Website Design in Singapore: Following Our 7 Tips to Create an Awesome Site

website design in Singapore

 Website design in Singapore has come a long way and there are trends shaping how users interact with digital platforms. Website design trends come and go, but there are some best practices that you can use to ensure that you offer amazing user experience to your visitors.

However, it is easy to identify problems with the design of a website, but it gets tricky when you are personally handling the web design. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a web designer to create a great web design in Singapore. However, this is easier said than done. In this article, we will give you actionable tips on how to create an awesome website design in Singapore.

Concentrate on User Experience

No matter the quality of the content on your website, the experience you offer is more memorable. Users will forget good content is but will remember the experience they had interacting with the website. It works on adverts and it is also relevant on websites. 

The layout, graphics, interactive elements and the text ought to work harmoniously to provide an awesome user experience and not just presenting the users with information. Besides, modern Singapore websites have more interactive and visual qualities that create an emotional response from users. This helps a website stand out on the highly competitive digital platform. 

Users Scan But Do Not Read

When doing website design in Singapore you must make the website easy to scan because users hardly read the entire content. One of the best ways to convey data and information is using visuals such as infographics and images to make the content easy to scan.

Making your pages easy to scan also improves the user experience. Most visitors scan the content answers to their queries. They can then switch to reading the sections that appeal to them. Moreover, this will reduce the bounce rates since they will want to check out other pages for a deeper understanding of what you have to offer.  

Users Want Simplicity and Clarity

The modern site visitor will evaluate the webdesign in seconds and you must determine what the users will do when they land on your website. For this reason, you need to make it easy to find CTA buttons and other important aspects of the pages.

Essentially, you ought to have a visual focus on the main CTA button instead of having several buttons on the landing page. You should constantly reconsider your website’s ease of use. Part of the essentials of website design in Singapore is to make the site highly usable for all visitors.

You should also allow for extra functionality that can be made discoverable when needed. In addition, provide a clear and consistent web design that is simple enough for your target audience. This will give you the way forward on how to use and reuse colours, aesthetics as well as behaviours, which will reduce the need for the visitors to figure out the user interface. 

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The advantage of clear and simple website design in Singapore is that the visitors will be familiar with all the aspects of web design.

Using Common Design Elements vs. Creativity

There is an increasing need for brands to stand out from the crowd. However, if there are common design elements used in your industry, avoid reinventing them with creative user interface elements. Making the visitors work to figure out your website’s interface is counterproductive and will lower the user experience and your conversion rate will suffer. 

You should aspire to have a familiar-looking interface by incorporating the standard design elements. For example, the login or sign up access is located on the upper right-hand section of the website and the links should look like links. Getting creative with such standard webdesign elements could lead to poor user experiences and a disorganised looking user interface.

As much as it is good to reinvent how you design a website, it could make it difficult for visitors to navigate and this leads to poor UX and lower conversion rates. Ideally, the CTAs, URLs, and navigation ought to focus on usability before design. For this reason, ensure that focus on the layout of the standard design elements before incorporating creative elements. 

Know Your Audience

Identifying your audience is arguably the most difficult part of the website design process. With a clear idea of who your audience is, you can then design a website with their needs in mind to meet their desires. 

One of the best ways to identify the ideal users is looking to competitor websites. You will learn about the layout, colours, style, and the features that lead to better UI/UX. Using styles and design elements familiar to your audience ensures that you ease them into your website.

From here, you can then differentiate yourself by concentrating on the needs of the audience and improving on the weaknesses of competitor websites. One of the most important aspects of winning over your audience is incorporating actionable feedback into your webdesign.

Create a Visual Hierarchy

When incorporating the most important website design elements on the layout, ensure to highlight them to direct the user’s focus. There are several ways of highlighting the important aspects of a page with the most common being making the sections larger than any other section of the page.  This makes it difficult to ignore the CTA buttons. 

User Experience Qualities

At the core of great user experience is the value you are extending to your visitors surrounded by hexagonal shapes of the following:

  • The content should fulfil a need and be original
  • The website must be easy to find
  • The website design should bring elicit emotion and appreciation
  • The content should be easy to locate and the website easy to navigate onsite and offsite
  • The website and the content should be accessible to users with disabilities
  • The users must believe and trust the content on the website

Due to trends, there are more things you should consider the following qualities:

  • Show the visitors where they are on your interface
  • Achieve transparency, trust, and approachability with human interaction
  • Ensure that the users can find answers during their first visit on the website
  • Ensure that the interaction is easy and that there is seamless movement through the product to elicit a desire to make subsequent visits to fulfil their goals easily and quickly
  • Ensure that your product or service offering is delightful to create an emotional connection
  • Ensure that the system performs optimally for each user interaction

These are some of the user experience qualities you should consider. You should, therefore, keep up with the trends shaping website design in Singapore to provide a better user experience. 


The purpose of website design should be to drive the user to attach an emotional connection with what you have to offer. The goal should be to create value and not a mere interface to increase your chances of better engagement and interaction.

For this reason, the user interface needs to offer simplicity in navigation, ease of use, and created using the appropriate industry colours and fonts. Ensure to integrate actionable feedback while maintaining consistency throughout the design of the website. 

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