How To Write A Great Headline To Drive More Online Traffic In Singapore

headlines to get more online traffic singapore

Research shows that eight people out of ten read your headline, but only two among those people tend to continue to study the rest of the material.

Amazing, right?

It is crucial to understand that before publishing your content. Even if you create innovative and unique content, a poor headline will reduce your chances of becoming successful.

Thankfully, information and analytics can assist you to craft excellent headlines that will capture the attention of your audience instantly. Here is your complete guide on how to write a great headline founded on research to drive more online traffic to your website.

Here are some simple ways to write a headline that will bring the best outcome:

  1. Understand How to Write Exceptional Headlines

  1. Know the Impact of Emotions on Headlines

  1. Understand the Perfect Headline Lengths

A study conducted in Singapore shows that users tend to remember only the last and first three words in a headline. Creating headlines that are not more than six words assists readers to process them efficiently and reduce the time required to understand its meaning. If you are not able to maintain your headline within six words, it is crucial that you remember that the words with the most significant impact are the first and the last three.

Here is what you need to remember when creating your headline:

  1. What Is the Appearance of Your Headlines?

  1. Refine the Headlines Using Google

You need to ensure that the search engines find your headlines. Here is how Google can assist you to refine your headlines to ensure they are optimised for SEO.

  1. Keep the Headlines Clear and Brief

Readers like precise headlines that clearly state what is included in the content. Here is how to create a headline that is clear and short:

  1. Understand Your Competition and Outdo Them

Your content competes against lots of other material. Understanding your competition will assist you to work smarter when crafting your headlines and make them noticeable to the audience. Here is how you can make your headlines stand out than those of your competitors:

  1. Repurpose Your Headlines

Excellent headlines are worth getting read. These tips will assist you to understand how to repurpose your captions for maximum reach:


We see now that headlines are vital for boosting your social shares, getting the content read, and marketing your brand. Headlines are the initial thing that readers will come across, and it is your role to persuade them to click and examine your content. Even if you use a single strategy among the ones outlined in this post, you will add a sense of uniqueness to each of your pieces of content.

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