What Does Website "Call To Action" Actually Mean?


The “Call To Action” (CTA) is the most critical component to turning your campaign into profits. This is the literal step a user must take to reach your landing page. There are several different types of these commands, each having its own purpose and proposed target audience.

What Types of CTAs Are Most Effective

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Designing An Effective Call To Action

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when you are creating your own CTA for your promotional material.

  • Attention Getting Design

If no one ever notices your CTA, no one is ever going to utilize it. Make sure that it stands out from whatever is around it, and that people can easily decipher its message.

  • Dedicated Landing Page

It might be easier for you to have someone be redirected to a portion of your existing website when they click on your call to action, but that isn’t the most effective set up to use. Creating a landing page where you can get all of the information you need to advertise directly to them in the future, and give them what they came for, is far more beneficial than having your CTA direct traffic to your “Contact Us” page.

  • Clear Proposition

Few people are going to click on a CTA that they don’t fully understand. Make sure that you have clearly laid out what they are clicking this link for. Secondly, ensure that whatever you are offering is readily available from that landing page or you will lose their interest.

The “Call To Action” for your website is likely going to share a lot of common threads with successful online marketing strategies. Take some time comprising this step, as it is your primary source of traffic and leads.


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