Get A Website Audit Report

Get A Website Audit Report

Over the last three years, we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of companies that have invested in websites and online stores in a bid to reach out to more customers and increase sales. It is no secret that the digital sphere offers businesses more opportunities for growth than the traditional offline business sphere. 

However, it is important to note that having a website is the first step towards becoming a successful online business. You need to carry out several tasks, such as search engine optimisation, audit your website for performance, get website audits and website performance audits often, come up with robust digital marketing strategies, carry out your website audits and website performance audits, and get website audits, performance audits, and performance audit reports regularly. The most successful companies, not only here in Singapore but also in other parts of the world, budget for these and other essential tasks every month to ensure that they continue to stay ahead of the curve.

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Today, we will discuss what a website audit tool is, why it is essential to conduct a website audit of your website often, and how to choose the best website audit tool.

What is a Website Audit Report?

Simply put, a full website audit checklist for the audience is: a website audit is an in-depth and complete analysis of every aspect, technical issues, and technical performance of your site structure. website visitors to your site to the Google search console to determine if it conforms to the set Google guidelines. We conduct a website full website audit checklist where all the factors that directly or indirectly affect the website’s visibility to search engines, usability, technical issues, technical performance, and efficiency are evaluated and presented in a report.

Let us look at some of the primary design elements of a technical website audit site audit and checklist audit reports that are included in a technical website and site audit site performance and audit checklist and report.

Page Load Speed

Research has proven that website owners whose pages take more than three seconds to load receive low traffic as compared to organic traffic and website owners with sites that load quickly. Based on this fact, it is imperative to work on your site structure and own server response times and conduct a website audit of your website’s load time to avoid chasing potential customers to your competitors. It is also important to note that server response times are one of the factors that search engines such as Google use to rank sites.

Below is a list of five things that you can do to boost page load speed.

  • Reduce server response time

  • Lower HTTP requests

  • Enable compression

  • Allow browser caching

  • Make sure that all images are correctly optimised

  • Reduce the number of redirects

  • Cut down on the number of plugins installed on your site

  • Make sure that the above-the-fold (content on top of the page) loads faster even if the other sections of the page take more time to load

Mobile Friendliness

Thanks to increased smartphone penetration in the country, most people rely on mobile devices to access websites. In 2016, the number of searches done using mobile devices exceeded desktop searches. Therefore, making sure that your website is mobile friendly, that is, users can use their mobile devices to access all sections of the site—will position your business for success. A reliable website audit tool will detect if your site is mobile-friendly and provide recommendations.

Social Media Presence

According to research done in 2016, more than 3.3 million Singaporeans are active on one or more social media sites. This number is expected to exceed 3.6 million by 2021. We have noticed a sharp increase in the number of local and international companies based in the country who use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services.

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that it is affordable as compared to other digital marketing strategies. More importantly, it is more efficient since one post has the potential to be seen by millions of people across the globe, thereby boosting your brand awareness efforts.

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Site URL

Many SEO agencies have the idea that you should include the primary keyword that the search engines are trying to rank the site’s structure and search engine crawlers’ search engine results pages for in your site URL. This move will give the search engine crawlers and the search engines themselves an idea of what your site and health score are all about, even before they start to crawl the site’s performance structure and pages.

A site audit will let you know if the exact keyword you are targeting has been incorporated into the website URL and if it is SEO-friendly. It also goes an extra mile to check if there are any other other, either technical errors or issues, or issues, errors or issues, errors or issues, errors or issues or unnecessary symbols in the website URL, such as underscore that could affect your on-site SEO.

Image Analysis

Images have a direct impact on page load time and SEO. Unknown to most people is that images need to be correctly optimised to promote on-page SEO. A full website content audit involves a comprehensive analysis of all images on the site’s performance to determine if they are properly structured. Here are some of the factors that are considered in the analysis:

  • ALT tag in every image

  • Inclusion of the exact keyword in the alt tag

  • Inclusion of the exact keyword in the image file name

Concisely, every image should have its alt tag, and the exact keyword should be included in this tag. In addition, the keyword should be in the image file name.

Heading Tags

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Headings help to organise both the content and other relevant content on pages and make it easy for the audience to read them. H1, H2, and H3 are effective meta tags in organising content and making it look professional. It is also important to include the exact keyword in the headings to boost on-page SEO. The website audit tools will check if these heading meta tags have been used properly on every page.

Copy Analysis

As the name suggests, a copy analysis entails checking if the content on a page is in line with the set guidelines. For example, the homepage should have at least 2000 words or more, and the target keyword should be used in both the content of the first 100 words as well as sprinkled in other sections of the page sparingly.

