What Are The Top Web Design Courses In Singapore?

web design courses in singapore

From UX designing to coding and far beyond, here’s a list of the top web designing courses to pursue in Singapore. These courses aren’t just limited to beginners. If this the career path you’ve chosen to stick with to the end, then you don’t need to be reminded that what lies ahead is a never-ending learning curve.

Firstly, web designing and development is notably one of the fastest evolving fields out there. New technologies and techniques keep emerging all the time, and unless you’re making an effort to stay current, it’s just a matter of time before the job market spits your out.

Think of web designing as a game of catch up. You blink, and the next thing you know is that you missed out on a new JavaScript Framework or you missed that one conference that would mark the beginning of something new. Or is it a new approach to APIs?

Secondly, the more you enrich your skill base, the more you’ll be raising your stakes in the job market. Imagine a JavaScript wonderkid adding another string to their bow, such as web VR or user experience — for all we know, that could mean the difference between being served with the pink slip or landing your dream job.

That said, here’s our curated list of some of the best web designing courses any aspiring web developer or designer in Singapore is allowed to sign up for today.

General Overview

To come up with the list, we had to consider the quality of the training offered together with all the clever touches the underlying institution employs to ensure that you stay motivated all the way to end or until you get to finish up the underlying course.

But what’s perhaps most important are the strategies they use to ensure their classes are constantly updated with the latest technologies and techniques in the industry.

Not all providers on the list are created equal. Whether it’s in term of budget, subject areas, or preferred methods of teaching, it’s upon you to go through the list and choose a provider that best addresses your specific coding needs.

web design

As for us, all we’re doing is bringing together the best of what the industry has to offer. Here goes the list:

General Assembly

Web designing is a great skill and one that every person in the job market needs to know to advance their career. It plays a central role in establishing a strong web presence.

If your wish is to learn how to code so you can one day create a stunning website that drives a broad audience, then here’s your chance to enroll with General Assembly for a chance to shape up your dream.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, an immediate learner, or you consider yourself an expert, GA has a room for you.

In their front-end web development course, GA will be teaching you how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three most fundamental languages that you can use to set up a fully functional interactive website.

Intermediate designers, on the other hand, have an option to sign up for any of their in-demand web development courses and boot camps. Among them is API integration, a platform that allows you to integrate different software pieces and web applications so they can communicate or share essential pieces of information or data among themselves.

Offered as part of the JavaScript web development course, GA gives you the option to pursue the course both online and on campus. In the course, you get to learn about the different theories behind web APIs while getting hands-on experience on how to incorporate them right into your web projects. You also have an option to enroll for their full-time Software Engineering Immersive Remote course.

Part-time courses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript Development, Responsive Design, Web Browser, iOS & Android Development, Visual Design, UX Design, Data Science, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Product Management.
Self-spaced Part-time Course: Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, JavaScript Development, User Experience Design, as well as HTML, CSS & Web Design.

Short Term Offerings: Classes and Workshops, Learn to code

Duration: Variable — 12 weeks, Remotes courses, self-paced, part-time, and full-time.

Fees: Variable,12, 500 Singapore dollars. If you’re a Singaporean and happen to qualify for IDA’s Tech Immersion and Placement Programme, you’ll receive an approximated subsidy of 70%.

Enrolling: To enroll with GA and secure your preferred choice of the course you wish to pursue, you’ll be required to submit an application form to the academy. The institution will then connect you to an admission rep who’ll then determine if the course you applied for matches your experience and goals.

To applicants signing up for their full-time immersive course, the admission rep will have to assess you to find out if you’re truly prepared for their rigorous curriculum run. If your application goes through and the institution accepts you, you’ll be presented with a course outline as you wait for the classes to begin.

Contact: To contact the admission team, here’s a link (https://generalassemb.ly/findyourcourse) to get in touch with them. Just go ahead and fill up the form, and the team will get back to you with a response.

Lithan Academy — Express Web Developer Course

Lithan is one of the most sought-after web designing institutions in Singapore, and it’s all for a good reason. The institution offers a course in Advance Certification Web Development that you should be completing within a time stretch of 6 months. Their modules consist of a series of units that straddle between back-end and front-end development.

Billed as Digital Skills Accelerator, their web designing course is a crash program encapsulating all the vital programming languages and exercises that you’re supposed to learn to get the coding ball rolling.

