WordPress Design In Singapore: The Complete Guide

WordPress Design In Singapore: The Complete Guide


all about wordpress infographic

WordPress allows you to tailor your website to your own taste and needs. You can customise your site, and even update it with essential functionalities without necessarily touching anything at the code level. You have all the publication tools and the modules you need to adjust your site and make necessary changes to it.

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Some of these tools come bundled up with the WordPress program, while others are available as third-party plugins or add-ons created by the WordPress community of developers.

With a little time, research, and knowledge, you can easily set up a fully functional WordPress website that matches your needs to a tee, while giving your users and readers an exciting experience that will keep them coming for more. Why WordPress?

At the time of writing this, about a third (32%) of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. It’s also the world’s most popular and cost-effective content management system — web design agencies in Singapore would vouch for that.

Here’s how it stacks against other CMS platforms, according to Kinsta:

Content Management System

Percentage Number of Websites

Percentage CMS Market
















Since the advent of CMS, WordPress has maintained the ground as many people’s number one choice of CMS program. It powers both small and big brands. You can use it to run a corporate site, a personal blog, an online magazine, a large web portal, a job board site, or any other idea of a website that you can possibly think of.

The sheer popularity and reach of this CMS program are enough to make you drop any other consideration in favour WordPress without giving it a second thought.

Here Is How To Make A WordPress Website (Video)

What are the Benefits of Using WordPress?

WordPress is so popular; it’s one of the content management systems web hosting companies prioritise on when setting up their services.

Here are a few benefits associated with this content management software:

  • Fast and Easy: Almost any web hosting company you can think of offers a less than 5 minutes one-click install for WordPress. You don’t have to mess with the code or configure the server or database on your own.

Just click on the installer, enter a few easy details, and click on install. And that’s it.

  • A helpful community of web owners and developers: With WordPress, you have an entire ecosystem of services, products, SaaS tools, and a community of web owners and developers, all working to help each other. You’re never alone on this side of the street. If you ever get lost or encounter a problem and you need help, just spell it out in the community, and you’ll be accorded with the necessary help.
  • Design Yourself: While it’s recommended that you hire a competent web developer to help you out with your web project, designing your own website might be an option worth considering if you’re operating on a tight budget.

And ever since the introduction of Gutenberg, WordPress has been working to make it all easy for you.

You have thousands of theme options with demos that you can install and get your site up and running in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to hardcode anything or worry about the customisation bit of it.

Everything can be handled from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard or in the page builders provided by some of the themes you use.

  • Multiple hosting options: With WordPress, you can host your website virtually anywhere. It’s hard to imagine of web host that doesn’t allow its users to run a WordPress website on their server.

You also have WordPress dedicated web hosts to choose from, and which offer you all the necessary support you need while setting up and maintaining your WordPress website.

  • Thousands of free or premium themes to choose from: You have themes that run to a count of tens of thousands to choose from for your WordPress website. The same goes for WordPress plugins and other tools.
  • Good for Marketing: From a marketing standpoint, marketing a WordPress website is a lot easier than any other CMS out there. Almost every imaginable marketing tool that you can think of integrates perfectly with WordPress.
  • Quick Publishing: WordPress allows you to design your website in a matter of minutes unless you’re designing a custom-made WordPress website. It’s possible to design a website, and on the same day, embark on the dirty work of marketing it online through SEO, email marketing, and so forth.

Touring the WordPress Dashboard

Much of the changes that you’ll be making to your WordPress website will be happening on the dashboard. This is where you find all the menu items that control the various aspects of the CMS.

Menu Item



This is like the admin section of your website.

It’s the first screen that shows up when you log into the admin section of your website.

It displays an overview of your site or what’s happening with it. It’s also the section where all the updates are posted.

Provided on the left-sidebar is a long list of menu items that allow you to customise your website, publish a new post, read through comments, and manage various aspects of your site.

Log in

Logging into WordPress is pretty simple. All you have to do is add ‘/wp-admin’ to your website’s URL and enter it into your browser’s URL.

For instance, if your site’s URL is, say, www.1234567.com, you can add the /wp-admin at the end to view the dashboard.

So, it becomes www.1234567.com/wp-admin.


This is where you click when you want to publish a new post, media files, or video.

It also allows you to view all your posts with an option to click on any one of them to edit it through.

Media Files

This section lists all the media files you’ve ever uploaded on your site. These include images, videos, and audio.

It also features a built-in media uploader that you can use to upload files to your site and manage the old ones.


You can create new pages, or edit or delete the old ones here. You’re also allowed to assign a new template to a page.


WordPress allows you to manage all the comments your website attracts here. You can view, edit, or delete them. It’s also the section that you use to moderate the comments, like approving them before they’re displayed.


Here’s where you manage your WordPress theme. You can view them, choose which one to activate, or even upload a new one. It also comes with a customisation option, which allows you to edit the various section of your theme, including the sidebar, header, widgets, favicon, and logo.

It goes without mentioning the menu, which allows you to manage and edit your menu items. You can add a new menu item, delete an old one, shuffle them around, and so on.


Plugins extend your website’s functionalities. They’re what you use to add new features to your website or extend WordPress capabilities.

Here you can find new plugins, search for them, install, activate, or even deactivate them.


