Using Wikipedia for Marketing in Singapore

Using Wikipedia for Marketing in Singapore

Did you know you could use Wikipedia for marketing in Singapore? This multilingual online encyclopaedia works through an open collaboration through a unique wiki-based content editing system. According to a recent report by Alexa, it is the most popular website in the world today, and more than 600 new English articles are published on the platform every day. It is also estimated that 32.5 million editors work on the platform to ensure that the content uploaded is accurate and free of any grammatical errors.

Just like any other platform that accepts guest posts, there are several requirements that new content has to meet for it to be approved and published. Here are some indicators to help you know if your content stands a chance of being approved.

  •         You are the founder of new technology, or the company is an authority in the niche
  •         You have new and industry-changing technology/innovation that your company invented initially or developed
  •         There are no articles related to the information you want to share in existing Wikipedia articles

Before we look at the steps of creating a Wikipedia page, it is important to note that the platform receives millions of visitors per day. Hence, rest assured that your page will garner traction within a short period and you will notice an increase in your site traffic.

Steps to Creating a Wikipedia Page for Marketing in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, there are specific rules and regulations that all new pages have to abide by them to be approved by the editors for publishing. Here is a six-step guide that will help you create your first Wikipedia page for marketing in Singapore.

1# Carry Out Extensive Research

Before you embark on creating the content, take the time to learn and understand how the Wikipedia community works. The background information will increase the chances of your page being approved and published. In not, it will be deleted or challenged after you submit it for review by the editors.

2# Create an Account

To publish a page on this platform, you need to be a registered user. One of the benefits of being a registered user, you can not only create your content but also edit existing articles and pages. The process of registering is easy, but make sure you use your real name and email address for verification purposes.

3# Take Small Steps

Test your skills before you create the page to know how the platform works. For example, you can start by reviewing and editing the existing pages to gauge your skills. As you edit, you will get hands-on experience using the content management system. Just make sure that the articles you edit are in line with your niche and your edits are justified. Remember, the main goal of the platform is to provide accurate information.

4# Look for Credible Sources

As you familiarise yourself with Wikipedia and prepare to publish your first page for marketing, take some time to gather credible sources to back up the topic you will discuss in the article or page you intend to publish. This step will save you time and ease the process of creating the page.

Note that Wikipedia is not a direct marketing channel, but rather an encyclopaedia so the editors will verify all information you share on the page. That means the content has to be 100% factual and unbiased. For example, if you will be creating a technology page, it is advisable to include relevant information from your competitors about the technology and include links to their websites.

Spice up your page and make it easier for the target audience to adjust the message by using images. However, make sure that the photos are not subject to copyright or you own them.

5# Write the Content

After the four steps discussed above, you are finally ready to write content for your Wikipedia page. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by creating the content in MS Word then copy-paste it to the Wikipedia interface.

6# Page Submission

Make sure it is professionally formatted and error-free before sending it to the editors for review. The review and approval process can take a few days or as long as two weeks or more to get feedback from the editors.

Let us shift gears and look at four primary reasons why you should consider using Wikipedia for marketing in Singapore.

4 Primary Reasons to Use Wikipedia for Marketing in Singapore

Chance to Appear at the Top of SERPs

Wikipedia is one of the top-rated and ranked websites in the world. Publishing an article or page on this platform with links to your main website will have a significant positive impact on your site SEO. Once Google and other search engine bots index the Wikipedia page, you will notice a substantial improvement in your website ranking on SERPs.

High Domain Authority

Domain authority is one of the primary factors that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. That is, sites that have a high domain authority are ranked well than sites with low domain authority. By taking the time to create a Wikipedia page for your website on this platform, you will build a robust digital footprint. This will, in turn, result in higher domain authority.

Improve your Business ROI

As a Singapore online business owner; your main goal is to get maximum ROI from your digital marketing campaigns. High domain authority and top ranking on the search engine will result in more website traffic. The traffic will translate into more leads and sales if your website design is responsive and offers the best user experience to prospects.

Adds Credibility to your Website

As mentioned earlier, the Wikipedia team verifies all information on a page before publishing. The published page will add credibility to your site and give you an upper hand.

Closing Remarks

Wikipedia is a viable marketing platform that you can use to give your Singapore brand a higher cutting edge. Make sure that you follow all the steps to ensure that your page is approved. MediaOne can help you create a professional Wikipedia page for your brand. Get in touch with us for more custom digital marketing services in Singapore.



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