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Back in the 90s, the internet was way different from what it is now.

Many of the big companies you know didn’t have websites. But they’ll soon realize the new shift that was about to sweep over — and, as such, scrambled to hire web designers to help them set up on-brand web portal for their businesses. Most of the sites created at the time were static and in pure html.

Back in those days, there wasn’t much in the field of web development. Content Management platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, or Squarespace didn’t exist or weren’t that well developed, and the few web designers and developer that existed at the time charged exorbitantly for their web services.

In other words, setting up a fully functional website was a costly undertaking that only a few firms and businesses could afford. But a lot has changed lately to an extend that it’s possible to set up a remarkable web portal for your business without laying down a single line of code.

Web Designing at the Time

Back then, there was no way around web development. Setting up a website meant building it from the ground up. They’d start by getting a brief, which they’d use to create a draft design that they’d present to the client and wait for their feedback to proceed.

They’ll then cut and splice it up before turning everything into a fully functional website. And since the client wasn’t well versed with crude code, they’d have to manage the website for them.

Managing a website meant being well acquainted with a lot of things such as PhotoShop, FTP, Dreamweaver, and different hosting environments.

Suffice it to say there was too much involved, which made web development a big job in itself.

And then Technology Improved

Much has changed in the world of web development. Setting up a website has been made much easier. If anything, all you have to do is sign up with a self-hosted plan such as Bluehost and make a few clicks to install WordPress.

You also have an option to choose between a few free theme options and with just a few random customization options you’d have made yourself a fully functional website without much strain.

You even have tools such as Visual Composer that allow you to play around with different elements to customize your site, and tens of thousands of plugins to add even more advanced features to your site.

In other words, web development is at its simplest. Everything became a lot easier, forcing business owners and marketers to start thinking that hiring a web designer was a complete waste of time and resources.

The silver lining in all this is that small businesses also got a chance to own websites without draining their pockets that much. This would lead to many of the web developers and designers that existed at the time to lose jobs.

For business owners, the only limitation is that this has resulted in so many websites that look pretty much the same. Also, most of the sites created using canned themes and templates aren’t pretty enough or effective enough to serve the intended purpose.

As a business owner, one thing you want is to stand out and brand yourself differently and more uniquely online, but how can you achieved that when your website is among thousands of other similar websites that have been fashioned from the same canned theme?

In comes Custom Web Designers  

Big companies still hire web designers; and that’s because web designers are more focused on offering customized web designing services. Where you have an option to pull out a canned theme and use it on your website, an experienced web designer will evaluate your business and its needs, and use the information gathered to create a website that’s been specifically designed according to your business needs.

That way, you can be sure there isn’t any other company using the same theme, colour palette, or the same feature designs as you.

What Exactly Do Web Designers Do?

The only constant in the internet world is that everything keeps on changing. There’s a continuous paradigm in almost everything, and web designing is NOT an exception.

For this reason, agencies and freelance developers in Singapore are striving to expand and adapt to new technologies, where instead of solely focusing on web development, they have to get involved with a long host of other tasks and services that stretch far beyond the scope of their title.

For instance, should you decide to go ahead and hire a web designing agency at this point in time, here’s a list of services you can expect from them:

Design your Website from Scratch or from a Canned Theme

Hiring a web designing agency in Singapore isn’t the same as it were in the past. Where a web designer had NO option but to pull everything from scratch, a modern web designer will only be modifying a pre-made theme or template. Meaning, your cost for developing a website will be much lower but the site created will be falling short in terms of originality and uniqueness.

Work on Branding

Back in the early days of the internet, all that your business needed for its online operations was a stunning website. But things appear to have tremendously changed. It’s for this reason that web development agencies are so focused on branding your business as well. So expect the agency you’re about to hire to also work on your colour schemes, typography, logo, and so much more.

Some agencies will also encourage you to handle every single one of these branding elements at a go so you can develop a more cohesive approach in marketing your business.

SEO and Promotion  

Modern web designing has greatly advanced to also include certain forms of online marketing such as SEO and PPC. So you can expect the web designing agency you hire to also provide online marketing services and a series of other promotional activities you may find useful.

Web Hosting Management, Security, and Updates

Modern web designers will be charging an ongoing service fee for keeping your site safe, updated, and more secure. Mostly, this may mean updating the content management software they’re using or managing your emails if not addressing all the issues that may arise during the course of running your business website.

A Fully Managed System

Some web designers offer a fully-managed web solution encompassing all of your online presence or a specific campaign. Meaning, they’ll design your entire website, starting from the site’s graphics all the way to running a serious online campaign and working on your landing page and conversion rate.

They’ll also be analyzing your campaigns and making necessary adjustments to your overall marketing strategies to win you even more customers and ramp up your sales and profits.

As you can see, web designers are still in business. The only difference is that their scope of work has significantly changed from what it were to encapsulate a series of side tasks that stand vital to maintaining a strong online presence.

