10 Things That Won’t Happen in Good Websites

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With the help of professional web design services in Singapore; you can easily create a good website. However, to have a competitive edge over other like businesses and for your website to rank high in search engines, you need to avert some specific errors.

These errors can cause your website to rank low in search engines. If your website ranks low in search engines, your content will not be easily available to potential customers. Here are the ten errors that will never happen in a good website;

Grammar Related Errors

You need to have great and professionally written content in your website. With the help of appropriate web design services in Singapore, you can easily master what type of S.E.O friendly content to put in your website and the specific key words to use.

However, no matter how much informative your content is; it will end up being useless if it contains grammatically related errors and typos. In fact, any potential customer will not be impressed with the presence of these errors in your website, but instead; they will leave your website to look for a more professional one.


If you want to have a good website, then avoid stuffing it with unnecessary animations and GIFs. GIFs and animations will do more harm than good to enhance the quality of your website. When you engage in website stuffing, the pages of your website will load more slowly; and an impatient browser will quickly close your website and look for faster loading pages.

Always capitalize on using proper fonts and displaying nice, attractive images instead of GIFs and animations. If you do this, you will improve your website’s user experience and therefore, your website will be ranked high on search engines.

Broken Links

In some instances, you may have moved files from one location to another in your website. This can result to broken links; something which a good website should not have. To prevent having broken links in your website, avoid moving files unnecessarily. If it is necessary for you to move files from one location to another, make sure you remove the links which lead to these files.

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It can be quite frustrating for a user to find the 404 error page while browsing in your website yet that user thought that he had finally found the information that he was looking for. A sure way to prevent having broken links in your website is to use appropriate web design services in Singapore. With the help of these services, you can have your own 404 error page or your own automatic online link checker.

Lack of Social Media Sharing Links

Which website owner wouldn’t want to take advantage of attracting potential customers through social media? This is why you need social media sharing links in your website.

A good website will not lack these links; no matter the cost. These links will enable your readers to share any type of content they have gotten from your website; therefore, increasing your traffic and attracting more clients and customers for you. If you have a hard time in creating these links to your web pages, kindly contact appropriate web design services in Singapore.


No browser will willingly want to download content from a plug in, unless the said browser is really desperate of having that content. If you keep it in mind that there can be hundreds of websites offering the same content as you, then you will avoid the use of plug-ins as much as possible.

Plug-ins are totally unnecessary; but if you must use them, then consider installing a flash plug-in in your website. However, if you install a flash plug-in in your website; make sure that you have a non-flash version of that site.  Plug-ins will increase the bouncing back rates of your website; therefore, driving away potential customers.

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Lack of Contact Details of the Website Author

Typically, a user will visit your website to gain more insight and information on a particular topic. If the user is impressed with your content, then the user can contact you in an effort to seek your services or to acquire more information.

With this in mind, it can be quite distractive to lack contact information on your about-us page. Therefore, make sure to place appropriate contact information in your website; including your email address, postal address and your phone number. 

Page Is Still Under Construction

It can be quite frustrating for a browser to visit your website in a bid to acquire information on a specific topic and finds the message, ‘Sorry, this page is still under construction.’ This is not a characteristic of a good website. While we understand that sometimes you may need to edit, add or modify the pages of your website; you should avoid having this well-known phrase during such times.

One way to do this is to tell your browsers to bookmark your page and to come at a specific time when the page will be available. Or, you can just decide to maintain your current content while notifying your website users of an upcoming and a new website design or an updated website content. In all these action points, you will need efficient and reliable web design services in Singapore.

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Low Loading Speed

A good website should load in a record time of just five seconds. In essence; the higher the loading speed, the more the traffic and vice versa. When your website takes a longer time to load, a browser will automatically lose interest in reading your page.

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A low loading speed will increase the bounce back rate of your website and automatically lower your traffic. In fact, no browser will be willing to spend an extra one minute to wait for your website to load when there are thousands of competing websites with almost the same content in the search results.

Over Advertising

Well, you need to place adverts in your website which can generate a considerable amount of income to you. Even though adverts may be quite essential to you, they should not be too many. Instead, you should only place adverts in a web page which has related content to the advert; and these adverts should be of a considerable number. Usage of many adverts will lead to boredom to all your site’s visitors, as well as distract them from the content that you are offering on your website.

Lack of Updates

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If the content of your website lacks updates over a specific period of time, then your content creators are not doing their work well. Moreover, it can be quite difficult to convince your favorite website’s readers that there have been no changes to the content that they had read in the past over a specific period of time.

The world is dynamic – and there are always new trends and new ideas. What was trendy and stylish in 2018 may seem to be useless and ugly in 2019. A good website will never lack updates on their previously created web pages. What’s more – these web pages can be a great source of internal links and reference materials!

Web Design Services in Singapore

To avoid these errors that can make you to lose potential clients and customers and a large number of traffic, you need a perfect web designer. Despite the fact that there are many web design services in Singapore, our web design service is unique, reliable and efficient. Our team is made up of highly talented, passionate, and creative web designers.

Even though these errors may seem minute to you, they have a great impact on the performance of your website. Call us today at +65 6789 9852 or send us an email for a free and no-obligation consultation session.









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