How to Get Better Ranking in Google Yourself Without the Help of a SEO company?

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It had been a difficult year in 2012 for those trying to do SEO for their business website as Google kept rolling out new algorithms and updates to “fix” it’s search results. As such, thousands of local websites in Singapore were affected by these updates, losing rankings, falling way behind, dropping rankings. As such, many businesses suffered a drop in sales as their “top” ranking were no longer there. Gone are the days where backlinks were everything. Many SEO Company  had website in Page 1 easily by doing some “SEO blast” which gave them tens of thousands backlinks easily per day. 

Surprisingly, there are still many SEO Company providing such blasting service. Instead of having so many low quality backlinks, you should focus on building quality backlinks. However, we understand that it’s really difficult to build these backlinks yourself as you may not know the right way or do not have time for it, after all you are running a business!

Other than link building, there are some ways to “SEO” your website yourself without hiring an SEO company!

Build Quality & Fresh Content
Content is king! Website with relevant & fresh content to their website has an edge over those who don’t. During your free time, you could actually write some articles on your business and published them to your website. WIth more of such relevant articles on your website,

Google knows that your website is active and highly related to the keywords you are targeting, hence giving your better ranking because they want to show relevant results to people who are looking for your service! You don’t have to build so much article just to SEO your website. Just do it when you have the time, even one article per 2 weeks or monthly is fine! As long you create unique and fresh articles, it’s always good for your website overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) progress.

Do Not Duplicate/Copy Content!
Yes, having fresh content & building new articles is good for your website SEO, but do not abuse it! Many website owners make it a point that, they start copying content from competitors or even tweaking them a little to make it “unique”. This is not the right way! Google is definitely smart enough to tell that your website content is similar to, and will not give you any “SEO points” for it. So don’t bother to get duplicate content as it will never give you more advantages over disadvantages!


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April 30, 2015

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