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Is it among your desires to impress clients or attract new visitors into your website? Adding photos in your website design can be that last step to achieve your dream. The challenge occurs in sourcing for these creative images as well as determining what’s trending in web design.

Understanding the challenge, we devoted our time searching for what’s treading in this industry. In this way, we were able to develop some lessons on how you can use photography around web design. These include;

1. Use HD Photos

Including photography in your web design should make the site useful. For quality results, consider using HD photography only. The images used should be of top-notch quality. Think of a website that features blurry photos. Such a site will create doubts for the visitors about services offered and professionalism. There are a variety of online shops where you can purchase the images, a good example being Depositphotos. Therefore, pay attention and buy only the best.

2. Consider Using Color Overlays

Color overlay is the addition of transparent color boxes on top of the images. The use of the color boxes identifies the brand and also attracts emotional response from the customers. The technique brings in a complete change in the field of photography.

You should, however, make the color selected contrast to the CTAs and text on that page. Follow the link provided and see how good SSK used color overlay in their website,

website design


3. Don’t Ignore the Black and White colors

Use of bold colors can attract the customers more, but the same can apply for the black and white illustrations. Using black and white images can help in branding your website in a unique style. Monochrome photography is among the few options whose popularity has been on the rise among web designers. It offers sharper contrast making it ideal. Consider following this link and see what black and white can do for your site,

4. Consider using Hero Images

One of the things that improve your SEO ranking is the user’s experience. A great way to make it enhanced is through the use of Hero Images. It’s also the ways that you can hold on visitor’s attention and make them stay for a long while. Use the link provided to view Diamond Website a good example that illustrates how you can use hero images to enhance your website,

5. Use Photo Manipulation in a creative way

In this stage, it involves editing of images making them more exciting. There are several tools that you can consider for photo manipulation, a good example being Crello. In this way, you’re able to realize images about your brand. An excellent example of a website that used this technique in bringing in something unexpected into the website is Olafur Arnalds site. Use this link to view the effects,

6. Minimalism is always in style

The minimalism technique works well when you’re in doubt. In stock photos sites, you can shop for photos which are minimalistic in their composition. The images are simple, but the effect they have on your site is dramatic. They have a beautiful symmetry with a soothing tone. An excellent example of a website that employs this style is Frank Wijns’ page accessed through link. If you go this way, consider such an example.

7. Add Dramatic Typography to photos

If you want to multiply the effects of the site visuals, combine photos with dramatic typography. It’s the best way to come out unique from the crowd. However, select the fonts carefully as they make a difference in the interpretation of the images. An excellent example is the London Loom website, The design uses a video paired with a bold font to make a striking visual. It’s an example to emulate.
Those are the top seven ways through which you can use photography to impress your site visitors. Others include;

8. The Use of the White Overlay

The White overlay is another way that you can use to create a dramatic contrast. It helps to tone down images while contrasting page CTAs and logo. An excellent example is the Webiwo website. Consider viewing the site via link.

9. Illustrations are also a better option

If you cannot find perfect images, you can consider using drawings as a compelling option. If you need a perfect example, consider visiting the Maztri website using link. When you choose illustrations, make them outstanding as used in the example website.

10. Make the Photos Funny

You don’t have to use the images as downloaded. You can make them animated using bold colors and funnily use them. An excellent example of a site with great work on this is Full Force Wolf Horse, accessible via link.

11. Use Accent Color in Black and White Images

Among the current trends is the use of black and white images paired with an accent color. The technique makes the photos appear funny to view. The result is an image that’s eye-catching to the visitors. Consider visiting Lunatic Monk site through and see how best you can use the trick.

You were wondering how you can improve on your website design and increase the number of your visitors? Now you know how you can go about the matter. Don’t waste any more chances and implement on a style that you love for better website performance.

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