Whiteboard Explainer Videos For Singapore

Whiteboard Explainer Videos For Singapore

Whiteboard explainer videos refers to new generation animation videos with images and graphics on a white background and the aim to elaborate a particular topic.  Initially, they were are mostly used to present complex statistical data and advanced subjects. However, nowadays, digital marketers in Singapore use them to communicate with the target audience.

For example, you could use whiteboard explainer videos to explain the concept of digital marketing in Singapore to beginners. You will discover that it makes it easier to teach complicated topics such as the sales funnel.

How to Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Grow Your Brand

Whiteboard explainer videos can significantly improve your business and give you an advantage over competitors.

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If you are familiar with digital marketing in Singapore, you probably know of the increasing popularity of explainer videos. More marketers are using this method, and it is yielding excellent results.

The advantages of whiteboard animations make them a vital asset for any business. Their standout benefit is that they break down complex ideas into small chunks that are easy to digest. Regardless of the type of whiteboard you are using, you are guaranteed positive results.

There is a widespread misconception that whiteboard explainer videos are only useful for presenting educational content. Here are the five other ways of using whiteboard animations.

A Title Sequence to a TV Show

A whiteboard explainer video is an ideal way to summarise all the previous episodes of a TV show into a single title sequence. You can use these boards to show the entire cast, plots, and storylines in a few minutes to people who are not familiar with your show.

In this case, whiteboard explainer videos combine the effectiveness of visual content with an easy to understand format. Your fans can learn faster about your movie than people who opt to read a synopsis.

A YouTube Home Page

Although it is a novel idea, the practice of using whiteboard explainer videos on YouTube channel home pages is gaining traction among YouTubers.  They ensure that new visitors get a quick overview of the topics covered on your channel.

If you create impressive explainer videos, many viewers are likely to subscribe to your channel on their first visit.

A Commercial Spot

In most cases, commercial spots focus on foodstuff. In this case, your explainer videos should focus on the quality of the food, as well as the nutritional benefits provided by its ingredients.

Another feature of explainer videos that make them suitable for commercial spots is the continuous action offered by the dynamic visuals and seamless transitions. As a result, it makes all areas of the process enjoyable, including the dull ones.

The Aspect of a Music Video

Whiteboard explainer videos are an excellent way of making sarcastic presentations with entertaining background music. If you want positive results, use a distinct approach in the video so that it grabs the attention of your target audience. It also ensures that they understand the musical side of the presentation.

An Animation Book Promo

The most challenging aspect of writing a book is finding a market for it. The same applies to a digital product, as you have to use ingenious strategies to make your digital marketing in Singapore a success.

A detailed whiteboard animation video is a smart way of promoting a book or any other product in your portfolio. In the case of a book, explainer videos can help in finding a market, provided they show its contents and how it is relevant to society and its intended audience.

Advantages of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Now that you know some possible applications for whiteboard animation videos, here are some of their benefits to your business.

It Reduces Website Bounce Rate

Like other videos, visitors are more likely to spend time on a webpage with whiteboard animations as compared to a webpage with plain text. When your traffic spends more time on your website, it is easier to convert them into regular customers.

You can make the most of this benefit by adding whiteboard animations to the most popular pages on your website, followed by an A/B test to see if thy produce the desired results. Another way is by adding an explainer video on your home page, and you will notice an increase in the overall dwell time after a short period.

It Attracts Mobile Users

Mobile users have a higher rate of video engagement than desktops users. By using whiteboard animations on your website, you attract more mobile traffic.

Since mobile audiences are already interested in video content, you do not need to do much on this front. The most critical thing you can do is to ensure that the viewing experience is smooth and free of distractions.

First, your website should have a responsive interface. If possible, you should make a dedicated mobile-only website. Once you have a mobile-friendly website, test your videos to ensure that they run smoothly.

Second, you should enhance the viewing experience by adding subtitles and using clear audio. Subtitles are particularly useful in making your content understandable by a broad audience.

