Web Development Team Vs. Support: Who Should I Choose for Web Development Support?

Web Development Team Vs. Support_ Who Should I Choose for Web Development Support_

One common mistake a new website owner can make is to think their website is a one-time project. If a website is to succeed, it needs regular upkeep and maintenance – just like any other business asset, such as your car or your home.

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Your website starts with a developer who creates your site’s initial design and development. But after launch, minor adjustments must always be made here and there to keep things running smoothly.

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Codes deprecate, media goes out of date, fonts break with new browser releases, and you always find that little tweak that makes your site feel just right.

That’s where web development services like MediaOne come in. They can help you with any issues relating to your website, from simple content edits to complete redesigns and updates. 

The service to consider in this case is web development support: professionals dedicated to keeping your site up and running smoothly. They won’t do anything significant to alter your website, but they can make all the minor adjustments that really count.

Development support is a natural partner for the web development team – the front-line responders to all your website issues. 

Every web project should be accompanied by development support to keep things running smoothly.

It’s a natural progression for any business owner who wants to succeed online. 

But which service should you choose — support services or the corporation of a web development team?

This article will explore both choices, so you can decide which of the two is right for your website. Whatever your choice, you’ll be happy knowing your site is always running at its best!

After You Launch a New Website

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Maintenance is to a website what car care is to your automobile – you never want to let things go too long without some basic attention. 

Minor tweaks and updates must always be made after the initial development of a site, starting with simple content edits and going all the way up to total redesigns.

It’s easy enough for anyone with an internet connection to make quick edits to their website, but these tweaks can sometimes have unintended consequences. Trying out new scripts and plugins or making changes to already-existing stylesheets is a path of trial and error at best – not the right approach for any business owner who wants to see real results.

With web development support, you’ll always have professionals at your disposal to help with any issues, big or small. They’ll keep your site running smoothly and ensure it always looks great – never letting you down when it counts.

Page Performance Optimization

For example, if your website includes many images or media content, you’ll need someone on the development side to work with that content and optimize it for fast loading speeds.

You might also need help optimizing how your site is coded to utilize the latest browser technologies. 

In other words, sometimes it takes a professional to make everything work as it should. And that’s where development support comes in.

The support will perform checks for:

  • Errors: Errors refer to anything that could disable a page or slow down its performance, such as deprecated code, invalid scripts, or missing or broken links.
  • Speed: whether each page loads quickly and if there are any media files slowing things down.
  • Security: Check for any hacking attempts or unauthorized access to your website and any vulnerabilities in your site’s code. 
  • Technical SEO: Make sure your site’s structure and coding are optimized for search engines, such as using canonical URLs or ensuring that structured data is correctly implemented.


Your website will need to be updated regularly to stay safe and current, including any plugins or themes you’ve used to create it. 

Just as software on your computer needs regular updates, so does any website running off of WordPress or another CMS platform. 

You’ll need support services for all these updates – not just because they can help with the installation process but also because they can double-check to ensure your site’s functionality hasn’t been disrupted.

Furthermore, web development support will monitor and manage any third-party plugins or themes you use for your website. They’ll check these plugins for updates regularly and even check in with the developer of each plugin to ensure that it’s still running smoothly on your site.

Custom websites are not exempted from this – in fact, if you’ve gone for a custom site, you’ll probably need even more updates from support services. 

It starts with the technology stack that powers your site – your web development team will want to ensure all the tools you’re using are up-to-date and the website is configured correctly.

Then they’ll monitor your website’s functionality and performance–checking to ensure everything is working as expected, running at the right speed, and responsive on mobile devices. 

Finally, they’ll keep a close eye on security, scanning for any vulnerabilities or potential issues with your code or plugins.

Reviewing Your Website Design and Functionalities

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Web development support can provide many other services, such as checking your website’s design and functionality and suggesting improvements or changes. 

For example, if you’ve built a custom site, your web development team might suggest new elements or features that could help improve your website’s user experience.

As experts in their field, they can keep a close eye on trends and make suggestions that could help you stand out from the competition.

All these services help keep your website in good health, ensuring it’s performing to its full potential and helping you achieve your business goals. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of web development support – if you’ve invested in creating a website for your business, it makes sense to ensure it performs at its best.

Having a Team of Web Developers or Hiring Web Development Support?

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on your individual needs and preferences. 

On the one hand, having a team of web developers can be ideal for businesses that need a lot of website support and maintenance. That includes regularly updating your content or code, fixing bugs and other technical issues, or monitoring security and performance.