So Should You Have a Custom Web Design for Your Singapore Business?  

At this point you must be wondering if it’s really necessary to hire a custom web designer for your Singapore business. With the option of leveraging site builders to cut on cost and everything else, what are some of the reasons that may push you to still want to consider hiring a custom web designer?

Custom Design Websites

Custom in web designing means designed from scratch — that is, designed with your business and instructions in mind.

Of course there exists a series of basic framework principles that ought to be followed for your site’s visitors to instinctively figure out how to navigate your site — but at core, custom web designing is basically aimed at offering your site an entirely unique look that perfectly matches your brand.

Your site is also custom-made when the framework, back-end interface, navigation and any other vital aspect of the site is flexible enough to be changed to match your brand.

So agencies offering custom web designing services in Singapore usually work with a design team that will be blending their knowledge of visually-appealing and optimally-performing designs with the business goals you’ve set for yourself to offer you a more strategic and totally unique web presence.

Custom Web Designing Checklist

Only a few of the web agencies in Singapore have the experience and technical expertise to deliver a custom-made website that’s up to snuff. Also, taking the custom route could be interpreted to mean taking everything into your own hands. A checklist could come in handy when presented with such a task because at the end of the day you’re NOT interested in working with an agency that will be experimenting with your project.

So before you can go ahead and hire a web designing agency to help you out with your project, here’s a point list of checks to cross off:

  1. Hire an Established Brand

Singapore is swamped up with with self-proclaimed web designing experts that consider themselves jacks of all trades. However, as you’re soon to find out, web designing is so overarching to be perfectly handled by a single man.

It’s for this reason that you might want to make sure that you’re working with a company that operates with a team of different web designing talents, each of which will be handling different aspects of your web designing needs.

  1. Insist on an Experienced Web Designing Company

For how long has the company you’re about to hire been in the designing business? Check their portfolio. How far back does it date?

A company that’s been in the business long enough will have an easy time acing your project compared to a company that’s still struggling to lay down its foundation.

      1. The Company’s Authenticity

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Don’t fall for every word the company says about itself. For all we know, they could be lying to win you over.

If the company promises to build you a custom website, then it’s important to make sure they won’t be baiting-and-switching you with a template website that they’ve managed to run through a few rushed tweaks.

One way you can tell if the company is authentic enough to deliver on its promise is to look into their consultation procedure. Does the company make any effort to consult you to the specific details of what it is that you want or wish to accomplish as a company before rushing to start your project

Another approach would be to ask the company for their past work. Tell them to walk you through a list of custom websites that they made in the past. You can go through the list and dig around to confirm the verisimilitude of their statement, and where you suspect the company lied to you, next them.

      1. Learn About the CMS program that the company uses

Ask the company to give you a tour of their CMS program for you to familiarize yourself with it before you can go ahead and hire them. This is particularly the case where the company has its own CMS software. You want to learn about the CMS features and some of the tools you’ll be using in the future before making the decision to hire them.

      1. Is the site optimized for search engines

A good custom website should be engineered with the search engines in mind. You want to make sure that the site will be complementing your SEO efforts rather than thwarting them.

      1. CMS Update

There’s nothing wrong with the company using an existing CMS platform such as WordPress or Joomla to run your website. As a matter of fact, there are cogent reasons you’d want to consider this option.

But one thing you want to be sure about is whether the company will be helping you update the software.

Custom Web Designing from an Expert Point of View

There’s more to custom web designing than modern web designing principles and the fundamentals of both UI and UX. There’s also more to it than the visual appeal — for all we know, a good custom-made wed design has to have a purpose. It’s also crucial that it defines your business to the finer details.

In other words, someone should be able to associate the website with your business by just looking at it. It’s for this reason that you’d also want to make sure that the web designer you hire perfectly understands online marketing very well.

Often, most of these aspects will be lacking in the pre-made and DIY themes you’re likely to find plastered all over the net.

With many builders such as WIX targeting small businesses, it’s important to realize that none of these platforms is designed to also help you with marketing your business. Meaning you’ll have to spend the bulk of your money and time trying to market your website on your own, and which may prove to be extremely costly and less effective in the long run.

This is why choosing the custom web designing package is the best decision you can ever make for your business at this point in time.

The Takeaway

Not all web designers in Singapore are created equal. And just because you hired a custom web designer that does mean the results will be good. The case is, it’s going to take you a long time and high amounts of research for you to find the right agency — and when you finally do, they might NOT be exactly cheaper.

Our only reservation is that the market is shifting away from needing more web designers to favouring more independent solutions — and that’s exactly where we fit in as one of the most trusted and established custom web designing agencies in Singapore.

For more information concerning our services or more clarification on the topic at hand, we cordially ask you to consider sharing your sentiments with us via our contact box or by hitting the chat box below to directly chat up one of our customer representatives.https://mediaonemarketing.com.sg/top-web-designers-in-singapore/

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