It Boosts Email Engagement

Email is the most effective channel in digital marketing in Singapore. This means that a small increase in email engagement can translate into an enormous increase in conversion rates and sales revenues.

Many marketers are missing out on excellent opportunities by failing to embed videos in their emails. The reason for this is the misconception that embedding videos is a difficult task.

The reality is you do not have to embed the entire video to increase the click-through rate for your emails.  You can include a link to the full video and insert a short preview or a thumbnail the message. Once the user clicks on the video, they are then redirected to Vimeo, YouTube, your website, and so on. Make sure that you use a thumbnail from halfway through the video to trigger the interest of viewers.

It Sticks in Your Audience’s Memory

One of the primary objectives of digital marketing is to make customers remember your brand. The more your brand sticks to a customer’s memory, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Video is the most memorable form of content. It is much better in this aspect than text, as well as images and infographics.

Whiteboard explainer videos are the best way to create memorable content.  Make sure that your videos express your unique value proposition and feature incentives that encourage prospective customers to try out your products.

It Appeals to Busy People

According to Forbes, busy people prefer video content over plain text. If your target market consists of company executives, it is time to start using explainer videos.

The best way to start is by repurposing your most popular text content into video. By doing this, you reduce the time it takes to expose your audience to your offer. For instance, what used to take ten minutes to read can take four minutes to watch.

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If you are looking for a way to make your presentation stand out and convey a message effectively to your target audience in Singapore, consider using videos. Most People nowadays like viewing interesting internet videos.

According to recent research, six out of ten consumers prefer to watch internet videos rather than TV broadcasts. A Cisco study also shows that by 2022, internet videos will account for more than 80% of overall traffic.

You can make many types of videos ranging from tutorials to Vlogs, live, and presentation videos. However, creating these videos and ensuring they pass the right message to your audience can be overwhelming.

With free whiteboard animation software, creating videos is much easier now. It will help you describe your products, introduce a company, or even sell a video concept. These videos are interesting to watch and are capable of presenting and properly conveying information. As a result, they will boost your business.

Here is a list of the best whiteboard animation software you can use in Singapore to boost your business marketing and branding efforts. 

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Photo credits: animaker.com

Animaker is a free whiteboard animation software. It is the best tool for those people who like open-source animation software projects.

This tool is not overly complicated for inexperienced users. It features an inbuilt library from which you can import media to make multi-layered videos. It allows you to upload pictures from your hard drive to make your project unique. Before exporting your video, Animaker allows you to view each scene individually to see any adjustments you would like to make.

People with a tight budget should use Animaker to make videos because it has a free version. However, the free version has its limitations. It only allows you to make two-minutes long videos and supports a few animated maps and charts. It also supports a few props and characters.


  • It has over 20 facial expressions, 15 facial features, and ten accessory slots to help you create fascinating and entertaining characters
  • You can connect different animations and alter the emotions
  • The live video editing function allows you to see all of the modifications as they happen in real-time
  • It has an auto lip-sync that enables you to add voice-overs and see characters talk in your voice
  • It has a Smart Move feature that enables you to create complicated animations with a single click
  • It has a customisable feature to enable you to customise your videos


  • In certain situations, pre-viewing the video makes it lag
  • You can only use it if you have an internet connection
  • It can only be used from the browser, thus limiting people
  • The tutorials are a bit unclear
  • The free plan is somewhat limited


Photo Credits: doodly.com

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Doodly is a whiteboard animation tool that enables people with different skills and technical abilities to make animation videos easily. As the name implies, it used to make doodle videos. The videos are suitable for marketing, sales, schools, projects, and other purposes. It is also ideal for both big and small businesses.

The software has a huge collection of features, allowing you to make films using drag and drop without having to do difficult setups, modifications, or edits. You can also use their smart doodle technology to design your features. This software also offers royalty-free music tracks to spice up your videos.


