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Singapore has cemented its place as one of the leading business hubs in the world. For a business in Singapore to extend its reach in the country and beyond, it has to embrace digital presence through an e-commerce website. This means working with an expert web designer to develop a befitting website. Experts in website design have to provide a website that adheres to present day standards and trends.

There are new practices that web designers and business owners have to adapt in order to raise the quality of resulting. For a designer, you have a responsibility to ensure that the website conforms to these standards. As a client, you should ask the designer to deliver a product that meets the following standards.

  1. Simple Web Architecture

Websites are designed for people with dynamic IT skills. Using a website should therefore not tax the IT skills of visitors. It should be easy and natural to search through the pages and take desired actions.

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The architecture of a website should enable a visitor to move from one page to another almost in a naturally progressive manner. For instance, the home page should be followed by company profile, services provided and then contacts. A person wants to know the goods and services you are offering before having your contacts. You will lose potential business if the architecture is inverted.

A website that is easy to use will experience less cart abandonment. Visitors will also spend more time on your site. This also increases the rate of return because it is pleasant to stay on the website.

  1. Action-Prompting Landing Page

The landing page can be regarded as the first impression of your business. The perception that develops immediately a person opens your page will determine the kind of business to be conducted and even the willingness to spend money on you. Make an appealing landing page like you would do to the reception of your office.

The details and information contained at the landing page should prompt the visitor to take action. This page must act as a center point such that a visitor can jump straight to the store to buy or blog to get more details. The best landing page provides direct access to the inner pages. The action a visitor takes upon landing on your site will depend on the architecture of your landing page.

  1. Mobile Responsive

Internet access today is rapidly shifting to mobile. More people in Singapore are looking for information and interacting with websites through their phones than at any time before. The website you set up must, therefore, be responsive to mobile users.

A responsive website recognizes that people will be accessing the site using different mobile devices. The configuration should allow usage of devices developed using different operating systems. The speed of loading must also be enhanced and graphics added in such a way that they will remain clear even when viewed on mobile. Make it easy to move from one page to the other while on a mobile phone.

  1. Use of the App

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Mobile apps are the trend in the market today. They provide quick access to your services and site and can be used to build customer loyalty. A mobile app is also one of the ways to make your digital presence mobile friendly.

An app is an investment for your business or brand. What benefits will your business or brand get by investing in an app?

  • Brand recognition- the icon is on the face of the phone every day. This keeps you on top of the mind of your potential clients all the time.
  • Geo-targeting- you can track where your customers or web visitors are in Singapore. This helps during marketing because you can target them with localized content.
  • Personalized approach- the home page on an app reads the name of the customer. It gives him or her a sense of personalized services and therefore enhances loyalty.
  • Quick access to services- An app provides instant access since the visitor does not have to type the long URL or search through the pages. Quick access is regarded as a crucial part of customer service and a way to attract return traffic. Experts offering web design services in Singapore can help you develop an app that is user friendly and makes access to information seamless.

All the features like services, personal account, home page, contacts, and such aspects that a customer could be looking for on your website must be included on the app. Enhance the security of the app and guarantee users that their data will be safe.

  1. Visually Attractive

You should take your website as an office or store and make it as attractive as possible. The perception of visitors will depend on what they see. The images, videos, and graphics on the website must be interesting.

Reduce words on pages and instead add images, graphics, and videos. The white space is light to the eye and will, therefore, cause the visitor to spend more time. The images must be relevant and captivating to readers.

Pleasantly organize your content with categories and interesting titles. The titles or images should arouse curiosity and compel visitors to spend more time on the site. A visually attractive website will also be memorable and therefore call the visitor to return.

  1. Shortest Loading Time

That loading spinner will make you lose a huge percentage of potential customers. Visitors are looking for information in the shortest time and are no longer patient to wait for your page to load. Develop a website that loads instantly on a computer or mobile device.

The loading speed can be decreased by the use of cached data. Loading speed is also determined by the format and size of graphics, images, and videos on your website. A site that is responsive will also load faster and therefore deliver the best user experience to visitors.

  1. Engagement on Social Media

Link your site and content to social media accounts. Make it seamless to share content on social media and even engage through comments directly to different social media sites. Install plug-ins that allow easy and seamless engagement on these platforms.

