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is wix seo friendly singapore

It is most likely that you have heard some people say you should avoid Wix as their SEO sucks while others say it is ok. This article goes through the ins and outs of Wix to find out whether it is SEO-friendly or not. 

The Source of Wix’s Bad Reputation

Initially, WIX had many negative issues that made it hard to recommend it for SEO. These issues made it difficult for Wix to compete in search engines including Google. Some of these past problems included;

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  • It was possible to add alternative text for images. It is now an issue of the past.
  • An awful URL structures. The URL was not SEO friendly due to additional strange characters to it. The problem was fixed in 2016.
  • In the past, Wix used flash technology which was very bad for SEO ranking.
  • It was not possible to optimise the URL, meta descriptions and title tag for your blog posts. This was also fixed in 2016.

These SEO issues of Wix almost destroyed its reputation. However, continuous efforts have been made to rectify these problems. In 2016, Wix was successful in coming up with SEO best alternatives. The senior employee of Google has stated that Wix websites are functioning okay in the search. The MOZ cofounder has also started a Wix marketing campaign in a bid to promote its SEO reputation. Wix has come up with Wiz add-on tool to help improve your website on page SEO. This tool is useful with the primary ranking factors hence you should not rely on it entirely for your SEO strategy. It would be better for you to use other tools including Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Reasons for Projects Failure in Achieving Their SEO Goals

Many non-Wix and Wix users have given feedback on poor SEO results. The most likely reason for such a result is the lack of a proper SEO strategy. Most of the bad results come as a result of;

  • Lack of keyword research. Keywords determine what your content ranks for in search engines. You should ensure you use keywords with high traffic generation and low competition.
  • Meagre on-page optimisation. Websites with poorly SEO optimisation such as strange URLs and missing title tags.
  • Low-quality content. Google gives its users the best available content available on the internet. You need to have valuable and better content than the top ten Google results for you to get the opportunity of appearing on the first results page.
  • Poor competition assessment. Some business niches are very competitive for you to rank well. Using keywords that rank for these competitive niches results in poor ranking.
  • Image-based content. Google is yet to comprehend the texts on images. You should hence avoid adding texts on images.
Important Metrics of SEO Website Audit

Wix SEO Review

To ascertain whether Wix is SEO friendly or not, let’s look into the most significant on-page SEO features and how Wix approaches them.

SEO Feature


Availability in Wix

Page Title Page title appears as the key heading on search engine results page. Your website page main keyword should be included on the page title. The page title is customizable for all website pages.
Personalised URLs Web page URL is a crucial ranking factor. You should hence incorporate your keyword in the URL. Wix adds some extra characters to blog posts URLs which is less perfect for SEO. However, it is customizable for all pages.
Meta Description Metadescription is the overview text below the page title. It does not have any direct effect on SEO rankings but may increase the click through rate if it is well stated which is taken positively by google. Metadescription

 is customizable for all pages.

Image Alt Attributes This is the alternative image texts. You should be able to customise it as Google gives it special attention. It is available
Headings Structure The different page heading is used by search engine to know about the web pages. You should, therefore, be able to structure the page headings correctly. For regular pages, you can use heading 1 to 6 while you use heading 1 and 2 for blog posts
301 Redirects Developing 301 redirects avoids the formation of many broken links ensuring that you rank higher. Available
Search Engine Commands This involves the ability to set non-indexed and index pages using the meta robots tag. This is crucial for SEO in avoiding irreverent or duplicate content. Available
SSL Encryption HTTPs address are more preferred by Google as they help to protect the user’s data sent through your website. It is more applicable if you possess an online store. It is accessible in all plans
Sitemap Sitemaps are responsible for speeding up indexation on a search engine and keeping your indexed pages up to date. Not available. Wix creates an automatic sitemap that is not accessible and customizable.
Speed and Uptime Google considers fast sites with minimal interruptions for a higher ranking. Available with live tests
Mobile Friendly Your site needs to be mobile friendly for a higher ranking. It possesses a mobile editor. You cannot customise the tablet version. 
Canonical Tags This advanced feature enables search engines to identify duplicate content on two site pages. It is not available
Google Analytics Google analytics are useful in monitoring and measuring the results of your SEO strategies. It has no straight influence to your SEO ranking. Available
Google Search Console Google console gives you additional information such as crawling errors and broken links that are essential in your efforts of improved optimisation. Available


One of the areas that Wix need to improve is the bad characters in the cryptic names that image files get after uploading them in the editor especially for websites concerned about getting into Google images. With possession of features that have the most substantial impact such as content, keyword decisions and content structures, Wix is good for the majority of website projects. This is on the exception of other specific features such as sitemap and canonical tags.


You are now aware of what Wix SEO offers and what it does not. You hence know what to expect from it. Essentially, the basic most SEO options that regular sites require are covered by Wix. One of the tasks in which Wix would not make a perfect choice is if you want to get into intensive blogging where you will use all styles and technics. We can hence conclude that Wix is a bit user-friendly, but it’s not the best alternative to some extent.

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