This menu item allows you to manage your site’s users and subscribers. You can assign them roles.

You can also edit your own profile here.


With tools, you can import data files from another content management system such as Blogger, Typepad, and so on. You can export your current website or back it up using the export feature.

This menu item also allows you to import another WordPress or any other CMS website and all of its content and features directly to your server or WordPress website.


This section of the WordPress dashboard lets you make general edits to your website. Here you’ll find the general settings for your posts, discussions, permalinks, and privacy.

Here is How To Create a WordPress Blog (Step-by-Step Guide Infographic)

step by step guide on how to create wordpress blog

What’s the Difference between the Free Option of WordPress and the self-hosted version?

There are two types of WordPress – the free version (or wordpress.com) and the open-source CMS version (wordpress.org).

Beginners always confuse the two, and that’s what we’re here to clear in this section of the post.

WordPress.org (for creating a Self-hosted WordPress website)

Everything we’ve been talking in this post is made in reference to a self-hosted WordPress website.

It’s 100 percent free open source CMS that you can install on your web server and build your website around it.

Unlike the other versions of WordPress, you need a domain and hosting to set up a self-hosted WordPress website.

So why Create a self-hosted WordPress website?

With a self-hosted website, you’re in full charge of your website. You get to decide on everything and customise it any way you want.

Here are a few reasons a self-hosted WordPress website makes a better choice:

  • It’s easy to set up. Everything you need to do after purchasing hosting space and a domain name for your website is pretty much self-explanatory.

You’ll be provided with a Cpanel, where you can log in and install WordPress in just one click.

The next thing you want to do is log into the WordPress admin and install your theme. It’s even better when the theme does come with a demo. You can go ahead and install the demo and hop to the customisation section of the dashboard to edit the key elements, and that’s it.

  • Total Control Over Your Website: With a self-hosted WordPress website, you’re not in any way restricted as to what you can do with it. You’re the person in charge. No one else has the power to turn it off or run adverts on it other than you.
  • You can enhance the functionality of your website through plugins. You’re also allowed to customise your website at the code level. In short, you’re not restricted to how far you can go with customising your website. You can add a free or premium theme or even design a completely custom theme for it.
  • You can make money with it: You’re allowed to make money on your site or integrate it with a third-party tool or payment gateway. You’re the sole owner of the site, so you get to pocket every penny you make through the site.
  • Easy integration with third-party tools: You can integrate your website with third-party tools such as Google Analytics to track, analyse, or improve your website.
  • Not limited as to what you can create on it: You can create an online store even create a web app on this platform.
  • You can create a membership site or even create a site for selling premium content, digital products, courses, and so on.

To keep it short and simple, if you have any idea of a website or have ever seen a website online that you’d like to replicate or pull off a few features, then rest assured it can be done on WordPress with no restriction whatsoever.

The cons of Running a Self-hosted WordPress Website

  • It’s not completely free as you first need to purchase hosting and a domain name to set it up.

The estimated initial cost of setting up a self-hosted website is $50. You also have to spend almost the same amount in acquiring a premium theme.

And the more your site grows and starts to attract more traffic, the more the cost for running it increases. That means you have to upgrade your hosting package and customise the site for branding and a better user experience.

  • You’re responsible for the updates. Although WordPress allows you to update your website with a simple click of a button, it’s your sole responsibility to ensure the updated version of WordPress is compatible with every single one of the plugins you’re using.
  • You’re responsible for backing up your site. Of course, you have plugins to help you out with this, but it’s upon you to make sure that you back everything up on time.

99% of web owners think WordPress.org is the best option of the two. It’s more professional and best suited for managing all your online operations.

Top 40 WordPress Development Agencies in Singapore

Company Name



Digital Marketing

·       SEO Service Provider

·       SEO consultancy

·       SEO Audit

·       Website Design

·       Social Media Marketing

·       Online Reputation Management


Founded in 2008, MediaOne is a full-stack web development and digital marketing agency, with a full menu of services. They employ web developers, designers, trainers, copywriters, marketing professionals, and so on.
They can handle everything from SEO, designing, development, migration, online reputation, social media marketing, and digital marketing.

No project is too big or too small for them. Whether you’re building a simple minimalistic personal blog or working on WordPress SaaS App, MediaOne has you covered.

It gets even better when you consider the fact that they have a digital background. So besides helping you set up your website, they’ll help you market it and help you grow.


4B Craig Road

Singapore 089664

Website URL; https://www.mediaonemarketing.com.sg


Key Clients:

·    Capital Land

·       Maybank

·        Lithan

·       Noel

·       Comat

·       Singtel

TEL:  +65 6789 9852

Sunarc Technologies

Sunarc technologies is a widely appreciated software development company in Singapore, having first stepped in the industry more than 15 years ago.

Although headquartered in Singapore, the company has three other development centres in India.

It’s a well-known IT solution, specialising in serving the people of Singapore with reliable and scalable digital products that solve real world problems.

The company works with a talented pool of digital experts comprising of software engineers, web developers, designers, ecommerce executives and so on.


