8 Effective Web Design Principles That You Should Know

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Are you looking for the best web design service in Singapore? Singapore has one of the most vibrant online marketing industries in the world. Virtually all businesses in the country that are determined to operate globally have websites that enable them to provide the best services to their customers.

Your business can join thousands of other successful enterprises in the digital sphere by hiring a professional web development agency in Singapore to create and design the website. The agency will put into considerations of the best web design principles and carry out A/B tests to ensure that all elements of the site are functioning optimally.

Today, we will look at eight effective web design principles that you should know and keep in mind as you plan for your Singapore web design project.


web design services in Singapore

Consistency is one of the most important principles that every professional web designer in Singapore puts into consideration when designing a website. The website elements should blend regardless of the page or section of the site. The headings, sub-headings, fonts, sizes, and button styles should be the same throughout the site. To achieve this level of consistency, the web designer plans everything in advance.

Simplicity Works Magic

Simplicity works magic on any website regardless of the industry. A sophisticated site may look good at the surface, but visitors are having a hard time understand navigating it. Putting too many elements on the website page distracts the target audience from the primary objective or purpose of the website.

Effective web design is clean, fresh, and user-friendly. It is not only appealing to the website visitors but also easy to navigate/move from one page to another. This simplicity reduces bounce rate and enhances conversion rate. It is also important to note that loading a website that is packed with features that do not resonate with its main purpose is usually frustrating.

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The point we are putting across is that your Singapore website design should be as simple as possible. Users should encounter little or no challenge navigating the various pages and sections.

Readability and Typography

Your website should be able to offer users the information they want in the most effective way. Having a professional web design that is appealing to the target audience is great, but if the text is not readable, you will not achieve the set goals.

 One of the guaranteed ways of achieving this goal without compromising the web design is by using the right typography. Typography is an integral part of on-site search engine optimization. Use a font that is easy to read such as Helvetica and Ariel for body text. Typefaces for each design element from body text to buttons and headlines should be combined appropriately.

Imagery and Colour Palette

As we have repeatedly mentioned in previous articles about web design, the human brain is wired to process visuals faster and better than blocks of text. A perfect colour combination will attract website visitors and encourage them to take the desired actions.

This web design principle requires Singapore web designers to select the right colour palette for each website. The niche that the business operates in should be put into consideration. Concisely, the right colour palette will create a pleasing atmosphere that the website visitors will love thereby giving them a positive impression of the brand. The complementary colour palette will give your website design a balanced look that will translate into more traffic and sales.

More importantly, avoid making your website looking messy and unprofessional leaving plenty of white space around the elements. Too many colours will compromise the appearance of the site. Three or four colour tones for the entire website are enough to achieve a clear and appealing design.

Load Time

Numerous studies show that internet users usually abandon websites that take more than 4 seconds to load. This web design principle, therefore, recommends that you pump up the speed of the site by making sure that all images are correctly optimized.

web design services in Singapore

HTTP requests that are known to slow down sites can be reduced by combining code into a JavaScript file or central CSS. Website load speed can also be harnessed by compressing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Mobile Compatibility

First, it is important to appreciate the fact that Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world. Most adult Singaporeans have three or four internet-enabled mobile devices that they use to access the internet. If you are to succeed in penetrating and thriving in the current Singapore online market, you need to make sure that your website design is compatible with phablets, tablets, and smartphones.

The website should adjust to different screen sizes. If not, your competitors will have an easy time netting your customers and even taking over the market you were targeting or have been dominating. So, make sure that your website design is 100% adaptive and responsive.

Easy Navigation

Recent studies show that website visitors are likely to spend more time on a website that has an easy navigation to one that is difficult to navigate. Logical page hierarchy, designing clickable buttons, and bread scrums can help you achieve effective and user-friendly navigation. Obey the “three-click-rule” which dictates that your website visitors should be able to get the information they are looking for within three clicks.


The primary reason why a potential customer visits your website is to get information. If your site can communicate with the visitors well, they will naturally spend more time on it thereby giving you more chances to convert them into buying customers.

Here are wise nuggets that can help communicate seamlessly with your website visitors.

  • Use bullet points instead of long, gusty sentences
  • Organize the content using sub-headlines and headlines
  • Use short sentences and concise paragraphs
  • Cut the waffle

To wrap it up

These web design principles are essential – they will ensure that you get value for the money and time that you invest in the web development Singapore project. We take pride in being the leading provider of affordable web design solutions in Singapore. Our team is highly trained and conversant with all web design best practices. We will work cordially with you from the first stage to the end and ensure that you achieve your goals. Contact us for more details.


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