  • It allows you to record voice-overs
  • It is easy to customise videos and edit them
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Professional and quality videos
  • There are dozens of scene transitions, characters, and accessories to choose from
  • It is not possible to edit individual items such as props and characters


  • To run this software, you need a strong internet connection
  • The video rendering feature is quite sluggish
  • It doesn’t offer free trials
  • Slow export
  • Limited audio features
  • Its standard plan doesn’t offer colours
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other options


Photo credits: powtoon.com

PowToon is a powerful visual communication tool that allows you to make professional animation videos quickly. It has a vast video template portfolio for various genres such as training, marketing, education, sales, and human resource.

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It has a lot of ready-made templates with the option to customise to create eye-catching PowToons quickly. Additionally, the specialised stylesheet enables greetings for special events such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

It also interacts with the popular Adobe Photoshop CC photo editor to quickly convert static PSDs into animated videos. You also have the option of exporting all Artboards to PowToon.

PowToon allows you to export videos in MP4 format or publish them directly on Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook. It also allows you to add dimensions to your project using unique pictures, royalty-free music, HD movies, and narration.

Powtoon’s only disadvantage is that you must repeatedly use the same element and design, thus limiting your originality and capacity to produce unique animation films. However, the software is considerably superior to the PowerPoint presentation.


  • It is easy to repurpose templates and videos to make new videos at a faster rate
  • It is possible to delete any video, data, and file permanently
  • Excellent customer support
  • You will get complete third-party selling rights
  • It offers 100 GB of cloud storage per user
  • Easy to learn
  • Makes quality videos


  • You have to pay for the pro version to remove the watermark
  • The background music is a bit limited
  • Lack of support for video files
  • Its app is not collaborative


Photo credits: videoscribe.com

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Videoscribe is considered the best whiteboard animation tool available. It is compatible with both MAC and PC. It is well-known for its ease of use, an intuitive user interface, and high-quality output. Moreover, Videoscribe is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

To create a video, choose a pre-built template, add photos and text, and that’s all. It also has a huge library of pictures and sounds you can experiment with. They also have excellent customer service that you can contact at any time.

Videoscribe also offers a downloadable app that is quick and more secure than the website. You can also import pictures, and it will convert them to SVG files. Furthermore, it provides a collection of photos from which you can pick or upload your images.

You also have access to a vast library of royalty-free background music. You should import and upload your music to customise the experience further. You have the option of downloading the video in various formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, and WMV, or share it directly on Vimeo, YouTube, and Sho. Co.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Pre-built templates provide a wide range of customisable options
  • It gives you a free 7-day trial without you entering your credit card details
  • You can add as many pages as you like to your storyboard
  • The software is suitable for both personal and commercial use
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Good for beginners
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  • You have to upgrade to the pro plan to get rid of the watermark
  • If you are using the free version, you cannot download it on multiple devices
  • You cannot work offline if you are using the free version
  • If you want to use premium images, you have to pay an extra cost


Photo credits: vyond.com

Vyond is a whiteboard animation software with a wide range of backdrops, props, and character movements for creating attractive videos. It produces professional videos for industries fields such as marketing, training, eLearning, and human resources. Moreover, it enables you to create an enhanced visual communication through effective storytelling, reuse, and content modification.

You can easily import into your learning management system to provide a more comprehensive learning experience. Dialogue, lip-sync, and actual movement features also enhance the engagement of your material.

Vyond has features that favour all industry sizes. For Corporations, it provides various pre-built templates, a collection of resources, and a comprehensive range of tools for creating videos quickly. On the other hand, it offers price flexibility for individuals & Educational Institutions, so you won’t have to pay a lot of money to create a single video. It also enables you to create an infinite number of videos at a low cost.

Vyond also offers hundreds of characters, motions, and colours to customise your content. You also get access to many sound effects to add weight to your videos. Apart from that, the software allows you to import your music. You also have the freedom to be creative by adding logos, fonts, music files, and movies.