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In addition, the website page’s exact keyword should be included in the anchor text, and the link to the page added to the sitemap.html. All broken links to this information and external links to other relevant website content and website pages will be presented in the report, along with recommendations to help you make the necessary changes.

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Page Link Analysis & Root Domain Link Analysis

Outbound and inbound links are two of the strongest ranking signals for Google Analytics and Search Console. You should strive to get as many internal linking links and external links from Google Analytics itself as from other websites related to your site’s health niche that link to the site. You should also have a proper internal linking structure to get internal links to assist the Google Analytics, Google Search Console, engine results pages, search engines, and users to improve page SEO and browse the web pages more blissfully.

During a website speed audit, a comprehensive page link analysis is done to determine the number of links a particular page has accrued from other sites as well as unique domains. Other factors that are also considered during the page speed analysis include:

  • MozTrust page score

  • MozRank page score

  • Moz Page Authority 

Root domain link analysis also checks the above factors and provides recommendations that you can heed to improve your search engine visibility on the search engines, on search engine results pages, on front pages indexed, on search engine results, landing pages only, landing page internal links, and site SEO.

Now that you know what a technical SEO audit tool, website audit, technical SEO audit tool, audit, technical SEO audit, or SEO audit tool encompasses and what it encompasses, let us look at five primary factors that you need to consider when selecting a website technical SEO audit tool.

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Technical Features

One of your primary objectives of the technical audit, or auditing tool, when optimising your website should be to audit relevant content on relevant pages of your website and to ensure that the quality content on those pages is crawlable and indexed by the various search engines. The ideal website audit tool or auditing tool should have the ability to identify a robot.txt file and the sitemap. It should also be able to give you an accurate number of pages that have already been indexed for search engine visibility, as well as check for duplicate content and broken links.

Keyword Analysis

The ranking of your site’s various target keywords has a direct impact on more traffic, organic traffic, and on-site SEO. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a tool that can carry out a comprehensive keyword analysis and generate an easy-to-understand report to assist you in making the necessary changes.

Concisely, it should be able to monitor progress over time as well as compare your keyword efforts with those of your competitors to give you an upper hand in your niche. On average, the tool should be able to track a minimum of 250 keywords.

Usability Data

Usability matters regardless of the niche or the website’s visibility alone. It is imperative to make sure that the mobile version or the entire site itself is accessible on not only desktops but also on mobile devices. Users of the mobile version should also be able to access it using various browsers. Choose a tool that can analyse the site’s own health score and performance and provide this data to steer your brand in the right direction.

On-Site Titles and Descriptions

Descriptions and titles are two of the most important design elements of any website, as they help keep the content in perspective. The page titles themselves are unique for every page on your website, and their uniqueness is hinged on the quality of the target keywords and meta descriptions that you want other relevant pages and web pages to audit your website to rank online. Users should get an idea of what quality content on other relevant pages on your site is all about by checking the title.

The right website content audit tool will check all the page titles and meta descriptions for keywords and let you know if you need to tweak them. For instance, the meta description should not exceed 160 characters.

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Mobile Optimisation

As mentioned earlier in this guide, mobile-friendly sites get more traffic than their counterparts do since most people use mobile devices to browse the internet. Mobile responsiveness is one of the primary factors that Google uses to rank websites.

Choose a website technical audit service, website audit, or site audit or website site audit tools or tools, website audits, or site audit tool that will check if your website is mobile-friendly. Some of the factors a technical audit or audit of your website should evaluate include:

  • Visibility: Is the site visible on all mobile devices and browsers?

  • Compatibility

  • Site Speed

  • Touch sensitivity: If your site has specific tapping targets, the tool should be able to check if they are responsive

Final Thoughts

A comprehensive website auditing process, SEO efforts and audit tool, SEO strategy, full auditing process and SEO efforts tool, and site audit of service will give you a clear perspective of your entire site and ensure that all your SEO and digital marketing strategies deliver the expected results. We have worked smart to create a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use website and website audit checklist, a full audit service, and a full SEO tool and strategy tool, that you can use for this purpose. The full website audit tool only takes approximately 15 minutes, and the report will be sent to your email address instantly. Try it out today by clicking here.


What are the areas you need to check on when doing SEO Website Audit

– Page Load Speed
– Mobile Friendliness
– Social Media Presence
– Site URL
– Image Analysis
– Heading Tags
– Copy Analysis
– Technical Features
– Keyword Analysis
– Usability Data
– Mobile Optimisation

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