·       Network solutions

·       AI solutions

·       Cloud Solutions

·       IOT Solution

·       Ecommerce Development

·       Mobile App Development

·       Web Development

·       WordPress Development


Level 28

The Gateway East
152 Beach Rd

Singapore 189721




Key Clients:

·       IIT Bombay

·       Bloom

·  Sea bag Maine

·       Davco

·       Swoopos

·       Muscle Food

·       Shang Commerce

·       Kaplan


+65 9113 2111

Fortune Soft

Looking to transform your ideas into a digital product that you can rely on?

Look no further.

Fortune Soft is one of the most trusted and reliable software engineering companies in Singapore.

Since its start, the company has served businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

Other than that, the company also offers consultation services to organisations that want to partner with them and grow their outreach.


·       Ecommerce Solutions

·       Real Estate Solutions

·       E-learning Solution

·       Android

·       WordPress

·       AngularJS

·       Drupal

·       NodeJS

·       WooCommerce



30 Cecil Street

Singapore 049712



Key Clients:

·       Yokogawa

·       National University of Singapore

·       Christ Culture

·       Seduce

·       Optionways


Not Provided



Ranosys is an IT solution and software development firm in Singapore, with an international footprint in the US and the UK.

The company’s expertise is in web and mobile app development.

They have a notified presence in four countries, where they offer low-cost digital solutions with flexible engagement models.

Their mission is to combine their domain knowledge and technical expertise to provide cost-effective software solutions to businesses in Singapore and the rest of the countries where they operate in.


·       Web design and development

·       Plugin development and customisation

·       Multilingual and multisite

·       WordPress Integration

·       Upgrade and Migration


·       Oxley BizHub


·       73 Ubi Road 1


·       #06-48

·       Singapore 408733





Key Clients

·       Singapore Post

·       D-Link

·       McDonald’s

·       Epson

·       Charles and Keith

·       Singtel

·       Mothercare

·       Shell

·       National University of Singapore

·       Comfort Delgro


+65 6702 2132











Chillybin is all about building digital products that aim to convert the majority of your site’s visitors into customers.

Since 2009, the company has been developing custom WordPress websites for ambitious businesses in Singapore.

Their pride is in their team of experienced and skilled WP developers dedicated to creating WordPress websites that adhere to modern web development standards and tailored to win the hearts of customers while fetching their businesses immense business opportunities.


·        Strategy

·       Branding

·       Web Design

·       Web Development

·       Marketing

·       Analytics



1 Scotts Rd       #24-05 Shaw Centre S’pore 228208



Key clients:

·       Bomanbridge

·       Tim Finn

·       Singapore Sport hub

·       Cold Chisel

·       99 co

·       Warner Music Singapore


+65 3159 1596


Singsys is a top-rated digital solution, widely appreciated in Singapore, for offering top-notch web and mobile app development solutions to the people of Singapore and other parts of the world.

They have upwards of 10 years of experiences and a workforce consisting of 180 IT professionals.

As one of the leading providers of IT solutions in the country, the company strives to cater to the needs of their clients.

Their digital expertise covers web and mobile app development in iOS and Android Native, a series of Mobile App Frameworks, including Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and so on.


·       Mobile Applications

·       Web Applications

·       Design Studio

·       Hosting and Cloud

·       Digital Marketing


1 North Bridge Rd

#17-10 High Street Centre

Singapore 179094



Key clients:

·       Olympus

·       Uparcel

·       Caraters

·       Changi Airport Singapore

·       Marina Bay Singapore

·       Singtel


+65 6561 3900

Email: [email protected]

Web Puppies

Web Puppies is one of the most prolific web design and development agencies in Singapore. The agency deserves every second of your attention if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality WordPress development solutions in Singapore.

Since 2000, the company has been developing affordable but trendy and modern web solutions for a wide range of clients in Singapore.

They have the experience and technical expertise to create all kinds of WordPress websites, whether templated or custom – just spell it out to them, and the company will design it for you accordingly.


·       Web design

·       Ecommerce Web development

·       Digital Marketing

·       Virtual Reality

·       Augmented Reality

·       Cyber Security Solutions

·       Lead Generation

·       Corporate Identity Design


Oxley Towers 138

Robinson Rd


Singapore 068906



Key clients:

·       Standard Chartered

·       Panasonic for Life

·       Food Republic

·       Singapore Polytechnic

·       CooperVision

·       Sembcorp

·       National University of Singapore


+65 6741 1708



Awebstar is a well-ranked web & mobile app development company, as well as providers of SEO services in Singapore.

It’s an award-winning mobile and web app development company, specialising in all kinds of web products.

It’s counted as one of the most brilliant WordPress development companies in Singapore, with more than a decade long experience.

They have a team of marketers and IT professionals; whose expertise and experience allows them to take on all type of WordPress web development projects and offer a wide range of desired digital solutions to their clients.


·       Web Design

·       Ecommerce Web Design

·       SEO Services Singapore

·       Mobile App Development

·       Logo Design

·       Mobile App Development

·       Social Media Optimisation

·       Software Solutions



03 raffles Place

#08-01B Bharat Building

Singapore 048617




Key Clients

·       Singtel

·       Ensemble Music

·       DHL Express

·       KPMG

·       Nirvana

·       National University of Singapore

·       WISMA Geylang Serai

·       Stuff’d


+65 6909 9163

Akimi Technologies

Akimi is a widely known digital agency launched in 2012. It has since grown to be one of the leading providers of web development and digital marketing solutions in Singapore.

