Why Is Having Good UX and UI Is Critical For Your Singapore Website

make sure your website has good ux ui

What are UX and UI?

UX is the abbreviation of user experience while UI is for User Interface. At this point I believe we are on the same page because the development of the internet has exposed most of us to some of these terms. User experience is the key component of the internet product development and without it; your products will not sell. A user experience is the personal attitudes and emotions about using a certain service, product or system. User experience comprises of the experimental, practical, meaningful, affective and valuable human-computer and product ownership aspects.  The perceptions users have of system aspects like ease of use, utility and efficiency is part of what defines user experience.

User Interface on the other hand focuses on the website’s visual aspects.  It determines how the website presents information and how users interact with this information. The overall goal of user interface design is to make sure there is accessibility, the interfaces are easy to navigate and intuitive designs are all in place. This generally makes sure visitors and users can easily access website content. The two components are mutually related. Developing an excellent UX involves creating a sitemap to put content in its respective sections and simplify the various navigation parts in a website, which is a UI concept.

Importance of a Good UX and UI

To win the market, people say that user experience is the most critical factor for internet products. When people ask what the essence of user experience is for your Singapore website, here are a few reasons to give them.

  1. Increased Traffic

To increase website generated towards your website and get your customers engaged at all times, a good user experience and user interface design is essential. Implement optimized UI and UX and get the ultimate solution to skyrocketing traffic of your website. Make your website appealing for new users to find a reason to continually visit it for new stuff. Designing a good user interface gets users looking around the site because of its appealing nature. As users explore your web pages, they come across new things that will likely make them share with others. These are the people that are converted into traffic, which is money.

  1. Improved SEO

 When starting the design and layout of a website, in the back of your mind you always hope that one day it is gonna be on the top 10 Google results. This can be achieved with time and effort and creativity. High ranking websites have one thing in common. Good user experience and user interface designs.  Stuffing keywords in your content these days is useless. This is because Google has been constantly changing its algorithms and considers many things than just the keyword to place a page higher in its Search Engine Result Pages. Partner UX, UI with SEO. SEO will target search engines while the UX and UI will target your users and visitors. The common goal for all of the three is to offer the best user experience that will create loyal clients and increase brand awareness.

  1. Enhancing Customer Engagement

Have one of the websites like Apple’s with the best user experience. Users will intensively know just where to go on the website and where to look to get what they need. Utilize the Zeigarnik Effect which will get your customers curious enough to ask what next after being on your website.  Users are easily engaged with a website that gives a view of your businesses’ ecosystem and showing a score of the loyal clients. Having good UX and UI will render your website so irresistible that visitors cannot help but want to explore further.

  1. Gives You a Competitive Edge

Give users something lacking in your competitors’ websites. Get the best UX and UI designer for your site and make yourself stand out in the digital marketing industry. An example of a company with no UI/UX is eCommerce. To view any products on their website, users are forced to zoom in or double click first. This indicates that their UI is a poor one and UX is not so great. Once users strain to view your site content, they will not be interested in doing it again. They will eventually leave the site and never comeback. This is a loss you can avoid by having a website offering the best user experience and one with a good user interface design.

  1. Increased Site Usability

Great site usability ensures that users instantly now that they are at the right place. They will therefore proceed to look for information, which will be found at the perfect place. Adopting a good user experience design helps direct users to the right place on the website. A good UI will provide options to help them decide on what to do next or what to look for. Learn how users’ brains perceive and utilize information and effectively organize content and data appropriately. All of this can be efficiently achieved by a good UI and UX website design.

Which is more important?

 From reasons given above, it is significant that the two are different but essential in developing a good website and optimizing performance. User interface compliments user experience and vice versa. Without both of the two, your website will have the following:

  • With only UI, your website will be aesthetically appealing but very hard to navigate and locate content by users.
  • Without UX users and visitors will easily navigate your website but it will have poor visuals. As long as such happens, user experience is entirely spoiled and your brand positioning at risk.

Whether you like it or not, you need the two for your website to generate money. Make it easy and stop running away from optimizing your websites UX and UI. Eventually, the goal is to give your visitors and users a good experience both visually and content-wise. Make users go wow after getting a glance at your site because for every “wow”, you stand a chance of getting millions out of it.



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October 08, 2018

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