Singapore has significant social media usage compared to the rest of the world. Businesses that wish to thrive must make it easy for visitors and customers to share and engage through social media. Social media engagements are an avenue for customers to promote your business by recommending it to their friends and followers.

  1. SEO Friendly

Search engines remain the most common avenue through which internet users get to know about different websites. Experts in web design in Singapore and businesses must, therefore, ensure that their sites are SEO friendly. This allows you to rank top with every search and therefore take advantage of organic web traffic.

A website that is SEO friendly must meet a set of conditions that are connected to its architecture, content, and integration, among other factors. Here are steps and actions you can take to make the site more SEO friendly.

  • Integrate social media– the designer should include social media icons to allow sharing of pages from the website. Search engines regard websites highly if they get traffic from social media or connect to social media in one way or the other. Social media integration should also form part of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Caption all your images and videos- search engines are still at rudimentary stages of reading content on images and videos. Their usage will therefore be inconsequential until search engines can recognize them. Captioning describes the images and elements of a picture or video. Search engines will capture your video based on the details provided in the caption.
  • Be cautious with javascript- javascript is a common language for web designers. However, it sometimes causes some problems for search engines. Reading the language causes loading issues and may lead to site abandonment. Use the language sparingly and your ranking will significantly improve.
  • Your domain must be SEO friendly-the domain name chosen must capture words and phrases that feature in primary searches. It is the first element that search engines consider. Use words that are common in Singapore for your domain. You will beat a lot of competition, especially for organic search.
  • Polish your content and use Keywords- keywords are considered when developing content and play a role in the overall SEO strategy. Choose words that feature in searches by people in Singapore around your products. The keywords must be included in titles and subheadings because they will determine the perception of search engines for your website.

There are many other SEO strategies that have to be considered when designing a website. Update your strategy as new tricks emerge to remain on top of the game. Constant evaluation and adjustments will guarantee top stop with every search.

  1. Bold and Recognizable Headers and Titles

The designer must make provision for visible and recognizable titles and headers. A visitor wants to find information fast once he or she lands on your site. This is only possible if the headings and sub-headings are legible.

The design of a website should provide for a simple presentation of content. Extracting information from this content must be made easy and seamless. A visitor should easily jump from the top of a page to the middle because of the subtitle.

Headers for different pages should be clear and easy to recognize. By looking at the header, a visitor should know the type of content that will be contained on the page. It is disappointing to click on Contact Us page only to find that there are not contacts, for example.

Websites also feature footers. They provide direct access to different pages. The footers and headers should be clearly indicated and direct a visitor to the right page.

  1. Non-Invasive Videos And Images

Images and videos are some of the ways to make your site visually attractive. They also capture a lot of information and make it easy to communicate to visitors. However, the use of these images should not be intrusive.

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Web designer must ensure that the images and videos are relevant to the content provided on a page. A visitor should have control over the images or videos he interacts with. It is annoying, for example, for a video to be playing in the background yet you cannot stop or mute it. Such behavior causes visitors to run from your website.

  1. Reasonable Pop-Ups

Websites and brands in Singapore are using pop-ups to call for action. The pop-ups want you to subscribe to newsletters, provide personal details or participate in promotions, among other actions. These pop-ups must be designed in a reasonable format such that they do not interrupt a reader.

It is especially important to ensure that the pop-outs are relevant. No visitor will tolerate ten pop-outs on a subject that he is not interested. This should also apply to the adverts on your paper. If they are irrelevant and intrusive, visitors will keep away from the site.

  1. Pleasant Colour Code

Relate the colour of your page with that of your brand. Use subtle colors for the content and images you upload. The visual experience contributes to the overall perception of your website and brand. A person should relate the colours, images, and graphics on your site with what he will find in the real world. If your theme color is blue, for example, the website should reflect similar colors.

  1. Tell A Story Through Your Website

The world is still in love with storytelling. A person visiting your page should feel as though he is reading the book of your life. The website should have an introductory element, body and conclusion. This formula should apply to individual pages and the entire website. It gets tiring to read through a website whose information is haphazard. Make the story as natural as possible to enhance user experience.

Engage the right web designers in Singapore to ensure that your site captures the trendy features of today. An experienced designer will also bring together aspects of design that work instead of picking features because they are available. A good website is a combination of elements and requires constant evaluation to keep the site on top of your peers in the industry.

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