It’s an all-rounded agency, offering a wide range of digital solutions including brand strategy, design, development, and marketing automation.

The company offers an array of digital services including branding, web design, web development, website support, digital analytics, and marketing, to name a few.


·       Strategy

·       Design

·       Development

·       Marketing

·       Marketing Automation

·       Marketing Support



6 Raffles Boulevard    Marina Square, #03-308 Singapore 039594


Key Clients:

·       Swatow Seafood

·       Singapore General Hospital

·       SPH

·       Macallan

·       National University Singapore

·       OCBC Bank


+65 6589 8862

Matter Horn Digital

Matter Horn Digital is famous for providing all-inclusive Web development services to Singapore entrepreneurs seeking to create a strong online presence.

All you have to do is define your digital needs and make a point to contact this company. They’ll design your dream website on WordPress, and even help your brand to market it online.

The company also offers custom web development, custom plugin, and web maintenance services to their clients.


·       WordPress Development

·       Search Engine Optimisation

·       Branding and Creative

·       Mobile App Development

·       Ecommerce

·       Web Development


10 Anson Rd


International Plaza



Key Clients

·       National University of Singapore

·       Fraemohs Home

·       Wo Hui Mandarin



+65 8223 3585

Awesome Sites

Awesome Sites is a well-ranked WordPress development and training company based in Singapore.

It’s widely appreciated for offering the best WordPress development and training courses in the country.

Their developers try to make good use of the WordPress CMS. They design all kinds of WordPress websites, suited for specific business needs that entrepreneurs have.

They have a team of skilled programmers specialising in WordPress development. They also have one of the most affordable rates, and added expertise in growing brands and helping them take advantage of available business opportunities. 


·       SEO Services

·       WordPress Web Design Services

·       eCommerce Web design Services


73 Ubi Rd

1 Oxley Bizhub

#10-55 Singapore 408733



Key Clients:

·       Andivia

·       Casey Salon

·       AGX Photography

·       Sbo.sg

·       Tiny Photos

·       The Car Regency


+65 9188 9629


Web Express


Owned and managed by Yellow Pages Singularity, Web Express is a WordPress web development agency dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore.

Their goal is to help their clients set up stunning websites for their clients, as they also work on helping them standout through an array of digital marketing services.

It’s a full-suite digital solution offering web hosting, graphic design, eCommerce, and web maintenance solutions to the companies in Singapore.


·       Ecommerce Website

·       Custom Website

·       Web hosting

·       Templated Websites

·       Search Engine Marketing

·       Graphic Design


1 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh,
Yellow Pages Building,
Singapore 319637





Key Clients:

·       AmLife

·       Verandah Residence

·       Richill Industries

·       The Tapestry

·       Wallich Residence

·       New Futura

·       SG Food Accounting


+65 6817 2515


Support: [email protected]

Sales: [email protected]



Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech is a global brand. It’s a fast-growing mobile and web app development company that started in India and shortly after stretched its wings to the US and Singapore.

At the time of writing this, the company is counting five years of operation, having first launched its services in 2014.

In its work palette is a list of services, including IT, construction, and textiles.


·       Custom Web development

·       Web App Development

·       Enterprise Portal Development

·       Content Management System

·       E-Business/B2B Solutions

·       WordPress Development

·       Symphony Development

·       Angular Js

·       CodeIgniter

·       Joomla



03 Raffles Place


Bharat  Building




Key Clients:

·       Ado Architecture and Design

·       Reid Cycles

·       Belleza hair Salon

·       Blind Tiger

·       Boat Charter

·       Trust Tech

·       Battle Stars



+65 8317 2205

Web Studio

Web Studio specialises in custom web solutions.

It’s one of the few companies that put work on every single one of their assigned projects instead of rushing to use a template.

You can reach them for a customised website created with your specifications in mind.

Web Studios handles their work uniquely. They first listen to the needs you have and create a mental image of your brand and its vision before embarking on your web project.


·       Web design

·       Ecommerce

·       Content Management System

·       Custom Development


140 Paya Lebar Rd
#06-26 AZ Paya Lebar
Singapore 409015



Key Clients

·       Pohkong

·       Alfo

·       Amfloor

·       Gophers

·       Flow

·       Amigatech


Tel: +65 6904 3751
 +65 333 4636
Email address: [email protected]



Yuri Website

Yuri is a prominent web development, branding, and marketing firm in Singapore. The agency loves partnering with businesses in Singapore to help them steer their online operations to the next level of success.

The company specialises in building a custom WordPress website designed with your customers and end-users in mind. The primary goal is to come up with a digital product that will be helping a majority of your site’s visitors convert into customers.



·       Web Design

·       Ecommerce

·       Web Development

·       SEO Optimisation

·       Marketing

·       Branding


182 Yung Sheng Rd






Key Clients

·       Paradox Inc

·       Eye Insurance

·       Moving Co


+65 8404 7427





RippleWerks is a firm of software engineers. Their calling card is offering elegant, economical, and top-tier business solutions.

They’re experts in a variety of tools, programming languages, and technologies. 