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On the other hand, hiring web development support can be a good choice for businesses looking for more flexibility. For example, suppose you only need occasional assistance with updates or improvements to your site’s design. In that case, a web development support provider can offer just the right level of service for your needs. 

That way, you can get the benefits of expert support without having to deal with a full-time team of developers. 

Big companies and established brands prefer to hire a team of web developers, as they can usually offer more customized services, such as creating new features or optimizing the design.  

However, hiring web development support makes more sense if you are a small or start-up business that needs more flexibility and affordability. This way, you can get the expert assistance you need with website development support without worrying about the costs or commitment of hiring a team of developers. 


Hiring a Team of Developers Vs. Web Development Support

How to Assemble a Good Web Development Team

Now, let’s pit the two against each other in a head-to-head battle.

Hiring a Team of Developers

A team of developers consists of programmers, project testers, designers, DevOps engineers, and more. These teams typically work together to maintain, design, and customize websites.

The Pros of Hiring a Team of Developers

Some of the benefits of hiring a team of developers include:

  • Access to a  Variety of Skillsets: Depending on how large your team is, you may have access to a range of skillsets and expertise, from coding and programming to design, optimization, and more.
  • Customization: With a team of developers at your disposal, you can customize your website however you want — whether that means adding new features or improving existing ones.
  • Scalability: If your business is growing or undergoing changes, you can easily scale your team of developers to meet your needs and keep up with demand.
  • Security and performance monitoring: As experts in their field, a team of web developers will monitor your website’s security and performance to ensure that it’s always running smoothly.
  • Regular updates: One of the great things about having a team of developers is that they can help you keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

The Cons of Hiring a Team of Developers

On the other hand, there are also some downsides to hiring a team of developers, such as:

  • High Costs and Commitment Level: The cost of hiring a team of developers can vary depending on the size and scope of your project, but it is usually much more expensive than hiring web development support. In addition, because you are committing to a full-time team, some long-term financial obligations may be involved.
  • Limited flexibility: If your website only needs occasional updates or maintenance work, hiring a team of developers may not be the best choice. Since they are usually assigned to specific projects and clients, getting the level of support you need when you need it is not easy.
  • Lack of communication: Working with a remote team of developers can also mean dealing with more communication issues, such as miscommunications or delays in responding to your needs.

Hiring Web Development Support

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On the other hand, web development support provides more flexibility and affordability than hiring a team of developers. 

The Pros of Hiring Web Development Support

Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower Costs and Commitment Level: Compared to hiring a full team of developers, web development support is usually much more affordable, with options to meet a range of budgets and needs. 
  • More Customized Support: Since web development support teams typically consist of smaller and more specialized groups, you can get customized assistance more flexibly. 
  • Greater Communication: Because web development support teams are made up of individuals rather than a full team, there is less chance of miscommunication or delays in responding to your needs. 
  • Faster Turnaround Times: With the right team of web development support, you can also get faster service and shorter turnaround times for your website updates and maintenance work.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable, flexible option to get your website support, then it might be worth considering web development support over hiring a team of developers. However, if you require more specialized skill sets or ongoing support for your project, then a team of developers may be the better choice. In the end, it all depends on your particular needs and budget.

When to Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers

So, when does it make more sense to hire a team of developers for your web development needs? 

  • If you have a large and complex website requiring extensive customization work, hiring a dedicated team of developers makes more sense.
  • Additionally, suppose you are looking to scale your business or need ongoing support to ensure security and performance monitoring on your website. In that case, a team of web developers can provide the long-term support you need. 

And When to Choose Web Development Support?

Of course, web development support may be the best option if you have a smaller website or only need occasional maintenance work. 

With its lower commitment level and more flexible service offerings, web development support can help ensure your website is always running smoothly — without breaking the bank.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Web Development Support and Team

When deciding whether to hire a team of developers or web development support, there are several factors to consider. Some key considerations include:

  • Budget: The costs and commitment level involved in hiring a dedicated team of developers can vary widely depending on the scope and size of your project. 
  • Project Complexity: If your website requires extensive customization, hiring a team of developers is often the best choice. 
  • Ongoing Support Needs: Web development support may be the better option if you need ongoing support and maintenance for your website. 
  • Skillsets and Experience: You may also want to consider the specific skillsets and level of experience that developers or web development support teams bring.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Web Development Support

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Not all web development support agencies are created equal. While some may exceed your expectations, others may lack skillsets and expertise or have high rates that don’t fit your budget. 

