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wordpress training in singapore

There are various reasons why you should enroll in a site building course. After finishing the course, you may, for instance, save a lot of money by creating your business’ website. You can also initiate your web design agency, directly charging customers over 1300 SGD for each website you build for them. Currently, it is simple to learn how to develop a professional company site without having to learn about expertise using platforms like WordPress.

WordPress powers over 30% of websites in Singapore. It is the first content management system regarding market share in the world. Some prominent companies that are powered by WordPress include UPS, Xerox, Sony, and Microsoft. If it is satisfactory for them, so should it be to us. Whether you have been utilising WordPress for many years or you are new to the platform, new things frequently emerge – and you require training to understand them better. While reading blogs like ours can give you a lot of beneficial information, sometimes you need to learn about a more structured concept. That is where WordPress courses come.

While they were the go-to programmes for budding web designers back in the late nineties’, gone are the days of Geocities and Dreamweaver when it comes to website hosts and website creation.

The glory days now belong to WordPress and the statistics gathered for this Content Management System (CMS) are astounding. For instance, WordPress currently powers 30.3% of the top 1000 websites on the World Wide Web, including Fortune 500 companies like Forbes and Sony Music, and (according to data collected by W3techs) WordPress holds a whopping 59.4% market share, making it the most used CMS.

One of the reasons for WordPress’ popularity lies in its flexible and easy-to-use user interface; you can create any and all types of website or blog using this CMS. However, for those who have never used WordPress before, the thought of starting at all is terribly (and understandably) daunting. Fortunately, due to the vast number of internet users either already using WordPress like a pro or who are currently still learning to navigate the WordPress universe, help is omnipresent. There are tons of WordPress courses available both online and offline, as well as community forums where WordPress enthusiasts share their experiences with using the CMS.

It is straightforward to get started with WordPress, but utilising its full potential can sometimes become complex. Thus, while a full WordPress course can look like a waste of time at first, it is an excellent way of learning how to build the best sites possible. The classes can even be used to study advanced subjects like plugin and theme development. There are a lot of both online and offline options in the market, so in this article, we will outline some excellent training places in Singapore that offer WordPress courses.

We have compiled a list of some of the top WordPress courses offered for both newbies and intermediate users alike, and these are also catered to everyone’s budget and schedule. Select the one most suitable for you and it won’t be long before you start creating your very own masterpiece online like a pro.


WP Apprentice WordPress Quick Start Course

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

This is for all you newbies out there who have never had any experience using WordPress. It covers the basics such as how to install WordPress, explanations on how the themes and plugins work, navigating the dashboard and publishing content. The entire 1-hour course includes 10 videos and is completely free.

BitDegree Be Your Own Boss WordPress Course

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Cost: Free (with enrolment)

This beginner course incorporates basic WordPress lessons with tips on how to monetise to maintain and market your site. Also included in this course are tips on making passive income through your business site in the long run.

Udemy Complete WordPress Training For Beginners

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: Free (with enrolment)

This course by Udemy runs a little over 4 hours and includes videos, downloadable resources and you can access it at any time (lifetime access) on any media platform of your choice. It covers the basics of WordPress, including installation and dashboard navigation, and you will also learn about SEO and Meta tags, adding image galleries and videos to your site and managing forums. This course will essentially provide you with all the know-how needed to build completely professional and responsive websites and blogs for you and your business.

Lynda WordPress Course Videos (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

Duration: depends on the video

Cost: 1st month Free, subsequently $25/month or $250/year

Once you have completed the WordPress beginner course, you can look into furthering your WordPress education by visiting the comprehensive library of educational videos covering a wide range of topics on Lynda. You can choose to learn about SEO optimization, setting up forums and contact forms, creating an ecommerce site, creating your own WordPress theme and learning more about the different widgets and plugins available for download.

Treehouse WordPress Courses

Duration: Depends on the videos

Cost: From SGD $34 to SGD $271 per month.

It is the best for individuals who want to get training for both the basics and advanced WordPress courses. The tutorials of this site are directed much to an audience who love technology and are interested in learning more about WordPress. Treehouse provides various WordPress courses, starting from the beginner level to advanced levels. If you are getting started with WordPress, this course covers all the topics you will require to learn, from developing content to plugin and theme installation.

WordPress 101 – Classic

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: free for the first three videos and SGD $33 to access the remaining videos.

This course is for beginners who wish to understand the basics of how WordPress works quickly. As the name suggests, the course is aimed at beginners to WordPress. It includes a series of organised videos that takes 90 minutes to finish. It begins by introducing the basics like WordPress dashboard, content creation, and the difference between pages and posts. The topics covered later include plugin installation, using widgets, and theme customisation.

