What to Look For In Website Visitor Recordings in Singapore

What to Look For In Website Visitor Recordings in Singapore

Web marketing in Singapore generates a multitude of analytics data, but few marketers and entrepreneurs doing marketing online in Singapore take the time to understand them.

Visitor recordings are a crucial aspect of understanding user behaviour, in order to improve your web marketing in Singapore.

In this article, we look at what visitor recording is and why you should start considering it as a source of analytics data when you are doing marketing online in Singapore.

More so, we will share advice, as well as the best practices and strategies to increase lead conversion as well as revenue.

What are Visitor Recordings?

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These are also known as session replays, and they are videos taken of a user navigating through your website in real-time. They bring in data from Google Analytics as well as conversion rates optimisation tools such as Scrollmaps or Heatmaps.

They are different from other analytics tools; in that video, recordings will help you fill in the blanks as to what is motivating your visitors to behave in a certain way.

For example, Google Analytics will give you the macro trends while a tool such as Snapshot Reports will tell you about click behaviour.

The value of integrating visitor recordings to web marketing in Singapore is that they allow you to spot glitches in your UI, browser bugs, as well as issues with website responsiveness on multiple devices.

It will only take you up to an hour to integrate visitor recordings into your conversion rate optimisation routine. However, how do you do it? You will need to invest in a web visitor-recording program to get started, and you will get a tracking code.

Behaviours to Look Out For In the Visitor Recordings

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At first, the data from the visitor recordings can be daunting, but you should be on the lookout for these behaviours

1. Excessive Scrolling

If you notice that visitors are excessively scrolling, it means that they are confused. It could also mean that your website visitors cannot find what they are looking for on your page.

To curb this behaviour, you should watch to identify the pages that they end up on, and then introduce some down-the-funnel content on the initial page that they started on.

2. Rage Clicks

These are the clicks resulting from the user repeatedly clicking on non-interactive items on your web page, mostly because they think it should be interactive. Unfortunately, while Google analytics is one of the best tools, you will not get data on rage clicks.

If you see many rage clicks on a page element, you should consider adding a link to see if it removes the frustration among your users. It might also help to increase conversions.

3. Glitches and Bugs in Your User Interface

Irrespective of the number of browser tests that you might have done, there could still be glitches in your UI as well as actual bugs.

Moreover, you could realise that your marketing online in Singapore is not yielding fruits due to how your content looks on different browsers and issues with website responsiveness on mobile.

The chances are that you could also be a bug that was introduced to your site during the relaunch.

Benefits of Visitor Recordings for Web Marketing In Singapore

You might have focused your marketing online in Singapore to carefully design a visitor journey for your use as well as map out a path they should take once they get to the landing page. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will turn out as expected.

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As said, visitor recordings can help you better understand user behaviour as well as give you invaluable insight into your web marketing in Singapore.

Here are a few benefits why you should start using visitor recordings:

1. It Allows For User Testing On a Huge Scale

Instead of having one-on-one sit-down sessions with tens or hundreds of people to test your website, visitor recording can significantly help.

The recordings will help you see a random selection of people using your website.

You will be able to see what is causing their frustration and confusion as well as what is keeping them from taking action.

2. Perfect for both High and Low Traffic Websites

For high-traffic websites, visitor recordings are a superb way of supplementing the click/event/scroll data collected from Scrollmaps, Heatmaps. Since the high traffic generates much ‘noise’ visitor recordings will quickly give you the much-needed insights into user behaviour.

Low traffic websites, on the other hand, visitor recordings will be able to help you analyse visitor behaviour. The most important aspect is that you will get useful insight into how to get users to sign up, register, or make a purchase, which is a boost for your web marketing in Singapore.

3. Recordings Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

All users who leave your website without responding to a CTA or bounce from any of your pages may never come back. Since they are showing interest in your website, it is your responsibility to hook them in.

This all starts with analysing the recordings to understand how they journey through the web pages and noting what bits of content or elements resonate with them.

4. Ideal for Website Updates and Redesign

The recording allows you to compare why some users are converting while others are not. This will provide ideas for your next website update and redesign to enhance your marketing online in Singapore.

Tips for Using Visitor Recordings

Unfortunately, many people doing marketing online in Singapore do not understand visitor recordings enough to use them.

Here are tips for using visitor recordings when doing web marketing in Singapore

  • Identify a goal to add context to the data you collect
  • Use all your web analytics tools together, for example, using visitor recordings with Snapshot
  • Narrow your focus down to specific pages
  • Customise your sampling rate to allow you to get the recordings on your schedule

Finally, before you use visitor recordings, you need to know what to look out for.

This includes metrics such as browser-specific display issues, website responsiveness errors, CTA confusion, and excessive scrolling.

When doing web marketing in Singapore, it is necessary that you pay attention to those people paying attention to you.

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Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

By now, you know the importance of monitoring how visitors browse your website and engage with the different elements. The recordings will help you make intelligent decisions that will point your digital marketing strategy in the right direction.

