What Google Ads Sizes Are There And Which Converts Best In Singapore

Google Ads

Apart from Google ads containing texts only, Google also provides for banners as a form of advertisements and promotions. Whenever you opt for banners if you have an advertising campaign over the internet using Google Ads, then you must consider various aspects.

One of the essential factors to consider while setting up a banner is its size. In case you put up an inappropriate size, you might end up having complexities while uploading and sometimes Google might end up declining the banner. Here is an outline of the available Google Ad Sizes rated according to their display sizes.

  1. 120 × 600 – skyscraper
  2. 160 × 600 – large skyscraper

iii. 300 × 250 – inline rectangle

  1. 200 × 200 – small square
  2. 250 × 250 – square
  3. 300 × 600 – half-page Ad

vii. 336 × 280 – large rectangle

viii. 728 × 90 – leaderboard

  1. 970 × 90 – large leaderboard
  2. 468 × 60 – banner
  3. 320 × 50 – Mobile Leaderboard

The Mobile Leaderboard version is not compatible with a desktop pc or a tablet but only compatible with mobile phones that are designed to support upscaled sites. However, despite these banners being available in different sizes, google reports specific sizes to be more effective providing little or no difficulties. They include:

  1. 728 × 90 – leaderboard
  2. 300 × 250 – medium rectangle

iii. 336 × 280 – large rectangle

  1. 320 × 100 – large mobile banner
  2. 300 × 600 – half page

Before using a banner, you need to check its size on the disk as well. Ads exceeding 150 KB in size are not appropriate for use as Google will decline such. The smaller the banner in size, the faster it will upload hence making the campaign more efficient.

You should also ensure that it is in the approved formats as any other will not be eligible. It should either be in GIF, SWF, JPEG or PNG as they are the apt formats. So, after precisely ensuring you have met these conditions, there are various factors that if you consider meticulously, they will help you design a magnificent google Ad.

Tips on Generating the Perfect Google Ads

For your online advertising or promotion campaign to turn out successful, the ad you design should be in a position to catch the attention of the audience. Therefore, it is essential to acquire the most pertinent information on the suitability of the ad as it will contribute significantly to the success of your campaign.

Here is a highlight of the various aspects that influence the Google Ad suitability

  1. Existing policies

A perfect Google Ad is the one that has entirely complied with the set banners size requirements. The file should be less than 150 KB in disk size as well as be compatible with the available display specification by corresponding to the appropriate display size.

The banner should also contain a contour that displays its edges thereby preventing placement of the banner underneath the text. A well visible contour is also essential in ensuring that the banner is shaded differently from the existing site images and the overall background shade. These are some of the requirements as per the google policies.

Other digital advertising outlets may have set different requirements for attachment of banners. For instance, Facebook requires an Ad banner to contain at least 20% text; otherwise, it might be rejected. Therefore, you should ensure you read provided terms and conditions, and once you feel that you can comply, you can go ahead to launching your campaign.

  1. Advertising campaign objectives

It is also crucial to consider the primary goal of the campaign you intend to launch and the intended audience. That will help you come up with the most suitable message that you will put up together with the banner that might facilitate the effectiveness of the campaign.

The best part about Google display ads is that they provide for inclusion of any desired message in the form of a text which when coalesced with an image or animation, it attracts the audience more in comparison to the search Ads.

  1. Ruminated features

Whenever your Ad has exceptional features, the likelihood of reaching large numbers is high. Most people at first will be easily enticed by the general appearance of the banner’s color. You should select a color that is not too dull and again not too shouting and one that is matching with the product.

Besides, the Google Ad should not be difficult to access if by any chance the user clicks on it seeking for more information. It should not redirect one to a different site other than the one providing an insight on the campaign.

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The other vital feature that you should consider is the layout of your Call to Action (CTA). It should be one that elicits interest thereby luring the audience to click. It should also display simplicity by providing moderate text phrase that solely relays the intended message.

  1. Ad analysis

After you have set up the Google Ads, you need to assess its performance. You can only establish the rate of performance through multiple tests. If the performance is not fulfilling, then you can adjust various optimization aspects such as the selection of the keyword to increase the visibility. After several trials on creating different designs, you should eventually come up with the most efficient display Ad.

Choosing the Perfect Google Ads Format

You now have learned that there are various formats of different online advertisements. Each different type is suitable for a different kind of business for instance in Singapore. After you have determined the nature of the business, and are setting up advertising campaigns for, you then need to establish the most suitable ad format.

Selecting an appropriate ad format tends to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) resulting from the effect the ad causes on the internet. The highlight below describes the operation of various ad formats and their impact on your business.

  1. Text-only Google Ads

Most people in Singapore and other regions are usually familiar with this type of ad. It is the most common type, and almost everyone who has searched for particular information over the internet has come across such. It is very basic since it employs only texts structured to form a title consisting of not more than 25 characters, a paragraph consisting of two sentences each having 35 characters and a website URL.

