Which Webinar Platforms Should I Use to Market in Singapore

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Webinar marketing is gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. It is a vibrant tactic for many businesses while many consumer brands are getting into it to up their marketing strategies. Some of the crucial functions of webinar platforms include creating a closer relationship with your clients, probing more in-depth into the matters that relate to them and building your company brand as a venue where internet users visit to get significant information. There are a lot of webinar platforms available making it hard for you to choose the best for your needs. You hence need to understand the best suitable purpose for each platform by looking into their features, pros, and cons. To effectively compete in Singapore digital marketing, you have to use the best webinar platform. This article goes through some of the top best webinar platforms you should use to do marketing in Singapore.

  1. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is specifically designed for live events. Similar to the traditional webinar, this platform does not involve scheduling or automation. This platform combines well with EverWebinar to create a combo that takes care of all your webinar requirements. WebinarJam is less expensive and more effective as compared to other webinar platforms.

Features of WebinarJam

  • Security. A password protects the webinar rooms.
  • Branded pages. This feature enables you to customize your site pages. This is important for brand consistency.
  • Recording. The features enable you to record each webinar for incorporation with EverWebinar.
  • Analytics. It contains the live feature to report on your webinar live performance.
  • Presentations. You need to insert the video that is already pre-recorded into your WebinarJam. This is meant for presentation purposes.
  • Streaming. WebinarJam helps you to stream to private WebinarJam broadcaster, YouTube lives, and Facebook live.
  • Interaction. Virtual whiteboard, polls and live chats are available to use in engaging your viewers.

Some of the features of WebinarJam that makes it unique from others include the auto record and live streaming feature. This just means that the materials included in each of your webinars can be used in your strategies forever by replaying using EverWebinar. For Singapore marketers, you should make use of WebinarJam in streaming live webinars and recording them for use with EverWebinar.

  1. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is one of the best and powerful platforms for use in building email listings for marketing purposes. This automation tool helps you automate and schedule your webinar video footage. The video plays at specific intervals in an aim to reproduce the live experience for internet users. The main objective is to increase the user’s engagement and turnout by notifying them that the next webinar is beginning shortly. You can choose to replay it as many times as possible per day. Many companies have testified about the great results in using EverWebinar in automation of their webinars. For LeadFormly, they had an attendee of approximately thirty-nine percent when they began using webinars. This has hence increased o about seventy-five percent since incorporating scheduling and testing of their webinars using EverWebinar.

Features of EverWebinar

  • Block dates. It enables you to prevent your webinars from playing on any date of your choice.
  • Automate webinars. The feature is used to schedule webinars to replay at a set interval of the day such as every two hours.
  • Block night-time viewing. To maintain the delusion of live webinars, block night-time viewing halts playing of your webinars at night.
  • Just-in-time webinars. Inform users about webinars that want to start and encourage them to subscribe immediately.
  • Free training. EverWebinar has lots of resources about webinars creation and use of EverWebinar.
  • Auto-detection time zone. It enables you to set your webinar automatically to play in distinct time zones. You will hence need to schedule your webinars once.
  • Analytics. They enable you to have to monitor the performance of your webinar strategy.
  • Integration. To generate email conversions and leads, EverWebinar integrates with GetResponse, Active email Campaign, MailChimp and others.

EverWebinar is the perfect platform for marketers use in automation of prerecorded webinars screenings and convert them into effective strategies for lead generation. With the unique feature of just-in-time webinars, users will have the urge to sing up and be present on your next screening.

  1. WebEx

WebEx webinar platform combines many features including holding online meetings, training sessions, events, team collaboration, and interactive presentations. This puts it ahead of other tools though the pricing is similar. You will have unique and more features for your money as compared to EverWebinar.

Features of WebEx

  • File sharing. This feature enables you to share files and applications for good flow of work.
  • Video conferencing and webinars. The feature is used in hosting meetings, live events, and training sessions.
  • Call back. You should invite people to join your webinar through automated calls.
  • Brainstorming and chat tools. It includes interactive whiteboard and other collaboration tools.

One of the significant drawbacks of WebEx is lack of great marketing features. WebEx offers video conferencing suite to cater for live events and webinars. Its better than an ordinal webinar tool but not the finest marketing webinar tool. If you need an authoritative video communication system webinar tool that has no marketing features, WebEx is a perfect choice.

  1. GoToWebinar

This great tool acts as a good alternative for WebinarJam. GoToWebinar enables you to record live webinar streams and send these recordings to your visitors. Though the platform is robust, it has lesser features as compared to WebinarJam. You also can’t access the scheduling and automation features of EverWebinar as it is the case with WebinarJam.

Features of GoToWebinar

  • Mail notifications. This serves as a reminder for your webinar events to people.
  • Live Webinars. The feature enables you to stream live webinars. You can share the recordings later with your participants.
  • Engage. It features polls, live chats and sends files for engaging your audience during webinars.
  • Custom landing page forms. They serve to encourage users to subscribe to your webinars.
  • Analytics. It monitors and gives a report on your webinar performance.

GoToWebinar is simple to use and useful as a webinar marketing tool. However, the platform has packages restrictions such as hundred participants limitations for a starter plan. The prices will relatively increase for you to improve your participant’s limits. Singapore marketers with the little audience can use GoToWebinar for webinar live hosting.

  1. ClickMeeting

All the webinar features you need are offered in ClickMeeting. The only feature that is lacking in this tool is automated replay feature. However, you can still record and download webinars for sharing.

