Why Hire a Professional Project Manager for Your Web Development Project in Singapore

web development project in Singapore

Are you planning for a web development project in Singapore? Hiring the best web development agency in Singapore is the first step to getting a professional website that will position your brand for success in the country. Make sure that the agency has a clear understanding of the type of site that you want and every element that should be included. It is imperative to schedule several meetings with the development and design team to ensure that you are all on the same page from the word go.

The next thing that you need to do is hire a project manager to oversee the project. Without further ado, let us look at the specific reasons why you should have a project manager on your side.

Easy and Constant Communication with the Web Developers

Communication is one of the essential ingredients of a successful web development project in Singapore and other parts of the world. You need to be in constant communication with the website developers to be sure that they are working on the project and to know the progress.

This information will help you make the necessary plans such as schedule payment once a particular milestone that you agreed upon with the web development agency is achieved. However, as an entrepreneur, you may forget to call or send an email to this team.

With a project manager on your side, such scenarios will not occur, and you will always be on the loop about what is happening. Concisely, the project manager will contact the development team regularly and update you on the progress of the web development project in Singapore when you meet or via phone or email.

Goals and Milestones Setting

First, it is important to point out that your ideal manager for your website development project in Singapore should have a broad understanding of the industry and hands-on experience. Setting goals and milestones for every phase of the project will ensure that everything happens as planned.

web development project in Singapore

The project manager will help you set milestones and goals that will act as a blueprint for the entire project. As mentioned earlier, communication is of paramount importance. Discuss the goals and milestones with the Singapore web design and development agency to avoid any inconveniences down the road. For example, you can agree that after one week, the developers present a demo and provide information about the pages and content that they intend to add on them.

Otherwise, if the goals are one-sided, you will waste a lot of time arguing with the web developers and holding meetings to resolve challenges that emerge along the way. Remember your web development goals should be attainable, specific, measurable, and realistic. They should resonate with the objectives of your brand as well as the expectations of the target audience.

Organizing A/B Tests

A/B tests are essential as they help the Singapore web design agency to know if a particular element or page that was added to the website is working and capable of assisting your Singapore business to achieve a specific goal. For example, landing pages need to be tested to be sure that they are compelling enough and capable of converting a regular web visitor into a buying customer.

As the CEO of the company, you already have a lot on your plate and getting time to monitor how the tests are done can be an uphill task. Luckily, by hiring a project manager, you do not have to worry about this, and you can concentrate fully on other equally important business obligations.

The project manager will liaise with the Singapore web design agency to carry out A/B tests as well as analyze the results. The accuracy of the results will ensure that every decision that is made is backed up by data. Note that the data is an accurate reflection of the current market you want to dominate.

You can agree that the project manager be presenting a weekly or daily report to you – it all depends on your schedule and the urgency of the project. Just make sure that you are always updated and aware of what is happening on your website.

Dispute Resolution

There is no guarantee that the whole Singapore web development project will be smooth every step of the way. There will be challenges that will require your attention. Ignoring the problems could spell doom on your website and hinder your business from realizing its full potential.

It is the role of the project manager to ensure that all challenges that arise are resolved amicably and on time to avoid delays. As mentioned earlier, some goals and milestones need to be achieved, and it is not possible to achieve them if disputes and challenges are not resolved well.

web development project in Singapore

The ideal project manager will be able to make the best decisions on behalf of your company independently. He/she should only consult you if the challenge requires more attention and review. Nonetheless, all the decisions made during the week should be included in the report that is presented to you. This work protocol will be instrumental in making sure that your company management team and the web development project in Singapore team work in tandem.

Ensure Payments Are Made on Time

One of the surest ways of demoralizing the web development team is failing to make payment on time after a particular milestone is achieved. Remember, the agency relies on this to meet its daily, weekly, and monthly expenses.

Since the project manager will be aware of the web design or web development project progress, he/she should liaise with the account team to make sure that payments are made to on time. Be sure to record each payment for accounting purposes.

13 Unique Website Layouts To Inspire Your Singapore Web Project

Changing trends in Singapore web design bring about unique website layouts, but most websites today follow the same old and tired templates. While they are functional, they have become predictable, and this can affect a website’s user experience.

