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Digital Marketing Strategy Tip: Facebook Live Videos

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Video marketing has gained a massive traction this year as evident from the huge number of Singapore digital marketers who use it. Facebook Live Video feature has and continues to help companies to achieve their digital marketing strategy. After realizing that most people prefer videos than blocks of text, Facebook recently introduced an algorithm that ranks videos higher in the news feed. Research also shows that live videos have a 148% higher organic reach than photos.

For these reasons, you should consider adding Facebook live video as one of your digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by doing so.

Foster Good Relationships with the Audience

Facebook live videos offer a deeper and more intimate level of engagement with the target customers. Consumers get an opportunity to get their questions answered in real time thereby enhancing loyalty and trust. Unlike conventional ads, Facebook live videos are unrehearsed and real. The personal connection with the consumers increases the chances of a viewer converting.

Provide Information Instantly

The savvy customers want to know everything about a product or service before placing an order. By leveraging Facebook live video, you will be able to provide information that the prospects need to make a decision instantly. Also, the comments and feedback that you will get as you host the live video will give you a clear perspective of your target customers’ needs and expectations.

The comments from other customers and people who are learning about your brand for the first time will also enhance brand awareness and credibility in the market.

Reach More People

One of the challenges that Singapore digital marketers face is reaching out to a large clientele base without spending a fortune. At the moment, Facebook has more than 1.7 billion monthly active users. Videos that are posted on this platform get 8 billion videos per day on average.

Based on these facts, your live stream video has the potential to be seen by millions of people from all across the globe. Remember, you will not pay a dollar for the video and so will get free viewership and brand awareness.

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Videos are Easy to Remember

According to a study done by Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers can recall a video ad that they have come across online in the past 30 days. 26% of the viewers’ go an extra mile to search for information about the product or service. 15% take time off their busy schedule to visit the brand site, 22% visit the product site, and 12% place an order.

The live video will not only help you to get a higher ranking on search engines, but also provide an excellent opportunity to increase your consumer base without spending a fortune.

Most Consumers Prefer Live Videos

Videos are inherently more visually appealing and easy to comprehend than other forms of content. As mentioned earlier, viewers remember video content better than blocks of text. Research also shows that Facebook live videos enjoy 3X longer views than regular videos.


Apart from Facebook paid ads, Live Videos will significantly help to boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies. Be sure to inform the audience that you will be going live on a particular day and time to get as many viewers as possible. Request them to submit questions and issues that they would be addressed to make the session more inclusive and relevant.


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