Why Every Singapore Marketer Should Be Using Predictive Analytics 


One of the most fascinating places to work today is Singapore. The nation takes pleasure in being one of the most creative nations in the world, with excellent living conditions and commercial prospects.

There is no better place to be based if you are new to the country or seeking a new challenge.

Smart marketers from across the world are coming to the stunning island nation to work in the thriving tourism and infrastructure sectors thanks to the robust economy and numerous prospects for business growth.

When it comes to marketing, Singapore is one of the most creative and progressive nations.

Finance is one of the most well-known businesses in the nation, and many organisations there thrive on data analytics, employing cutting-edge techniques to obtain deeper insights into consumer behaviour and customise marketing campaigns to more effectively engage their audience.

Marketing analytics are now more prevalent and important than ever in Singapore thanks to the country’s thriving start-up culture, plenty of marketing data and technology, and an educated consumer base.

Predictive analytics: What are they?

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Business analysts can study historical data using predictive analytics and present it in a way that can be used to make informed decisions.

Businesses need to adapt and evolve as they expand and change.

To investigate trends, gain insights, and make smarter, more informed decisions, predictive analytics can be applied to market research.

Let’s examine the benefits of predictive analytics and why every marketer in Singapore should be using them.

Predictive analytics, to put it simply, are statistical methods that examine previous behaviour to forecast future behaviour reliably.

Goal Conversion Prediction in Google Analytics is a fantastic illustration of this.

The goal-setting functionality of Google Analytics may be integrated into an email marketing campaign to enable firms to create automatic email campaigns that will be sent out on a specific date depending on historical interaction levels in prior emails.

These automated email campaigns increase the likelihood of conversion by making sure the recipient perceives each email as fresh material.

Predictive analytics are used in this type of behaviour-based marketing to help companies target the right audiences with the right messages at the right moments.

The top 3 reasons why every Singaporean marketer should be using predictive analytics are covered in this article, along with tips on how to utilise it to enhance your marketing plan.

1. To Do Successful Market Research, Market Forecasts Are Important

You must conduct thorough market research in order to foresee the future of your business and make informed judgements.

This entails gathering information from various sources, both digital and non-digital, and assessing what you discover.

Triangulating the results to provide a clear view of the market dynamics is an essential component of this.

But conducting thorough market research is not simple.

Both time and resources are in short supply. You can’t afford to be spending your limited resources and time on educated guesses.

That is why owning a crystal ball will always be in vogue.

Simply said, it enables you to make wiser choices and execute your marketing plan more successfully.

With the aid of predictive analytics software, you can turn raw data into knowledge that has value by applying analytics to the historical transaction and performance data.

The computer programme makes use of this information to create highly precise trend forecasting models.

Due to your knowledge of what to expect, you will be more equipped to choose your marketing strategy and business plan.

Using this method has a lot of advantages.

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These technologies provide you entire control over your marketing decisions and tactics, enabling you to communicate with the right target audience and structure your operations accordingly as well as accurately forecast the health of the economy.

2. Prediction Is Needed To Be Able To Respond To Trends And Shifts In Customer Behavior

The ability to quickly adjust to changes in consumer behaviour is one of the numerous benefits of being in command of your company’s marketing strategy.

In the overly quickly changing economy of today, when consumers are continuously adapting and learning new tricks to deceive rivals, this is vital.

You must always know what your clients need or want, or else you can never satisfy them.

If you don’t understand what your customers need or want, you’ll never be able to satisfy them.

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You will squander time and money even if you have the best product in the world if you don’t know how to market it.

Learning new things on a regular basis and making adjustments to your methods are essential if you want to stay current with the times and the evolving needs of your clientele.

By evaluating historical data and enabling you to detect potential trends, prediction aids in this. With this in mind, you may create marketing plans that are more successful and geared at bringing customers to your website and increasing sales.

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3. Prediction Increases Your Chances Of Profiting From Trends And Shifts In Customer Behaviour

Setting trends is a powerful position to hold.

You have the power to persuade others to emulate your example, thereby starting a trend that will help your brand.

Profiting from trends is one of the main advantages of starting them.

You can get ready to meet future demands by developing goods or services that address those needs if you can foresee what customers will desire or need.

This has the benefit of allowing you to expand your business and increase sales while also positioning yourself as a thought leader in your pitch.

Several businesses and organisations might profit from being able to predict trends and changes in client behaviour.

It distinguishes you from the competition and gives you a competitive edge.

Predictive analytics should be used by every marketer in Singapore because of this.

The secret to capitalising on these possibilities and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry is being able to properly forecast trends and shifts in customer behaviour and being able to prepare for these changes by developing new products, services, or campaigns.

Predictive Analytics Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes


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Many uses for predictive analytics are possible.

For example, brand managers can use the software to assess past customer behaviour, product usage, and advertising expenditure to assess the success of prior campaigns and identify the most effective ones for the foreseeable future.

These methods can also be used by product managers and marketers to assess customer purchasing patterns, product usage, and market share to identify the most promising and lucrative goods going forward.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and data-driven as each day goes by.

Due to increased data production and analysis on the part of organisations, there is always a wealth of data available for perusing and evaluating.

It does have some restrictions, though. A company should consider acquiring a predictive analytics tool if it lacks the resources—either in terms of time or expertise—to manually evaluate all of the data.

Making more informed judgments and maximising marketing efforts can both be accomplished by using a range of relevant and actionable information that can be produced by predictive analytics.

As organisations continue to expand and change, the benefits of this technology become increasingly obvious.