In this article, we look at 13 of the unique website layouts that allow their content to shine without compromising user experience.

Heco Partners

This website uses a full breed hero that flows into two staggered column sections with scroll triggered background animations. Heco Partners is a Chicago-based agency, and when you enter their website, you find their mission statement hovering above a surging wave.

By combining these two elements, customers can get a general feeling of what they do. This website provides a perfect example of how to combine detailed background information with a portfolio. They make use of fading transitions among other animations in between different sections, which makes it one of the unique website layouts today.

Nelu Cebotari’s Portfolio

This website uses a three-column hero, and when you scroll, it transforms into the main navigation. While Nelu predominantly uses yellow on his portfolio, it can come off as harsh, but he has used the right shades for the background, which makes the black text to stand out.

The navigation is another unique aspect of Nelu Cebotari’s website. He places the CTA buttons, about, work, and contact at the centre. Hovering at these buttons reveals a box menu that slides from the bottom.

Nelu also has an easy to use the contact form, and it uses a conversational design approach. All a user needs to do is to replace a few placeholders, click on the submit icon, and Nelu will have your request.

For an experienced designer, the stripped-down approach might feel off at first, but when you hover over the teaser pieces of his portfolio, the designs come to life in a spectacular view. For these reasons, Neil Cebotari’s portfolio is one of the unique website layouts on the internet today.

Soul Jazz Records

This website layout has a grid-base, which gives off a brick-and-mortar record store vibe. The website provides sound samples and a lot of information about the artists. One of the aspects that make it one of the unique website layouts today is the ability to flip through records and albums.

When users hover over an album’s artwork, they get more information about the allium and the songs. Soul Jazz Records’ Sounds of the Universe have set itself apart by providing a truly unique user experience, which is not common with other music retailers.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

 This is another of the unique website layouts, and it features a full-screen background video with few links to the most important areas of the website. Unlike many museums, SFMOMA uses videos of art lovers admiring art instead of still images of the exhibited artworks.

The videos provide a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the museum. SFMOMA uses a hero video to communicate volumes about what visitors can experience. The layout also has intuitive navigation, a strong focus on composition and tasteful fonts.


This website uses a two-column z-pattern with a variety of animated graphs. By effectively using one of the best and unique website layouts, R2D3 can explain “Visual Introduction to Machine Learning” by using a series of animations.

They use data sets based on the attributes of homes in New York and San Francisco to show how computers use statistical learning to solve problems. Such an analogy will capture the attention of the viewer, and this increases the chances of understanding the concepts.


The layout of the Peerspace website comprises of a full-screen cover that transitions into two separate grid sections, and as a user scrolls, the grids continue to break into more rigid grids.

Their “year in review” section is created with stylized heading treatments and subtle pastels, which also creates a spell binding narrative. There appears to be no pattern to the placement of these elements, and the randomness makes it one of the unique website layouts today, which seems to be the heart of the brand.

Another aspect that makes Peerspace’s website layout unique is the fact that they let their clients tell the story via images.


This website layout has a copy-dominated hero that flows into a single-column list of projects. The Australian-based web design and art direction agency have managed to take a few elements and arrange them in a way that shows their design skills without going overboard.

Presentation’s website makes it to our list of unique website layouts for sticking to a simple, focused, and straightforward approach to web design.


Intensive uses full-breed hero transitions into an alternately arranged broken and rigid visually exposed grid. The web design agency displays the power of good design, and it is focused on teaching people how to use their approach.

Their layout includes a video showing a person clicking through various web pages, with the CTA button placed to the left of the home page. They also have 3D-transformed pages that slide into place, and this makes it visually interesting.

Each section of the website is separated by angled blocks, which is then followed by a text laid out traditionally. This is another of the unique website layouts, which inspires web designers to use new dimensions.

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Bike Time Bali Road Bike Camp

This website uses a full-bleed hero that transitions into a broken rigid grid. Bike Time has combined brief paragraphs, minimal graphs, and stunning photos.

The Bali logo mimics the movement of the road, and it plays out nicely without being distracting. More so, the design is picture heavy, and the graphs mirror the lines of the terrain. The website also uses texts of different sizes, which creates a beautiful contrast, which is symbolic of the peaks, and valleys where bikers will be peddling through.

