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What You Need to Do to Improve Link Equity Distribution

Improve Link Equity Distribution

Link building is one of the guaranteed ways of improving your site SEO. This is based on confessions from Google team as well as studies that backlinks are the strongest rank signals used to rank websites and determine if they deserve a spot on SERPs.

The process of getting backlinks can be tedious and time-consuming. Google has also introduced new standards that you have to abide by for your backlinks to succeed in improving your site ranking. Many companies are obsessed with link building and spend thousands of dollars per month trying to get as many links as possible.

Sure, having many backlinks may help your site to rank better than your competitors but the effort and all the resources that you put into it may not yield any results if you are only recouping a small portion of the equity.

Here are three easy and efficient ways of improving link equity distribution.

Consider Redirecting Old URL Paths

Product pages that you no longer use but have been linked to being the reason you see many 404 errors when you audit your site. Find such old URL paths and 301 redirect them to product pages that are currently active. This move will enhance your search engine visibility.

It is not possible to do this task manually especially if you have hundreds of such URLs. If you just migrated to a new site, you can use Screaming Frog to crawl the staging environment. As you configure it, make sure that you set it to ignore robots.txt as well as crawl nofollow links. Once this process is completed export the data to a spreadsheet, make use of Find/Replace to switch the staging domain with the root domain.

Go an extra mile and synchronize Screaming Frog with Ahrefs API to know which URLs to redirect first. The crawler will collect the link metrics associated with each page. Also, OpenList Chrome extension and MergeWords will help you to identify the destination pages accurately. 

Rectify Internal 301 Redirects

Now that you have accumulated link equity from external sources that would have probably gone to waste, it is time to focus your energies on internal link errors. A good internal linking structure will improve user experience and on-page SEO.

Run Screaming Frog in Spider Mode on your website domain to identify all the 301 redirects. Use InLinks to organise the redirects based on their level of importance.

Analyse your Site .htaccess file

As you analyse how your Singapore business website link equity is distributed, you should also check how global redirects are performing. The .htaccess file will help you do this by showing you all the syntax that governs the manner in which the site adheres to redirect rules.

Similar redirect patterns are a sign that the redirect rules that are defined in the .htaccess file are being followed. Here are four redirect rules that you should use to carry out this analysis.

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  • URL capitalisation rules
  • Training slash rules
  • Non-WWW to WWW rules
  • HTTPS to HTTPS rules


These three simple steps will ensure that you get maximum equity from every link. A reputable Singapore SEO agency can do these tasks for you at an affordable. By outsourcing, you will free up your schedule and save time for other equally important functions. 


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