What are the Pillars of an Effective SEO Strategy? 

Pillars of an Effective SEO Strategy (1)

What do I need to do to create an effective SEO strategy for my Singapore business? This is the number one question that we get from clients who want to catapult their Singapore online business to success. Over the years, Google algorithm updates have changed the SEO landscape significantly. However, some strategies have stood the test of time and still help businesses to stand tall in the competitive and unforgiving online business realm. 

Here are the four primary pillars of an effective SEO strategy that you should know. 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO refers to everything that you do on your site to ensure that search engines can identify and index the pages. A significant portion of it is taken care of by the content management system that your site runs on such as WordPress. Other tools such as Deep Crawl and Screaming Frog can audit your site to identify technical issues that need to be addressed. Let us look at six areas of technical SEO. 

  • Crawl: Can the search engines explore your website? 
  • Index: Does the search engine know which pages it should index and return? 
  • Mobile: Is your site accessible to users who use mobile devices to access it? 
  • Speed: How fast do the pages load? Slow load speed will chase away potential customers. 
  • Technical: Is your CMS search engine friendly? 
  • Hierarchy: Have you structured the content on your site properly? 

A professional Singapore web development can address all these issues for you. Make sure that the developer understands the relationship and difference between website design, website development, and website SEO.  

On-Site SEO  

This refers to everything that you do on the website to ensure that every page is search engine friendly. There is a close connection between on-site SEO and technical SEO. To succeed, the first step that you need to take is making sure that the content is well structured 

Here are important elements of on-site SEO that should be checked. 

  • Keyword research: Understand the audience and the phrases/words that they use to look for information about your niche 
  • Descriptive URLs: Make sure that your site URLs are descriptive and simple 
  • Page Titles: Include high-value keywords in the page titles 
  • Meta Descriptions: Create quality meta descriptions to help drive clicks on SERPs 
  • Content Optimization: Optimize your content by including keywords and create variations of your sales page 
  • Good User Experience: Users should be able to easily navigate your site 
  • Call-to-action: Make it easy for prospects to take the desired action by creating strong calls to action 
  • Structured data Markup: This will help improve click-through rates 

As you optimize the site, keep in mind the target audience needs and expectations. If you are a local business, focus on local SEO strategies to get as much traffic from customers in your locality as possible. Scream Frog and a reputable Singapore SEO agency can help you work on every page. 


Consider your website is a wrapper for your content. The content that you publish will pass the intended message to the target audience. Quality content will describe your brand, products/services that you offer, and reasons why customers should professionally trust you.  

There are three types of content that you should have on your website. 

  • Service Content: This is content that describes what you do and the areas that you service 
  • Credibility Content: Content that describes why prospects should do business with you such as reviews and testimonials 
  • Marketing content: Content that shows you are an expert in the field 

The content should be optimized to suit every phase of the customer journey.  

Off-site Authority Building 

Building your site authority will ensure that your business is recognized as the best a particular niche. Such authority will help you to connect with more customers. One of the best ways to enhance your brand’s off-site authority is through link building. Most of the highly ranked websites have thousands of relevant links from third-party sites.  

Final Thoughts 

The success of your SEO strategy is dependent on the manner in which you execute the processes discussed above. Avoid making costly mistakes by hiring a reputable Singapore SEO agency. The team will use their academic qualifications and years of experience to optimize and position your site for success.  

December 30, 2017

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