The academy has six campuses doled all across Asia, and their focusing is on helping both starting and experienced IT talents advance their skill levels. To prepare their students for the future, the courses offered by the institution range from software development to digital marketing.

Duration: 12 weeks, Full time, 8hrs per day or 3 days per week. For part-time, the course will be running for 24 weeks with an option to choose between 3 hours per day or 4 days per week.

Accreditation: The course is EduTrust certified.
Course Curriculum: This course features four modules — that is, Front-end Web Development, Database Design, Programming with PHP, and MySQL implementation, NOT forgetting Application Integration (API) using PHP.
Fees: The amount of fees you’re required to pay for the course can range from 960 to 8000 Singapore dollars depending on whether you’re receiving any form of subsidy or sponsorship.

Certification: Upon completing the course, you’ll be awarded with a certificate. With this certificate, you have the option to explore the different PHP developer roles or enroll with the academy for an Advanced Certificate in Web Development Programme, which further sharpens your skills.

Contact: The course is NOT available at the moment. To inquire more about it and find out about when exactly it will be on again for you to secure a lot, you’re allowed to contact them today using this email address: [email protected]

eDX (MOOC) — CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This is a self-paced computer course offered by Harvard University. It’s an online course that you can pursue remotely across a time stretch of 11 weeks.

This is the course you enroll for if you’re a complete beginner and are looking for an introductory course to walk you on what lies ahead before you can fully decide if this is the right career path for you to follow.

Keep in mind that the course follows the same structure as a computer science course at the university. In other words, the course will be taking you through the first semester of what computer science students learn in the university.

Once your classes begin, you’ll be taken through a series of long lectures, each of which will be followed by shortened bits from teaching assistants touching on the critical concepts of what you learned in class that week.

You’ll then be taken through a series of challenges, which you’re ostensibly expected to solve using some of the techniques learned during the week.

Course Curriculum: The topics covered during the course include algorithms, abstraction, encapsulation, data structures, resource management, and series of programming languages including Python, JavaScript, and C.
Course Fees: The course is offered gratis, save for the part where you’ll be required to pay $90 to receive a verified certificate from Harvard upon completing the course.
Provider: Havard through eDX.
Level: Introductory
Duration: About 10 to 20 hours per problem set. There are 9 sets in total and a final. The course is self-paced. That’s, you’re the person to determine your work schedule and make necessary adjustments.

Prerequisite: No prerequisite. To enroll for the course, use this link to sign up and register. For more inquiries concerning the course, you can use this email address ([email protected]) to contact the course instructors.

Alpha Camp — Online Web Development Track

Alpha Camp was first launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan and has grown to be an international coding academy with its branches straddling different parts of the globe, including Singapore.

The coding courses offered by Alpha Camp stick out for one primary reason, their emphasis on practicals. Unlike many of the web designing courses in Singapore that you’re likely to enroll for, this one lets you learn as you work on an assigned project. Meaning, by the time you complete the course, you’d have built a fully functional web application.

Their course allows you to turn your idea into an iOS app that can go a long way to ensure that you have your first portfolio work to showcase to your potential clients once you complete the course.

Their full-time courses go for 12 weeks, spread out to include four crucial web designing areas: web development, digital marketing, iOS mobile application, and product design, to name a few.

If you’re a bit green on matters computer , then you’ll have to enroll for the non-techies crash course before signing up for any of their advanced courses. This crash course should take you about a week to complete.

Another one of their popular courses is the introduction module titled “Online Web Development” boot camp. This is the course you’ll want to sign up for if you’re an absolute beginner who’s totally green about the whole internet shebang. The course should take you between 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Course Overview
This course is meant to walk you through the basics of web development and programming. It’s designed to move you from a complete rookie to a person that’s comfortable enough to handle basic web designing operations.
With the knowledge gained, you should be able to create a full functioning website and comfortably handle simple computer programs.

You also get to be taught about the various implications of technology to our current society, careers, and economies. Suffice it to say it’s a resourceful course if you’re looking to carve out a career as a web developer or designer. This is what you need to get your feet wet and unlock your mind for even more advanced courses in the future.

Duration: 4 weeks to complete, with about 30 to 40 hours of learning.
Suitable for: Absolute beginner with no prior experience of coding.
Prerequisite: You have to be computer literate to jump on this course. No prior coding skill will be needed.

