Is WordPress The Best Website Platform For Singapore Businesses?

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As it stands, WordPress is the most advanced and popular Content Management System (CMS), powering about 30 percent of all websites.

Reasons explaining this abound. But at core it’s because the platform is completely free and awe inspiring. Using it is also a no-brainer. In actual fact, you don’t necessarily need to be good with crude code to be able to play around with the platform for some minor tweaks or to even develop your own website.

What’s even better is that the platform boasts a huge network of developers, endless list of tutorials, how-to videos, eBooks, and web development agencies such as MediaOne that are dedicated to helping you develop, maintain, and grow your WordPress website.

You’d even be more surprised to learn that WordPress also powers some of the world’s biggest brands including MTV, TechCrunch, Vogue, Microsoft, Copy Blogger, Yoast, Rocket Genius, Envato, and Facebook News to name a few.


WordPress in Layman’s Language

Back in the days, if someone wanted a website, they had to first come up with thousands of lines of crude code. This meant that only geeks could both develop and maintain a website, which sort of made the whole business of owning a WordPress website super expensive for an average business owner.

The sheer complexity of codes also scared lots of those who wished to own a website, considering how they were to update it, let alone populate it with content. This goes on to show that only a small section of web users actually got to own a website.

Then along came Content Managing Systems, with WordPress emerging atop.

Every web owner at the moment wanted to migrate their Website to WordPress. Those who hated dealing with codes were also attracted for the simple fact that the platform allowed them to actually manage a website without forcing them to learn basic programming languages.

In simple terms, WordPress is one of the simplest software designed to specifically remove the need to learn HTML as an essential part of website creation. That way, all a web owner will be doing is churning out content as the platform focuses on handling the rest.

With the platform, not a single coding skill is required to both maintain and manage your own website. You can even update your site or fill it with more features and functionalities without dealing with plain code, thanks to the invention of plugins and premium WordPress themes.

That explains why the internet has in the recent years exploded with new blogs and websites. What WordPress did was simplify the process involved in Website creation, thus making it possible for business owners with zero coding skills or willingness to learn, to explore their online potential without worrying about HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL or FTP for that matter unless otherwise.


Why is WordPress Better for Your Singapore Business?

  Your options are never limited when it comes to choosing a CMS platform to run your website. But there’s an explanation as to why WordPress stands supreme.

For what’s worth, the website you design is supposed to be a fantastic representation of your business. We’ll therefore assume you’ve done your fair share of research on all the available open source CMS platforms to develop some little bit of understanding on their undercurrents.

Well, before you sign up or make up your mind regarding any of them, it will be important to take a deeper, unprejudiced look into the WordPress platform before making an informed decision on whether or NOT it’s suited for your business.

For starters, you’ll have to evaluate your business needs, and like you’re soon to find out, WordPress might be the only platform that never lacks a solution to every need or problem you’re likely to encounter in future.

Looking to ramp up your marketing effort and happen to be also on the lookout for the most effective tool to help you out?

Well, check out the Yoast plugin. Yoast really makes the SEO of your website a breeze as it indicates how and where to improve your meta data, keyword density, control your internal and external link building activity as well as keep a close eye on the readability and SEO score of individual pages.

Looking to install an SSL certificate and you’re NOT willing to fork out extra dollars to a developer?

Well, WordPress has a plugin that can help you get it done with only a few clicks – and with no programming skill needed. This is even more important for a Singapore business owner.

Speaking of which, hiring a web developer in Singapore to make simple changes on your website, more so when it’s running on a different CMS or customized one, might actually cost you an arm and leg. But with WordPress, all you got to do is dig up for a few tutorials and you’re good to iron it out on your own.

It’s to be however noted that things might actually take a nasty turn. If it happens, don’t fret. Web development companies like MediaOne operate with a team of WordPress specialists that will take a look at it and fix it in no time.



Every business owner always looks forward to cut their operation cost to the lowest count possible. For a free platform like WordPress, the only cost you’ll be encountering to both run and maintain your website is the hosting and domain renewal charges.

There’ll be of course some initial upfront costs, for the theme and everything else, but that’s just a one-time deal. For subsequent years, the only cost you’ll be incurring is the hosting and domain renewal charges, which should cost you about $100-$200.

This is way cheaper compared to paid platforms. Even better than other free platforms as there will be NO hidden charges limiting your access to premium features and functionalities.



With WordPress you can literally develop any kind of website you want. From a simple blog or static landing page, to an advanced eCommerce site attracting hundreds of thousands of online users every month, you can trust WordPress to hold it all up for you.

Worth noting is that the platform has thousands of awesome theme options for you to choose from. That’s without mentioning the theme builders that allow you to come up with something completely off the wall and can even be customized to only match your brand.

Suffice it to say that, with WordPress, you’ll never run out of customizing options, regardless of the kind of website you’re hoping to build. Somewhere along the WordPress theme archives, there should be that one totally customizable theme that snugly matches your business need or brand.



Security is of great concern to every web owner. You certainly don’t want to be hacked or ripped off by some bored nerd somewhere. Worse is when these hackers start targeting your clients, soiling the little trust your clients have in your business.

No site is immune to hacking. But there are security measures that you can put in place to ensure your site is at all times protected from ruthless scammers and hackers.

You can even assign the task to agencies such as MediaOne, which will be working round the clock to protect your site from all kinds of cyber attacks and even deploy security patches that will be alerting them every time your site registers a vulnerability that puts it at risk of a cyber attack.


It’s a Wrap

The only obstacle you have to choosing the best platform for running your website is taking the words of naysayers at face value. With everything else held constant, WordPress is by far the best CMS platform a Singapore based business owner can choose to run their website on. For further clarification on the platform with regard to what it can do, you’re invited to contact MediaOne today and they’ll be glad to walk you through everything step by step.

October 17, 2018

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