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There has been a social media storm in the marketing field, and many companies have sought to get their skin in the game by either forming a vibrant social media team or taking advantage of an already-existing social media agency in Singapore.

Creating a social media team in the company is brave move, but the results from such a move take a lot of time to manifest. The growth of a company is quickly seen when you hire a social media agency in Singapore.

The reason for this is simple: the company’s social media team will do a lot of trial-and-error until they arrive at a working formula while a social media agency already has a method worked out. They only need to tweak a few details to make the social media campaign effective.

A company’s social media team may also have other roles aside from handling social platforms that prevent them from being a highly effective team. For example, it is common to find a company’s social media team handling calls. This takes away a considerable chunk of time that would have been spent studying social trends and coming up with unique content that the people enjoy.

Therefore, hiring a social media agency is a vital marketing strategy. The reason many companies in Singapore choose to ignore this step is that they are unsure of the return on investment. However, there are statistics that companies should be aware of before shutting the door on such a move.

One, the social media penetration rate in Singapore is 85% . Two, seven in ten Singaporean are active social media users. Three, one in ten people learn of a new product via online advertising. Lastly, Singaporean mobile owners spend an average of 45 hours on the internet in a week.

An excellent social media agency in Singapore can help you take advantage of the above statistics; 62% of Singaporeans already view technology as more helpful than risky.  However, not all agencies will give you the results you want. Fortunately, there are certain qualities you can look for in an agency to gauge their ability.

Qualities a Great Social Media Agency in Singapore Should Have

Pro-Level Research Skills

Research is the first step in producing remarkable results. The social media marketing agency should be able to present cases of research that it did before. To find out what they did, you can ask questions such as:

  • How much information did the company give the agency?
  • What type of information did the agency find out by themselves?
  • Has the agency worked with a company in your niche before?
  • How long did the research take?
  • Did the marketing results indicate that the research was accurate?

You can add other questions relevant to your business industry. There are several reasons why you should ask the agency about their previous research. First, your products/services target a specific demographic. This demographic has different interests and pain points from other members of society. A well-crafted message will pique their interest and lead to engagement which will ultimately lead to sales.

Second, research will enable the agency to find out more about your competitors, how they position their brands and the content gaps that are yet to be filled. The last part is the main reason companies do competitor research; filling the gaps enables you to become a dominant player in an industry.

Lastly, the social media agency needs to research to understand your company’s products/services better than anyone else. It is only then that they will be able to consistently craft content that resonates with the target audience and invites other interested parties to engage with your brand.

social media agency in Singapore

Impressive Copywriting

Copywriting is the process of coming up with words intended for marketing or advertising. Companies that have a superb copywriting team rarely have to aggressively market their products as the written copy addresses the needs of the clients and sells the products.

You can determine the copywriting skills of a social media agency in Singapore by asking for the details of the social media handles that they handle. You should look at a couple of things once you get the handles.

Firstly, are they using images in their posts? According to TreDigital, social media posts with images get 7-10 more clicks than posts with no photos. You should also look at the quality of the image; high-quality content should also use high-grade images.

Secondly, are they using short posts? Social media users want short and interesting content that quickly passes the message. The only exception to this rule is LinkedIn where users regularly post blog-style posts to showcase their expertise. Keenly check out the various platforms to see if the agency is following this rule.

Thirdly, are they using video content? Singapore has the highest fixed broadband speed in the world, and users watch an average of 2 hours of video every day. Posting video content on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube is an excellent way of marketing.

Lastly, how are they using hashtags? Hashtags have the unique ability to bring more attention to the content created, especially on Twitter and Instagram. However, the hashtag has to match the content. Your content is considered spam if it does not.

Use of the Right Tools

The days of using social media applications to publish content are long gone. Companies are increasingly embracing new technology that offers more efficiency. There are social media tools for analytics, scheduling, and publishing posts, discovering trends, and curating content.

An effective social media agency in Singapore should use some of the following tools:

Google Trends  

This is a free tool for discovering trending topics online. The agency can then use the information to craft witty posts that will drive engagement with your company.

Google Trends can also be used to monitor keyword usage over particular months or years. This is valuable information that can also be used to inform the content organization of your website.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to create a content calendar, schedule posts, manage social profiles in one place, and has analytics tools that can be used to help you tweak your content.