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Features of ClickMeeting

  • Customization. These features include branded webinars, customized invitations, and waiting rooms.
  • Engagement. You will be able to engage your webinar viewers using videos, interactive whiteboards, dynamic presentations, and live chats.
  • Recordings. The feature records, downloads and shares your webinars with anyone according to your choice.
  • Subaccounts. It enables you to allocate webinar duties to various people in your team.
  • Analytics. Gives you insight on webinar metrics such as webinar attendance.

ClickMeeting offers the powerful tools that are worth your money. You can use these additional features to get out the best of this platform. As a marketer, you cannot afford to ignore clickmeeting webinar.

  1. GetResponse

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Essentially, GetResponse is a mail marketing tool. However, it also has plans with good webinar features. GetResponse is a perfect choice of a solitary platform offering webinar marketing, email marketing and basic automation for your Singapore marketing strategy.

Features of GetResponse webinar

  • Security. It features URLs that are SSL-encrypted. You can also choose to protect your webinar using a password or leave it open to everyone.
  • YouTube integration. It enhances boosting your webinar audience.
  • Quick scheduling. Choose your time and date and build routine URLs.
  • Recordings. You can share your webinars with anyone you wish by first recording and downloading them.
  • Engagements. Some of the features to engage your audience with include interactive whiteboards, dynamic presentations, live chats, and videos.
  • Analytics. The feature monitors webinar metrics such as attendance rates.

GetResponse will serve as a pretty impressive option for marketers interested in the webinar, marketing, and email features but do not require the top specialized webinar tools in the market.

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  1. Webinars OnAir

Webinar OnAir, is a platform that contains all the vital webinar features. This statement is backed up by the top key and unique features you have been looking for.

Features of webinars OnAir

  • Automated webinars. It enables you to replay your webinar video footage as classic content.
  • Tracking pixels. This new unique feature promotes remarketing through AdWords.
  • Engagement. Users engagement is improved through surveys, polls, and chat functions.
  • Monetization options. It uses popup-style product offers in stimulating viewers conversion.

Though webinars OnAir has features that are not available in other tools, it lacks some of the essential marketing features. This makes it feel like less of a professional platform. Marketers can use it for webinar marketing on a budget.

  1. Livestream

Livestream tool is specifically designed to build live studio-like streaming. This means that it is not a specialized webinar platform. The primary motive is to utilize professional audio equipment, multiple cameras, lighting and audio equipment for high-quality productions. How you use these high-quality live productions is up to you.

Features of livestream

  • Social media integrations. It enables you to engage your audiences on twitter, twitch, YouTube and Facebook live.
  • Advanced editing. Some of these features include pictures within pictures, graphics overlays, auto fades and green screen.
  • High-end production. It serves to produce high-end professional livestream suite for production exports and film screws.
  • Engage audiences. It has a chat feed with moderation features.
  • Analytics. It monitors live stream productions metrics such as some viewers.

Business brands can use Livestream to produce quality video streaming for their online platforms.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is an all-purpose video conferencing tool that provides for collaboration, business meetings, and webinar dedicated solutions. Zoom does not provide webinar automation. However, if you only need a live webinar hosting, zoom gives you a low-price tag and reliable system for that. But these low costs come with a price of very few marketing webinar features.

Features of zoom

  • Integration. You can integrate your webinars with YouTube and Facebook live.
  • Controls. This feature has mute/unmute speakers to have full control of your audience.
  • Interactive. It has a capacity of up to a hundred webinars interactive video participants with large speaker panels. More so, you can engage the viewers through live chat, Q&As, and polls.
  • Closed captioning. This feature is essential for people with hearing problems or those who use muted devices.

Zoom platform has sufficient features in satisfying most corporate business needs. It also has a perfect live broadcast feature as a webinar tool. I would recommend it for Singapore marketers who are looking for an all in one video conferencing platform.

  1. Demio

Demio is one of the specific webinar platforms that ranks among EverWebinar and WebinarJam. One of its unique features is the Like Live Replays. It enables you to play webinar replays automatically. More so, you will get interactive and multimedia features, registration page customization options and thank you notifications.

Features of Demio webinar

  • Private chat. The internet users can have private conversations with event coordinators. Ther can also send a public message to everyone.
  • Stay registered series. The audience can register once for a webinar series.
  • Like live replays. You can be able to automate your webinar replays to create mail listings.
  • Registration page that is branded. This is essential in maintaining brand consistency.
  • Analytics. It gives you an overview of your webinar performance.

Demio has features that you cannot find in other webinar platforms. However, it lacks some additional features such as just-in-time webinar. This sets it aside from EverWebinar. Demio is a suitable feature for marketers who need a devoted webinar tool with live events and automated replays.


In conclusion, the webinar platforms included are great and essential in catering for all your customised needs. The top best webinar platforms specific to marketing include WebinarJam and EverWebinar. A combination of these two platforms gives the best marketing features that only a few platforms can contest. Substantially, the suitable webinar platforms to use in Singapore market varies according to your exact needs. However, I would recommend that you take a closer interest in the platforms covered above and try out some of these free trials.


Recommended Webinar Platforms in Singapore?

– WebinarJam
– EverWebinar
– WebEx
– GoToWebinar
– ClickMeeting
– GetResponse
– Webinars OnAir
– Livestream
– Zoom
– Demio

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