Free B2B Lead Generation Strategies For The Singapore Marketer

free b2b lead generation for singapore marketers

Are you thinking of using digital marketing for lead generation? One of the best ways to tap into the huge online global market, which numbers of 2.5 billion people, is by using lead generation. It involves using effective digital marketing tools that are designed to get you the maximum lead generation results.

You need to select the right tools that fit your environment, and unique business needs to get the best results. This post looks at 3 effective lead generation tools that you should consider using to increase your revenue and sales.

To survive in the dynamic and lucrative e-commerce world, you need to source for new business leads continuously. Sure, you can generate more revenue through strategies such as retargeting and reselling, but getting new business leads will promote growth and sustainability of your business. This is easier said than done and so it is imperative that you have a team of experienced digital marketers to assist you to come up with marketing plans and implement them accordingly.

Leads are among the best marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business. The generation of leads can be made through several methods, though the efficiency of various methods differ in effectiveness, based on the nature of your business.

You need to prepare a firm budget for acquiring the leads. This is because they are several diverse lead generation strategies, which means quality is not assured always. Hence the need for a firm budget.

Sourcing of lead is a perfect way to get advantaged in the competition, though some businesses lack essential resources to allocate because quality leads are costly. This makes it difficult to compete for the new customers for the business whose budget are smaller.

Fortunately, this should not be the case always. You can get lead generation strategies whose effectiveness is the same as the costly ones and they are free. But before we get into its details, I want us to first discuss to four fundamentals needs of each lead generation strategy.





There is a high probability that a good number of people who visit your website will never come back again if you are not able to capture their data. Having in mind that old methods are avoided, visitors have the capability of avoiding marketing messages without much struggle.

To cope with the changing times, we must apply a new strategy. Nicholas Kusmich, the Facebook Ads Specialist and Strategic Consultant, has two suggestions.

  1. Give before asking
  2. Each marketing process step must be treasured of and in itself.

The first suggestion requires methods that are mutually beneficial, that enable leads that are potential to opt-in to gather information effectively, and the most effective one way is through lead magnets.



Acquisition of clients, needs a process that is optimised that is capable of converting visitors into leads, though there is a problem where visitors who visit the website for the first time fail to leave their information. For this reason, they will never hear from you anymore. This is where the essence of lead magnets is realised.

Lead magnets give value to those who visit your site in exchange for your visitors’ contact information. Normally they appear in the form of training videos, eBooks, trials, white papers and webinars. These free offers give an opportunity for an exchange where you give them valuable tools or content in a trade-off for their contact details. The contacts are instrumental for future communications.



Landing pages are important in changing those who visit your site into leads. These pages can be any one that a visitors comes across after they click on a button for call to action, an ad or other marketing triggers.

Landing pages should always be different separated from your primary home page and possess the dual aim of seizing leads as well as warming the visitors up into becoming you next clients. The aim of you landing page is mainly to inform your visitor with sufficient information to lure them into proceeding with a purchase.

It is also crucial to note that your landing page should deliver always on the o what you promised on your ad source so as to minimise bounce rates.



All leads are not equally created, and they should be given priority depending with their engagement levels. In this case, lead scoring gets in, after which you can choose your preferred leads that nears making a decision on purchase.

Lead scoring can measure interactions your potential clients engage in with your posted content via a point system. Every engagement made has values assigned to it. You can always deduct or add points informed by negative and positive attributes such as downloading an eBook or deciding to get it off your mailing list.

The use of this point-based system is economical in money and time in the process of hitting your aimed market as well as utilising the chance of sales opportunities.


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Email marketing is generally considered to be the most effective marketing tool since its approach is direct and its cost is low as well. This is an effective method of reaching your targeted customers.

You should aim at sending personal emails having an opt-in method that uses a call to action strategy which is attractive. This helps you in gaining subscribers who gladly receive emails from you as well as boosting you opportunities of conversations.



Writing blogs always aids in keeping your site fresh as you build conspicuousness on Google keyword searches.

A target of 11-blog monthly can assist in increasing the volume of your lead by up to 4X, at the same time raising traffic by up to 3X. This report is according to the report of Hubspot Benchmarks. Remember to include a famous call to action as well as links to other websites.



Another tool for lead generation is social media. The reason is that many consumers use social media to check out which products or services to buy. Social media users rely on these online platforms to get recommendations on what brands to buy.

Social media creates a great marketing platform. Its penetration rate as well as the large number of uses is very encouraging. Your metrics and visibility can be boosted by consistent posting you posts as well as sharing what others post.

Social interactions with your customers on social media can make you gather massive following. Social medial also provides a platform where you can dialogue with your clients as you share information. These platforms include LinkedIn and Facebook among others.

Actionable Facebook Advertisements

There are more than one million active Facebook users in Singapore. Therefore, if you want to target clients in specific towns such as Clementi, actionable Facebook advertisements can help you achieve that goal. Including your brand name is not enough to motivate people who come across your ad to visit your site and place an order. You need to do more – including a call to action and more details about your business and its operations.

Get more results from the ads by customizing them for various segments of your customers. Some of the parameters that you can specify when creating the ads include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • Interests

Generate Social Proof by Using Influencers

Social proof is one of the new and most effective ways of giving your online marketing strategies the power they need to convert. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if they see people whom they know review them. FabFitFun sends a gift box loaded with new products to all its members. The company hired a famous model to post pictures holding the gift box on Instagram.

The bottom line is that hiring people who have a significant number of followers on social media platforms can help take your business to the next level. The influencers do not have to be celebrities- ordinary people who have at least 10k followers can get the job done as well.


Another digital marketing strategy for lead generation is using SEO. It includes using the right keywords and developing videos to help you in your marketing. Ensure you use the right keywords to make sure that your site ranks higher in users search engine results.

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) has been argued to be a very effective method for long-term and consistent lead generation. Despite its high difficulty level and broader scope, organic search optimisation remain to drive an important part of new leads for majority of business. What does it involve?

Website Optimisation

One excellent lead generation tool that you should use in digital marketing is your website’s landing page. The reason is that it’s the place that most transactions occur. It means you need to optimise it to ensure you get the best results.

Ways in which you should optimise it include making it easy to navigate, using targeted content that appeals to your audience and using call-to-action messages.



It is inclusive in the best practices and has become valuable as the usage of phones is increasing.

It refers to the location of the window where the content of the web may be viewed. It is a different area compared to what users may see thereby leaving audiences to scroll and pinch when reading the content. Through it, one can be able to access the scale and size of the content thereby making the websites increasingly mobile friendly.

The mobile friendliness and the speed of the site are significant white hat SEO good practices that build a nice website experience. An unpleasant mobile experiencing can be so frustrating to customers and therefore the viewport needs to be improved.

Value Proposition

The chances are that you will notice a spike in website traffic after applying the strategies discussed above. What happens after a potential client lands on your website? A strong value proposition will motivate the customer to go ahead and place the first order. Do not bore them with blocks of text describing every product that you offer. Instead, provide a short, juicy, and accurate description of every product on the landing page.

Getting leads in the Singapore e-commerce landscape is possible if you apply the right strategies. Use the above tips to get maximum ROI for every dollar that you spend on SEO and digital marketing.

August 27, 2018

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