Let’s shift gears and look at the top 10 Tools for recording website visitor activity.

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Mouseflow has been around for more than five years now. Being among the market’s premier website visitor recording and session replay tools, expect to see some native features. Over the years, it has been improved to match other similar tools such as Hotjar.

You can use it to track clicks on different elements on the page, such as CTA buttons, scrolls, mouse movements, and more. It also generates heatmaps to show you which sections of your website most visitors visit.

Pros of Mouseflow

  • Accurate tracks movement of website visitors
  • Presents data in user-friendly and easy-to-understand reports
  • Additional form analytics to help you customise forms
  • Reliable screen recording
  • No setup fee

Con of Mouseflow

  • Users have to pay for premium integration and consulting services
  • Packages are pricey

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Smartlook is an advanced tool that generates heatmaps for websites and mobile applications. Visitor movements are recorded in real-time, so you can see which page the last visitor visited.

By analysing the report, you can create accurate conversion funnels on the fly. The heatmaps offer vast data that will give you a clear perspective of your website. For example, you can use heatmaps to know the top-performing pages that should be continuously enhanced to generate sales.

Pros of Smartlook

  • Works on desktop and mobile apps
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Facilitate sharing and collaboration
  • Automated visitor recordings
  • Detailed heatmaps
  • Automated event tracking

Cons of Smartlook

  • Screen sharing is only possible on the website

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Hotjar is probably one of the most widely used website visitor recording tools today. 

The tool generates heatmaps based on visitors’ clicks and taps on the website pages. One of the highlights of this tool is that it works flawlessly on both mobile and desktop websites.

With the visual representation reports, you will be able to know how to position the different elements and remove the non-performing elements strategically. Unlike other tools, the information it generates is more detailed.

For example, it monitors mouse movements and generates subsequent reports that you can interpret to improve the website user experience. By simply hovering your house on a particular area of the website, you will be able to know the number of times a visitor clicked on it.

Pros of Hotjar

  • User-friendly and good user interface
  • Generates different heatmaps such as scroll heatmaps, click heatmaps, sharable heatmaps, and move heatmaps
  • Ability to share the heatmaps with other team members and clients

Cons of Hotjar

  • It doesn’t offer predictive analytics
  • No customer segmentation or profiles
  • Does support ROI tracking

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Inspectlet is a simple but powerful tool that you can use to record and playback every action that a visitor takes on your website. Once integrated, you will know both clicks, mouse movements, and scrolls on the different web pages.

The tool also comes with a filtering option that you can use to sort out the data and get insights into the different pages. For example, you can use it to get information about sessions from new web visitors, starred sessions, and returning visitors.

Pros of Inspectlet

  • Ability to track visitors based on factors such as browser, country, time, and past interactions with your website
  • Easy setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer service

Cons of Inspectlet

  • Recordings are capped at 167 daily and 5000 per month
  • The search feature is not straightforward

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Lucky Orange is a new generation of software meant to help brands increase website conversion rates by recording visitors’ clicks and movements on the website pages. The information is presented in several heatmaps that focus on actions such as clicks and scrolls.

Investing in this tool will enable you to benchmark your visitors in real-time. The information presented in the dashboard reports will help you create robust conversion funnels. It will also inform your website design projects by pinpointing where different elements should be placed on the website.

One highlight that gives it an upper hand is the ability to set up triggers on different pages. For example, you can use it to display polls after a visitor clicks on an element, spends a specific amount of time on a page, or completes an action such as a purchase.

Pros of Lucky Orange

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable customer service
  • Plenty of features to give you a holistic overview of your website
  • Competitively priced plans

Cons of Lucky Orange

  • Some of the features are too technical
  • SessionCam

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

SessionCam is another excellent tool for monitoring customer interactions with your website. The data is captured in real-time and presented in visuals such as heatmaps and graphs.

You can use it not only to monitor how your target customers navigate your website but also to use your mobile application.

Security is essential when offering services or products online. SessionCam is considered one of the most secure website visitor recording tool today. The data is stored in secure servers, and users have total control. In addition, the data is not shared with third parties, and the website is hack-proof.

Pros of SessionCam

  • Access to premium integration and consulting services
  • Generates detailed session replays, heatmaps, and form analytics

Cons of SessionCam

  • No free versions for new customers

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Contentsquare is an analytics tool you can count on to give direction to your online business by providing accurate information on how potential customers interact with your website and mobile application.

The zone-based heatmaps will help you know what visitors do when visiting a particular page. The mobile app analysis offers insights into how visitors use your mobile app. For example, it will help you know which sections they read or scroll through before buying or completing specific actions.

Session replay is another advanced feature that allows web admins to replay the movements of an individual web visitor or a segment of visitors such as returning customers. This information will help you create a seamless and frictionless customer journey.

