Best Website Animation Techniques for Your Website Design

Best Website Animation Techniques for Your Website Design

Singapore website design industry has undergone tremendous changes over the last couple of years. Website appearances have come a long way and businesses are keen on using special features to capture the attention of the target audience.

The majority of the modern websites in Singapore have one or more animation features that not only make it more appealing and easy on the eyes of the user but also more comfortable to use. Singapore web designers are aware of the impact animations have on-site users and conversion rates.

Today, we will look at six web page animation techniques that will make your site more appealing to the target audience.

Think About Navigation

Navigation is one of the most common web page animation techniques used on corporate websites. Thanks to advancements in technology, professional web designers in Singapore are capable of creating hidden navigation that allows users to use sites more conveniently and smoothly. By just clicking on a particular icon, one is directed to the next page.

One of the benefits of this web page animation technique is that it saves screen space and keeps the visitors on a specific area of the site. Other benefits of navigation animations include:

  • Site looks organized and professional
  • Organize the website into categories
  • Make it easy for the audience to find content form in each category
  • Speed up the amount of time potential customers spending looking for information
  • Makes the site pages more accessible

Hover Animation for Homepage

The homepage is the first page that a new potential customer sees when they land on the site. It is essential to make sure that it is upbeat to avoid losing them to your competitors. Hover animations have proven to be effective in improving user experience, navigation, and capturing the attention of the users instantly.

Javascript is used to create CSS animations that provide feedback for all actions taken by the website users. The only disadvantage is that they are not compatible with mobile devices. This is not a major issue though as elevation animation can be used to create the same effect to potential customers who use mobile devices to access your website.

Loading/Progression Animations

Page load time is of paramount importance. Most users will ditch your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. However, there are instances when users will feel that the page is loading slowly even though it is still fast. This problem can be resolved by adding progression animations. They distract the users during the time that the site information has been loaded.

web page animation technique

These animations will give the target audience the perception that load time is shorter while it is just the same. Even though they can affect the creativity of your website design, such animation will significantly reduce the bounce rate by encouraging visitors to wait for the entire site to load without feeling as if they are wasting time.

Here are two tips on how to design loading animations.

  • Simplicity: If the animations are too sophisticated or complex, they will be too apparent to the visitors and may divert their attention to the page load time factor again.
  • Engaging: The loading animations should be as engaging as possible to capture the attention of the users.

Concisely, this web page animation technique is meant to show the user’s progress and lure them into sticking on the site until it fully loads. A good example is a progress bar that indicates that the information is being fetched in the background and will be displayed in a few seconds.

Attracting Users Attention

One of the surest ways of attracting and retaining the attention of the target audience is by adding motion to your Singapore business website. Animations that contain motions can be used to lead a potential customer to a specific page and motivate them to take the desired action.

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This kind of animation does not have to complicated, it can be a simple shake or nod icon and can be placed in different parts of the website such as:

  • Forms
  • Menus
  • CTA
  • Feedback

Skeleton Screens

Skeleton screens have become prominent in not only Singapore but also in other parts of the world. They are useful in spurring engagement. What are the skeleton screens? Simply put, these are empty sectioned pages into which information is added gradually. However, you can still decide to add the information as soon as the web design is complete.

To get the best results, it is recommended to include the animations when the information meant for that page is still unavailable. The primary objective of this kind of animation is to keep the users engaged. It is also important to note that the lack of animations will make the page useless, annoying, and could paint a negative of your brand to potential customers.

Visual Feedback

As a Singapore business entrepreneur who is determined to make inroads into the digital world of marketing, it is good to offer a response or feedback to customers when they perform a specific action on your site. Visual effects are ideal for this purpose.

In some instances, the website visitors might not know what to expect from the site in terms of interactive items. Such a challenge can lure them into closing the tab and looking for another website.

web page animation technique

One of the guaranteed ways to avoid this is by creating interactions that are easy to use and understand. The users should be given information related to each interaction they have with the site elements to be sure that they are on the right track.

Visual feedback can be any element that shows a response to a target customer action on the site such as:

  • For link states
  • To form elements
  • For button states
  • Helpful and informative error messages

Closing Remarks

The above web page animation techniques will give your website the appeal and muscle it needs to get to the next level of success. Get in touch with us today for the best website design services in Singapore. Our team is aware of this and other animation techniques and will use the ideal one for your brand.

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