What You’ll Learn: How to Build a Static Web Page using html and CSS. You’ll also be taught about layout position, box model, and syntax.
You’ll also be introduced to web application, where you’re taught to build your first web app using Ruby on Rails.

You’ll also be introduced to programming in general, where you’re taught about the fundamentals of coding and Ruby.

Lastly, the course takes you through a series of lessons on problem-solving, where you learn about computational thinking and how to solve problems using algorithms.

Course Fees: The course goes for $300, but with subsidies, it’s only $90.
Contact Info: For more information about this and several other courses offered by Alpha Camp, follow this link (https://sg.alphacamp.co/online-web-development-modules).

The Tech ladies

The Techladies is a female-only tech boot camp that focuses on going around Singapore and Malaysia teaching interested women how to code.
They have various boot camps, including a 12 week part-time accelerated program that’s specifically targeted for women with a vested interest in web designing and programming.

As it stands, more than 300 women have gone through their program and are now leading successful careers in the web industry. Students enrolling for the boot camps also get a chance to create applications for non-profit organizations as a way of giving back to the society.

If this is your first attempt at coding, you have the Techladies coding weekend to sign up with for your first coding lesson. This is a simple 2-day workshop that’s meant to walk a new student through the very basics of designing a web application.

This is usually followed by a once-in-a-week study group where the students meet and discuss what they learned during the course of the boot camp while putting it in practice.

Courses: Workshops and Boot Camps
What’s Taught: HTML, CSS, SQL Database, Linux, Python, App development, and so much more.
Course Fee: The workshops and boot camps are completely free.
Prerequisite: You have to be female.
Contact Details: For more information concerning Techladies and more about their boot camps and workshops, you can visit their official site (techladies.co) and sign up for any of their regular coding programs.

Degree Courses
Singapore University of Technology and Design — Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems Technology and Design

Are you planning to jump-start a career as a full-on web developer? This could be the course for you. The course is in every way similar to a course in computer science, only that it has an engineering flair to it.

The course takes you through all there’s know about programming. You also get to learn the core programming languages including Python and Java, while attending a series of formal classes.

In between the courses, you’ll be taken through a normal learning routine, including an internship program that’s to earn you the much-needed experience in the job market.

In addition to studying traditional computer subjects such as database management and algorithms, this course also takes you through different computer engineering modules such as Microelectronic Circuits and Devices.

Course Curriculum: This course is as current as you’d want it to be, and it’s among the few courses in Singapore that covers what’s left in the block-chain technology, computation data science, artificial intelligence, and some introductory modules to programming, information systems, as well as probability and statistics.

Course Duration: The course takes 3.5 years to complete, broken down in 8 terms.
Course Fees: The course costs about 13, 050 per year if you’re from Singapore, 18, 250 if you’re a permanent resident, and 27, 950 if you’re an international student.
Most of the students who have graduated for this course are employed in various industries across Singapore, including IBM, DSTA, and KPMG. Even better, the course has an employment record of 100% as of 2018. Which is to say, none of the students who completed the course before 2018 is jobless, unless it’s by choice.

Coventry University — BSC with Honours in Computer Science

PSB Academy opened a few new campuses and even went ahead to provide its student with first-rate studying facilities and some of the most conducive studying environments. It’s then that it introduced this course by availing it at one of their new campuses, Jackson — with its degree being awarded by one of the most respected universities in Singapore, Coventry University.
Intakes for this course happen three times in a year — that is, in March, July, and November.

After completing the course, you stand a chance to be employed as an IT consultant, system analyst, multimedia programmer, and network engineer, to name a few.

Course Curriculum: Student taking this course are taught software engineering, open source development, and Android Application development. Everything taught during the course will be culminating into an individual web development project that you’re expected to submit at the end of the academic year.

Course Duration: The course will be running for 16 to 32 months.
Accreditation: The course is EduTrust certified.

Course Fees: Students are expected to pay 23, 368.80 with exemptions, and where there are no exemptions they’ll be paying 35, 374.20 Singapore dollar to pursue the course. Keep in mind that this only applies to local students.

The Takeaway

We’d love to mention that this list is in no way exhaustive. If you feel like there’s any course we failed to mention, kindly drop us an email or hit our chatbox and we promise to consider it.

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