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Why Your New Website isn’t Getting You Any Clients

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Looking for professional web design services in Singapore? When you finally manage to create a website for you, there’s a possibility that the site might have trouble converting visitors into customers. If you find yourself in such a situation, you are likely to wonder what is wrong with your website.

Building a website for your business is as important as any other business investment that you will make. You will have to spend money and time on professional web design services in Singapore. Nonetheless, there isn’t a guarantee that clients will automatically flock to your website.

You certainly expect your website to be the primary marketing platform of your business online. Nonetheless, it could still be failing to generate leads despite your best efforts. There could be several reasons why your website doesn’t generate new leads. Here are some of the mistakes that might be causing your site to perform poorly.

Site Speed is Slow

Your site could be generating few leads because of slow loading speeds. Site speed is one of the significant factors that Internet users consider when browsing through websites. When websites take too much time to load (more than three seconds for mobile sites and ten seconds for desktop sites), users are likely to click on the back button and visit websites that offer similar services.

Internet users expect your web pages to load quickly. You can improve page loading speed by reducing image size to less than 150KB. Large images slow down your website by making your content load slowly. Similarly, you should consider reducing the number of plugins and scripts, besides getting web hosting plans that suit your needs.

Your Site Has Too Many CTAs

Often, website owners think that if they offer users a wide selection of options, the possibility of making a purchase will be high. Nonetheless, this can backfire. If your site has too many calls to action and choices, visitors can get confused. As a result, they can experience analysis paralysis whereby they take no action.

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In the e-commerce sphere, sites that have few options are likely to experience more sales than those that offer more CTAs and options. Presenting too many options to users will ultimately be detrimental to the bottom-line.

To ensure that your site converts leads, you should explicitly show your visitors the next step that they should take one they land on your pages. Similarly, remove CTAs and elements that can distract users.

Potential Clients Cannot Find Your Site

Failure to incorporate SEO best practices into your website’s text and tags is likely to make it hard for potential clients to find you on the Internet. The most convenient way to check your online presence is to undertake some online searches yourself.  Check where your website shows up in search engine results.

If your site is not optimised for search engines, users may not see you when they search you online. Observing SEO best practices can lead to a significant improvement in conversions, thus impacting your bottom-line.

You Don’t Understand Your Users

It is advisable to make decisions about your website based on data garnered from visitors. Failure to do so may make it difficult for your site to meet its objectives. Inability to use data in decision-making means you are not only doing too much unnecessary work, but you are also missing out on opportunities.

You should find out about the preferences of your users, how they behave when they land on your site, and how they interact with the site. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you collect this data. By leveraging such tools, you will know what’s working for your website so that you can improve it, and what’s not working so that you make necessary adjustments.

Your Website Design is Poor

Not everyone who offers web design services in Singapore can design a site that addresses your needs as well as the needs of your visitors. When building a website, you should look at design as a business tool rather than an art. The objective of your website should be to elevate users’ experiences, communicate, clarify, and persuade.

The design that you choose should support your business objective, which is profit-making. Nonetheless, your website might be failing to convert because it has a poor design. A poorly-designed website undermines the credibility of your company, thus turning off potential clients.

web design services in Singapore

You may not know that your website is designed poorly due to the personal attachment that you have to it. Getting objective feedback from your target clients will help you know about your website design. Excellent visual branding contributes significantly to marketing your website to potential customers. It creates an excellent first impression, thus making clients to trust you.

Your Site Doesn’t Have Useful Content

Poor quality content will make targeted customers to lose interest in your website. On the flipside, high-quality content can pique visitors’ interests throughout their buyer journeys. In this regard, you should create content that can address any questions that visitors might have.

If you provide high-quality content that is aligned with the needs of website visitors, Google will detect that your site has what people look for. As a result, your website and its content will be visible in search engine results. Besides having high-quality content on your website, you can attract Google’s attention by providing content on blogs and back-linking them to your site.

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Site Visitors Can’t Find A Way of Contacting You

Your web design and content might be impressive, but the website may not convert leads as desired just because visitors do not have a way of contacting you. If you fail to provide emails for support questions, phone numbers for emergencies, or chatbots for any inquiries that visitors may have when browsing, they are likely to visit other sites where they can find help.

To ensure that your site can convert, make your contact information visible and accessible. You have to keep in mind the fact that if people cannot reach you, they won’t do business with you. By providing them with a communication channel, they will positively engage with you.

