What Are the Best Branding Strategies You Can Apply in Singapore?

What Are the Best Branding Strategies You Can Apply in Singapore_

There is a multitude of branding strategies in Singapore to choose from, but in the highly competitive business environment and changing customer dynamics, you need to apply the best branding strategies. Singapore remains one of the business hubs that hold massive potential for businesses looking to grow their image and brand.

With that said, many companies lack the financial support, time, and recognition needed to build a successful brand. However, not all is lost; in this article, we look at the best branding strategies in Singapore.


Top Branding Strategies in Singapore

Singapore has gone from a third world country to a first world country in less than two decades. The biggest consumer group, the millennials, are more nostalgic and brands making it big today are those that can bring out a sense of authenticity through nostalgia.

Here are the best strategies you should use to establish and grow your brand identity in Singapore. 

Use Influencers

Singapore is more of an image market and not a growth market. However, every brand manager in Singapore knows the importance of getting his or her brand known. With that said, there are many ways of getting your brands image noticed, but the best platform for brand marketing in Singapore is social media.

You should always take the opportunity to have someone endorse your brand and this is where social influencers come in.

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With that said, there is more to picking an influencer than looking at the number of followers they have on their social networking accounts. You need to look at their content and see if they align with your content and values.

Next, you need to reach out and agree on a fair compensation for the traffic they will drive to your social media pages or website. With that said, social influencers are not limited to social networking sites, you can also look for a blogging influencer and have links on their blogs.

Create Authenticity

As we said, Singapore is going through a phase of nostalgia. Most of the people there are missing the old grit that was the norm when growing up before and during the dot com era. This means that your branding strategies in Singapore ought to look back to move forward. However, this means that some brands will have a head start since they are synonymous with the “good old times.”

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Brands such as Tiger Balm have a long history and are considered authentic Singapore brands. If you are starting out in Singapore, ensure that you create authenticity to make up for your lack of history.

You can do this by going for an anti-design feel. What we mean is that the glossy and polished logos and perfect shapes are discordant with the design in other spheres of life.

So for your company branding in Singapore, go for the unpolished look that shows that humans, not a robot made it. However, be sure to be neat and presentable.

Have A Creative And Compelling Heritage Story

For your brand marketing in Singapore, nothing works better than a well-told story. One of your marketing goals in Singapore today should be to take advantage of heritage credentials.

All you need is a story and tell it well to your audience. The chances are that you will create an emotional connection to your brand and this will level the playing field when you are competing against much older brands.

Personalised Customer Experiences

Singapore is enjoying one of the best connectivity levels in the world today, and this means that many people are sharing information that can be useful for brand marketing in Singapore. However, many businesses are not taking the opportunity to create personalised shopping experiences for their customers.

Of all the branding strategies in Singapore, this has to be the one that will make you a household name. This requires that you undertake user research, and create buyer personas.

While they are in their early stages off development, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) could help you collect data for your buyer personas. This strategy will help you empower your customers through a personalised and seamless shopping experience.

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The chances are that they will recommend your business to their friends, colleagues, and family. This will lead to more customers, and if you do it right, you could ensure the longevity and expansion of your brand.

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Collaborate With Other Brands

While you are working hard to grow your brand and gain success over your competitors, sometimes the best way forward is to collaborate. This is one of the best branding strategies in Singapore, and by working together, we mean making a pact with brands in your niche or other niches to carry out activities for the good of the community.

This could be collaborations in CSR activities or relief and aid among others. What happens is that the brands involved in the collaboration will benefit from increased visibility. On top of this, it will create an emotional connection that you care enough to give back to the community.

The collaboration will bring potential customers or investors to your brand leading to growth and increased sales. This needs proper management for it to work for all the parties involved.

Hire a Brand Consulting Firm

Creating branding strategies in Singapore is not easy since it takes a lot of time and resources. For example, you will need to do brand audits, structuring and restructuring and many other factors. However, this can be too much for an entrepreneur that is trying to scale their business.

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A brand-consulting firm will do all the heavy lifting to realise your brand’s vision. They will work with you right from the start, and they will need C-level involvement in your business operation. The consultant will work within your budget, and grow your brand at your own pace.


The process of building a brand strategy is long and it can be frustrating. However, the first point is to have clearly defined business goals. The above are some of the best branding strategies in Singapore today. However, you need to know what you want, to know where you want to be.

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