10 Reasons Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites in Singapore

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As noted by Medium, there are two ways you can use to market your business online namely; business mobile apps and websites. You can choose either one or both methods to sell your business.

If you have a small budget, you will be limited to one way of marketing your business. However, using mobile apps to advertise your business is a much better option; compared to websites. 

This is because there is a higher number of mobile users in Singapore compared to desktop users. Therefore, with a mobile app, your business information will be displayed  a large number of people. This is not the only reason why you should choose business mobile apps in preference to websites.

Here are ten reasons why mobile apps are better than mobile websites in Singapore

Mobile Apps Have a Better Personalized Experience

As illustrated by The Manifest, mobile apps tend to offer your potential customers and clients more personalization. A mobile app gives users an opportunity to set his or her preferences. Furthermore, a mobile app will allow you to record and track its user engagement. With the help of the user engagement information, you can customize your content  as per the needs of each user.

Also, a mobile app will enable you to perceive the geographical locations of all your users. With this information, you will be able to generate content that is geo-specific.

Mobile Apps Are Faster Than Websites

Mobile apps work faster when compared to websites. This is based on the fact that mobile apps store their data locally on mobile devices. On the other hand, websites use web servers to store their data. Therefore, a user can quickly retrieve data from a mobile app since it is stored locally. 

Mobile Apps Utilize the Features of Mobile Devices

A mobile app will usually take advantage of the features in a mobile device to discharge its functions effectively. Some of these features include cameras, GPS, list of contacts and, phone calls. This makes a mobile app more user-friendly compared to mobile websites. For instance; instead of uploading a photo in a particular form; you can take a camera instead.

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Mobile Apps Will Increase Your Brand Presence

Mobile apps will help you to advertise your business. In a recent survey, it was found out that mobile users spend at least 3 hours per day. Therefore, having an app that represents your brand on their phone is a form of mini-advertisement. This is because mobile users will perceive the appearance of your brand on their phones subconsciously. 

Mobile Apps Will Enable You to Communicate Effectively with Potential Customers and, Clients

Using a mobile app is the best way to communicate with your potential customers and clients. A mobile app usually has two types of notifications; push app notifications and in-app notifications. Any potential customer or client can receive push app notifications when he or she is just using the device. On the other hand, an in-app notification will require the user to first launch the app.

Mobile Apps Will Generate for You a High Conversion Rate

Typically, business mobile apps will achieve a higher conversion than websites. This is because mobile apps offer a more personalized experience. Therefore, with the help of a mobile app; your business will grow spontaneously.

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Mobile Apps Can Work Offline

The most significant difference between a mobile app and a website lies in a mobile app’s ability to work offline. Websites cannot function in an offline mode. On the other hand, mobile apps can still offer some content and do basic functions in an offline mode. This way, you will advertise your business to all potential customer regardless of whether they are offline or online

Mobile Apps Will Enable You to Reach Out to Potential Customers and, Clients for A Longer Time

In a recent survey, it was found out that mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps. On the other hand, mobile users spend only 14% of their time on websites. Therefore, with a mobile app; you will have more time to convince potential customers or clients to buy your products or use your services. Mobile users are more likely to view your adverts compared to ads displayed on websites or any other platform online.

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Mobile Apps Can Be Designed Easily

Websites are hard to design since they mostly depend on browsers to function. Usually, a website must use the browser features to perform even the simplest tasks and be SEO optimised. These features may include the address bar, the back button and, the refresh button.

On the other hand, mobile apps can be designed easily. This is because they don’t depend on browsers to discharge their functions. In fact, mobile apps use simple and easy to command gestures to do various functions. Some of these gestures include swipe, tap, drag, pinch and, hold. Ho

Mobile Apps Will Give You a Chance to Rebrand Your Business

Apps can help you to rebrand your business as well as foster your mobile marketing campaigns. You can design a mobile app that entirely departs from the major designs of your business altogether. This way, you will revamp your marketing efforts.

In fact, you can use a mobile app to enable your business to package itself as a new brand. Also, a mobile app can assist you to distinguish between several products and, services that your company offers.

Business Mobile Apps vs. Business Websites

It is recommended to invest in mobile app and a website for your business in Singapore. Both have their advantages and, disadvantages. So, it is up to you to select the best option. Be sure to hire the best mobile app development company to get the best results. 

However, as asserted by Business News Daily; using business mobile apps is the best way to revamp your marketing and, advertising efforts. With the help of a mobile business app, you will be assured of high conversion rates, better user experience and, multiple exclusive features.

More importantly, make sure that your web design is optimised and user friendly. Contact us for world-class website design services in Singapore. 

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