You Can Get A Critical Competitive Advantage With Predictive Analytics


Predictive analytics may provide you with the necessary competitive edge, which is one of its key benefits.

As businesses evolve and grow, they oftentimes find themselves in a position where they are no longer the market leader.

With a bit of optimization using predictive analytics, you can ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition and retains its market share by analysing data relating to customer behaviour, product usage, and market share.

To determine where your company stands compared to the rest and determine what changes need to be made.

Being able to analyse data and make informed decisions gives companies a distinct advantage over their competitors.

It allows them to determine what changes they need to make regarding pricing, branding, and the like to remain competitive.

The information gained from these analyses can also be used to plan future marketing campaigns, product lines, and new store locations – all of which contribute to a much-desired competitive edge.

Market Research Is Simplified And Made Easier By Predictive Analytics

Predictive-Analytics-Market-Rresearch-Is--Simplified-and-Made- -Easier-By-Predictive-Analytics

Examining consumer behaviour to ascertain how previous marketing initiatives, price, and promotions affected the consumer base is one of the main responsibilities of marketing.

This type of analysis might be tough to pull off completely manually because it requires a vast amount of historical data and a significant level of skill to study it and identify what trends and insights can be gleaned from it.

As was already mentioned, businesses develop and evolve with time, making information that was once useful obsolete.

Because of this, it can be challenging for marketers to stay on top of the most recent trends while simultaneously assessing data gathered from various sources.

All of this is made considerably easier with the help of a predictive analytics tool.

The tool requires only the entry of data, and the information is immediately available in a format that allows for the creation of insights and the making of more informed judgments.

All team members inside the organisation, including marketing, product management, and similar departments, have access to the data and may analyse it using pre-built reports or dashboards that have been specifically designed for them.

Marketing Campaigns Are Measured And Developed With Pride Thanks to Predictive Analytics

Predictive-Analytics-Marketing-Campaigns-Are-Measured-And-Developed-With-Pride -Thanks-to-Predictive-Analytics

Examining previous marketing campaigns to assess their efficacy is one of marketing’s main responsibilities.

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Good marketing techniques must be established and kept up over time, and this requires significant attention.

When a marketer wants to figure out how well a marketing campaign worked and what changes could be made, they must first figure out what the campaign’s goal was and how it was met.

Due to the substantial amount of self-reflection required, this process can be difficult.

A marketer can enter a specific marketing campaign and proudly mark the boxes next to the targets that were met and those that weren’t.

The data may then be evaluated to determine how many people were impacted and whether the campaign was successful after this is determined.

Because there are so many moving parts and opposing viewpoints, it can occasionally be challenging to build and sustain a good marketing approach.

Everyone’s job is made a little bit easier and more efficient by having a tool that can establish good marketing practices and accountability across various teams, ensuring that marketing campaigns are measured, established with pride, and continuously improved to provide the best experience to customers.

The Growing Pains Of Marketing Oftentimes Lead To Innovation

Innovative thinking and pioneering spirit are often touted as key attributes of successful marketers.

Being able to examine existing practices and processes, figure heads, and product lines and determine how they can be improved is key to keeping up with the times and staying ahead of the competition.

Being able to do this comes with its own set of challenges because oftentimes, existing practices and leaders are not easily replaced – making it difficult to determine which ones to keep and which ones to scrap altogether.

There are specific business models in order to maintain their competitive edge.

To stay ahead of the competition, companies must always think outside the box and try out new ideas and technologies to see which ones work best for their particular business models.

Being the creative types, marketers and product managers flourish in this kind of atmosphere since it promotes constant innovation and the creation of new, superior goods and marketing campaigns that the business can exploit.

It is extremely valuable and frequently results in significant competitive advantages to continuously assess which procedures, personalities, and goods work best before applying this knowledge to produce even more innovation.

It goes without saying that when firms develop and expand, the data collected through analytics becomes outdated.

Because of this, it can be challenging for marketers to stay on top of the most recent trends while simultaneously assessing data gathered from various sources.

By putting all the data in one location and presenting it in a way that makes it accessible to those who need it, a predictive analytics tool streamlines this process.

The data can then be used to generate reports or dashboards that are tailored to specific needs and which can be shared with all team members – allowing for greater collaboration and the establishment of a much-needed competitive edge.

If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either a marketer yourself or someone who knows one.

If not, perhaps it’s now that you should pick up a new skill and go closer to realising your potential as a marketer.

Your position inside the organisation is evolving quickly, much like the marketing industry as a whole.

You may use the knowledge you receive from using a predictive analytics tool to analyse data to figure out how to fit into this always-changing marketing environment and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Singapore’s Up-and-Coming Digital Marketing Star

Businesses in Singapore have relied mostly on word-of-mouth advertising for years, with little to no reliance on conventional advertising.

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Yet, there has been a change in strategy over the past several years as more and more firms commit to investing in digital marketing.

The statistics support in Singapore is this: in Singapore, 39% of respondents to HubSpot Blogs research reported having invested in digital marketing, with another 31% intending to do so in the following year.

The statistics are very consistent across the board; 38% of Americans and 55% of Britons, respectively, plan to invest in digital marketing.

Only in Asia do we discover practises that are more closely aligned with the “old” ways of doing things: in Indonesia, 42% of people intend to increase their spending on conventional media such as magazines and newspapers while just 33% intend to invest in digital marketing.

The world is evolving, and those who can better understand the trend and properly implement it will prosper in the long run. It’s time for marketers to adapt to the quickly changing environment and use the data at their disposal to create customer engagement strategies that are more successful.


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