white hat seo in singapore


The Google algorithm already has thousands of metrics that it uses to determine the value of content as well as rank sites. Knowing these metrics and apply them when creating content can be the difference between failure and success. Today, we look at four white hat SEO techniques that you need to continue or start using in 2017 to get the expected results for digital marketing in Singapore.

Mobile Firm SEO Approach

April 21, 2015, Mobilegeddon Google update did not have a major upheaval as expected but it did shed light on the importance of optimizing content and marketing campaigns for the mobile users. According to Google officials, website pages that will not be accessible on mobile devices will not rank as high as expected as the search engine transitions to mobile search results. Concisely, make sure that your pages are mobile friendly to rank high on SERPs.

Pay Attention to User Experience

Google has been encouraging webmasters to focus on providing the best user experience. The launch of smarter algorithms will ensure that websites that provide good UX rank high than their counterparts. User experience is not all about writing clean code, a report posted on Oxford Journal reveals that UX design can only be achieved by first understand the users intent then coming up with a methodology for smooth navigation.

Good website navigation evokes positive emotions and this, in turn, results in an overall good experience. With so many web templates online, it is important to carry out A/B testing to select the right one.

Keyword Research

Keyword research will become more instrumental in the success of your digital marketing campaigns this year. Currently, Google is offering fewer keyword data, but luckily, Moz and Ahrefs, two prominent SEO tool providers are keen on filling this void. Use them to carry out extensive keyword research. Keep in mind the new Google RankBrain update gives Google the ability to understand synonyms. Ideally, you should not fill your articles with every keyword phrase that is provided by these the two SEO tools.

Finally, come up with a content marketing plan and strategy that is better than your competitors. Apart from creating great content, you need to locate the right audience then market the content to them to get the best results.