The company has been active since 2009 when it started. It’s headquartered in Singapore, but with a web development centre in Thailand.

The company offers a full range of digital marketing and web design and development services. They’re well known for creating modern and trendy websites that are a true representation of their clients’ businesses.


·       web design

·       web development,

·       digital marketing web hosting




267A Jalan Besar
Singapore 208939





Key Clients:

Key Clients

·       Egide

·       Grape Vine

·       Taiwan Beer

·       7up

·       PH Balancer

·       Amasia

·       Apba


: +65 8817 9941



[email protected]


Fixx Digital

Fixx Digital is best known for designing some of the most creative websites in Singapore. The websites they create are both artistic and unique.

Every single one of their web projects is infused with trendy elements, which goes on to ensure that all their websites are stunning and designed to the best standards there is.


·       Web Design

·       Web Development

·       Digital Marketing



Address: 625 LORONG 4, TOA PAYOH,





Key Clients:








+65 6250 3580




Web Design

UX/UI Design

Web development


Custom WordPress Development


Open wave comp

Openwave was established in 2003, and it has since evolved to be one of the leading tech solutions in Singapore, the US, Malaysia, and India.

At its start, Open Wave was nothing more than a simple web development company but has since grown to be one of the most reliable and trusted web solutions in Singapore and the other three countries.

Open Waves works with an experienced team of developers that lets you take full advantage of all the benefits associated with WordPress. They have the experience and skillset to design you a stunning WordPress site that responds to your business needs to the finest details.


·       Virtual Reality

·       PHP Web Development

·       Web Design

·       Ecommerce

·       SMS Solution

·       Payment Gateway Solutions

·       iOS App Development

·       Android App Development

·       Blockchain

·       SEO Services



10 Jalan Besar


Singapore 208787




Key Clients

·       The Lux Atelier

·       Decentralised Mindset Token

·       Big Five Discipline

·       Flashforge

·       Sahivalue

·       Friso

·       Forex Park FX


: +65 9459 4989

: +65 9852 2123

Email: [email protected]



Webee is a boutique web development agency in Singapore, with only one goal – to provide custom digital solutions that hinge their clients closer to their goals.

Their web products are widely sought-after for being unique, interactive, and visually stunning, among other things.

They also have one of the most committed and personable teams of strategists, designers, and developers.


·       Web Design

·       Custom WordPress (CMS) Development

·       UX/UI Design

·       Website Maintainence


51 Goldhill



Singapore 308900



Key Clients:

·       Snuper design

·       CBLD

·       Leadman

·       GoBabyMama

·       ToLaCool


[email protected]

Aspire Designs

Aspire was started in 2006 as a web design and development agency dedicated to helping business owners launch the best digital products for their businesses.

The company focuses on helping brands create stunning, responsive, and user-friendly websites.  They derive their satisfaction when they’re able to help their clients achieve their business goals.


·       Web App Development

·       Web Design

·       Online Marketing

·       Ready-Made System

·       ERP System

·       Mobile App Development

·       Readymade system


71 Bukit Batok Cresent

#09-08 Prestige Centre





Key Clients

·       MayaDayen

·       MIT

·       Singapore Management University

·       South West

·       Rotronic

·       Trillion Property

·       Avon Beauty Secrets

·       Unitest Instruments


[email protected]


Lemonade IT

Lemonade IT is a top-of-the-line web development agency that does more than design a visually stunning and modern website for your business. They create websites that are well-optimised to convert the majority of your site’s visitors into loyal customers.

Every website they create is designed with the end-user in mind. It’s designed to offer them the best user experience and feed directly to their emotions so they can have an easy time connecting with your brand.


·       Website design

·       Website Maintenance Services

·       WordPress Website Creation



31 Woodlands Close

Woodlands Horizon #04-02

Singapore 737855



Key Clients

·       National University of Singapore

·       Hwacheon

·       Chin Seng Hin

·       Warren Golf & Country Club


+65 3158 3831 (Press 1)


Subraa was started ten years ago as a web designing, development, and WordPress specialist agency. And up until now, the company has catered to the digital needs of a wide range of industries in Singapore

Their clientele hails from all parts of Singapore, as well as the UK, the US, and Australia.


·       Web design

·       Web development

·       Web revamp

·       UX/UI Design

·       Logo Design

·       Brand Creation

·       Corporate Identity

·       Facebook Ad Design


471A Upper Serangoon Crescent

Singapore 531471



Key Clients

·       Eco fill

·       AirCongo Flight Crew

·       PaintNVineyard

·       Manhattan Pizza, Singapore


WhatsApp +65 8643 7779

+65 9795 7890

Email: [email protected]

Iconcept Digital

IConcept’s goal is to handle every key aspect of your website so you can focus on growing and managing your business. They have a full-house team of marketers, web designers, and developers, known for using a systematic approach to design well-optimised sites that make conversion easier.

Their unique approach covers everything – from web security to conversion. The end goal is to ensure your site not only looks good, but it’s also optimised for better performance.