If you are a beginner to WordPress platform in Singapore and wish to learn the basics, the course is highly advisable.

The Knowledge Academy WordPress Essentials Introduction

Duration: 1 day

Cost: SGD$ 1629

It is a comprehensive course that is offered online through a learning platform. Upon purchasing the course, you will have access to the platform for 90 days. Most of their videos include step by step guides on how to create a WordPress site. After this course, you will be able to build and manage a professional looking website for your business or another organisation.


Click Events WordPress Essentials

Duration:  14 hours over 2 days

Cost: SGD$350 covered by SkillsFuture Credit

This live beginner course consisting of 8 modules and is suitable for those with zero knowledge on coding or programming (all you need to bring is a laptop). Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include website hosting management, domain name registration, website structure, tips on the best website practices, web content strategy and an introduction into some of the basic WordPress plugins.

At the end of this 2-day course, students will be assessed according to how well they are able to create a professional WordPress website.

Equinet Academy 2-Day Hands-On WordPress Website Creation Course

Duration:  16 hours over 2 days

Cost: SGD$399 covered by SkillsFuture Credit

A comprehensive WordPress beginner course that covers the basics as well as more advanced topics, this 2-day website creation course by Equinet Academy offers after-training support and you will also have lifetime access to the online training materials. The basics of WordPress website creation such as domain hosting, domain name registration, installation of WordPress and dashboard navigation will be taught in this course. In addition, you will also learn how to use the cPanel, making your site SEO-friendly, and site maintenance and back-up. You can expect to be armed with the necessary skills to enable you to create a beautiful, functional and responsive WordPress website at the end of this course.

The course will be conducted in a fully-equipped training facility and laptops will be provided.

SMU – Building A WordPress Site For Conversion

Duration:  15 hours over 3 days

Cost: SGD$1712 covered by SkillsFuture Credit

This course by SMU is targeted at entrepreneurs who are looking to incorporate digital marketing strategies into their business in order to reach a wider clientele. Students will learn how to build a website on WordPress and customise it for integration with their business objectives as well as optimise its performance on different media platforms. At the end of this 3-day course, students will be equipped with essential skills and tips required to increase website traffic and conversion rates.

The next available start date for the “Building A WordPress Site For Conversion” course is in May and it is now open for registration.

Singapore Training Courses WordPress Training Course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: SGD $198 (Skills Future covered)

This Singapore WordPress training course is aimed to assist users to build the best possible sites for their businesses. Sign up for this course to learn how to create and maintain your website without struggling, understand the importance of plugins, run your WordPress site and more. Their WordPress experts excellently guide participants through the process with tips, exercises, and hands-on training.

Upon course completion, students get an excellent understanding of how to develop their WordPress sites.

Tertiary Courses WordPress Essential Training Course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: SGD $248

Get training on how to create a professional company site using WordPress. The trainers will assist you to generate the most out of a self-hosted WordPress version and develop a business website that is full of excellent features. The course will make you understand how to create pages and develop posts, customise your site using widgets and themes, and install plugins. Additionally, the course will teach you how to boost your traffic using SEO and to share on social media.

Intellisoft WordPress Website Creation Course

Duration: 2 days

Cost: SGD $500

Discover how to build appealing websites with WordPress. You will understand how to put in place and begin creating WordPress websites fast and efficiently. In the course, they concentrate on individually-hosted WordPress version. The version comes with more options for customisations and flexibility. The training includes hands-on training classes run by expert WordPress tutors. Their small class sizes make it easier for them to offer personalised training experience.

You will not be required to come with your laptop since classes are conducted in fully-equipped computer labs.

MediaOne WordPress Web Design Course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: SGD $888

This interactive one-day course will give you the basic knowledge required to develop your site. It includes hands-on training, where you will understand how to create, install, customise, and sustain your website. After completing the course, you will be able to craft a simple and nice-looking site and maintain it. You will also learn how to back up your website by transferring it to a hosting company or another domain. You will even get training on how to do on-page SEO to boost the ranking of your site on search engines.

You will need to carry your laptop to the workshop or notify them two days before the workshop date if you don’t have one so that they can provide for you.


The best method of learning something sometimes is to let someone take you through it stepwise. Thankfully, you don’t need to go back to school to take WordPress training. Outlined above are various online and offline WordPress courses in Singapore that you can choose to become a WordPress professional.

January 19, 2019

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