How Over the Top Content Can Impact Digital Marketing

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What is the impact of top content in digital marketing? With the rapid growth of information and technology, consumers can now access their favorite brand on the go. Gone are the days when one had to access information and entertainment from television, magazines, and cables. Modern technological advancements have allowed brands to connect with their customers on various online platforms. Over the top content (OTT) is rapidly gaining popularity as it is convenient, for people with busy schedules. 

In the recent months, has expanded to include educational channels, entertainment, and live broadcasting. With over the top content dominating the online platforms, brands are beginning to shift their focus to the massive online market. According to statistics, the OTT revenue in the US alone is set to surpass $30 billion by 2020. With such predictions, major companies and organizations are strategically positioning their brand in front of this huge global market. 

Over-the-top Messaging App

Communication through messages was drastically transformed with the advent of OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. With only an internet connection, the messaging apps allow people to send messages for free. Furthermore, the mobile applications have additional interactive features such as broadcasting that facilitate group messaging. The interactive nature of the messaging apps has seen most people shift from traditional messaging to OTT apps. 

With an impressive 1 billion users, the WhatsApp messaging platform is currently leading as the most popular OTT messaging app. However, brands such as Tango and Line are also trying to include attractive and interactive messaging features that will appeal to their target audience. For instance, Tango has included a live gaming feature and a user-friendly interface that is appealing to the customers. Such features also allow organizations as well as business to easily connect with their consumers. More brands like Singapore digital marketers can now take the opportunity to display their products and interact through innovative OTT apps. 

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Interactive Video

More consumers are now utilizing OTT applications. Currently, there are around 100 million people subscribed to various over the top services. With consumers shifting to OTT content, brands can use the platform to connect and interact with their customers. The OTT platform is an excellent opportunity for companies to advertise and promote their brand to new and existing customers. The platform allows creative interaction with a brand and its customers, through exciting features such as video. 

Professional digital marketers in Singapore can use Interactive video to connect and promote their brand to their target audience. An interactive video adds a personal and fun aspect to a product that makes it more appealing to the customers. The Skittle Cat Advert is an excellent example of an interactive video that engages and connects with the customers. 

Content Sponsorship

Content sponsorship is an ideal way that brands can use to connect with its target audience. A brand can utilize the OTT platform to sponsor certain shows or programming that reflects a particular theme. For instance, a brand can sponsor popular entertainment genres such as dramas or comedy that portray themes that are relevant to the brand. For example, a conjunction between the American store Target and the popular drama/comedy show ‘The Modern Family’ would be a great fit. The show portrays everyday life a humorous side of everyday life that is similar to Targets image of ‘We have something for everyone’. 

Original Content

The OTT platform allows companies like Singapore digital marketing Agency to diversify and customize its content to meet the customers’ demands. With the OTT platform, a brand can create original content that is relevant and appealing to its new and existing customers. Red bull is an example of a brand that has utilized the OTT platform to reach its customers. In an effort to stand out, Red Bull has created its own OTT niche network that is freely accessible to consumers.

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With the rise of OTT platforms, a business can now effectively engage and connect with their consumers. Most of all brands can use the online OTT space to create unique and relevant content that will appeal to their customers.


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