·       Responsive Web Design

·       eCommerce

·       Content Management System

·       SEO Expert

·       Google Ads

·       Digital Marketing




140 Paya Lebar Rd,
#06-26, AZ Paya Lebar,
Singapore 409015





Key Clients

·       Volkwagen

·       Sony Xperia

·       Singapore Airlines

·       Pandora

·       Captain Oats

·       Julie’s


Fax: (+65) 6333 4636
Email address: [email protected]


Min Love Cat

MinLoveCat is an award-winning WordPress web developer, having won the CSS Design Awards and the Elementor site of the month.

The company was started in 1996 and has since then grown to be one of the leading design firms in the country. They have worked with local SMEs, start-ups, and multinational corporations.


·       Web design

·       WordPress Development

·       Photography

·       Logo Design

·       Project Management

·       HTML/CSS

·       UI Design






Key Clients:

·       New Balance

·       Eu Yang

·       IDA

·       Nokia

·       Erdinger Beer

·       SUTD






Ambient is a creative software development firm with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. Since their start, the company has been busy working with brands in helping them develop a better connection with their audience through great visuals, engaging content, and better user experience.


·       Digital Strategy

·       Website Development

·       Mobile Apps Development

·       Custom Software Applications

·       UX/UI Design

·       Ruby on the rails

·       PHP Laravel

·       ASP.NET


SG Vision Exchange

2 Venture Drive


Singapore 608 526



Key Clients:

·       Haikee Chicken Rice

·       MTM Live Beautiful

·       Omron Vibration Suppression Solution

·       G77 Plus


+65 9829 2848


[email protected]



Smmile are the masters of custom WordPress design. Their websites look not only great, but also work great – with no glitches, and tailored to match your needs and goals.

They have different web design packages, boxed for different needs and budgets. You can hire them for a custom design, a themed website, plugin development, and so forth.


·       Web design and Development

·       Company Website

·       Ecommerce Website

·       Website Maintenance

·       Corporate Branding


35 Kallang Pudding Rd

Singapore 349314




Key Clients

·       IPM Integrated Property Management

·       CoinJunction

·       Beamworks

·       Lumiworks



[email protected]
+65 8687 8143


Visible One

Visible One is a fast-rising web development agency comprising of a team of talented web developers and strategists

It’s a result-driven, Singapore-based firm dedicated to helping businesses across varied industries set up stunning web products to help them scale up and capitalise on their online market.


·       Web Development

·       Website Design

·       Ecommerce Development

·       Creative and Photography

·       SSL Certificate

·       Inbound Marketing



24 Sin Ming Lane

Midview City


Singapore 573970


Key Client:

·       Shimmer & Shine

·       Spacio Beauty

·       Lokson Sumptous Asset

·       Easy Connect



+65 6248 0838 

[email protected]

Infinity Core

Infinity Core is a Singapore-based web and mobile app development firm whose expertise spans experiential marketing, interactive digital media solutions, and digital visuals.

The agency has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and web development and digital marketing brands.

They have one of the most qualified teams of thinkers and practical achievers that you can depend on for planning, designing, developing, testing, and software solutions to businesses in Singapore and the whole of the Asia-pacific region, in extension.


·       Games Development

·       Mobile App Development

·       Digital Campaigns

·       Software Platforms

·       Multimedia

·       Hardware Development

·       Experiential Marketing

·       Mixed Reality



25 Bukit Batok

Crescent the Elitist

#08-01 Singapore 658066



Key Clients

·       DBS

·       UOB

·       POSB

·       OCBC Bank

·       Hermes Paris

·       Mediacorp

·       Capitaland

·       Welkencom


+65 9758 5182

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Eastside Mafia

Eastside Mafia is an end-to-end digital solution that focuses on developing result-driven digital products. From enterprise solutions and start-ups, every web product that goes through their hands supports the strategic initiative of their client and forward-thinking user experience first.

It goes beyond making your site look pretty, but creating a conversion machine that will be turning browser visitors into actual customers and sales.


·       Facebook marketing

·       Google Ads Management

·       Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

·       Website Design

·       Google Ads

·       Facebook Marketing


287B Outram Rd

Singapore 169070



Key Clients:

·       Citi Bank

·       Great Eastern

·       Wearnes

·       Prudential

·       Larmoire

·       Standard Chartered

·       HSBSC



Email Address:

[email protected]

Inno Media Technologies

Inno Media was started in 2007 and has evolved a great deal to be one of the leading providers of SEO and web design services in Singapore.

They have worked with thousands of brands in helping them set a strong online presence and scale their online operations. It’s an all-inclusive digital solution consisting of copywriters, web designers, mobile developers, marketers, and so on.


·       Website Design

·       SEO Services

·       Mobile App Development

·       Ecommerce Web design

·       Facebook Marketing

·       WordPress Development


Westech Building

#06-04 237 Pandan Loop

Singapore 12842



Key Clients

·       Sanitus

·       Shi-Ki

·       Pioneer Training



+65 9097 9242



Email: [email protected]

The Creative Agency

All web solutions from The Creative Agency meet five key requirements for business – compliance, performance, security, engaging UX, and simple but straight-out-of-the-box UI.

It’s a Singapore-based company that excels in creating cost-effective and profitable mobile and web solutions for its clients.

They have a dedicated team that strives to exceed their clients’ expectations, having worked with hundreds of businesses in helping them establish a strong and long-lasting web presence.


