Why SEO Fails And How You Can Overcome That

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SEO is the most popular and effective advertisement strategies in the online world and almost every online marketer in the world use it. However, sometimes SEO efforts fail miserably or some marketers cannot utilize the full potential of it. Let’s see why SEO fails and how you can overcome that. Please note that it could be a single reason or a combination of multiple reasons mentioned below.

Ignoring the Big Picture

In most of the cases, business objectives and achieving higher ranking is the same thing; but in some cases it isn’t. SEO isn’t just about getting higher ranking in search results but it means achieving business goals; for example, optimizing web pages to reduce bounce rate, optimizing landing pages to increase the conversion rate, getting more traffic on the website and increasing revenue or something else.

As an online marketer, before you define your SEO goals, make sure you have defined the overall business goals. Business goals are more important than SEO objectives because they define long terms goals. Increasing the web traffic dramatically may help in short term but it all depends on what future plans business have made.

No Tracking

SEO is an evolving process; although there are tons of tips and tricks to do good SEO but the reality is that every website is different and search engines’ behavior towards different websites varies too. For example, if a particular strategy is working on a particular website, it might not work on another website. The best way to optimize your SEO strategies is to test everything and keep tracking the performance of those efforts.

If a particular strategy is not working well, discard it and keep doing things that are effective. Lack of accountability and without keeping tracks of the performance of different tactics and strategies, online marketers cannot tell which tactics are working and which aren’t. This leads to low efficacy, high cost of operation and loss of efforts.

SEO is Not One Time Solution

One of the biggest myths about SEO is, it is one time thing and businesses have to invest their time, money and efforts on it once and they can get benefits for rest of their lifecycle. That’s not the case as SEO is an ongoing process that needs time and efforts continuously to deliver something in return. However, its performance, efficacy and cost efficiency improves with time.

Even if you apply SEO strategies without making a mistake, it is possible they deliver results after many weeks or even months depending on tons of factors.

Low Target

Do you know more than 63% of the traffic goes to the first three SERP results and almost 92% of the traffic goes to the first page? That means if you are going to use SEO to achieve more traffic, it is essential to bring your listing to the first page to get some reasonable traffic.

Sometimes businesses see the cost of SEO and back down or settle for low target. Interestingly, SEO gets more powerful overtime and eventually starts delivering good results.

October 24, 2016

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