Forms Created By Providers of Web Design Services in Singapore Are too Long

Your company’s sales department may want a dossier on each of your leads. Nonetheless, Internet users are likely to be reluctant to fill out forms requiring them to submit personal information. Not all the information that you ask visitors to provide may be necessary, relevant, or easy to find.

You should consider cutting your forms down to bare necessities. Similarly, only collect relevant information, besides asking visitors to provide more details after you have made a connection with an initial phone call or email. By doing this, you will not only generate leads but also build trust with users since you will have created a personal connection with them.

Your Website Hasn’t Been Updated For Years

Some companies that offer web design services in Singapore don’t follow up to ensure that the websites they created get updated regularly. You should periodically add useful and relevant content to your website. Besides this, regular site improvements ought to be made.

A growth-driven design can work best for you, especially if you started the website to market a small company, which has since grown. Updates that you make to your site should be guided by user-experience data and analytics that can help you make smart adjustments that keep targeted users on the website.

As your company grows, ensure that your website design is updated to reflect the services and products that you may have added to your portfolio. A site that hasn’t been updated for years may be full of irrelevant content, which isn’t what Internet users want when they land on a website.

Your Website Performance has Never Been Tested

Before publishing your website, you must ensure that it is reviewed and A/B tested. This will help you ascertain that its design and content is relevant to the target audience. However, the buck does not stop there. You should ensure that the performance of your website is tested regularly to ensure that it is up to speed.

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Without updating your website regularly, there will be diminishing returns over time. Therefore, you should always test new marketing channels, promotions, and processes. Also, you should regularly test new images, colour schemes, CTAs, and running pages on your website.

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As your company grows and you update your website, you should undertake performance reviews regularly so that you understand how each aspect of the website functions. This way, you will be able to determine what works, and what doesn’t work. By addressing pitfalls that prevent your site from converting leads, you will attract clients that may have previously snubbed your site.

Your Website Isn’t Personalised

When you have a website that looks like any other, clients will be turned off. Even if your content is of high quality, customers may think that your website isn’t any different from others that look similar. For this reason, you should distinguish your website from your competitors’ sites by personalising it.

Personalising your site and using personalisation data will make it easier for you to connect with potential customers. This is particularly helpful when emailing your visitors. The addition of personal information such as names to email subject lines can go a long way in improving open rates, engagement rates, and also conversion rates.

You can also use information provided by your visitors such as interests, name, and location to create unique and engaging experiences. This is better than greeting your visitors with something similar to “hey website visitor!”

Your Site Is About You Rather Than Your Visitors

Your site and its products and services might be great. Nonetheless, if your marketing efforts are focused on telling visitors how great you are rather than how you can adequately address their needs, they will end up not buying from you. When people want to buy something, they will want to know how they will benefit.

Therefore, you must ensure that your marketing focuses on potential clients rather than you. Show them that you can help them solve the pain and struggle that they are going through and the benefits that they will get from choosing you over your competitors.

You Don’t Have a Conversion Path

One of the main reasons why websites in Singapore fail to attract a high number of clients as desired is lack of a conversion path that clients can follow. If you want visitors to take a specific action, you should create a funnel that is intended to guide them on how they can do that.

Stringing together several content pages won’t automatically put visitors on the sales funnel. Your conversion path can be as simple as a solitary landing page, which is combined with a CTA. When you create a clear conversion path, customers will feel comfortable on your website.

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It will also give you data to track so that you see where visitors are abandoning, and where they are engaging. If you have more data to act on, it will be easy to design your site in a way that attracts new customers.

You are Focusing on the Wrong Audience

However excellent your website might be, it will fail to convert if you are focusing on the wrong audience. You will get no result if your content focuses on the wrong audience. Therefore, you must first identify your target audience before personalising your content to address the needs of the target audience.

The language and tone of your content must be exactly what your visitors want to see. If you are targeting a young audience, they should identify with the tone and language of your site. Focusing on the right audience will get you the desired results.


If your website is not getting new clients, it means that there’s something wrong with it. Working with proficient web design services in Singapore is the first step towards ensuring that your website can convert. A properly-functioning site will make visitors stay on your web pages, thus improving conversion rates.

Get ahead f your competitors by using our world- class web design services in Singapore. Our team will evaluate the current design, make recommendations, and implement them within the agreed time-frame and budget. We will also carry A/B tests on various elements of the website, do comprehensive SEO, and run digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to increase your website traffic, boost brand awareness efforts,  and conversion rate







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