Superimpose Studio

This is one of the unique website layouts, and it features a cube pushing into the screen with revolving project thumbnails. The design takes the traditional 2D grid layout and stretches into a 3D rotating frame of project graphics.

At the centre, there is the studio’s name, Superimpose Studio, which also serves as the website’s only navigation element. When you click on any of the rotating graphics, you will be taken to the project’s detailed portfolio page.

Lauren Wickware’s portfolio

Lauren uses full-bleed hero transitions, and when you scroll, it transforms into split-screen project cards. This multi-dimensional scrolling creates a unique and engaging user experience. The scroll jacking does not feel restrictive or forced.

The project pages take on a more traditional approach, and this helps users to focus on Lauren Wickware’s work. This shift in design makes it one of the unique website layouts of the modern age.

Favorited Albums 2016

This website uses a full-bleed hero that flows into a two-column list. The layout focuses on one piece of content at a time, and while taking on a straightforward approach, it uses pervasive yet tasteful animations and interactions.

It features as one of the unique website layouts on this list for its clever use of hidden navigation. When you hover above the colour swatches at the top of the screen, the rainbow animation transforms into the website’s navigation.

By scrolling down, the background colour of the section changes to match the link’s colour. While it might not be the most straightforward navigation, Favourite Albums 2016 has one of the unique website layouts.

Dan Perrera

The homepage is a simple blog post feed that only has a seamless date and title transitions into the details view when you click on them. Dan Perrera has also placed a sticky navigation bar to the left. It is a straightforward yet enigmatic website, and its use of sidebar navigation makes it truly unique.

There are many unique website layouts taking over webs design, and they are ushering a new age of minimalism, use of 3D, among other elements. Contact us today for unique web design services in Singapore.

What Should I Ask For In A Web Development Project Scope Document?

When you embark on building a website, you need the developer to issue you with a web development project scope document. The document defines the project stakeholders, all the final variables, set goals, establish and acceptance criteria, and allocate resources.

You can liken website development to building a house. The architect will draw up the plans, get city licenses, building permits and more before construction commences. Similarly, the web developer or agency needs to provide you with a project scope document.

With that said, defining a proper scope document for website development can be a challenge to an untrained eye. In this article, we look at what you should ask for in a web development project scope document. It will help you in outlining the project’s road map.

What Is their Expertise?

It is common that every industry tries to leverage the surrounding technologies in order to impact the adjacent product use favourably. Understanding your industries value drivers will help in synergising product-market fit with incredible user-cases as well as driving competitive advantage in core functionality and features. For instance, UX/UI in one vertical is as important as compliance and security to another.

What Should The Website Do?

This might seem like an obvious inclusion in the web development scope document, but you will be surprised at how often it is overlooked. It is a crucial aspect of building a schematic or clear image for the website.

It will help you move on from the core assumptions and into a phase where different scenarios are plotted following the definition of the essential site and product features in simple and easy-to-understand functionality.

Which Platforms Will The Product Available?

If the website is already in the active development phase or deployed on a platform, it is necessary that you and the developer account for the relevant features and constraints. This allows for easier scaling, access, and long term project scope management.

What Is The Website Development Timeline?

This is crucial information that allows you to project the required resources to ensure the development cycles goes unabated. This is not merely a deadline to meet, but it could present real business constraints.

Armed with the information timeline from the website development project scope, you will be on hand to marsh up your resources, avoid a backlog, and serve customers with respect for their time and user experience.

What Technologies Will Be Used?

Web development technologies have evolved over the years, and you need to know which platforms and software will be used in the project. This will also help you know how much time the project will take, the amount of coding required, and the execution.

One of the things to consider is the responsiveness of the website. Moreover, you will be in a good position to determine the required future support and code maintenance required in the long term.

How Much Will the Project Cost, Requirements and Priorities?

It is necessary that you know the cost of the project, the requirements and the priorities to consider for successful web development. This will also help in determining the value provided by the web developer or agency.

A professional developer will be keen to provide as much value as possible for the price you will pay. With the information outlined in the web development project scope document, you will be able to determine and discuss what is feasible, and the prioritisation of the workload to chart a positive way forward.

