for the PSG:

What Documents Are Required for the PSG Grant?

The documents required to apply for Productivity Solutions Grants are as follows:

What You Shouldn’t Do When Applying for the PSG

It would be best not to do the following when applying for the PSG in Singapore:

Doing any of these only puts you at risk of your application getting rejected.

You might also want to note that the following organisations are not eligible for the grant:

How Long Does It Take for the PSG Application to be Processed?

The turnaround time for a PSG application is up to six weeks.

But mostly, applications get processed within four to six weeks from the day you submit your application.

To speed up the processing time, you have to make sure the submitted quotations and invoices are the same as the pre-approved price packages — no proration allowed.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Grant

Immediately you get your pre-approved quote, submit it to the Business grants Portal (BGP).

You also want to make sure you have prepared your financial statement and any other relevant document that proves you’re in good financial standing.

Top PSG Approved Vendors

With so many PSG-approved vendors out there, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your business.

Before you decide on a company and submit your application, we suggest you research which vendor comes highly recommended.

That said, here’s a short round-up of the top 5 PSG-approved vendors in Singapore:

1.   MediaOne:

MediaOne is one of the most popular digital solutions providers. The company offers a broad range of IT solutions spanning various industries, including retail, food and beverage, logistics, construction, healthcare, and more.

If you’re looking for an all-rounded productivity solution provider to help your business grow, look no further than MediaOne.

2.   Dell Technologies:

Dell Technologies is a globally recognized brand that offers a variety of products and solutions for your business.

From printers to servers, storage drives to workstations, Dell has the IT solutions you need to stand out from the crowd.

With Dell’s PSG program, they’re offering up to 80% funding support, with an average of 58%.

3.   A2000 Solutions:

A2000 Solutions is another popular choice for businesses looking to increase productivity.

Since its inception in 1996, the company has expanded rapidly and now serves over 1,000 organizations across Singapore.

Businesses that wish to automate their accounting, HR, Inventory, and sales should consider adopting A2000’s business management tool. With this tool, you can streamline quotation, payroll processing, and HR services to boost your productivity and efficiency and free up time on such tasks.

4: Oddle:

If you run a restaurant, cafe, bar, or any other food and beverage establishment, Oddle is one of the best PSG-approved vendors for you.

They reach over 7000 SMEs across Singapore, and they offer a wide range of digital solutions to improve your business and increase productivity. With average funding support of 60%, they’re one of the top providers in Singapore.

Oddle also specializes in restaurant POS and ordering systems, so if you’re looking to improve the speed of service, efficiency, customer engagement, and more, give them a call today.

5: aZaaS:

Improve customer interactions by adopting aZaaS IonTone Tapbot, a new engagement tool and chatbot that helps you provide a more personal and interactive customer experience.

This PSG-approved vendor offers full-service solutions, and they’ve helped hundreds of organizations in Singapore increase their productivity.

Additionally, the AI solution features a dashboard that provides deep insights to help you make informed decisions.

6: Pericom Imaging:

Want to go paperless and increase productivity? Pericom Imaging is the perfect choice for you.

Their specialty lies in print management, marrying digital and physical communications seamlessly.

Pericom Imaging is the company behind Docuware, a digital document management software that allows you to store and organize your documents in a centralized space securely.

Not only that. The tool can also help you automate processes such as employee onboarding invoice approval and typically any other task that’s heavy on paperwork.