How to Increase Cross-Team Collaboration in Your Web Development Projects

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To find the best web development support for your needs, start by researching and comparing different agencies. Look at their previous work and reviews, and ask as many questions as possible about their services. 

Here are a few things to consider when comparing web development support agencies:

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  • Clear communication and responsiveness: Does the agency respond quickly and effectively to your needs and provide clear, detailed updates on your project? 
  • Project turnaround times: How long does it typically take for the agency to complete a project or update your website? 
  • Range of services offered: Does the agency offer all the services you need to support your websites, such as maintenance, security monitoring, and performance optimization?
  • Flexibility and affordability: Does the agency offer flexible service options that fit your budgets, such as monthly packages or custom quotes? 
  • Reviews and testimonials: What do past clients have to say about their experience working with the agency? 
  • Reputation and experience: How long has the agency been in business, and do they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results on time? 
  • Professional certifications: Does the agency hold any industry-recognized professional certifications, such as from PMI or W3C? 
  • Additional services: Are any special discounts or bonuses included with the agency’s web development support, such as ongoing website monitoring or performance optimization tools? 
  • Location and accessibility: Does the agency have offices or representatives in your area, or are they easily accessible via the phone, email, or live chat? 
  • Flexible contract terms: Can you customize your contract terms with the agency to suit your project needs, or do they offer only fixed-term contracts?
  • Legal and privacy policies: Do the agency’s legal and privacy policies protect your website, data, and intellectual property?
  • Payment terms: How do you pay for services with the agency, and are there any additional fees or penalties involved?

The Differences Between a Web Development Team and Web Development Support


Team of Developers

Web Development Supports

Changes on a Website

Big (and expensive) changes are expected since teams typically have well-documented processes for managing projects and making updates. More minor changes can often be completed more quickly with support since they don’t require much time or resources to implement.

Level of Support Needed

Best for sites that need frequent updates since developers work closely with clients to provide ongoing support Best for sites that only need occasional maintenance and support since they may not be able to offer the same level of service and commitment as a team of developers

Skillset and Expertise

They are typically more skilled at coding and programming since they specialize in these areas. Typically more skilled at user experience, design, and marketing concepts, since they offer a more comprehensive range of services than teams of developers. 

Budget Considerations

More expensive than web development support agencies, but it may be worth the cost if you need frequent updates or ongoing support for your site. Less expensive than a team of developers but may not be ideal if you need frequent updates or extensive support.


It offers a higher level of maintenance and support than web development support since they’re commited to the company.  It offers less frequent updates or troubleshooting than a team of developers but may be ideal for sites that only need occasional updates or troubleshooting.

Number of Developers

It often consists of at least two or more developers, which may be ideal if you need multiple people to work on your site. Typically includes only one developer, who may not have the resources and time to work on your site full-time.

Working Hours Per Month

Typically works a full-time schedule, which may include nights and weekends to ensure that your site is always up-to-date. Often offers part-time support for an agreed-upon number of hours per month, which may not be optimal if you need frequent updates or ongoing troubleshooting.

Changing from One Service to Another

If you are considering switching from a web development team to web development support, there are several factors you should evaluate. First, consider the skillsets and expertise of each service. A team of developers will likely be more skilled at coding and programming than a support agency. In contrast, an agency may be better able to offer design, marketing, and user experience expertise.

It would help if you also considered the budget implications of each service. A team of developers is typically more expensive than a support agency but may be worth the cost if you need frequent updates or ongoing support for your site. On the other hand, web development support may be a better choice if you only need occasional updates or troubleshooting for your site.

When considering which service to choose, you also want to factor in the number of developers on each team and their monthly working hours. A web development team typically works a full-time schedule. It may be able to provide more frequent updates or troubleshooting than a support agency, which often offers part-time support for an agreed-upon number of hours per month.

Finally, think about how changing services may affect your website. If you switch from a team of developers to web development support, your site may experience some downtime or other issues until the new service is fully up and running. However, if you choose to stick with a team of developers, you can continue enjoying the benefits of having a dedicated team of experts working on your site. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences as a business owner.

The Wrap Up

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As you can see, web development support is invaluable for ensuring your website never lets you down – it can help with everything from technical issues and updates to content creation, design optimization, and more. 

With web development support from a team like MediaOne, you’ll always have professionals ready to address any issues with your site – taking care of minor problems before they snowball into larger issues and keeping your site running at optimal performance.

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