·       Graphic Design

·       Branding and identity

·       Online Marketing Strategies

·       Copywriting and Editorial Services

·       WordPress Website Development

·       Ecommerce Systems


Not Provided



Key Clients:

·       Maxell

·       Empire Door

·       Grande Doors

·       Lavalle

·       Lioncorp



+65 9388 2612

[email protected]

24K Designs

24K has delivered upwards of 2000 web projects, having operated for only a decade (started in 2009).

It’s one of the agencies that have your interest at heart.

With the team, it’s not just about delivering your project but delivering results that you can count on and use to build a strong online brand that lasts.


·       Web design

·       Facility Booking System

·       Copywriting

·       Video Marketing

·       Search Engine Optimisation

·       Content Management System

·       Web hosting

·       First Campus


61 Upper Paya Lebar Rd

Tat Wan  Building


Singapore 534816




Key Clients:

·       The Ascott Limited

·       Engie

·       China Unicom

·       Greenland Fortune Global 500

·       MGC

·       Sharp

·       Rockwell automation

·       Daikin





+65 6844 0132

Fax: +65 6600 0131

Email Address: [email protected]

Skynozis Designers

Skynozis Designers can be your trusted partner if you’re looking for an affordable agency to help you design a custom website or logo for your business.

The company was started about a decade ago, and since then, they have managed to work with almost all categories of businesses in Singapore.

They have worked with celebrities, real estate companies, restaurants, and so on. They’re a reliable digital solution for businesses in Singapore, with a calling card for offering their services at affordable rates.


·       Ecommerce

·       Web Design

·       Logo Design

·       WordPress Design


Skynozis Designers
BLK-23 #06-390,
Dover Cres
Singapore 130023





Key Clients:

·       Happy Planner

·       Madfries

·       Mapple Assistance

·       E-news Hour

·       The Style House



+65 9457 6084






Vcares is a well-known web development agency operating in Singapore and India.

It was started in 2011 to help small to enterprise-level businesses scale to new heights.

The agency designs all manners of websites – from static websites to complex web portals and CMS apps.


·       Web design

·       Web host

·       SEO marketing

·       Email Marketing

·       Payroll Software


10 Anson Rd


Singapore 079 903.



Key Clients

·       Gakken

·       EZ Employment

·       Atlas Housing

·       Galaxy

TEL: +65 6693 5414


Oroshin is a straightforward internet marketing and web development firm in Singapore.

They are one of the most reliable providers of digital solutions, with their operations dating back to 2005 when it was started.


·       Joomla development

·       WordPress Development

·       Ecommerce Development

·       Internet Marketing

·       Graphic Design

·       eCover Design

·       Videography and Photography



Not Provided



Key Clients:

·       In Vitro Pte Limited

·       Singapore Pawnbroker’s Association


+65 9640 6300

+65 8127 0650

Hyperlink Info System

Hyperlink was established in 2011, and it have grown to be one of the most respected design solutions in Singapore.

With them, customer satisfaction takes precedence over everything else. Every single one of the websites they create has to meet their clients’ demands.


·       .NET Development

·       AngularJs Development

·       WordPress Development

·       UX/UI design

·       Web Design

·       Web Development


Block C 106/B Ganesh Meredian Near Sola Bridge

 Opp Gujarat High Court, S.G. Highway Ahmedabad380061 Gujarat




Key Clients:

·       Papa Johns Pizza Delivery

·       Digital Banking Solutions

·       Wastee Food Sharing Apps

·       Verve Apps

·       Puppi

·       Art of Living App – Meditation App



+61 7310 32435


Convertium has been in business since 2001. It’s one of the most established digital firms in the country, with a unique web development and marketing approach.First, the agency tries to wear the mind of the end-user, after which they’ll try to come up with a web project that solves their problems and offer them sustainable value.


·       Digital Marketing

·       UX/UI Designing

·       Digital Marketing

·       PHP Development


11B Stanley Street

Singapore 068730




Key Clients:

·       Bank of Singapore

·       Marina Sand bay

·       Lexus Asia Pacific

·       Singapore Economic Development Board


·       +6562366400


 [email protected]





CreiTive are the real McCoy of web development. They’re one of the most proficient web development agencies, whose experience allows them to take on any web project and execute it to your satisfaction.

They’ll help you define, build, and accelerate your online growth by offering you a perfect web product and ideas on how to transform it into something big.


·       AngularJs

·       CMS Development

·       Custom Software development

·       Web design

·       UX/UI Design

·       Web Development

·       NodeJs


71 Robinson Rd

14-145 WeWork

Singapore 068895



Key Clients:

·       Alda Properties

·       Microsoft

·       Prudential

·       Department of Health Singapore


+65 9359 6595

Email: [email protected]


Janksoft is driven by the passion for helping clients make good use of online opportunities. In their portfolio is a long list of amazing digital products designed to evolve with their clients’ ever-changing business demands.

Before committing to any project, Janksoft usually takes their sweet time to understand your business and the needs it has, before coming up with tailored solutions that respond to every single one of its demands.  