Hootsuite has a free and premium version, but the latter has more functionality than the former. This is one tool that every agency needs to have.


Influencer marketing is slowly becoming popular in Singapore. BuzzSumo is a tool that will enable you to find these influencers as well as the content that was shared the most across the various social media platforms.

Finding this content performs well in every topic will enable the agency to craft your content better. They can even use influencers to push the content further. BuzzSumo also has analytics features.


This social media management tool enables agencies to find the best times to publish content, publish the content on time every day and has a free tool you can use to create images for the various social media platforms.

Images are especially crucial to Singaporeans as they summarize long posts.

There are many other social media tools in the market. The above tools are some of the best and indicate that an agency can deliver on all their promises.

Sales and Customer Service

A study by J. D Power found that social media has become the first line for customer service for many companies. This is because 72% of social media users who ask a query on social media channels expect a response within 1 hour. An untimely response will see them move to another company providing the same product/service without hesitation.

The stakes are very high. It is, therefore, crucial that you hire a social media agency that is capable of delivering this. You can quickly determine this by going through the social media handles of clients the agency has handled.

It is also important to look at the language used when handling irate customers. Was the agency able to diffuse the situation fast? Did the client seem satisfied at the end of the interaction? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

Trolls and negative feedback is another customer service aspect that you should check. Social media platforms are nowadays filled with emboldened individuals who are not afraid of trolling even the mightiest of companies.

An exceptional social media agency in Singapore is one that responds to trolls with light-hearted humor. Turning the joke back on the culprit will lead to more awareness and engagement from other social users who will probably be complimenting the company’s sense of humor. This will ultimately lead to more sales.


Things in the online world move very quickly. A lot of users jump on hashtags to express their creativity when something funny and interesting happens. Companies have recently started jumping on the same hashtags to show their creativity.

Although the message comes off as banter, the underlying message is meant to promote the company’s brand image. This is not always easy, and some companies that have tried this have ended up doing a lot of public relations activities to calm the online storm created by a post.

Therefore, creativity in an agency matters a lot. You can gauge this quality in an agency by looking at some of their posts with hashtags. Check the comments below the post to see what the online community was saying about the post. Check also if the company responded to the comments; engagement should not end after making a creative post.

Analytics and Reporting

You will want to know how your brand is faring after investing top dollar in a social media agency in Singapore. Daily reports will most likely interfere with your other business responsibilities and can distract you from your goals.

However, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports  are necessary for you to know the standing of your business in the online world. An agency should have the tools to collect data and report it in a manner will be easy for you to understand.

Ask the agency if they provide reports to their clients and the time it takes them to compile a report. This will give you a better understanding of the agency.

Efficient and Organized

Having all the above-mentioned qualities will not be of any significance if the agency is disorganized and inefficient. Content creation is a continuous process that requires focused individuals to create, schedule, publish, and analyse the statistics after posting.

Finding out how organized a social media agency in Singapore is should be very easy. Checking out the dates and time they posted for a previous client is the first step. The time is especially critical as there are certain times when engagement is high.

The best times are usually early in the morning and late in the evening. However, Instagram is changing this perception. Taking photos of visually appealing foods and posting them during lunchtime has become common among millennials. As such, it is generally advisable to post on Instagram between noon and 2 pm.

An organized agency is one that consistently posted content every day at the right time.


Companies in different niches should not have the same social media strategy. They should also not carry the same message. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to social media.

For example, a catering business will need more presence on Instagram while a vehicle-servicing company will need more presence on Facebook and Twitter where they can easily explain to clients the problem with their vehicles.

You should immediately see a red flag if an agency tells you that they will repeat the same strategy they used for a different company, even if the company is in the same niche as yours. What worked a few years ago may not work today as the social media platform continually shifts.

This only goes to underscore the importance of research. Ask the agency how they plan to make your social strategy unique to gauge their ability to deliver on adaptability as well as social media management capability.

Final Word

Hiring a social media agency in Singapore enables you to be laser-focused on other business goals that need your expertise. The combined effort eventually leads to growth that places your business in a firm position in your niche.  However, the social media agency needs to have the above qualities for you to realize this growth.

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