Unconventional Web Design Hacks To Crank Up Your Site Conversion Rate

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Are you looking for web design hacks that will crank up your conversion rate? Well, numerous tests have shown that most of the websites with traditional or conventional web designs record below average conversion rate.

One of the plausible reasons for this sad reality fact is that online customers in Singapore are bombarded with hundreds of ads and websites per day. The only way to grab their attention is by making sure that your website design is professional and at the same time stands out from the crowd.

Yesterday, we looked at how to simplify your web design. Today, we look at some of the unconventional web design hacks that have proven to the world that going against the grind sometimes works magic.

1: Leverage the Negative Space

What is the negative space? In the web design world, negative space refers to the unused space or the white space on your website that is not housing any element.

Filling up all the space available on each page with elements makes it almost impossible for the offers or vital CTAs to stand out. Too little white space on your website increases cognitive load and motivate web visitors to move to other sites.

By leveraging the negative space, we mean that you should strive to increase the amount of white space available on your website. Here are some simple tactics that you can use to achieve this goal.

2: Animated CTAS

Call to Actions tells the website visitors the exact action they need to take next. Websites that have high conversion rates usually have plenty of CTAs that are properly optimized and strategically placed in various locations of the site.

One of the surest ways of making sure that your website visitors notice your CTAs and click on them includes:

How you present, the CTA will determine the results that you get. Button CTAs spur more engagement than text-only CTAs and has the potential to increase clicks by 45%.

Animated CTAs offer even better results; their movement on the website page grasps the attention of the visitor thereby increasing their chances of clicking on them. A research done by UserTesting found out that subtle movement on the website every few seconds gets the attention of the website visitor without being annoying.

3: Get Responsive Web Design

Globally, 56% of consumer traffic emanates from mobile devices that are internet enabled. More than 80% of Singaporeans use these devices to access the internet, and the majority of us have 3-4 devices.

Based on these facts, it is imperative to invest in responsive web design. This is a web design that will adjust to different screen sizes automatically. Your Singapore e-commerce website should be accessible on laptops and mobile devices.

That means the clients should be able to place orders on the website using mobile devices. If a website loads perfectly on a computer but is unresponsive when accessed on mobile devices – that is a clear indication that the site does not have a responsive design.

In the fast-paced digital world, very few people will stick on a website that is not fully accessible on a mobile device. Concisely, your conversions and revenue will plummet if you do not invest your time and resources in responsive web design.

4: Steer Clear of Free or Standard Templates

First, it is important that we point out that not all the free website templates and themes are bad. The main concern is that hundreds if not thousands of business owners in Singapore and abroad have access to them. They may opt to use them instead of spending money on a custom template.

Businesses overly use free and standard website templates. Apart from making it difficult for your website to stand out and get a firm footing online, it will look cheap to potential customers who have seen other sites with the same template.

In addition, free templates have limited customization features. Be safe and increase your chances of succeeding in establishing a business in Singapore by investing in a custom website template and theme. The Singapore website development team you hire will create a theme that is unique and in line with your business needs.

With a custom template, you will be able to improve it as your business scales up without compromising other elements. This is by far one of the primary reasons why you should consider hiring a professional website designer in Singapore.

5: Simple Navigation

Poor website navigation could be the reason why your website is no recording any substantial results. Placing too many choices in the navigation bard distracts the website visitors and makes it look unprofessional. This, in turn, reduces the chances of anyone clicking on any of the page links displayed on it.

Presenting fewer choices in the navigation bar will make it easier for prospects to find information. They will not have to contact your support team or chat with your live customer care team.

More importantly, simplifying navigation will ensure that you always provide the best user experience to your existing and new customers.

Think deeply about these five unconventional web design hacks to know if you need to redesign your site. Note that a properly designed website will not need to be changed in the near future.

Get in touch with us for professional web design services in Singapore. We will create a template and theme for your Singapore business from scratch as well as do SEO and create digital marketing campaigns that will help your brand get the best results.  



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