·       Customer software development

·       Ecommerce

·       Web Design

·       MySQL

·       Web Development

·       Mobile App Development

·       Ecommerce


10 Ubi Crescent

#Lobby D

#07-72 Sungapore 408564



Key Clients:

·       Chop Chop

·       Vanga Shops

·       Work Pandaa

·       Scuba Kitty

·       TEL:   +6569663085



Oasis Web Asia

Oasis is a respectable name in Singapore’s digital space. They have one of the most expansive portfolios, having worked with thousands of businesses in helping them realise their dreams.

They design scalable web projects of all kinds ranging from recruitment software to custom web projects and CMS websites.

·       CMS Development

·       Ecommerce

·       Web Development

·       UX/UI Design

·       WordPress Development

·       Mobile App Development



·        5008 Ang Mo Kio, Avenue 5 #04-09,

·       TechPlace II, Singapore 569874





Key Clients

·       Ritz Carlton Mooncake

·       Comfort Delgro Driving Centre

·       Teo Heng KTV

·       Travel Cue


·        [email protected]

·        Contact: +6581579012




Top 10 WordPress Plugins Recommended by Website Design Agencies

There’s no denying that WordPress is the best CMS around. Some people may be quick to debunk this statement, but it’s true – no other CMS packs the same functionalities, flexibility, and expediency as WordPress.

One of the reasons people use WordPress is to take advantage of the thousands of plugins that enhance extend its functionalities.

From a WordPress developer’s perspective, here’s a list of Must-have WordPress plugins


If you’re not completely new on this side of the street, then you’ve probably heard about Yoast. It’s an excellent SEO plugin that you wouldn’t want to miss in your marketing pellet, a big gun in the world of marketing.

It’s a standard SEO tool that helps you to optimise your title, meta description, meta tags, content, links, and all the essential SEO features.

The plugin is offered for free, with an option to upgrade for premium features at a one-time fee of $70.

Everest Form

Everest Form is the plugin you use to gather data on your site’s visitors. It’s a plugin you use to find out how your visitors interact with your site.

It’s a plugin you wouldn’t want to miss if you have an ecommerce store and would like to find out how your site’s visitors respond to your products and services.

Ultimate Sharing

With this plugin, your site’s visitors can share the content around on the various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest.

This plugin also allows you to customise your social share buttons so they can blend with the rest of your website for brand consistency. You can change the icon, size, arrangement, and any other aspect of the buttons for a more consistent and enhanced look.

The only unfortunate thing is that this plugin has no free option. You have to shell out $20 to $25 to use it.

W3 Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache is a plugin you use to enhance the performance of your website by taking advantage of the cache technology.

Big companies such as Mashable.com, Makeuseof.com, AT&T, CSS-tricks.com, ilovetypography.com, and personified.com use this plugin.

As it stands, the plugin has more than 1 million active installs.


OptinMonster is a feature-rich WordPress plugin boasting upwards of 30, 000 installs at the time of writing this. It’s a pop-up lead generation plugin that comes with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder that you can use to build a landing page with varied user intent such as free courses, subscription, email newsletters, and so forth.

The plugin also offers A/B split testing, built-in analytics, and page-level targeting, to name a few. The plugin can also be integrated with different email marketing services, including Emma and MailChimp.


UpdraftPlus is a plugin you use to back up your website, just in case something happens and you need to restore it without losing anything.

WordPress is a prime target for hackers. While there a few things that you could do to protect your website and beef up its security, nothing you do comes with guarantees.

To stay safe, always learn to back up your website, and that’s where this plugin comes in handy.

Compress Jpeg and PNG Files

Your website is, for the most part, made up of images. These images are bulky, and as such risk slowing down your website.

And just to remind you, when your website takes so much time to load up, that means more than half of the visitor you attract to your site will be falling off.

One way to work on this and speed up your site is by compressing your image files, and that’s exactly where a plugin such as this may prove to be useful.

Constant Contact

You need this plugin for email marketing. With this tool, you can easily create beautiful email newsletters that you’ll be sending to your subscribers.

It’s a simple plugin that’s easy enough to be used by non-techy users. It can also be integrated by popular WordPress plugins such as WPForms and OptinMonster.


Sucuri is a security plugin that protects your website from DDoS Attacks, XSS Attacks, Malware Threats, Brute Force Attacks, or any other type of online attack.

It should be among the first few plugins that you install on your site.


SEMRush is a full-package marketing tool that helps you manage almost every aspect of digital marketing with the professionalism it requires. You can use it to improve SEO, paid search, backlink audit, PR strategy and so on.

You can use it to do keyword research, to spy on your competitors, audit backlinks, and discover the kind of topics that are trending on social media.

Final Thoughts

There goes a top 40 list of the best WordPress web development agencies in Singapore. Not to remind you that with WordPress, it’s possible to build your own website. The question to ask is, do you really have the time and the skillset to put together a well-branded, professional website?

Another option would be to hire a freelance WordPress developer. The problem is that the developer you hire will also be doubling as the project manager, graphic designer, and all that’s needed to create a stunning WordPress website.

And the only right guess is that you can only excel in one field. So, chances are you’ll be hiring someone who’s stronger in one area and effete in all the others.

The only option left is hiring a WordPress web development agency, which works with a full-team of web developers, SEO marketers, designers, and copywriters.

We invite you to talk to us about your WordPress web project, and we’ll advice you accordingly.

Author Bio

Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

November 24, 2019

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