Pros of Contentsquare

  • Easy setup
  • Ability to track data in real-time
  • Unique metrics and better insights about website pages and mobile apps
  • Consistent visualization of data
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Cons of Contentsquare

  • The data is only stored on Contentsquare servers for three months
  • It’s not possible to conceal the content of other users

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Mousestats is a UX analytics tool designed to help users achieve the highest conversion rate possible through form analytics, website heatmaps, website surveys, and website visitors’ session recording.

This tool is so powerful that you may feel you have a camera installed on your website. Once integrated, you will get clear visitor playback recordings to help you determine the performance and relevance of the different pages to your business.

Reviewing fundamental interactions visitors have with your website will give you insights into what they want or expect when they land on the page. For example, if most of them exit the page after a short period, you should consider revamping the content to resonate with them. Adding visuals such as infographics will pique their attention and encourage them to spend more time on the page.

Pros of Mousestats

  • Offer different heat maps such as scroll heatmaps, area stats, custom heatmaps, click heatmaps, and eye-tracking heatmaps.
  • Design and administer micro surveys for free
  • Real-time recording and reporting of visitor interactions

Cons of Mousestats

  • No free trial for new users
  • Expensive monthly and yearly plans start at $25 per month

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

Wisdom is a website session recording and replay tool that is used by hundreds if not thousands of people to monitor their websites. The recording feature accurately monitors clicks, time spent on certain sections and pages, scroll, and more.

The recorded sessions are reconstructed and presented on a virtual desktop screen to give you a clearer understanding of your visitors. It also comes with a co-browsing feature that provides users with a rare opportunity to assist visitors in navigating the website.

Regularly check the console logs for a complete list of all interactions or activities a visitor does on your website. The heatmaps are easily interpreted as the different sections are highlighted using different colours.

Pros of Wisdom

  • Free version for new users
  • Affordable packages
  • A user-friendly website that is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly

Cons of Wisdom

  • The reports are not as detailed as Hotjar and other alternatives
  • The free trial only records 100 visitor sessions per month

Top 10 Website Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools

This review of the best website visitor recording and session replay tools wouldn’t be complete without mentioning FullStory. Like the other top tools discussed above, FullStory is programmed to index user and event data in real-time.

The data is tabulated in one analytics page for easier access and interpretation. You can sort the data based on several metrics such as clicks, website page URLs, and more.

Another beauty that gives it an upper hand is that no experience is required to set it up. The installation process is easy and takes less than five minutes. Unlike other tools, it captures unique interactions such as rage clicks, thrashing cursor, and error clicks. This kind of data is categorised as frustration signals and is listed in a dedicated report. Thus, confusing it with the desired signals is almost nil.

In addition, FullStory can be integrated with other help desk tools and customer support. For example, every ticket submitted will have a link to the session recordings to help your support team respond to inquiries well.

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Pros of FullStory

  • It can be integrated with other tools such as Unbounce and Optimizely
  • Reports are based on actual data recorded as visitors navigate your website
  • Competitively priced
  • Free version for new users

Cons of FullStory

  • Sometimes the videos take too long to play
  • Lacks a filtering or sorting feature

There you have it; these are the top 10 website visitor recording and session replay tools available online today. What factors should you consider when evaluating these tools?

5 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tool

Consider the following factors to find a tool that best suits your business needs.

  • Reputation

Reputation has a direct impact on the functionalism of the tool and its features. Check reviews posted by other users online before buying to get value for money. Ideally, it would be best to steer clear of tools with a negative review.

  • Pricing and Discounts

Different visitor recording and session replay tools are priced differently. Compare and contrast the prices to find one that suits your budget. If possible, go for a tool that offers a trial version that you can use to experiment before subscribing to the higher packages.

Also, be on the lookout for discounts and other offers that you can take advantage of to save money. That said, the price factor shouldn’t be considered solely but in conjunction with other factors such as features and accuracy of the reports.

  • Integration with Other Tools

These tools can work independently, but to have a long-term impact on your business, they should be integrated with other conversion optimisation tools such as Unbounce. Therefore, check whether the tool is compatible with other tools before making your final decision.

  • Usability

Simply put, go for a visitor recording tool that is user-friendly and easy to set up. That way, you won’t have to hire someone to set it up or train your personnel on how to use it. The best offer many demos and tutorial videos that new users can watch to master how to use the tool.

  • Security

Hackers use loopholes in software connected with the website to launch hacks and other malicious activities. Confirm that the tool is secure before integrating it with your website. Inquire about where data is stored and the process of recovering data in case of a breach or if the server crashes.

Final Thoughts

Continuously monitoring your website will help you make decisions based on accurate data on how website visitors interact with the different elements and pages.

Carefully analyse the reports to implement the correct changes to your website and strategies.

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MediaOne Marketing team can help you integrate and interpret the reports generated by any of the top 10 website visitor recording and session replay tools.

Get in touch with us today for more details about this and other digital marketing services that we offer.

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