6 Best Ways Of Using AI Creation Tools In Your Process

6 Best Ways Of Using AI Creation Tools In Your Process _ MediaOne Marketing Singapore

Hey there! Are you someone who’s always looking for ways to streamline and improve your creative process? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to talk about the best ways of using AI creation tools in your workflow. 

With the rapid advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making its way into the creative world and it’s changing the game for artists and designers alike.

From automated image editing and video rendering to music composition and voice-overs, AI creation tools are providing new and innovative ways for creators to bring their ideas to life. 

Not only do these tools save time and effort, but they also offer new opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll want to keep reading to learn about the top ways to incorporate AI creation tools into your process. Let’s get started!

1. Automated Image Editing

Have you ever spent hours trying to perfect a single photo, only to find that it still doesn’t look quite right? 

It’s a common struggle for many photographers and image editors, but it doesn’t have to be. 

That’s because AI image editing tools are here to save the day!

These powerful tools make use of algorithms that are powered by artificial intelligence in order to instantly evaluate your photographs and give recommendations for improvements. 

They are able to get rid of flaws, bring boring images back to life, and even apply filters to give your photographs a distinctive appearance. 

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The only thing required of you is to submit your picture, and the computer will handle everything else. It really is that easy!

However, it’s not all that can be done using AI picture editing tools. They also have the ability to assist you in optimising your photographs for particular use cases, such as print or social media. 

For instance, if you want to generate a shot for Instagram, you may use an AI tool to make the necessary adjustments to the crop, brightness, and saturation to ensure that the photo adheres to the requirements of the site. 

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In a similar vein, if you want to print a photo, you can use an AI tool to guarantee that the photo has the appropriate resolution and aspect ratio for printing.

The fact that AI picture editing tools are extremely simple to operate is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. 

It is not necessary to have advanced knowledge of picture editing in order to use them; all that is required is a fundamental familiarity with the tools that you intend to use. 

Additionally, many of these tools come with filters and editing choices that are pre-set, allowing you to quickly and easily apply effects to your photographs.

The ability of AI picture editing tools to save you a significant amount of time is another benefit of using these tools. 

You can let the AI handle the heavy lifting of editing each photo instead of spending hours manually editing each one, which will free up more of your time for you to focus on the creative aspects of your work. 

This is especially helpful for photographers who need to edit a large number of photographs at once, such as those who photograph events or weddings.

So, what are some of the best AI image editing tools out there? 

Here are a few to consider:

  • Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is a powerful image editing tool that uses AI to automatically adjust your photos. With features like automatic lens correction, image sharpening, and skin smoothing, Lightroom can help you create stunning images in no time.
  • Skylum Luminar: Luminar is a user-friendly image editor that uses AI to help you enhance your photos. With features like sky replacement, portrait enhancer, and object removal, Luminar makes it easy to take your photos to the next level.
  • Topaz AI: Topaz AI is a suite of image editing tools that use AI to help you enhance your photos. With tools like Gigapixel AI, which allows you to upscale your photos, and DeNoise AI, which helps you remove noise from your images, Topaz AI is a great choice for photographers of all levels.

2. Video Rendering AI Creation Tool

Video Rendering | MediaOne Marketing Singapore

The production of a video can be a process that is both time-consuming and complicated, but it does not have to be. 

There are now video rendering solutions available that, because of the power of AI, can assist you in accelerating your workflow and automating a significant portion of the laborious processes that are involved in the production of videos.

The ability of AI video rendering tools to automatically perform tasks such as colour correction, noise reduction, and compression is among the most significant advantages offered by these technologies. 

This can save you hours of time and effort, giving you more capacity to concentrate on elements of your work that require more creativity.

Take, for instance, the scenario in which you are working on a video that has a significant amount of noise or graininess. 

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If you want to get rid of this noise, you would normally have to spend some time doing it by hand, but if you have an AI video rendering tool, you can let the tool do the work for you instead. 

The video will be analysed by the tool, and then noise reduction algorithms will be applied in an autonomous fashion in order to make the finished result appear more seamless and clear.

In a similar vein, correcting colour can be a chore that consumes a lot of time; but, with the help of AI video rendering tools, you can quickly and effectively modify the colours in your films with only a few clicks. 

You have the choice of selecting one of the pre-set colour correction solutions, or you can manually change the colours to produce a style that is uniquely yours.

The ability of AI video rendering tools to assist you to compress your videos more effectively is another advantage of using these solutions. 

When working with huge video files, which can be difficult to upload and share, it is especially crucial that you pay attention to this point. 

You may quickly and easily compress your videos with the use of AI video rendering tools, thereby reducing the size of your videos while retaining the quality of the videos.

So, what are some of the best AI video rendering tools on the market today? Here are a few to consider:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool that uses AI to help you quickly render your videos. With features like automatic colour correction, noise reduction, and compression, Premiere Pro can help you streamline your video production workflow.
  • DaVinci Resolve: DaVinci Resolve is a professional-grade video editing tool that uses AI to help you quickly render your videos. With features like automatic colour grading, noise reduction, and compression, DaVinci Resolve can help you produce high-quality videos in no time.
  • Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro is a video editing tool that’s designed for Mac users. With its advanced AI-powered tools, Final Cut Pro can help you quickly and easily render your videos, including features like automatic colour correction, noise reduction, and compression.

3. Music Composition

The process of composing music has traditionally been one that is difficult and time-consuming; but, with the development of AI technology, this process has become much more approachable. 

You may make creative music tracks very rapidly with the help of AI music creation tools that are available today. 