This software also has strong security measures, including GDPR compliance, ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, and third-party vendor control.


  • Offers a 14-days free trial
  • You’ll get access to numerous customised logos and texts
  • It has a wide range of training resources that aid in the creation of visually attractive films
  • It creates high-quality videos suitable for email marketing campaigns
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for unlimited video creation
  • Excellent customer support


  • It takes time to learn it
  • If you don’t have a microphone, the voice-over sound isn’t great
  • The software is web-based, and so you need an internet connection to use it
  • The platform is not mobile responsive
  • You cannot access some features not unless you pay for the premium plan


Photo credits: moovly.com

Moovly is a web-based whiteboard animation software that allows you to make videos and presentations in few minutes. It is simple to use and offers various resources to help you make great videos. This tool operates on a drag-and-drop basis, and its video templates make video creation easy and interesting.

You can sign up on Moovly for free and start creating videos immediately. It also allows you to customise your videos by adding your music, photos, and video clips.

Moovly also allows you to watch, modify, delete and restore videos you had already created at any time. You also have the option of sharing the videos directly on Facebook and YouTube.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Friendly use-interface
  • Allows you to customise your videos
  • High-quality videos


  • You can only use the software if you have an internet connection
  • The free version has limited images
  • The interface can be a bit sluggish depending on your internet speed


Photo credits: techsmith.com

Camtasia is a renowned screen recording tool that has pre-made animation designs. To create videos on Camtasia, start by recording your desktop screen or choosing a template and then add some effects, and you’re ready to go. It is the best software for users who wish to share how-to videos and tutorials.

This tool also offers custom templates with animations. You can make high-quality and professional videos by simply dragging and dropping these features. It also allows you to select background effects and music from a wide range of royalty-free music. Moreover, it allows you to record and modify your audio clips quickly.

One outstanding Camtasia feature is that it allows you to create interactive quizzes. These quizzes help your viewers to pay close attention to your content.


  • It has excellent audio effects and annotations
  • It allows you to record and modify your voice-over
  • It allows you to add transitions between scenes and slides
  • Friendly user-interface
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Easy to learn
  • Excellent customer support


  • The software takes time to load
  • It is challenging to remove background noises
  • Sound editing can be a bit frustrating
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other platforms
  • It constantly crashes
  • Limited customisation


Photo credits: filmorapro.com

FilmoraPro is among the best video editors for creating whiteboard animation videos. It has a friendly user interface and professional capabilities such as an audio mixer and colour correction. This tool also allows for 4k/HD, 2D/3D animations, and keyframes for seamless animation.

With this tool, you can quickly remove the video’s background noise and replace it with a high-quality audio clip. Its audio capabilities do not stop here. Use noise reduction, audio compression, and audio transitions to control the audio effectively.

If you have the pro plan, you can quickly attach texts or images to the moving elements in the video. You can also create your animations or use pre-made motion designs. If you’re dissatisfied with the motions, try adjusting the duration and speed of the animations to create flawless sync. Furthermore, you can also incorporate actual zoom or camera motions into your video.


  • The automated Stabilisation function produces extremely stable videos
  • The “Distort” and “warp” features allow you to modify your videos in various ways
  • It is possible to create videos from your computer directly using the built-in screen recorder
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks advanced video editing features
  • It doesn’t give you room for creativity
  • Its watermark appears on your videos if you are using the free version
  • It doesn’t support multi-camera tracking

Animation videos have become one of the most efficient ways to communicate with customers in Singapore. However, ensure your videos are quality by using the best whiteboard animation software. These tools have different features suitable for different types of businesses. Before deciding on the tool to buy, take time to study them and choose the one that suits your needs.



Although whiteboard explainer videos have been in existence for over a decade, most people think that their use is limited to educational purposes. If integrated into your digital marketing campaign, this strategy can give you the upper hand over your competitors.

It makes complex subjects easier to understand, which in turn boosts your conversion rates and increase the revenue generated from sales.

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