Best WordPress Plugins for Advertising In Singapore

Best WordPress Plugins for Advertising In Singapore

Digital advertising still runs as the biggest and among the most straight forward channels website owners can use to monetize their sites. However, setting up ads in WordPress is not such a simple thing to do. And apart from direct code editing, there is no other more straightforward way to make the settings.

In consideration of this, there has been the development of different WordPress Plugins which can help you efficiently manage the ad inventory. But deciding which of the Plugins are the best for WordPress is not a simple task. As a result, this article discusses the best free Plugins useful for WordPress with a range from the native ads, custom ad managers to rotators.

There are premium versions available if you’re not new to using WordPress Plugins.

However, if you operate on a tight budget, you should consider one of these free Plugins.

  1. SwiftAd

SwiftAd is among the newest plugin versions for WordPress in the market. It offers users a powerful way of managing their ad inventory display. The display is through ad management, tracking, and rotation. Among its crucial features include;

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    • Custom geotargeting,
    • The plugin comes built inside WordPress,
    • It has limited date range as well as the total impression,
    • It’s a free version, and therefore you get to incur no costs,
    • And also they include simple split testing features

The free version gets limited to support at most 10k impressions of your ads each month. After you reach the limit, it requires that you set up the monthly billing plan. The plugin is suitable for you if you run small blogs. The tool helps you learn a lot on ad management. It also allows you to start your blog on the right style.

  1. Taboola

Taboola is a native network for advertising specifically made for WordPress users. It only requires you to build an account with Taboola and ensure that your site gets accepted into the system. When you meet this criterion, you enter the publisher ID and different other widget IDs that are running on your website. The set-up is however not a simple one to carry on.

Native ads network get higher CTR and therefore are the most used by many webmasters. They also earn more in comparison to the traditional display banners. However, the fact that Taboola is stricter makes it hard for the interested users crack through the system. But if you get a chance to break in, Taboola will be the best brand you can rely on as an advertising network.

  1. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a WordPress plugin that comes as a free version to help website owners handle ad impressions. The plugin comes with additional upgrade options in which you can pay for additional services. The plugin easily compliments with other sites such as AdSense and Amazon. Using the plugin, you can easily target ad units of all sizes and at the same time build a responsive placement that can fit on your mobile screen.

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On the primary site, there is a list of placements together with a detailed know how to write ad codes into the content dynamically. These features are of importance to publishers with the intention of increasing the monthly revenue they make from their ads.

The plugin also offers a variety of display options that target specific posts, content and achieve pages. As a result, it makes it possible for you to run different ads without necessarily writing any codes. It, therefore, comes as among the best plugin that you can consider using to run your website impressions.

  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a Plugin brand generated by BestWebSoft designers. In comparison to other free versions, this plugin appears to get detailed. The account offers comfortable user experience when connecting to the AdSense account or configuring ad spots. The plugin is easier to handle and at the same time well developed. It comes with the best features that help you run different types of AdSense ads on your site. It means that you only have to make the setup once. After the structure, everything will run smoothly without interruptions forever. Consider giving it a try and see what benefits it can bear for your website.

  1. WP Advertize It

One of the best free WordPress plugins is WP Advertize It. The tool supports all sizes of adblocks you wish to run and regardless of where you want them placed. It also allows users to work closely with Google Publisher accounts in a more accessible style. As a result, you can consider it as an alternative in replacement of the Official AdSense plugin. You can also use the WP Advertize It plugin to develop self-promo blocks and rotate them alongside the advertising scripts you make. It helps you to create different banner ads that you can use to promote all that you want. You can do the promos either using your WordPress themes or the affiliate programs. The plugin features in-post support with many free ad placement positions within the content. These include:

    • After the first paragraph or before the last statement,
    • At the middle of the page,
    • After the page title or
    • Before your post comments.
    • You can also consider inserting the ads within the post using some shortcodes. And this applies if you want the ads to appear with specific positions.
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For the non-technical WordPress website runners, this will be the best plugin option you can consider. It comes with ease of use, and therefore it’s high ranking.

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  1. AdRotate

AdRotate is among the most popular Rotation Scripts. The plugin allows users to run across different networks and with a lot of simplicity. The plugin comes free of charges and can support all strong networks such as the AdSense or Doubleclick/DFP. It gives you on-to-time statistics display on the dashboard where you can track the adverts that yield most impressions and have many clicks. Through such features, users can learn more about placement and as a result, identify pages that perform in a better way than others.