Are Third-Party Integrations Feasible?

If the web developer has a sense of how your website will connect with third-party applications, this will help you in mapping the effectiveness of processes, development architecture, and audits. It is also important to plan an API even if the website does not have third-party integrations at the beginning.

Who Constitutes The User Base?

It is crucial that the website requirements align with the requirements of the intended user profile. This will help you to plan how you will deliver a valuable and viable website.  With that said, most website developers reduce human behaviour to programmatic objectives.

However, the scope document will help in returning to referencing site-use assumptions. This enables the team to gain clarity and includes user behaviours within the websites core features. It is a crucial value addition that delivers product and market alignment with the direct users and their needs, along with the web development road map.

What Is The Goal Of The Website?

It is important the web developer understand what the website will be used for, as well as its purpose. The scope might expand or shrink in the course of the development process due to unforeseen complications, but the purpose and goal of the project should remain consistent.

By referencing back to the most viable product, you and the developer will be able to ensure that the goal or purpose of the project does not shift.

What Is The Best Content Strategy?

While the developer is responsible for creating the website for you, the scope document ought to outline the best content strategy you should use. In some cases, you are the one to suggest your envisioned content strategy.

If you have not thought about it, the developer should bring to your attention during the consultation phase. This question will clarify who should be in charge of the content. If the web developer is responsible, their fees will increase significantly.

What Is The Negative Scope?

Unless you have experience in building websites, there are some elements of the website that you will want to include that might not be compatible with the website you want. Negative scope includes the items that will not be part of the project.

The web developer should include these items in the web development project scope to eliminate any misunderstandings and confusions in the future. The items in the negative scope include:

  • Items you and the developer discussed but have decided not to include as deliverables in the web development project
  • Items that are usually done on similar websites that you do not want
  • Elements that are not going to be part of the project such as SEO, social media marketing, web hosting among others

By bringing up the negative scope, there are reduced chances of the developer assuming that they should be part of the project. This will reduce any chances of feeling overcharged for elements you do not want in your website.

How Will The Scope Be Documented?

One of the most common mistakes that both developers and website owners make is failing to document the project scope. This is usually the case when you speak to the web developer on the phone or face to face meeting.

Relying on memory is a huge risk as some crucial aspects of the web development process might be forgotten, and this will lead to misunderstandings down the road. This is because you might end the call or meeting with different expectations from that of the web developer.

Fortunately, there are many scope document templates available online as well as scope documenting apps available for free download on the iOS and Android play stores.

How Will The Business Brand Be Applied To The Website?

There are many ways of including your business’ brand to the website, and the developer ought to run you through the various possibilities. Moreover, how the web developer will incorporate it into the website should be included in the scope document. This could include the addition of logos, colour scheme, vision and mission statement, and more.

How Will Digital Marketing Be Integrated?

By the time you are thinking of building a website, you must have an idea of how you will market it. There are millions of active websites today, and you need to have a digital marketing plan. However, it might be a tall order knowing how you will actualise the plan.

An experienced web developer should advise you on how you will integrate digital marketing into the website and add it to the scope document. This will help if you plan to use a different web developer to maintain and make updates to the website.

How They Will Go About Web Design?

Web development and design are regarded as different entities, but you can find a web developer who also doubles in web design. This will help you in cutting costs and getting excellent functionality and user experience.

The developer ought to include the design elements to be included and those to be left out in the scope document. This will give you an idea of how you will market the website as well as in drafting a winning content strategy.

A web development project scope is one of the definition documents that will help shape your working relationship with the developer. Both of you should sign-off on the scope document in order to usher in the next step of the project.

If you have contracted the developer to carry out a definition phase before committing to full web development, then you are the owner of the documentation. It will serve as the projects road map for any web developer or agency you choose to work on the project.

Finally, the manager you delegate the web development project in Singapore to will facilitate the handing over of the complete website to your brand and confirm that everything is working fine before the project is marked as full. With a newly designed website that is an accurate reflection of your brand, you can embark on digital marketing in Singapore to get the much-needed exposure online and offline. Get in touch with us today for comprehensive and progress-oriented website design services in Singapore.

We look forward to seeing your business get a firm footing in Singapore and dominate your niche.


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