What is Search Engine Marketing and how can it help my business?

What is Search Engine Marketing and how can it help my business?

The idea behind Search engine marketing or SEM is simple: exposing businesses to users looking for their goods or services or similar offering. Usually, people use search engines to look for just about anything. SEM takes advantage of that thought. People using search engines are often on a “hunt mode”.

For instance, if they are looking for information on a bicycle, they may also be looking to buy one or upgrade their existing item. SEM allows marketers to take advantage of this “hunt mode.” They understand that even if the person is just looking for information, they may have an immediate need or future need. This allows them to position their ads and material to address what the users are looking for.

One of the primary advantages of SEM is that is uses targeted information. By looking at what people search for, it lets marketers know the best sources of traffic. Once a company invests on SEM, their paid ads will show up every time a user searches for keywords or phrases related to their targeted demographics. You gain visibility by exposing your material to people looking for information about it or related to it. According to a leading SEO Singapore as a nation presents very good opportunities for SEM because its local population is highly literate and extremely mobile device-driven. So Its an excellent test bed for many multinational corporations to test their online strategies before importing it elsewhere in Asia.

To drive traffic and sustain operations, marketers must know how to leverage SEM with SEO. Organic SEO is as crucial as paid traffic. A strong online presence means knowing how to work with both SEO and SEM. Search engine traffic is unique based on the following:

  • Search engine traffic can be considered as a non-intrusive form of marketing. Compared to other online and offline advertising strategies, search engine marketing taps a user at the exact moment they are searching for information. In a way, some call SEM as “just in-time marketing.” The ads will not show up unless a person searches for information related to it.
  • Search engine marketing taps on traffic coming from audience-driven and voluntary search. This means users from search result links not only chose your listing from your peers, they also select the search query based on the listing you belong to.

Traffic from SEM comes from the search query the user initiated. This offers better conversion rate for your business.

January 22, 2015

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