The plugin lacks the pro version the same case with most of the free versions. However, making sure that you rotate through some ad placements will cover for the pro version necessities. AdRotate features some free functionality meaning that it should work correctly on its own. Its interface blends perfectly with WordPress purpose that, it’s simple to make a preview of your ads before you can launch them live.

For users looking for a free version, at least you should consider giving it a try. It’s a free version with most of its features not limited as in the case with other free plugins. It’s among the best options that you have for tracking and running personal ads on WordPress. Your time using this plugin will not be a waste of time by any chances.

  1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is among the most popular plugins for WordPress that you can find in the market. It’s full of content and blog publishers who aim to make earning through display ads. Many of the banner websites will run in WordPress and therefore, it’s worth spending your time using the BuySellAds WP plugin. To use the plugin, it requires that you type in your BSA code then select an ad unit that you wish to appear. You can also choose the placement of the widgets or add new widgets on bases of your location IDs as in the BSA.

Another great feature of BuySellAds is the fact that it supports mobile advertisements and the RSS. As a result, you have an easy way to maximize your revenues. It’s among the plugins that your time is worth, and you should consider paying attention.

  1. Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads is another WordPress plugin that helps users to run their website plugins directly. Interstitial Ads is still gaining attraction on content and mobile websites. You can consider using the full-screen modules or the large Interstitial Ads which will take the full page. It bears the best user experience that you can expect. It helps you to increase your website conversion rates and at the same time maximize on your revenue. As a result, you’re able to run your website impressions quickly and with fewer efforts. They also have a full editor responsible for changing the settings examples of the close button style as well as the waiting time before it appears on the page.

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Interstitial Ads is a development by WPmanage, and therefore, if you need the premium version, it’s available on their website. However, if you never used WordPress plugins in the past, we advise that you maintain on the free version to learn how the brand works.

  1. Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More is an advertising WordPress plugin that works best for site owners willing to increase their revenue through multiple different ways. The plugin is a development of Insticator, and it runs in various sites such as the Atlantic. What enhances the user interaction is the fact that all custom trivia/poll questions get managed by a backend connection to your database. A good example is when you sandwich a poll that is between two ad spots. Such an act will help increase your conversions or in other terms attract more attention to the area. It can also include the viewing of other articles contained in your blogs.

With the ability to increase the conversion rates, it’s simple to increase your revenue on using the plugin. The plugin will work in a good way if you aim to gather more of the inputs from the website visitors based on the site features or the user’s experience.

  1. Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is the plugin that helps WordPress users to cram adblocks inside articles in different positions. Instead, many of us assume that website owners copy the ad code into the articles they write which is not the case. With Insert Post Ads, you can select the position where you want the ads to appear on the post.

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As a result, you have a guarantee to increase the CTR especially when the placement of the ads is at the top where most of the website visitors can see it. You can also consider using the plugin with a third party advertising platform such as AdSense. The plugin offers users a lot of customization support and therefore worth to give it a try.

  1. Ad Inserter

On the 11th position of the best WordPress plugins is Ad Inserter a development by Igor Funa. It’s among the plugins that have the highest reviews on WP report and has the most straightforward plugin setup procedures. The tool can also work on different mobile devices and in the RSS feeds as well as in the AMP pages. It offers 16 ad unit sizes that you can pick and place anywhere on your website. You can also utilize the in-content placement style.

The plugin allows you to test or track conversions to see the pages that are well performing in the layout. It’s also possible to use PHP calls or shortcodes to insert the ads directly. The plugin requires no coding skills for you to work with it at comfort. It is user-friendly and the best for all new WordPress Users. It’s also an accredited tool of inserting ads into the content endorsed by Amazon. As a result, it turns to be a valuable plugin that you should consider. Visit their home page for a chance to learn more about its operation.

Final Words

All of the above-discussed plugins are the best for WordPress, and they give the best free services. They cover a variety of features and supported by different strong networks such as AdSense and Amazon. Each of them is up-to-date and therefore will work per your expectations. Going through the list gives you an opportunity to make a selection of the best plugin for your needs. You should always consider a plugin that will also manage other websites that you plan to launch later in the coming days.

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