These tools also let you play with a variety of musical styles and genres and even personalise your own sound.

One of the most significant advantages offered by AI-powered tools for music composition is the capability to rapidly develop new musical material. These tools can assist you in quickly coming up with new music tracks, which is useful whether you are working under a strict time constraint or are simply looking for inspiration. 

You can choose a style or genre with only a few clicks, and then the AI will create new music for you based on your preferences in that style or genre.

The ability to explore a wide variety of musical styles and subgenres is another advantage offered by AI-powered music creation tools. 

You can use these tools to experiment with new musical ideas and determine which ones work best for your project if you are feeling particularly creative. 

This can assist you in locating new musical pathways to investigate and provide you with the inspiration you require to create music that is really distinctive and original.

One of the most important aspects of AI music composing tools is their level of customization. 

You may quickly create a sound that is all your own by manipulating the pace, key, and instrumentation of your tracks with the help of these tools. 

This can assist you in the creation of music that is in perfect alignment with your vision and is precisely what you have been searching for.

4. Voice-Over Generation

Voice-Over Generation | MediaOne Marketing Singapore
Image Credits: VoiceOverMaker

With the help of AI voice-over tools, what was formerly a time-consuming and difficult chore of creating professional-quality voice-overs for your movies, podcasts, and other projects has become much easier. 

Thanks to these programmes, you can easily make professional-sounding voice-overs without having to record and edit each one individually.

Using an AI voice-over tool can help you save time, which is a major benefit. You can now make professional-quality recordings and edit them in minutes, rather than hours.

 Now, with the help of AI, it takes only a few mice clicks to construct a voice-over. You may have the AI record whatever script you want by just typing it in, and then choosing the voice and accent you wish to use.

Voices and dialects of all kinds are available to pick from with AI voice-over software, which is another perk. It’s possible to locate a voice that fits your needs, whether you want a male or female voice, a certain accent, or a certain tone. 

The voice’s tempo, tone, and inflexion can be modified to get the desired effect.

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Robotic voice-over software has a wide range of uses. 

These resources make it simple to incorporate high-quality voice-overs into any film, podcast, or another creative endeavour. 

Use them to record voice-overs for animated characters, audiobooks, and more.

So, what are some of the best AI voice-over tools available today? 

Here are a few to consider:

  • Amazon Polly: Amazon Polly is an AI-powered text-to-speech service that allows you to quickly generate high-quality voice-overs. With a wide range of voices and accents to choose from, Amazon Polly can help you add professional-quality voiceovers to your projects with ease.
  • iSpeech: iSpeech is an AI-powered text-to-speech service that offers a wide range of voices and languages to choose from. With features like natural-sounding voices, customizable speech parameters, and the ability to convert text to an audio in multiple formats, iSpeech is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create professional-quality voice-overs.
  • Neural Text to Speech: Neural Text to Speech is an AI-powered text-to-speech service that offers a wide range of voices and languages to choose from. With its advanced neural network technology, Neural Text to Speech can help you create voice-overs that sound natural and human-like.

5. Design Assistance

Creating a professional-looking logo, website, or other project used to be a difficult and time-consuming process, but with advances in artificial intelligence, these tasks are now a lot more manageable. 

New design ideas, colour palette suggestions, and the ability to automate the design process are all possible with the help of these helpful programmes.

The ability to quickly and easily come up with new design concepts is a major advantage of adopting AI design tools. 

These aids will speed up the process of creating new ideas and concepts, whether you’re beginning from scratch or just need some ideas to get you going. 

You may easily try out many layouts and styles to find the one that works best for your work with no effort.

Also, AI design tools can assist you in making designs that are more likely to appeal to your intended demographic. 

Data and analytics are used by these programmes to recommend fonts, colours, and layouts that will most appeal to the user base. 

You can use this information to make more attractive and functional designs.

Automating the design process with the help of AI design tools can increase productivity and speed. 

Logos, websites, and other designs may all be made fast with the help of these programmes, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual design work. 

The time it takes to finish a job can be cut drastically by using this method.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Adobe Sensei: Adobe Sensei is a powerful AI platform that can help you automate a variety of design tasks. From image editing to website design, Adobe Sensei can help you complete projects faster and more efficiently.
  • Canva: Canva is a user-friendly AI design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create graphics, logos, and other projects. With a wide range of templates, images, and design elements to choose from, Canva can help you create designs that are professional and visually appealing.
  • Gravit Designer: Gravit Designer is a free, open-source AI design tool that allows you to create graphics, logos, and other projects with ease. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Gravit Designer is a great option for anyone looking for a free, AI-powered design tool.

6. Virtual Design Assistance

The process of designing anything, whether it be a new item of furniture for your home, a product for your company, or simply a room in your house, can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Nevertheless, now, with the assistance of virtual design tools driven by artificial intelligence, you are able to view what your designs might look like in real life before you ever have to really bring them to reality.

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In comparison to the more traditional ways of “trial and error,” employing AI-powered virtual design tools can save you a significant amount of time and effort, which is one of the most significant benefits of using such tools. 

If you want to see what your designs would look like if they were implemented in the real world, all you have to do is use one of these tools instead of having to construct prototypes or mock-ups. 

This can help you identify any defects or issues with the design before they become a problem, and it can also assist you in determining whether or not your designs are living up to your expectations.

One further advantage of using AI-powered virtual design tools is that they can assist you in better communicating your designs to other people. 

If you are working on a project with a group of people, for example, these tools can help you show others how your designs might look if they were implemented in the real world in a quick and easy manner. 

This can assist in getting everyone on the same page, which will make the design process significantly more effective.

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