Google Ads

It is suitable for a simple business that provides services and products that are basic to the customer. The customer might need the services or goods either urgently or on a routine basis. In such a case, the customer will most definitely go for the ad that appears first irrespective of the complexity, since their priority in such a situation is the availability and not the quality. Most of the users who prefer text-only ads are those who require less persuading as they already know why they need a particular product.

Advantages of Text-only Ads

– Easy to create and set them up

– Requires easy maintenance practices

– Highly effective as they reach a significant number of Google users

– Those deploying Pay-Per-Click (PPC) lead to higher conversions for your business

Disadvantages of Text-only Ads

website design banner

– Barely attracts new customers as those clicking are only the ones aware of the services or products

– Associated PPC is relatively high compared to other forms of Ads

  1. Image Google Ads

Ads consisting of images are also common and applicable to every type of business. They are highly effective and lets you customize the ad image and its background to lure more visitors to the internet. It is evident that most internet users are attracted more to images rather than texts. Creating an image ad can however be a little involving and expensive as it sometimes requires the assistance of an expert. Therefore, depending on the objective of your business, you should decide on whether to opt for image ads or not.

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Google Ads

An image Google Ad might include your photo which is essential in facilitating the rate of click. A user might feel more secure and develop trust for your company if you have your face on that image. Image ads create awareness more effectively as well; even without clicking on the Ad, the user still learns about the product or service as most of their details are provided on the image.

Advantages of Image Ads

– Allows for more personalization by selecting your desired color, text and design

– Easily convince the audience by use of influential visual images

– They are used on several other Google outlet platforms such as YouTube

Disadvantages of image Ads

– Relatively costly to maintain

– They attract lesser clicks as uninterested clients usually acquire most information without even entering your site

  1. Video Google Ads

A video ad is the most suitable format of an Ad for a business or organization that is offering services intended at providing an experience. For instance, if the business is involved in organizing a seminar or a trip, through video Ads, the experience is adequately described to the user.

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Apart from experiences, most users who have viewed video ads more often are likely to buy the advertised product than those who did not view at all. Despite providing several pluses to your business, video ads could be one of the most expensive ways to create an ad.

Google Ads

A video Ad usually has a higher PPC, and therefore, the ROI rate is lowered. Assuming that most of these people clicking on the ad, which you will have to pay yourself, do not end up purchasing your product, it means that you might even make some losses. Nonetheless, a video Ad might have compatibility issues on browsers that do not provide for particular plugins such as Internet Explorer.

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Advantages of video ads

– You can easily reach more audience on various google outlet platforms

– Attract the audience easily by creating a more convincing impression


– Attract lesser clicks compared to other ad types

– Costly to develop and maintain

  1. Ad extensions

This google extension feature is vital in ensuring that you can augment the details you have provided in the ads more so the text-only ads. The extension lets you add site links, personal contacts, or address to the existing ad. It is usually available in Google Search Network where it helps provide enhanced information to the target audience.

Google Ads

Ad extensions are suitable for business where the clients may wish to pay a visit before buying the products. Such companies sell products in bulk, and hence the customer needs their contacts for efficient communication and directions provision, for instance, a cement company.

Advantages of Ad extensions

– Provides for customization on a different format for different devices

– Provides additional significance of your products/ services to the customer

– Attracts more clicks compared to other ads


– Compatibility issues providing limitations

– It is costlier to make a change to an already set up ad

  1. Call-only Google Ads

Instead of using an extension which might not even be compatible with your browser, to provide personal contacts, you can consider using call-only ads. In this case, the Ad provides for making a direct call through clicking on the ad, which is only possible for devices with the calling capabilities. There are hence suitable for businesses that sell bulk products, and the client might require a regular consultation with the firm’s management through communication.

Google Ads


– Offers an effective, direct means of contacting the organization

– Compatible with every calling device such as smartphones


– Limited to search networks such as google search

  1. Shopping Ads

These are ads containing details on the advertised product. Such details include the features of the product, its listed price and then an image of the product is attached to the ad which can be accessed by clicking on it, and it will redirect you to the marketing page.

Google Ads

They are most suitable for online shopping where the customer requires to see the product before making an order.


– Gives an insight to the customer on the specific product

– The visual images let the customer make the noblest choice


– Limited manipulation of optimization

  1. App promotion ads

Several business owners might find it necessary to acquire an application to help them in their processes. Therefore, in such a case, an App Promotion ad might be essential for you. It provides for direct download of an application by just clicking on the ad. This ad is suitable for business that requires applications for operation such as food deliveries, online shopping or online taxis like Uber and Taxify.

Google Ads


– Boosts the efficiency of business as people usually access services at ease

– Makes the business highly competitive compared to those without applications


– Apps might not be compatible with all devices


In a nutshell, with a clearer understanding of types and sizes of Google Ads, then you have the chance to promote your business accurately. You can choose the best ad type according to your preference and the audience you intend to reach in Singapore. That will facilitate the success of your business.

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