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How To Use Moment Marketing Online

How To Use Moment Marketing Online

What is moment marketing and how can I use it to generate leads in Singapore? Timing is everything. Then, there is never a perfect time for anything. In essence, time controls every task that we decide to do, and you can never be sure what time and which task(s) can achieve a particular goal.

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In digital marketing, you need to time your message in a way that it can reach your target market at the perfect time. A perfect time in this context is meant by offering your target audience what they want to solve their problems, at the time they want it and at their convenience.

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Since moment marketing uses time as its main component, in this article we are going to focus on how you can take advantage of moment marketing to help you keep close contact with your target audience. The hands-on and time-sensitive strategy employed by moment marketing enables you to provide the requisite tools your clients require to make swift purchasing decisions.

It also helps you connect with your target audience on a more personal level. The ability to interact with your target audiences personally gives you comprehensive insight on their preferences.

How to Do Moment Marketing in Singapore

Always Be Handy

As a marketer, Google will always advise you to still be available for your clients in those moments they require you. Moment marketing as a digital marketing strategy is very fast in how it reaches out to the intended audience. Therefore, when using moment marketing, you need to dedicate your time to your clients and be available when they require something.

According to studies,33% of online shoppers make purchases from brands or companies that were not their preferred choice. The action informing this decision is moment marketing because the business provides the necessary information that simplified how the clients shopped.

Being handy or on call when your clients require your services does not necessarily mean that you have to shadow the customers while buying. However, you can expect in advance the dealings they are going to be involved in, then have your clients locate you at the opportune time.

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Below are ways of ensuring you are present during the subsequent searches.

  1. Familiarise with Your Clients and Expect Their Wants: To avail yourself to customers at the right time, you need to familiarise yourself with the queries you expect your clients to have. The best way to do this is by creating your client’s persona(s) and trace their steps to capture the areas where they are expected to seek that material to solve their problems. Mapping the journey of your customers puts you in a prime position to beat your competition to clients.
  2. Use Paid Ads in Your Advertising Stack: This strategy is best used when you have been struggling to make a mark on social media or make your content appear on the first page of search engines result pages (SERPs). Paid ads allow your products to appear to specific people, at a particular time. They are also preferred because they allow you to be inventive with the displays and the communications you want to put across.
  3. Formulate A Water-Tight SEO Strategy: In the digital space, there are those who are aware of what they are searching for while at the same time, there are those who are not sure of what they are searching for. In such cases, you need to be handy as mentioned previously so that you can point your clients on the right path.

To actualise this strategy, you require data and tools like Google Keyword Planner to distinguish the keywords that interest your clients on SERPs. The keywords are then attached to your content and landing pages so that every feature on your page is optimised for those keywords during searches.

Optimise For Mobile Devices

Apart from time another vital component of moment marketing is a mobile device. Mobile devices are the main, favourite and fastest gateway into the web. Hence, to ensure your content is not obsolete, you need to ensure all aspects of your content should be optimised for mobile devices. This includes post, blogs, site and ads

Be Timely

Being there for your clients is not enough in moment marketing. Competition is always there and maybe they could faster than you in the way they engage the customers. Therefore, you need to be faster than your competition. It requires more input from you and the help of functional marketing tools. Act-On is a marketing automation tool that creates prompt events when a specific action is undertaken. Then, you can send them follow up messages that coax them into making purchases.

Integration of retargeting of ads is also essential marketing strategy at this point. Why? The incorporation of this strategy into your moment marketing strategy helps you gain visibility for your content on other platforms and websites. Furthermore, when you have a programmed nurture email campaign, it will assist you in seeking new prospects and continually responding to queries from leads.

Provide Important Material

The ability to provide your clients with what they require is crucial in moment marketing. In other words, you should be useful by providing content that resonates with your clients then. Here are a few tips of actualising this:

  1. Teach Your Clients: Since moment marketing seeks to reach the client as fast as possible, you should set yourself apart from your competition. First, you need to develop your content in a way that provides valuable info on what you are offering. Then, you can focus on the features that make your product unique.
  2. Make Your Content Customer-Friendly: The essence of moment marketing is the speed by which information is relayed to the user. Therefore, the outlay of your page should be as simple as possible and easy to manoeuvre. Avoid making it hard to move around your website. Clients are in a rush to find solutions to the problems. Hence, it is wise to use visual materials such as videos, infographics to guide the client service or product of choice.
  3. Be Useful: The ability to know and predict the wants of clients are the key pillars of moment marketing. As a marketer, you are then required to know the reasons why they are searching for the solutions. Show that you are proficient and understand the problems of your clients by portraying a picture of understanding their agony and misfortunes. Then, illustrate how your service or product is the answer to their questions at that juncture.


All these illustrated goes back to knowing your customer and anticipating their needs and being in the moment with your customers. On top of knowing what type of solutions they are searching for, you need to understand why they are seeking the answers.

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Use your content to address that you know the source of their pain points, and show your target customers how your product and solution is just what they need during that specific search. Contact us today for custom digital marketing services in Singapore.We will also give you additional tips on how to carry out moment marketing like a professional.



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